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Mailbag: Mailbag: We're back and you missed us
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Mailbag: Mailbag: We're back and you missed us

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Finally back from CES and our winter holiday, we discover a mountain of your mail, including a tricky little book that hides your gadgets.

Hello, everyone! I?m Molly Wood and welcome to the CNET Mailbag! This is the show where we read your email, open your packages, answer your questions, and let you complain about all the things we?re doing wrong. Let?s get started. I?ve missed you guys. First, to the snailmail. Check out this cool thing that ?Fred H. Bookman? sent me ? a book called Molly! By Teresa Crane! And ? it?s hollow! I can keep my hooch in there! And Fred runs a site that I now feel compelled to plug, called So there you go, Fred, and thank you for this. It is awesome. So, you know we were at CES in early January, and it?s always exciting for us because we get to meet the people we talk to all the time in email and chat and whatnot. Like NicNetter from the Buzz Out Loud chatroom, who says: Hey Molly, It was great seeing you all at CES 2009 this year. My gosh you are all much taller in person. Anyways, I have great respect for all the hard work you all do and keep up the fantastic work over there at cnet. Buzz Crew OUT! NicNetter, it was awesome to meet you, too, and everyone who came out to the South Hall stage! If you couldn?t make it this year, make your plane reservations for next year. Our CNET stage is where it?s at. And if you aren?t all caught up, check out, where you?ll find the 432 blog posts, 88 photo slideshows, and 144 videos that we posted during the show ? and there are still more wrap-ups coming. So, you know. We were pretty busy. Brian was not the only one who wrote to say: You guys aren't on Boxee yet! Why? That would be cool since Rev3 is on there And apparently, Tom and I had the same idea, since on the same day we sent identical notes to our CNET TV product manager to find out how we could get on Boxee. And now, we?re working on it. Because I agree, that would be cool. Now for some quick funnymail. Jessica, UK, says: Hey Buzz crew, I was just listening to BOL 889 and thought I heard Tom call Molly's laptop...Viv? Molly, do you name your gadgets? I would laugh ...except I do it too. Do Tom, Natalie or Jason have names for any of their gadgets too? That would earn them epic geek cred. Jessica, I don?t name ALL my gadgets, but Viv, my Vivienne Tam edition HP Mini, gets special attention. Tom says his MacBook Pro is Lois and his old ThinkPad is Starbuck. Good name. And his ancient Dell desktop is Hal. I think Tom really gets epic geek cred, actually. Natali reports she used to have a Compaq that she named Paco, and Jason says he only names them when they?re malfunctioning. Ahem. Moving along in funnymail, Phillip says: OMG Molly! Did you catch that creepy guy that was checking you out at the end of Buzz Report CES 2009 Edition? EEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Did you slap him?! You + Cnet rock, Phillip DUDE! I would have, I didn?t even notice him. Maybe ? p`eople get so tired at CES ? it?s hard to maintain your SOCIAL SKILLS. At least we captured him on tape. Max from Portland, you are adorable. He says: Today I flew down to San Francisco for Macworld. And guess what was the most AWESOME thing ever? I saw Brian Tong! I was in the Apple presentation area and was a few feet away from him. I did about five double takes and then realized who it was! Would it have been creepy of me to say hi? Max, you would have made Brian?s MONTH, especially since in your subject line you said it was a celebrity sighting. We love that stuff. And finally, a note from Scott, who says: Just wanted to say I love you guys and the job you're doing. ? I'm missing Kara Tsuboi. She hasn't been on lately and I was just wondering if she has moved on to bigger and brighter things. Scott, you?re not the only one who noticed. Kara has indeed moved on from CNET, and we wish her all the best in everything she?s doing. We?ll let you know where she lands, and we miss her, too! And on that note, let?s end this marathon of a show! There were a lot of your letters in there! Keep them coming., or send me a postcard. 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. See you next time.

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