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First Look: Lenovo ThinkVision L1940p
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First Look: Lenovo ThinkVision L1940p

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The Lenovo ThinkVision L1940p costs a bit more than competing 19-inch LCD monitors, but its many ergonomic features and great overall performance could persuade those not shopping on price alone.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 >> Eric: Hi, this is Eric Franklin of and today we're looking at the Lenovo ThinkVision L1940p I'll be comparing this monitor to the ViewSonic VX1962WM and the Westinghouse L1916HW. The display is practically designed with a black matte finish the bezel is less than an inch thick and the width of the whole display is about 17 inches. The flat half moon shaped foot stand is 11 inches by 8 inches deep and while this is a wide foot stand we found that [inaudible] screen adjusted to its maximum 4.5 inches the display does wobble quite a bit when knocked from the sides. When the panel is at its lowest, however, we found there was minimal wobbling, the screen pivots 90 degrees vertically, it rotates 50 degrees to the left and right and actually tilts back about 20 degrees. The connection options include VGA and DVI connections and they're actually pretty easy to get to as they're off to the side from the neck of the display. The on-screen display or OSD array is located in the lower right-hand corner of the bezel and comprises 4 buttons, brightness and contrast controls are included as well as color options. The display received an 87 in CNET Labs Display Mate Performance Test, in our test the display was able to display more shades of the same color than either the ViewSonic or the Westinghouse could. World of Warpath would look great on display with vivid and accurate colors that were not saturated and showed no signs of streaking. At the 1440 by 900 resolution, however, we noticed that there was slightly more aliscene [phonetic] effects on the edges of the characters than we're used to seeing on display. As for movie playback we watched a few choice scenes in Kill Bill Volume 1, while the blacks were not as deep as they were on the Westinghouse it did deliver a good picture quality for watching movies thanks to its ability to produce accurate colors. Now, do we recommend it? Yes we do, it's 240 bucks online which is 50 to 60 bucks more expensive than either the ViewSonic or the Westinghouse, however, we feel that it is worth it because of the aforementioned ergonomic options. Once again this is Eric Franklin and this has been the first look at the Lenovo ThinkVision L1940p. ^E00:02:14

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