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Tech Industry: Lady Gaga unveils Polaroid Grey Label

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Tech Industry: Lady Gaga unveils Polaroid Grey Label

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At CES 2011 in Las Vegas, Lady Gaga unveiled the new Polaroid Grey Label.

-Hello, everyone. Everyone's here for Bobby, Bobby is wonderful. Hi, how are you? It's so nice to see everyone. I'm so excited to be here today and I'm so privileged to be a part of Polaroid. I love this company so much, I love Bobby, I love everything that they stand for and I'm excited to show you the Grey Label and here we go. -Let's get on with it. First product that we wanna show you is under here is this is absolutely and completely inspired by this amazing woman. -This is the first ever pair of sunglasses that can be worn out to protect your eyes from the sun and they can also take pictures. -And the picture that has been taken registers on the outside of the lens, I don't know with the light if it's possible to see it. -The arms on the-- they're actually not on... Okay. This is a prototype so bear with me. It's a really exciting new venture. There they are, they're turned on now, and I will now play for you the demonstration. There we go. So these glasses can be worn in public to walk around. You can take them to a nightclub. You can come to one of my shows and wear them, take pictures of me while I sing on stage. Bobby won't be there for that. He'll be backstage, but these are something that I envisioned many years ago, for those of you who have seen me live and I did The Fame Ball Tour. I made these glasses out of iPod screens that I strung together to create glasses that can play movies and I thought wouldn't it be wonderful if these were functional so we created the first ever camera that actually is sunglasses also. It takes pictures, it also takes video and everything registers into a USB that is essentially the earpiece so the earpiece comes out and it's also the USB and can be connected either to your computer to print, or, if you would like, you can send your pictures and video-- I'm sorry, pictures, with Bluetooth capability to the printer that I'm about to show you. -So, and our next... Thank you, thanks. Alright. -So I'm really excited about this product. Of course, the glasses are very exciting because we're bridging fashion and technology together. We're creating something that's innovative and it's also cultural but this is the product that really kind of made everybody angry when we were in the conference room. They said, "Gaga, what is the camera of the future?" and I said, "This is." This is the camera of the future. I have tons of fans, I have a range of shows every night with 20,000 little lights flashing at me as they take pictures on their cellphones the entire show, so I said, "How can we bring the cellphone into Polaroid? How can we create something that's digital that almost never gets printed into something that is instant?" So, we created this printer. This is a printer that I actually throw at my purse all the time and I bring out with me to bars as a sort of bar magic party trick and I'm gonna show you now how it works. I'm gonna do a small demonstration for you so right now, I'm gonna turn the printer on. It's on right now. Sorry, I'm wearing sunglasses, I couldn't see the light. So the printer is on right now and what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna take a photo of all of you with my camera phone. Smile, you're so fucking famous. Oh, no, wait, I just took a photo of Kenneth. Let me... Wait, wait. There we go. So here's the photo right here, you can see it for yourself on my phone and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go into-- I'll do the full demonstration now as my phone is already connected to this printer but what you will do is you will go to Manage Connections, turn your Bluetooth on, then you go to Set Up Bluetooth, you search for the device. The devices will come up and it will read Polaroid 0000000. This one is 1B right here so I'm just-- I'm connected to it already so I'm now going to go to my pictures. I just did this with Maria Bartiromo, someone that I got [unk] over. Alright, so here's the photo that I just took. I am now going to send using Bluetooth. I choose the printer. It's searching. The password is... I can't tell you. Okay, it's paired. Let's leave this hair. The file is sending. The file has been transferred and it will now print for you all to see. It will take about 40 seconds. I think this is really exciting because if you don't wanna take your camera out with you, if you just throw it in your purse, it's really light and I suppose many of you here are dirty enough to carry around a mobile printer with you so... I know I will. -And the size of the image that comes out is 3 X 4 and it can have the Polaroid tray just around the picture or it can be full bleed. -Smile. You're on instant film. So I'm really excited about this because all of my most embarrassing and exciting photos are taken in my favorite bar in New York City on my cellphone and on tours, well, I do a lot of cellphone photos so this printer is compatible with all Bluetooth capability cellphones but they are not compatible with iPhone so-- -Boo. -Boo. -It's not because of us. It's because of iPhone just doesn't do it, so, it's not because of us. Print from my cellphone? -So, we started with these incredible glasses, continued with the printer, and now the last thing that we'll show you in this presentation is under here and this is the new Polaroid camera. -Oh, don't drop it. -Oh! -Nice. -Nice. -I'm very excited about this camera. I think it's sexy. It's sleek and it's hardy. It's not heavy but it feels good in your hand. It takes regular instant Polaroids. It's also a Zink printer as well as the printer that I just showed you, they're both printing with no ink which is a great for the environment. It holds 10 photos in each film cartridge. The printer holds 10 as well and it registers both digitally. This is a prototype, just give me a second. -I love you, Gaga! -It registers both digitally and as a regular Polaroid camera. The version that we're creating now will also-- they will be out at Christmas time so you will be able to send your images, you can put them in your computer or you can print them out here and in the future, we're working on creating a Polaroid camera that's also digital that is capable of sending to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. -Polaroid 21st century, right now. -Can you give a statue a hug? Go over and-- -Sorry? -Can you go by the mannequin? -You wanna kiss the statue, Bobby? -No, do you? -He said no-- -I wanna kiss you-- -He has the real thing. I'm supposed to do any questions? No? Okay, well thank you so much. I love you. Thank you for coming today, with your honor. Well, we hope you love the products. I love the products, I'm so proud to be here and as a musician and as an artist, I wanna thank Polaroid personally for treating me not as a spokesperson and not as a face for the brand but they honored me as a woman, as a creative director, and they really let me put my hands in their own design myself so thank you so much. -Bobby! Bobby! -Thank you! -Whoo.

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