Inside Scoop: Inside Scoop: You're invited! New iPad Mini may be unveiled Oct.23
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Inside Scoop: Inside Scoop: You're invited! New iPad Mini may be unveiled Oct.23

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CNET's Sumi Das talks to staff writer Josh Lowensohn about what we can expect next Tuesday when Apple holds a special event in San Jose.

-Hello. And welcome to Inside Scoop. I'm Sumi Das and joining me is Josh Lowensohn, staff writer for CNET. Josh, thanks for being with us. -My pleasure. -So you got an invite this morning from Apple. -Correct. -About? -We don't know yet. They just said there something more to see, the years not over, I sort of holding that for a couple of more products. -But we have a strong suspicions that it's for the-- -For the iPad Mini. -Right. -I mean that's very safe to say. -Yeah. And possibly another product might be announced at this time? -There's actually a couple products and rumor to get refreshes. The first one is the MacBook Pro with a retina display. -Great. -Apple introduced the 15-inch model earlier this year. We've heard all sorts of rumors about a 13-inch model, so that's expected to be there. Also a Mac Mini, their desktop computer hasn't been updated since 2011, that's due for an update. -Okay. -We [unk] also sees a new iMac as well. -All right. But let's talk a little bit more about the iPad mini. -Yes. -What do we expecting this season that's almost a definite that it's going to be announced on October 23rd, correct? -Correct. So it's basically a 7.85-inch iPad, that smaller than a 9.7-inch, you know, roughly about this big what we've seen from some competitors-- -Kindle Fire. -Exactly. But it is actually a little bit bigger. The big thing that we're expecting is multiple models. There have been rumors from 8 gigabytes all the way up to 64 gigabytes which would really be as wide range of products. -That is huge range. I was kinda surprised at that rumor because there are so many different models and really for the iPad 2, there aren't that many versions available. -Yeah, I'm really not buying the whole rumor that there's actually gonna be 8 gigabyte model, you know, Amazon went and came out with their Kindle Fire HD, the newest ones. They basically said 8 gigabyte is dead. We can't even fit that. And that's really kind of a problem when you get this tablet, you don't actually get a full 8 gigabytes when you get these devices. It's a little bit less and for a company like Apple, it sales a lot of HD content, it fills up very, very quickly. -Okay, so give us the details on when the event is taking place? -October 23rd in the morning? -Correct. -And where? -So they're doing it in San Jose and actually having an event there in California Theater since the iPod with video. So it's been a very long time. -Is that just because the place was available? Or is there-- Can we read anything into that or should we stay away from? -It's actually a pretty big venue as far as it goes. -Okay. -Normally they have a lot of stuff from there. Their headquarters on our campus and I think they wanted something a little bit bigger that wasn't quite [unk]. Not quite [unk] but that was a little larger with what they have at their campus. -I heard that it was going to be at the campus but I guess they maybe needed more space. -I think so. -And it's only a block away from the place where you spend a lot of time. -Yes, it's just a block away from the Apple and Samsung, Trial Headquarters basically, the Pecan Federal Courthouse so, you know, it's for all the people who cover their trial who were going next week, it's, you know, it's like they never left. -It's old home week. -Exactly. -All right Josh, thanks so much. -My pleasure. -For Inside Scoop, I'm Sumi Das. Thanks for watching.

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