Loaded: Loaded: A MySpace fashion statement
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Loaded: Loaded: A MySpace fashion statement

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The BlackBerry Storm is official, Pandora lands on the Chumby, and a few ways to make a T-shirt out of your MySpace profile.

>> The Blackberry Storm becomes official, Pandora lands on the Chumby, and a few ways to make a T-shirt out of your Myspace page. It's Wednesday, October 8. I'm Natalie Del Conti, and it's time to get loaded. ^M00:00:10 [ Music ] ^M00:00:16 >> Research in motion officially announced the Blackberry Storm, which is their touch-screen iPhone competitor. The phone will officially launch on Verizon in the U.S. and Vota Phone [Assumed spelling] overseas. CNET editor Bonnie Cha got to play with it a little, and she describes the phone's touch screen system. It isn't multi-touch or haptic feedback. Instead, it has something called click-through, where you actually, physically push down on the screen, like you would any tactile button. She found it really responsive and easy. It also has a laundry list of other features, GPS, 3.2 mega pixel camera, video recording and playback, a micro SD slot, and eventual support for Verizon's V Cast and mobile TV service. Even though CNET editors initially did like this phone they haven't tested it thoroughly just yet. Also, since we don't know pricing we can't really make a judgment about whether it actually can compete with the iPhone. We'll know that when the phone actually hits store shelves closer to the holiday season. Google has come up with two new ways to make money. The first one involves YouTube, which we have all wondering how they will monetized. They've launched something called Click to Buy, which let's you purchase music or video games that relate to the videos you're watching. To start, there will be embedded iTunes in Amazon links on music videos so you can directly purchase that song. There will also be an Amazon link to buy the video game that you may be watching. Google says this is just scratching the surface, and they eventually do hope to sell various other products, such as movies, books, TV shows, an more. Google is also working to monetize web-based games with ads for games. This is a program that integrated advertisements into web-based games. These are video ads complimented by text and images. You'll start to see these ads in games by Konami, Playfish, Demand Media, and more. If you want to print out your Myspace photos, HP is now the official company to help you with that. Starting in November all you have to do is locate the Click to Print icon on any photo, blog, comment or message, and HP will process the order and mail you a hardcopy. Eventually this will work a little bit like Zazzle as well, where you can make merchandise with your Myspace content, but not just yet. I'm already envisioning Myspace profile T-shirts. That would be quite the fashion statement. HTC Diamond has no love for the U.S.. HTC used Twitter to announce that it would not be launching the Diamond here in the states. The tweet said that the company had looked into it, and would just take too long to launch here in the states, and by the time they did the phone would be obsolete. Oh well. Bonnie Cha who reviewed the phone for CNET thought the touch screen was slow to react to function commands, plus the G 1 is coming out soon anyway. The rugged sonic phones are going to officially launch in the U.S. next year. The Sonic XP line was previously only offered by carriers in Europe. The newest model, the XP3, will go on sale in the U.S. in March through various U.S. carriers. This is a quad-band edge phone with GPS, Bluetooth, and a flashlight. We've had the XP 1 here in the office for a few months, and we've literally chucked it across the room, about 20 feet away, and we could not break or scratch it. It's built to all sorts of military specifications for resistance to dust and rain. This is a great phone for hardhat workers, or anyone with a manly, outdoor type of job. And I use the word manly in the most androgenous way possible, of course. We rarely talk about these types of gadgets here on loaded, but this one I happened to find particularly geeky. Nikon announced a multi media headset that displays video and plays music. It's called the Media Port UP, and it has 8 gigs of storage, Wi-Fi, and a browser. The liquid crystal display is controlled by moving your head in different directions, and the head set can be powered with two double-A batteries. Unfortunately for all you uber geeks in the states, Nikon plans to release this only in Japan. Sharp unveiled a solar panel, 52 inch LCD. The eco-friendly television runs off of one attached solar floor panel, and uses LEDs that reduce the power consumption. Since the TV does not house a battery compartment, it won't work when the sun goes down. The solar floor panel design is an interesting choice, considering that most people I know consume their TV indoors, but this is the first we've seen of a model this size, so we can expect a few design tweaks from Sharp in the future. The Chumby has just become a lot more useful. The squishy, cutesy, cushiony gadget that looks a lot like it belongs in a kids room now plays Pandora. The Chumby is basically a small computer but has mostly been used for widgets more than everything else. Weather, stocks, news. You can set it as an alarm clock to wake you up to your favorite Pandora station. The speakers on the Chumby aren't really great, though, so you're not really going to be rocking out to the Chumby. Those are all your headlines for today, but I will, of course, be back tomorrow with more. Thank you for watching. I'm Natalie Del Conti with CNET TV, and you've just been loaded. ^M00:04:44 [ Music ]

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