First Look: Lots of bass, little clarity for seven bucks
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First Look: Lots of bass, little clarity for seven bucks

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For around $7, the iLuv City Lights are well-designed budget earphones, but they push the bass a little too hard at the expense of clarity.

Hi. I'm David Carnoy, Executive Editor for and I'm here with another pair of very budget in-ear headphones, the iLuv City Lights. These retail for around $7 online. They generally are considered a very good bargain and they get very good user opinions. I did think they were nicely built. They have a little bit bigger drivers than some of their $7 competitors. There's 13-millimeter drivers and those are really designed to offer up more bass so these deliver very big bass. It's not the greatest bass. You don't expect a whole lot for $7 and really the problem here is that there just isn't a lot of clarity. So the high-end or treble is lackluster, so you don't get a lot of detail. So they're a little bit muddy. They do deliver big bass, so if you're into big bass for $7, you can get a big bass in-ear headphone. They are comfortable and they do seem to be nicely designed. They come in a variety of colors and their cord is somewhat tangle-free, not totally tangle-free but it is tangle-free. I'm David Carnoy and those are the iLuv City Lights In-Ear Headphones. Thanks for watching.

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