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First Look: Maingear F131: Stylish gaming rig snags Editors' Choice

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First Look: Maingear F131: Stylish gaming rig snags Editors' Choice

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The new Maingear F131 is one of the best looking gaming desktops around and it's also one of the fastest. If you're in the market for a $3,000 gaming PC, this should be your first stop.

Hi. I'm Rich Brown, Senior Editor for CNET. Today, we're gonna take a look at the Editors' Choice Winning Maingear F131. So, this high end gaming PC from Boutique Vendor Maingear is one of the more exciting gaming systems we've seen in a while. This particular can take us about 3000 bucks but what I like most about the system is its case. Its format is about as small as a small form factor PC, smaller even in some cases but also, it's able to accommodate above as much hardware as you expect from a standard midtower. You can see the front and its got a nice, clean design. There's not a lot going on up here, there's a slot loading DVD drive that's handy of course but if you look all around the system, you'll see the sleek design at the front extends all around. So, the reason this system is so clean all around is because of the motherboard design on the inside. So, we take off this top panel, pop off the side, you can see this really unique design and no other PC vendor that we know of is using this case. Recently, the two graphics card are oriented here, you can see that the ports go up to the top of the system. We've seen that from other vendors but not on a system this small and the fact that they can contain two duo full length graphics card, so the system really does have a lot of power despite the small design. So, for its specs, this is an eyebridge based PC comes with Core x737 70K CPU and it's actually over clocked and it's one of the faster performing CPU's we're seeing out there but most exciting is the two graphic cards. It's a pair of GeForce GTX 680 card, brand new from Nvidia to the highest card in the market right now and this can play pretty much any title out there with full resolution on a single monitor. So, this is a full tilt gaming PC and it has some of the fastest gaming performance we've ever seen but also, it's remarkable, the hardware that Maingear has crammed in the system. Up here there's a wire cooling rig. Now, on this fan, there's two sticks memory and you can add two more. Here you got the DVD drive and here is the big 650 watt power supply. So, we haven't seen yet the hard drive and that's because they are actually situated on the other side of the system. Just pop up that side panel and you can see the system has one... Two terabite drive here, a single 60 gigabyte solid-state drive here for caching and fast operating system loading. There's also room for two other pullside mechanical hard drives. This one in particular is cool because you can just pop a hard drive in the top, it's hot swappable. It's a really convenient feature if you end up swapping drives in and out. So, with the motherboard going this way again, the ports are on the top of the system. If we tilted forward, you can see what I'm talking about. So, there's two graphics card there, four DVI outs as well as a pair of HTMI and display port outputs. For other outputs, you get 7.1 Analogue, audio, optical audio output, six USB, three jacks, a couple of the USB tooth, as well as the few standard USB and auto ports. The $3000 price, I will put the system out of reach for most gamers. Still, this is probably the fastest gaming desktop we've ever seen and for that, I have to recommend it if you have the means. So, I'm Rich Brown and this is the Maingear F131.

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