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Apple Byte: New details on the iPhone 5

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Apple Byte: New details on the iPhone 5

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NFC and a smaller dock connector are possibly coming, more secrets inside of iOS 6, and when will we see an iMac Retina Display?

What's up Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple let's jump in the stories with music sales for the next gen iPhone. -- NFC or near field communications was rumored for the iPhone four S but it didn't happen. Nine a five map reports now that looking -- the hardware code. Leads them to believe that next iPhone will have an NFC chip directly connected to the power management unit in the future iPhone. -- Apple showed -- -- And they're IOS experience that's a gift card and to -- management app. And it could possibly plug -- a payment system with the presence of an FC which still hasn't taken off here US. An NFC chip that also allow a quick and easy way to share files between you IOS devices even though the bump app does that. It's primarily only use between two guys. Still believe it or not we'll just have to wait until the phone actually comes out we'll find out more. -- we also show you play any of the potential rear panels. Rendered images from the rumored iPhone 5 that featured a smaller dot connector. Techcrunch reports will be in much smaller dock connector -- with only nineteen -- that's more similar sized micro SD. It's also been reported that the new connector -- magnetic like the MagSafe connector used on Apple's MacBook -- but what about all your current accessories. Apple or third party company will come out with an adapter but. I'm not going to bad Apple out on this one we've had the same connector for over five years and in order to get a smaller form factor or fit more things into the phones. Other parts need to take up less space and I'm all for this. You would still be a pain -- -- we're about here. Because don't tell me you're not buying -- new iPhone that has asked the screen has a bigger screen and we'll talk to you when you're alone at night. Just because -- dock connector smaller. -- yourself. Also guys -- -- on the iMac run several outlets reported that all in one desktop client was due for Retina Display upgrade of its own. We're still waiting for them to make an appearance this here but in the paper developer Marco Hartmann sources tell him the Retina Display will not make it into the -- -- Because a production issues for display at that size. And for all the Apple -- who wrote in about IMAX just wait for the new models this year I expect them before the back to school season and just because it might not have a -- displayed. It shouldn't stop you but what about a -- not Apple TV. -- this made that up it's. Not happening anytime soon but it's a new report from Topeka capital markets. Claims that Foxconn has accelerated its schedule for ordering television sized LCD panels from sharp. With hopes an Apple branded TV set will launch in time for the holiday season but I'm still -- early 2013. Now we're also expecting Mountain Lion is July and the -- getting down at the report. From an Apple's third party tech support firm says there'll be a vacation black out from July 20 seconds between night. To support its desktops and portables -- this blackout could also potentially -- new iMac and Mac mini hardware as well. Apple also released an update to the Iowa six data that's available to developers right now over the air. And there's a -- update -- guys -- checked out now have a new toggle with a shared photo -- feature in your photo and iCloud settings. The Twitter icon and -- life has been slightly redesigned. And I didn't even realize the share widget that's part of the notification for about which is pretty slick. Also in your cellular settings you have a toggle to sync your media lists over a cellular connection and the flame war will find later. Also Apple -- will be releasing a standalone podcast that. But -- still hasn't been included and the podcast management means a lot to -- -- desire. While we wait for one let's take out the best podcast app on IOS right now. -- -- -- guys looking to tap that app I'm Brian Tong and this is the place to find the hottest piece of -- In the mobile space -- this -- for IOS users and podcast listeners and it's called downcast. On IOS devices you can download a podcast. Through the iTunes store by each individual episode but you can't subscribe to the podcast. And have it automatically download on your mobile device. The only way to do that is if you use iTunes on your computer subscribe to the iTunes app and then sync your phone with your computer. -- genius -- -- that will they might fix an Iowa six but downcast for a dollar and 99 cents. -- and automatically download and listen to all of your podcast -- -- the need to sync with iTunes at all. They can add any of your favorite video or audio shows check out the top podcasts that people listen or watch there's a really good when I recommend called. The Apple by. And you can also search for specific ones are manually add the feed link for the podcast. I like the ability to create specific playlist for your different podcasts so I'll break went out in a topics like sports -- and comedy and there's a variety of settings for each playlist that to me. Now during playback you'll be able to listen at different speeds and scrub through the episodes like you can with -- is media player. -- one of my favorites is the quick skip buttons -- allied to jump forward or backwards through the podcast easily. Plus you can even set a sleep timer on the pod -- They also get iCloud syncing so all of your podcast subscriptions and playlist will be sync up across multiple IOS devices. -- -- see there's really no competition and downcast is the best podcast player app on IOS that it never heard of some. Now that you guys have any other -- you like at the app doesn't tap that app at cnet.com I'm Brad Tom Watson we'll see you guys next time old. Old bull that solves that central month. Alright guys we told me to answer some of emails on her show so let's jump in of them the first one is from -- -- Callahan and he -- I'm in the market for a thirteen inch MacBook Air what are your thoughts on the retina screen that I hold off -- purchase when the newly updated models. Personally I would be okay within the current generation I don't expect them to release Retina Display in the next six months because really they don't need to and it will be a good marketing push to talk about display with. The next update. Next -- -- Mendoza says Brian. You make me wanna be a better man. -- welcome. John start to ask why haven't -- heard anything about the iPod Touch when is it coming out or have they discontinued it. John early September the music refresh time period will most likely see a combination of iPhone and iPod -- so sit tight for that. Next up -- writes in with a brand I'm just a typical teenage boy who doesn't have a good paint job and really wants a Mac I think you should -- -- competition to win. Gen Mac Pro or Mac Pro Retina Display with your viewers eighteen and under take this into consideration. Irwin. Once I find 3000 plus -- -- and now and Scott Weaver writes in with things he wants to see. Brian delivering the Apple -- shirtless. While Scott. Here's your wish come true. They don't. Alright guys it's gonna deal for this week's show email us at the applebyte@cnet.com. I'm Brian Tong -- wanted to catch you guys next time for the fight. Of the Apple.

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