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Apple Byte: iPad 5: A Sneak peek and new details

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Apple Byte: iPad 5: A Sneak peek and new details

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New pictures of the potential iPad 5 leak; Microsoft Office for iOS and the Mac is coming...in 2014; and Apple and Yahoo are getting cozy.

-What's up? Brian Tong here, and you're watching an educational show called the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Lots of news, plus we'll announce our design by Human's giveaway winners. Now there's still no news right now for any upcoming Spring Apple event. But we know the next gen iPads are coming and check out these two new clean pictures from nowhereelse.fr that show off what's believed to be the front bezel of the iPad 5 that takes design cues with the thinner side bezels of the iPad Mini. So, why do we think it's the full size iPad? Because if it isn't, that person has child-sized hands. Now, we're still expecting the same A6X processor in the next gen iPad 5 right now. But the development for the next A7 chip looks to be different after a Korea Times report says, the new chip will debut in the first half of 2014. Development is currently on their way, and Samsung is said to not be a part of that process at all and instead, Apple is gone with Taiwan's semi-conductor manufacturing company. Productions of Apple's custom chips have been handled entirely by Samsung in the past. Rumors continue to point to Apple shifting away from Samsung even though the current models still have chips from Samsung inside. Now, we've got iPhone news and rumors for you. Japanese blog Macotakara says, according to their trusted source, the iPhone 5S will hit store shelves in three color ways adding one more color on top of the standard black and white. So what color do you think they're going to go with? I'm guessing, razzmatazz. That's right. It's not only my favorite drink at Jamba Juice. It's an actual red-pink color invented by Crayola in 1993 and similar to rose. See? Keep watching the show because you'll learn something here every week. And Topeka Capital Markets is really trying to make sure no one takes them seriously after their latest prediction that Apple offer the new iPhone in at least two and possibly three screen sizes. No way we'll see three, and this is the same group that predicted that iRing last week. All right, CNET's own sister site ZDnet and Mary Jo Foley revealed Microsoft's roadmap from their trusted source for both the Mac and iOS versions of office recently. Get ready to wait a little longer, the new version of Office for the Mac will arrive in April of 2014, while the rumored Office for iOS and Android will arrive next autumn October 2014. Now Foley's contact says this roadmap was accurate up to the start of 2013 and Microsoft officials have declined to comment. We also know iOS already has Twitter and Facebook integrated into the system. But the Wall Street Journal claims Yahoo! is looking to expand the partnership. Now we know iOS already polls Yahoo! data for their finance, weather and sports results. But according to the story, data from Yahoo! News and other web properties could be pre-loaded on to iOS for better Siri functionality. It's also a sign that Apple could possibly be looking to move away even further from Google integration in iOS and, yeah, we saw how well that worked out with them with maps. All right, let's take a break with our app of the week, brought to you by a special guest of mine. -Hey, guys. It's Jamie here, and are you a fan of Temple Run, Subway Surf, Mega Run or better yet running games? Then Pug Run is the game for you. The game starts out in black and white and Bogart, the pug is determined to come to life to a turn back to his owner's arms. If you don't run fast enough, it will start closing in. You swipe to jump, slide or tap for turbo mode. And watch out for those darn cats and bushes. You got pencils to get a coin magnet and a red balloon to fly. Collecting coins also lets you purchase items at the pet shop like a revive, to a rocket ship that gives you a head start. -Oh, rocket ship. Sick. -You can't deny the cute graphics and music. It's $0.99 at the App Store, so check it out and have fun with Pug Run like me. -You're the cutest little pug [unk]. -Ever seen. All right, thanks for that Jamie. And I can tell, that's a great game for kids and adults. All right, to the quick bytes-- we've talked about Apple's new campus, and it's a futuristic spaceship-design. Bloomberg recently reported that Apple's new campus project has ballooned from less than $3 billion to nearly $5 billion now. That's even more than the $3.9 billion new World Trade Center complex. Now, lead architect Foster + Partners are trying to cut $1 billion from the budget before moving forward. And a new report from Marketing Magazine says, Apple is also working with the company on new projects like revamping its retail stores. The rumor is that, Tim Cook would be able to teleport the store in his liking from the mother ship. And let's also show you a fun little quick tip that's for all you fellows out there and will impress the ladies. Now, if you use the Google Maps on iOS, and if you're like, you might hate pinching and zooming. I hate pinching and zooming. So, do this instead. Double tap on your Google Maps App with a single finger, but keep your finger there and now you can slide your big old digit up and down, with one finger to zoom in and out of the map, leaving you one free finger. So, you go up and down and got the [unk] finger here. -Oh, Brian. That is so cool. -I know it is, Madison. See? I told you, it would impress the ladies. So, try it out and let me know how it works out for you guys, all right? -Okay, let's get to the winners of our design by Human t-shirt giveaway contest. We asked you the Apple Byters to send us a picture of you and the shirt you want to replace. So, props go out to my Twitter winners, Dianna Hayden who brings that style with her stripped shirt and a similar hairstyle that I like. And Jason E. who said, there's a monster coming out of my pants. Dude, you also have something on your face. And our e-mail winners-- Nigel Birke who literally needs to get rid of that shirt. Gunho Kim who says, his Mom thinks he's a gangster. I think he looks more like an Asian Kanye West and a lot of you-- sent me these tiny tight shirts. But the winner have to go to Thomas List who said, he couldn't resist trying on his 5-year old daughter shirt. Thomas, I'm sure you only did this for the contest. All right guys, congrats to all of you. We'll be in touch and don't forget designed by Humans is also doing a killer promo code use Apple Byte 15 to get 15 percent off everything on their site that's good until 4/20-- April the 20. All right. That's gonna do up for this week's show. E-mail me at the Apply Byte at cnet.com or tweet me at Brian Tong. Thanks for watching and we'll catch you guys next time for another byte of the apple.

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