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Loaded: Loaded: Straight from the red carpet

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Loaded: Loaded: Straight from the red carpet

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Loaded comes to you straight from the Webbys, quite literally. We bring you news of full-length Disney movies online, changes to ABC's World News Webcast, and a look at the new Sling Player on the iPhone.

[ background music ] >> Please allow me to explain this super formal outfit. The Loaded crew covered the Webbies on Tuesday night, and the event ended far past midnight, so we had a choice. Go home, get up three hours later to shoot Loaded, or go straight to the studio, shoot Loaded, and then go home. We chose to work through the night because we are committed to the dissemination of tech news just for you. It's Wednesday, June eleventh, I'm Natalie del Conte, and it's time to get Loaded. [ music ] ^M00:00:26 [ background music ] For the first time ever you can stream Disney movies online in their entirety. For the first time legally, anyway. The films will air on ABC's Wonderful World of Disney on Saturdays, and then will be available online afterwards from Monday through Friday. This isn't exactly a free and clear on demand strategy, but it is a big step for Disney. You can find a schedule at Disney.com/wonderfulworld. Microsoft is either genuinely unphased about the iPhone, or else they're all pretty good actors over there. The company's president of entertainment and devices division, Robbie Boch, had an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle this week, where he seemed pretty non-plussed by the iPhone announcements. He said that Microsoft already has been serving mobile contented 3G phones for a long time now, and they don't plan to make any competing products. Meanwhile, Microsoft also announced the availability of Bloomberg financial information for Windows Mobile. This will bring economic data, pricing, messaging, alerts, personalized market monitors, and more to business users on Windows devices. ABC is considering ditching its nightly news web cast in favor of a different format. ABC launched the web cast two years ago, but it was basically a repurposing of the nightly news. ABC's news division president David Weston, told the Wall Street Journal that the network wants to reinvent the program's web presence with possible updates on the site throughout the day. I think this is positive. It shows us that the networks aren't just throwing their TV content on the web to see what sticks. They're focusing their energy directly at the internet, so the content here can only get better. [ music ] ^M00:01:56 And now for the reason I'm dressed like this. Here is footage from last night's Webbies. Unfortunately, Steven Colbert did not make it to the red carpet because he was filming a little show called The Colbert Report. But we got to talk to a lot of other celebrities who love and use the web. Take a look. [ music ] ^M00:02:17 [ background music ] >> We're on [inaudible] Beach in New Hampshire [inaudible]. It inspired me to want people to remember that speech. What the internet does for musicians and people is put everyone on the same playing field. On the internet Obama is just as important as my mama. >> From the beginning we started with five hundred bloggers, we now have over two thousand bloggers. And we also have moved to other [inaudible] other sections beyond politics. >> I think it's really about coming at this explosive new interest in the market around social activity in a totally different way. You know, it's not about a new website, it's about a browser that can really help deliver the best of the modern web for users. >> With the internet, I think this is a blank canvas. This is a great way for self expression, and I think people are really taking advantage of it. And I think with more and more technology coming out, making things easier for people to create, I think you'll see even more proliferation of cutting edge content. >> We try not to think about what will or will not offend people. We're just basically going for funny, and always feeling inside like we fall on the right side of the issues. So if it's controversial it's fine, as long as we feel like in the end the right person is being targeted. >> It's just the age of artists developing themselves, and just original content with that they're 100% you know, that they do on their own. And they don't receive any pressure from any record companies or anything. >> Have you ever illegally downloaded any music? >> I have not illegally downloaded music. I make a point to go on iTunes and buy stuff. >> Photos and footage of the Webbies will be available at webbieawards.com. Blackberry users can now upload photos directly to Flicker. A new download for the Blackberry lets you take photos, file them away into your Flicker album, and adjust their size. Several phones already do this, such as the Helio Notion and the Nokia N95, but this just shows an effort on Blackberry's part to be both corporate and consumer. CNET's own John Falcone got a look at the new Sling media player for the iPhone. Sling has made it so that you can take your home DVR content and play it with you wherever you go on the iPhone. Now since the iPhone is technically not open to third party content just yet, this was proof of concept on a jail broken iPhone. But we still think it looks cool. Verizon, Sprint, and Time Warner are in agreement to block access to child pornography from their servers. According to New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo [assumed spelling], the ISPs will pay one point one million dollars to remove and prevent this content from their services. Time Warner cable recently found some of this, and eliminated the newsgroups. And last year an agreement with My Space and Facebook was made to strengthen guards against online sexual predators. It seems like ISPs are still looking for an effective way to crack down on child pornography floating around the web, although newsgroups are an antiquated method of sharing files, so it could just easily be that this content was buried there for a long time. Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones are using the internet in what I consider to be a pretty shameless grasp at fame. The two ladies who accused President Bill Clinton of having inappropriate relationships with them back in the nineties have joined together on their own website where they offer video clips of their testimonies of what happened between each one and the President. As if posting these clips wasn't brazen enough, they're also charging for this garbage. It costs one ninety nine to watch what we all saw years ago, and have ceased to care about. This is opportunistic, considering how timely the Clintons are right now. [ background music ] Please do not purchase these webisodes, don't support this nonsense. Those are your headlines for today. Join us tomorrow when we take a look at M Night Shalaman's film The Happening. I'm Natalie del Conte with CNET TV, and you've just been Loaded. ^M00:05:48 [ music ]

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