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Loaded: Loaded: Stalking your ex online

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Loaded: Loaded: Stalking your ex online

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Apple tries something new with Depeche Mode, Google gangs up on Microsoft in the EU, your cell phone may replace your doctor, and how to stop stalking your ex online.

>> Apple tries something new with Depeche Mode, Google gangs up on Microsoft in the EU. Your cell phone may replace your doctor and how to stop stalking your ex online. It's Wednesday, February 25, I'm Natali Del Conte and it's time to get Loaded. ^M00:00:14 [ Music ] ^M00:00:19 >> Apple is testing out a new feature called iTunes Pass with the modern rock band Depeche Mode. ^M00:00:26 [ Music ] ^M00:00:29 >> The iTunes Pass will give fans access to the band's upcoming album, as well as other bonus perks. We and I say we because I'm a tried-and-true DM fan and will be buying said Pass. We will get the entire album plus gradual releases of tracks from now until June. We'll also get exclusive remixes and all of it will be DRM free. Of course if you don't want all these extra musical goodies you can always buy the album for 9.99 when it comes out on April 21. It will be called Sounds of the Universe. The European Union says Microsoft will have to design Windows for competing browsers. This is the latest update in an anti-trust case that Microsoft has been battling for months in the EU. They have until mid-March to respond. This would allow users the option to use outside browsers like Firefox or Chrome in addition to Explorer. And now Google has gotten involved in this case they're applying to be a third party in the proceedings because they believe the browser market is still largely uncompetitive according to a company spokesperson. What I find interesting about this is the timing of it. Google gangs up on IE in the same day that it releases a toolbar for the browser. Google Toolbar 6 for Internet Explorer launched on Tuesday -- that's gratitude for 'yah. Apple released a Beta Safari 4 for both Windows and Mac on Tuesday. It's said to run JavaScript commands 4.2 times faster than Safari 3. There's also a cover flow interface that let's you scroll through your browser history like cover art which is kind of cool. And there's an awesome bar of sorts that fills in your URL bar intuitively based on keywords and web addresses. It isn't called the awesome bar though they're calling it the Smart Address Field, which is a surprisingly unsexy name for Apple. You can download it today. Samsung just launched the Memoir. They sent it to us last week and the Loaded crew took it to happy hour. Check out our photos. It has an 8-megapixel camera which makes it the highest megapixel camera on the market here in the US. It's also really good looking. It has Xenon flash, 16 time digital zoom and expandable card slot which supports up to 16 gigs and all the touch screen features you would expect. It's available starting today for $250 with a 2-year agreement. We have a full review of the Memoir here on CNET. Your cell phone may soon know if you got the flu. A company in the UK called Applied Nanodetector showed up a phone that could do this at the International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference this week. The Nokia phone had a special chip that could measure the amount of certain gasses in your breath. Based on the density of those gasses the phone could give you a prognosis. This is very cool, although I'm not really sure we need this. My mom can do the same thing with the back of her hand and a thermometer. Teenagers are hostile creatures who may hurt you if you take the Internet away from them -- that's more or less a paraphrase of findings from a new study of 9,400 Taiwanese teenagers. The study found that teens with signs of Internet addiction were more prone to aggressive behavior like hitting, shoving or threatening people. The study was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health and while I find it amusing I think the causality may be spurious. Addition to anything makes you hostile don't blame the Internet. For those of you over in the U.K. that are still stalking your ex online, it's time to move on. According to a survey from Yasni, 50% of Brits have admitted to following an ex through social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, while 50% claimed curiosity, 21% admitted to feelings of ill will. Now I doubt this is a trend just in the U.K. I mean when you're killing time on Facebook isn't the ex's profile the first place you go or twitter or Flickr. I think I need to firewall myself. Those are all your headlines for today, but I will be back tomorrow with more. Thank you for watching. I'm Natali Del Conte with CNET TV and you've just been Loaded. ^M00:04:06 [ Music ]

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