Apple Byte: New iPod Nano and MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina? Yes, please!
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Apple Byte: New iPod Nano and MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina? Yes, please!

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Evidence of the 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro surfaces, the new iPod Nano might go back to its roots, and Mountain Lion goes gold!

-- avenue brands on here welcome to the Apple byte for all the good and bad. Inside the world of Apple and the hot rumor this week is new evidence of a thirteen inch MacBook Pro with. A Retina Display. Now the times continues to tap into its supply chain and claims that Apple is back on track. For Retina Display thirteen inch MacBook Pro after reported manufacturing delays and now has a chance to debut before October this year. To add more fuel this fire and heat -- to benchmark submitted late last month identified as MacBook Pro tend to. Appears to be the Retina Display thirteen inch pro in question. -- has not been confirmed. Now last month -- online battery tests also identified an under released computer known as MacBook Pro tend to that was believed to be the same machine. The new MacBook Pro listed is shown running -- two point nine gigahertz. Intel Core I seven ivy bridge processor with a specific build an outline but only four gigs of ram. It's defense -- came -- at seven 806 which is lower than the current. Fifteen inch retina MacBook Pro but higher than early 201113. Inch MacBook -- so. We'll just wait and see and this'll be the next Retina Display computer. Now an iPod news yes I said it iPod news the iPod nano might be going retro. According to Japanese blog -- to car -- they report the new iPod nano will not be square shaped like the current model. Instead the new nano will allegedly have a rectangular screen that will probably be a touch screen and will also have a home button. It's also rumored to feature a new dedicated iTunes service bringing new features and -- Jean -- plate. You don't remember paying game. Only constant thing I'm -- so long link. Kong and Daniel. Well not that paying but -- pretty much hated this square -- designed a lot of people love to making it into a watch. Nerd alert so -- -- legit -- -- -- back with open arms. Apple also -- in the gold master OS-X now lion to developers. This is the final version a mile line that will be available publicly to users sometime in July. -- there's -- -- date of July 19 that hasn't been confirmed by anyone and I know there's a lot of you that cannot wait for this chat to get out of the bag. -- up up up thick documents album sometimes. I did not so great news Apple recently pulled all 59 of its products from DP removing the green certification from its products. Now EP is a nonprofit group. Backed by many factors and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The decision might have been related to the new design of the new Retina Display MacBook pros that have their batteries glued into the case and can't be disassembled for recycling. Cities like our own server Cisco where we hug trees and separate a compost have gone on the record and said they will no longer buy Apple products. Because they require EP computers. Now I know this isn't the sexiest story -- won't -- all of you from buying new machines but we'll see if they change their stance if more cities do the same. Our writes that quick -- of -- -- apps have new updates. The Google+ IOS app. Now includes full iPad support integration of the new Google+ events feature for picture -- -- And you can now enjoy it and start -- out directly in the app and even stream -- your TV over airplay which is pretty useless. Also the Twitter app received an update expanded tweets. Improved search and my favorite new feature the ability to now get notifications. From specific accounts directly through the app instead of over text messages. Now we've also talked about Apple's -- travel application concepts. Past and the Cupertino kids having granted the patent. For their NFC enabled I travel transportation ticketing app that was filed back in 2008. It's a very detailed filing for implementation and use -- -- travel and even with -- been adopted slowly it hints at the feature. -- really taken seriously by Apple for the future. Alright guys is gonna do it for this -- so it's a short one I'm off to comic -- we will return. Next thing with a fully loaded one. Email -- at the -- right to back. I'm Brian Tong -- -- -- we'll catch guys next time for another bite of the Apple.

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