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Mailbag: Mailbag: Molly Wood for president

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Mailbag: Mailbag: Molly Wood for president

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This week we get some feedback about our new show, The Apple Byte, and Molly announces her candidacy for president.

Hey, everyone, I'm Molly Wood, and welcome to the CNET Mailbag, the show where we take your feedback and answer your questions about the stuff we're doing here at CNET. I want to start out by spotlighting some of the feedback we?ve gotten on Brian Tong?s new show here on CNET TV, called the Apple Byte! Here?s a sneak peek. Jacobi says: I just finished The ApplyByte hosted by Brian Tong and I think that it looks AMAZING. Whoever is the video editor (or editors) for that show deserves a raise and should work on other videos. Jacobi, you should know that the graphics for that show were designed by Khoa Nguyen, and the editor is Ariel Nunez, and they are both amazing, and they BOTH agree that they should get raises. In other reviews, Michael W. says: Awesome, insightful, balanced, solid round-up...these are just a few words I use to describe this new show, "the applebyte." And Mac.globe says: The show was great keep up the good work. A few quick questions : 1. What day does it come out? 2. Can I get a Podcast for it soon? Mac.globe, the Apple Byte will come out once a week, every Friday, and it is ALREADY available as a video podcast! Find it at podcast.cnet.com, or, if that page is too ugly for you, you can access it through iTunes or your podcast aggregator of choice. Now, on the other hand, David says: Molly, could you do me a favor? can you tell Brian Tong to stop theapplebyte thing? I love everything about cnet, in fact my shopping choices are influenced by cnet reviews. I love every cnet show, i love the crew, and really appreciate your info about tech. you guys bring to us. but the applebyte? why does he over-rates apple? Well ? David ? I?m probably not going to tell Brian to stop doing that show, and by the way, it?s three separate words, you guys, and I include you, Khoa, are KILLING ME. But anyway ? does Apple not count as tech? And I actually think Brian Tong keeps it pretty balanced. But hey, not everyone will like everything we do ? so hopefully, we?ve got other shows to make you happy. Check out Buzz Report. I bash Apple all the time! Moving on, Arthur has a request. He says: I really liked Tom's GNU/Linux tips ( like : How to install Ubuntu on a Thumb drive and etc.? ). Is he planning on making more ? And if no , could you tell him to ? P.S. I know that the grammar won't be perfect. English is my third language , sorry . Arthur, if English is your THIRD language, you are totally off the hook. Well done! Anyway, yes. Tom will definitely be making more Linux tips. We can?t keep him off the Linux tips. And for those of you looking for some, just go to CNETTV, roll over the How-To Videos menu, and choose either Insider Secrets or Quick Tips. You?re bound to find something good in there. And for the complete opposite of Tom?s Linux-loving ways, littlebucko 3:16 has a question about Brian Cooley: I love watching CNET Live. Brian and Tom do make a good couple:). However, I have one question: Why does Brian Cooley use Internet Explorer. Everytime I see his laptop he's using IE. Why doesn't he use Firefox? or at least Opera. Does he have something against Mozilla? Is he afraid of change? Please Brian, please adopt a fox! Little Bucko ? Brian Cooley thinks Firefox is communist. He?s said it many times. What can I say ? he?s old-school. He?s a rule-breaker. And speaking of which, Ken says: Yikes! - was that 2009 Dodge with Brian Cooley at the wheel really passing the camera car by crossing the double yellow line? ? If it was shot on a closed course, you ought to tell us so - if not, please try to set a better example for your younger learning-to-drive viewers. ? Er. It was shot on a closed course. And finally, a little lovermail ? for me. Hayden writes in and says: After watching tons on election news, and trying to think of who I would vote for, I found out who I would want to vote for: YOU! You could run on a platform of a $800 mac netbook and undrmed itunes music! I even made you a?campaign?ad. (Its attached)? That?s awesome, Hayden. And I think that message about the poop and the diamonds is something America really needs to hear. Did I really say that? I guess I did. AND that'll do it for this week, everyone. Keep that feedback coming! Mailbag@cnet.com, or send me a postcard. 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. See you next week!

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