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First Look: iPhone 4S Preview

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First Look: iPhone 4S Preview

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We'll recap the newest features under the hood of the iPhone 4S. Apple's voice control feature looks pretty impressive and we all know the 4S looks just like an iPhone 4. But it's anything but an iPhone 4.

Brian Tong here with from headquarters in San Francisco, California with our recap of the iPhone 4S. Now the phone looks a lot like this, the iPhone 4 and we know from your feedback that plenty of you were hoping for something more design wise, but really its biggest improvements are under the hood. Now, the iPhone 4S is loaded with an A5 dual core processor, which Apple plans as twice the power and 7 times faster graphics for gaming while also improving talk time battery life by an hour. So, we'll see how it fares in our lab test. The 4S also improves as one of the best Smartphone cameras in the market with an 8-megapixel camera that now should stand ADP video. They've also made improvements to the intended design and the phone has faster mobile data speeds with HSDPA compatibility. It will get all the new features in iOS 5, but exclusive to the iPhone 4S will be Siri. Do you like to call their intelligent voice assistant? You hold on to the home button to initiate the feature and then you can ask questions like what's the weather, find the nearest burger restaurants near you, or create reminders with your voice. -Remind me to grab the present when I get home. -Here's your reminder for when you get home. -It's the next level voice control interaction with the phone, so once we get our hands on it, we'll see if it as impressive as it looks. Now, the iPhone 4S will be available on AT&T, Verizon and now Sprint in the United States. It's also a world phone that's compatible on GSM and CDMA networks. It will come in 2 colors, black and white, and 3 flavors. The 16 gig will be $199 with a 2-year contract. The 32 gig will be $299 and the all new 64 gig capacity will be $399. Pre-order start online on October 7th and the phone will go on sale on October 14th. So there you have it, I'm Brian Tong with and there's our quick recap of the iPhone 4S.

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