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Tech Culture: Molly Wood's Holiday Wish List

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Tech Culture: Molly Wood's Holiday Wish List

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The tech gifts that Molly would love to find under her tree.

Hello, everyone, I'm Molly Wood from CNET.com, here with my holiday wish list. You know, the stuff I'd want to get for Christmas if, say, all my friends won the lottery, or money was no object, or if I was just making up a fictional list to go along with our Holiday Gift Guide and I got to choose whatever I want. So, that's what I'm doing, and here goes. First up? I want a Samsung LED TV. Right? Hot. This is a 42-inch television that's 1.2 inches thick. Ridiculous. Makes a whole house look better. Next up? A Barnes and Noble Nook. I know, I know, I already have a Kindle. But books are for sharing, and even if it's not perfect, the Nook makes some great strides toward being the first social e-reader. I like that, and I like the little color screen doohickey. Ok, also, and you can make fun of me if you want to, but I want a Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner. Because I really like to clean, and that thing? Can CLEAN. Whatever, this is the kind of thing you want when you're a grownup. You'll see. And I guess if you really pushed me, I'd have to admit that MY personal wish list is probably not complete without the gullwing Mercedes SLS AMG. Because ... oh, my god that thing is hot. But let's be honest. What I really want for the holidays is good health, good cheer, and for next year to be better than the last ... for myself and the ones I love. And why not, for you, too. Oh! And also the Motorola Droid.

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