First Look: iPod Touch (third generation)
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First Look: iPod Touch (third generation)

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At Apple's 2009 iPod event, Donald Bell checks out the latest iPod Touch with new voice control and Genius Mix features.

[ MUSIC ] ^M00:00:03 >> [Donald Bell:] Hey, I'm Donald Bell here for giving you a first look at the third-generation Apple iPod Touch. Now, design-wise this is identical to the iPod Touch we saw last year, but we do have new pricing and capacity for the Touch. We've got an 8 gigabyte version going for 199, a 32 gigabyte version going for 299, and a 64 gigabyte version going for 399. One of the new features we're seeing on here that we're also seeing on the [inaudible] iPod Nano is a new feature called "genius mixes" which is just an extension of the "genius playlist" feature, but it just goes above and beyond creating longer mixes of music based around certain genres. Some other cool things here on the 32 and 64 gigabyte capacities, we're seeing a 50 percent increase in the processor speed. We're also seeing the new OpenGL technology coming in here that's going to make gaming a lot faster, make games load a lot faster, web pages load faster. We're not seeing that, though, on the 199, 8 gigabyte price point. Another cool thing that's happening here is that the App Store now has a Genius feature in it which will recommend applications for you based on applications you already own. So if you're really big into games or really big into, you know, blog tools, it'll recommend other, other tools, other apps that other users have like, that are like yours. Another neat little thing that I'm liking about this is that the iPod Touch is now shipping with a headset that has a microphone in it, so you can take advantage of things like the voice memos, VOIP app, other things that take advantage of voice recording or voice technology. There's also a voiceover function on the new version of the iPod Touch that will let you do voice control so that you can call up your favorite music, your favorite artists just by talking into the microphone. It's the same feature we've seen on the iPhone 3GS as well. Another cool little thing that we're getting on the new 32 and 64 gigabyte versions of the iPod Touch are improved accessibility features that we've seen on the iPhone 3GS, but this is going to be a big deal for a lot of people because they help announce different web pages to you, announce icons to you, help people use the iPod Touch ironically without having to actually touch it, and be able to take advantage of all the different features that are on here. Overall, this isn't a dramatic refresh of the iPod Touch. We thought maybe we were going to be seeing a camera on here or a built-in microphone. But it's still, it's, it's a good update. We are definitely liking the new capacities all the way up to 64 gigabytes, and the new pricing is really great. The 199 price point is going to get a lot of people involved with the iPod touch who otherwise look past it. So, for I'm Donald Bell giving you a first look at the third generation Apple iPod Touch. ^M00:02:27 [ MUSIC ]

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