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First Look: Lenovo ThinkVision L2440p
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First Look: Lenovo ThinkVision L2440p

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The Lenovo ThinkVision L2440p is a well-rounded 24-inch LCD monitor, with a host of ergonomic features many will find useful and excellent overall performance among a variety of tasks, including games, movies, and office productivity.

[ music ] ^m00:00:03 >> Hi, this is Eric Franklin from CNET dot com and today we're looking at the Lenovo ThinkVision L2440 P 24 inch display. Which shall be referred to as the 24P from this point forward. In this video I'll be comparing it to the Dell Ultra Sharp 2408WFP, the V7D 24 W33, the Samsung Sync Master T240 HD, and the Lenovo ThinkVision L2440 X. The 24P scored and 87 at CNET labs display mate base performance tests. We attribute this mostly to it's ability to display color accurately. The reigning 24 inch performance champ, the Dell with a score of 90, had more visibly accurate color during the display mate tests. Compared to the 24X, the 24P had a little more backlight bleed through. We noticed while we were viewing the [ inaudible ] fluorescent tube or CCFL based screen to the 24P. For more than a few seconds our eyes will feel strained. However when looking at the 24X's screen, which is light emitted diode or LED based. We did not perceive of any strain. This occurred even when both monitors had their brightness set to zero. World of Warcraft looked great on the 24P with vivid and accurate colors that showed no signs of streaking. The game had a edgy look to it when viewed on the 24P. It was not as soft as the 24X's image. The display has the same problem as a lot of other monitors have, in that it's lower in side viewing angles and are very narrow. This is especially noticeable if you're slouching while playing a game or surfing the web. As for movie playback, we watched a few choice scenes in Kill Bill volume 1. In this real world test, the LED based 24X had a deeper black level than the CCFL based 24P, the Dell, or the Samsung. While the color of the Dell looked over saturated at times and on the Samsung slightly muted, on the 24P colors look more accurate but not as accurate as the 24X. The display includes the ergonomic trifecta of screen pivoting, rotation, and height adjustment. It includes DVI, VGA, and HGMI connections and retails for about 550 bucks. This makes it 200 dollars less than the 24X which has an identical foreign factor, and includes LED backlighting. The performance of the 2 displays are so close, that it's almost like you're getting the same display for less with the 24P. There are cheaper LCD's out there like the 309 dollar V7, but it's performance cannot compare to the 24P. The 620 dollar Dell is still the best all around performing 24 inch display, but one of the most expensive still. If you're looking for a well priced 24 incher for movies and games, recommend the Samsung. For office work, the Affirmation V7 will suit you well. If you have the funds, check out the Dell. If however you're looking for a decently priced 24 incher that does movies, games, and office productivity well and has a host of ergonomic features, look no further than the 24P. Once again this is Eric Franklin; this has been a first look at the Lenovo ThinkVision 2440P. [ music ]

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