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CNET News Video: Light 'em up! Behind-the-scenes with fireworks pros

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CNET News Video: Light 'em up! Behind-the-scenes with fireworks pros

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Fireworks shows are getting more elaborate with intricate designs and meticulously timed explosions. At the Oakland A's "Star Wars"-themed fireworks show by California-based Pyro Spectacular, CNET's Daniel Terdiman embraces his inner pyro for a behind-the-scenes look at the setup for these awesome displays.

-It's Daniel Terdiman from CNET News and I'm here at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland California for Star Wars Fireworks Night. And tonight, up behind those big stance, it's gonna be quite and nice fireworks show put on by Pyro Spectaculars who were pretty much the Pyro Crew in San Francisco Bay Area and so my story will be all about the-- catching that show and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks a lot. -So, first thing you do is [unk]. Okay. And then you can put the [unk] on top of your [unk] as you pull off the wire. And then we'll [unk]. Okay, right here. So from the inside you could fold it in half, push it through, stick it in. -So again, we don't wanna keep any part of our body over the gun that we wanna keep. Drop it in like that. Hold on-- [unk]. You can find the hole here. Take a fold over. Push the wire through the hole. Take your end back around here the snake goes in the dragon's mouth letting you pull out like that and that's ready to go. It's tightened and it's holding that loop. And at the end of the night, we could simply pull that out and the whole wire operation comes down. The most dangerous part of the job is when all the shelves were sitting out on the pipes, that's why we limit as much as we can to keep the back of the [unk] the truck flows and [unk] the shelves were sitting on top of the pipe. That's the most dangerous time 'cause if one goes, they all go.

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