Rumor Has It: Is Apple getting into the social network game?
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Rumor Has It: Is Apple getting into the social network game?

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We take a look at iPhone 5 release date rumors, Samsung's possible Retina Display, a new tablet from Sony, and is Apple really planning to buy a stake in Twitter?

Im Emily Dreyfuss And I'm Karyne Levy And youre watching Rumor Has It, where we run down the latest tech rumors. Our show is brought you this week by eBay. Which is coincidentally where we bought the vintage glassware were gonna use for our "anonymous sources" drinking game! Play along with us, and if you're watching on CNET, you can vote on all the rumors, too! Our first rumor is about the successor to the Sony Tablet S, which will supposedly be branded with the Xperia name, which is Sony's line of smartphones. The site Mobiflip posted leaked internal info showing that it'll be thinner, will have better cameras, 10+ hours of battery life, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and the aluminum case will be splashproof, so Molly Wood could torture it by the pool! Since the Tablet S was due for an update, this rumor seems pretty legit. Whats annoying about Android tablets like this is that by the time this would come out, other tablets will be getting Jellybean and itll already be old news. Now for iPhone 5 rumor watch, threat level Burnt Sienna, which is more serious than orange. Site iMore, citing sources who have proven right in the past aka anonymous, says the new iPhone will be released on September 12th at a special event, but wont go on sale until 9 days later. And these anonymous soothsayers dont stop there. Their piece de resistance is the prediction that an iPad Mini will be in attendance at this huge event. Our weirdest rumor comes from the most respected of sources, the New York Times. The Bits Blog says Apple has been in serious talks to buy a stake in Twitter. Why in the world would Apple want a social network? Because its facing increasing competition from social media for your time and loyalty. If it can get you on its own network, it just drives more people to iOS. Rather than trying to get its own social network off the ground from scratch, iTunes Ping tried to collaborate with Faceook but failed. Apple could have bought Instagram, but Facebook already did, which leaves Twitter as Apples best bet for a social alliance. I personally think that this makes sense if Apple wants a social network. Twitter is cool; so is Apple. By the numbers and demographics, they are both sort of exclusive clubs targeting the same superconnected folks who value sleek design over a million features. There has been a lot of Twitter integration in Apple products and it seems likely that Apple would want to have a financial stake in Twitter so it could have control. You know how Apple has control issues. And in that case, I'd prefer this to an Apple-made social network. I can barely keep up with the social networks that exist now! What do you guys think? Is Apple looking to buy a stake in Twitter? Don't forget to vote! We're going to go ask the people of San Francisco what they think... And the CNET Council's verdict is: Nay, there is no way Apple will try to buy Twitter. The vote was split 3 to 2. Dont forget you could meet the CNET Council in person soon! Were throwing a Rumor Has It launch party at CNET headquarters, and you could be invited -- sadly, we cannot cover transportation costs! So if you can get yourself here, and you want to party with us, tweet to CNET RumorShow using the hash tag RHIParty. Thats our show everyone, and thanks to eBay, this week's sponsor!
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