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CES 2012: LL Cool J in the hizzle with Boomdizzle for shizzle

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CES 2012: LL Cool J in the hizzle with Boomdizzle for shizzle

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LL Cool J takes time out with Donald Bell to show off Boomdizzle, an online community designed for aspiring artists to record, share, and remix original music over the Internet.

speaker 1: Hey, I'm Donald Bell here at CES 2012. LL Cool J is joining me talking about Boomdizzle. Tell me about Boomdizzle. Speaker 2: Boomdizzle is a site that we created and actually a company that we created where we design this virtual studio and basically making it possible for a kid in New York and a kid in LA for example to record in real time and collaborate and make music in real time, you know online. So it's kind of just changing the world of recording forever. It's pretty much revolutionizing recording. Speaker 1: Now it's a piece of software that you're downloading or is it the web page. Speaker 2: It is a piece of soft... it's a piece of... it's web based and there's a piece of software that you do some links that you'll download. Right now, we have you know, we're sending out invites. But the technology will be out there and available to everybody. Speaker 1: How did the idea come to your light? I mean what was the problem that you're up against there like no, I need (??) help create this thing. Speaker 2: let's say the producers in New York and I'm in LA, you know, either way. I can't record in real time. I would have to make my... create my vocals, e-mail the vocals to him and he'd have to you know, do something to it, e-mail it back to me. But that's not a collaborative process. I wanted to create the studio environment, that collaborative environment online. And that was the problem but we solved it. Speaker 1: Boomdizzle, the site is also... add more to it. Speaker 2: Boomdizzle, well the Boomdizzle has a site with aggregating thousands upon thousands of upcoming artists and (??) demos because this is a community that is actually unreserved and I wanted to give them an opportunity to kind of mingle with each other and get to know each other as we were developing this technology. Now, we've added this technology to the mix and what that's gonna do is there's gonna be a bridge or tunnel for all of them to get together and just connect. We actually have a distribution deal with itunes so you know you'll be able to, you know, record with your friend in LA and you know, mix and then shoot it over to itunes and get the ball rolling. I mean, you know, it's pretty... it's pretty sophisticated. Speaker 1: And then is it just all in one sand box. I think you're telling me earlier that other applications been plugged in (??). Speaker 2: We wanted to have maximum flexibility because there are a lot of producers out there. Their concern is okay but I have other programs I like. I like you know, (??) I like (??) I like this one. I like that one. Well, we're gonna make sure that all of those doorways are there so that people can come in, be involved, use whatever phone, you know (??) you wanna use to make this thing worked. Speaker 3: The Interface itself, when you're looking at the recording interface, you're looking at like the multi track lay out. Speaker 2: You have the multi track lay out. You have a (grade?). You have you know, obviously all the vocals . You have your EQs you have all the different pieces that you need not unlike some other programs that give you you know, interface that you can actually understand. Speaker 1: Yeah. It kind of looks like a mixing (??) analogs (??). Speaker 2: Absolutely, it gives you that... it has an analog feel because that's traditional and that's where I'm from. (??) from recording on Analog but it just has that feel. But it feels good. It's right. Speaker 1: You got me excited now. You got to come out with this so when is this gonna be hit? Did you know> speaker 2: Real soon. Real soon. Real soon. We're ready. We are already testing. We already have people. Lots of user signed up. They're using it. They're giving us feedback. You know they're gonna tell us you know what they hate, what they love and we'll incorporate those learnings and we got to bring it out tomorrow. Speaker 1: all right, for CES 2012. I'm Donald Bell here at LL Cool J . We'll see you next time.

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