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Apple Byte: Iris scanning tech coming to the next iPhone?

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Apple Byte: Iris scanning tech coming to the next iPhone?

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Apple is looking at biometrics to play a key role in their product line, Apple's 5th Avenue store shatters, and the 30th anniversary of the Mac.

-- What's up I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple now before we get to the stories. We want to take a moment to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Macintosh. That's right it's the PC that started a revolution and really put Apple on the map on January 25 1984. Now the Macintosh and also starred in one of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials of all time. And after you watching this weren't even born yet. But so if you missed out you can still looking down for around 15100 dollars on eBay if you're lucky for a piece of Apple history. All right let's get to the show and if you haven't noticed technology has made huge leaps and bounds since 1984 you know just a tiny bits. But according to multiple reports iris scanning might be the next edition Apple's -- roadmap. With their recent -- especially. With biometrics been rumored to have a key role in Apple's upcoming I watch. Samsung has already confirmed they're developing their own iris scanning tech for upcoming Smartphones as well. Iris scanning has already been adopted in other countries and also be faster compared to touch ID since you don't need to make physical contact with the -- the sometimes. A wet finger does not give an accurate reading. Now it's not expected to be ready for the next iPhone release Apple could even use the current tech already built in a phone to make it happen but. This still not coming any time soon and we'll keep -- On this story for you. I Apple's into the fourth beta for iOS seven point one to developers with subtle interface tweaks like slide to lock and slide to power off having an animations. But the biggest leak comes from developer Stephen -- Smith. Who posted images of what appears to be an update for Apple's iOS in the -- interface. The purported images now feature a darker header that highlights text better compared to the current images on Apple's website. With Mercedes-Benz Honda and Nissan -- listed as some of the initial launch partners. The mobile operating systems in the car is going to be just another battleground between Apple and -- in 2014. And if Toyota likes to produce this hefty one concept with iOS just for me. I will promise to drive it every day for the rest of my life. And let's not forget our obligatory iPhone six rumor of the week -- account and company analyst they claim the iPhone six is locked in the does ship with a four point eight inch display it will include the faster 80211 EC Wi-Fi standard. They'll offer other -- software innovations in that I have never forgot when before. -- realistic out the quick bites it's been so it in the East Coast and no one knows this better than Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York after a snowblower. Accidentally knocked into -- last through the socks and shattered one of its large -- -- the cost replace that panel are roughly 450000. That hurts daddy. But don't worry the store is of course still open. Also going to Belgian retailer Apple's Mac mini that's been right for an update since the last one in October of 2012. Will be coming by the end of February. And this is not been confirmed anywhere else but the Mac mini is the only Mac that's still hasn't transitioned over to Intel's has will chipset. And Apple's Mac -- shipping estimates and now slipped out all the way to -- in many countries including US Mexico and Canada but. You can't get their hands on one right away just do it does German Mac username that he created his own macro -- and -- replica museum yes. An actual trash can. But check out these pictures they show off some of the -- and work that went into making it it's not nearly as powerful Apple's Mac Pro but it's an impressive job either way with a little bit of that. Red spray paint detailed. And guys we're doing another Apple -- give away this week check out this week in a folio case with keyboard for the iPad air from our friends at Kensington. It's perfect for travelling and let's be -- you want the purple one. All you have to do is email us at the applebyte@cnet.com. Ports -- -- -- Brian Tong and tell me what it was the song the dancers were dancing to. At the end of last week's show that out. Really got my attention. -- randomly select five winners and announce them next week. Alright lets gonna do for this Michelle I'm Brian Tong -- for watching and we'll catch you next week for another byte of the Apple and yet guys. I love my -- -- don't -- verbal. Next year.

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