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'Mythbusters' misfires cannonball into neighborhood: CNET News Video

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CNET News Video: 'Mythbusters' misfires cannonball into neighborhood

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A test involving live cannon fire for the popular TV show "Mythbusters" went awry when a cannonball blasted through a nearby neighborhood. KPIX-TV in San Francisco aired this report.

Speaker 1: In Dublin tonight, it turns out cast iron the size of a softball. The Rocket (Hadge?) is defeat into the air with missed fire. Speaker 2: This cannonball was supposed to go through several barrels of water and through a center block and then ultimately into the side of the hill. Speaker 1: Instead, the cannonball flew over the foothill surrounding (Carpark's?) Military Firing Reservation. Speaker 2: The large hill in a long way. Speaker 1: And, like a crew's missile came spiraling back toward Dublin straight through the front door of the hall on (Casada?) plates. Speaker 3: It bounced. It went completely through that house through all the sheet rock walls of that house. Speaker 1: The cannonball bounced around the interior of the (Casada?) home like a pinball flying up to the 2nd floor before blasting through the back bedroom wall. The whole motor slipping through it all. Speaker 3: They were awaken by the settling dust of the sheet rock. Speaker 1: After turning 2 by 4's and plaster into an 8-inch peep hole, the (Wayward?) cannonball blasted across busy Tassajara Rd. miraculously missing cars and the people inside but not this house. Speaker 4: That roof up there, you could see all the roof tiles are demolished. Speaker 1: That means, John's roof top half of football field away from Tassajara Rd. Still, the cannonball turn his slate roof tiles into chips. His mother thought the heavens were falling. Speaker 5: It's a very loud boom and she thought a tree fell. Well, maybe a meteor but it's not clear or something cannonball on a roof. Speaker 1: An X marks the spot where the cannonball's rampage finally came to an end inside the (Gil?) family's meeting there. Speaker 6: Then that's... I mean through the passenger window. Speaker 7: Had you just gotten out of it? Speaker 6: Yeah, 10 minutes ahead before it hit. Speaker 7: 10 minutes before the strike? Speaker 6: Yes. Speaker 7: Are you feel on lucky tonight? Speaker 6: Yeah, I'm lucky I'm alive.

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