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New releases

Logi's Circle camera misses the mark
1:39 October 13, 2015
The $200/£159 Logi Circe Home Connection Camera has too few features to be a truly useful smart home accessory.
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Meet Apple's new keyboard, trackpad and mouse
2:27 October 13, 2015
These new accessories have rechargeable batteries and slick new designs.
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Apple's 21.5-inch iMac gets a new 4K display
3:07 October 13, 2015
More pixels, wider color support and new accessories for the smallest iMac all-in-one desktop.
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Toshiba's Radius 12 is a stunning hybrid laptop with some comfort issues
3:22 October 13, 2015
It seems speedy and it has a beautiful screen, but the Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 might not be worth your money. CNET's Sean Hollister...
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5 new badass skills in Rise of the Tomb Raider
5:14 October 12, 2015
Here's 5 new skills you didn't see in the last Tomb Raider game. From combat to hunting to survival, there's a lot more to Lara than...
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Boeing says its metal microlattice is the 'lightest metal ever' (Tomorrow Daily 256)
5:40 October 12, 2015
Ashley discusses a new metal with walls 1,000 times thinner than a human hair, a robot that may someday become a handy helper for ISS...
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Is 'Chipgate' the new iPhone controversy?
4:55 October 12, 2015
We survived "Bendgate" with the iPhone 6 -- is it "Chipgate" for the iPhone 6S? Plus, you can expect the new iPad Pro and Apple TV...
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Hard to swallow: Pepsi smartphone, Facebook shopping feed
2:56 October 12, 2015
Some days, it's clear the tech world is out of touch. Facebook is adding a section just to show you shopping advertisements, and Pepsi...
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