First Look: Into the huddle with Madden Kinect and Madden on Vita
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First Look: Into the huddle with Madden Kinect and Madden on Vita

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Is screaming out plays to your Xbox 360 the future of football? We look at what's new in the console and handheld versions of this year's game.

I -- Scott Stein and -- August almost over -- that can mean only one thing in video game language. Madden is about to arrive and insured mostly the people rich and that our football fans and -- -- fans like myself. And what is new in each version of mad and everything to be that they from year to year this year they're actually two new technological innovations that -- some conversation. One is a version of Madden for the vita which will get -- and a moment and the second is that for the Xbox-360. Well in addition to manage having -- new physics engine and also having -- -- connecting careers mode there's connect capability. And what that means is that it's not motion its voice that it's listening to. And connect can -- -- work with a 6000 word vocabulary. Odd that you used to command players on the field it sounds a little complicated and I'm actually wearing a wrist band that -- sent me. With up play calls listed in here for help and a puzzle silly but actually is a little bit complicated more so than I body. Just because while you can see some of the things that you can say that pop up his words in the huddle. A lot of other things that you can use to control the players don't show up so it's kind of like cart blocking you've got to figure out some of those planes. Pro players might find some really nice shortcuts and there but a lot of other people might find themselves going back to the buttons I just feel comfortable I'll show you any. Net we can see that Kinect controller works right away in -- -- additional button using its available anytime -- -- connect is plugged in. -- give -- try. -- street. -- -- -- -- -- -- And actually -- because I feel sometimes like you're telling a dog to do something in a dog isn't quite -- so Camille Little frustrating when your -- game. And that's the problem those few seconds. -- disconnect using the connect. Might really turn off pro player -- game I did have one incidents where I was controlling the player being Schilling's might call that schillings called challenge and -- -- timeout. Now some of that may be -- -- and certain software updates or not but assignment I've noticed right now. We can do a lot of stuff with -- including some things that you couldn't normally do with the button controls for instance tell a player to cover a wide receiver. In a way that was not so easy to do before. The advantage of -- is that theoretically. You could use this to get some commands you may not know about like -- line. Block left. Nash who worked really well. And you may not have realized before that all I can get my lined the block left there -- allowed. Just of the play -- -- a few seconds longer. I've also -- using the so far that if you have your volume on your TV hi. It has a little problem registering your voice that kind of works better using headphones right now need to delegate -- software update -- as we haven't seen that happen. Another Kinect controlled games. -- Audible. Audible. Time out. Yet to instantly called time out. So my advice to you is if you're using the connect mode where a good pair of headphones and then just keep barking in the room until somebody -- you'd be quiet. So it's a little bit of time and maybe a little bit and know how you could finance -- Kinect game planet might make sense for you. In addition to the buttons but it's gonna be a specialty item. And not the killer app that may be it seemed to be one -- and you three. But who -- -- Miami bureau find myself barking at the screen more and I thought before -- -- -- -- -- and on the vita which really takes. The console and -- -- the portable motorway. Is better than any previous version of mad and the vita version obviously takes advantage of the larger screen and better graphics. And also pushes out the game to really become a portable version of the console game franchise modes included online -- And pretty much all the stuff beef and in last year's version mad and and even some of the features in this year's although there -- be a new physics engine and they're obviously won't be anything like connect capability on the vita although you could do that. So what -- get out of this you get well dual analog sticks too which -- -- able to do before on hand held I mean the graphics or maybe a step down from the console shore. And maybe some load screens take a bit more than I expected to load out. But the experience even down to the sub menus is like a carbon copies you can take it on the road and for your football fan like me that's a tremendous value. And could be a real killer app -- the -- which is desperately in need of new interest in games. There aren't that many that can appeal to mainstream audiences I think and something like -- and is one of them. This is coming out -- same time as the console versions on Tuesday and just in time for policy.

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