CNET News Video: Innovations make fitness fancier
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CNET News Video: Innovations make fitness fancier

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From an antigravity running machine to scales that talk to your watch and arcade-style dancing to fight obesity, check out the latest gadgets and innovations from the IHRSA health and fitness convention in San Francisco.

>> Eric: We're here at the IHRSA 2009 Health and Fitness Convention in San Francisco and we're gonna give you a glimpse of some of the new gadgets you might find next time you go for a workout. ^M00:00:12 [ Music ] ^M00:00:19 >> It's the Idapt [assumed spelling] and it's a multi-player wireless dance system it takes the dance revolution and it's the next evolution too, it's a PC based product where now you've got 100 different songs, 25 levels per song, you can modify the different songs as you go along and on top of that it's fun. By the year 2030 they're looking at 80% of the North American population being considered obese so we figured as a company we have an obligation to give back to the communities and bring the kinds of technologies together in a very comfortable welcoming environment like the [inaudible]. >> Eric: And use this as an opportunity to make dollars? >> Well that doesn't hurt as well too. ^M00:00:50 [ Background noise ] ^M00:00:53 >> This is the FT60 and it's part of our new FT line, our fitness series. The nice thing about this is that it comes with this flow-link all you have to do is put this on there, it's gonna automatically recognize that it's there and upload all of your exercise files, calories, time and zone, distance if you're wearing our foot pads, so in other words how far you ran, goes directly to your own personal polar trainer site. >> Unlike your standard cardio bike this bike steers, this bike shifts, most people who ride they want to ride outdoors well we're bringing the outdoors indoors. Completely interactive you have to shift and steer and you navigate through your choice of 34 virtual worlds. This is one of moderate trails so this trail has some down hills, it has some challenging up hills which I'm about to engage right now so I have a quick down hill but now it gets very hard because like a real bike I'm climbing up hill so I need to shift my gears accordingly. >> This is the Garmin FR60 I'm gonna show how it shows weight and body fat and body composition from a [inaudible] weight scale. I'm gonna press and hold the button and then we're gonna stand on the scale. Okay, so we have 5% body fat, 150 pounds and 62.8% hydration. >> Wow >> So this is the Ultra G Anti-gravity treadmill it uses air pressure to change your effective body weight so it lets athletes, regular people, anybody run at different body weights so you can run harder, you can run faster than you otherwise could, you can run pain-free on any body weight you'd like. >> Eric: How much is it? >> We have 2 models one is $55,000 and one is $75,000 U.S. dollars. >> Eric: Who can afford that? >> A lot of professional sport's teams, universities, regular gyms and physical therapy clinics do too, they charge for it or they bill it through insurance. >> Eric: As we have seen there are plenty of innovations here at the Health and Fitness Convention but the question is whether the gym can buy them during the economic downturn. From the Mascone Center in San Francisco this is Eric Pong [assumed spelling] for CNET News. ^M00:03:15 [ Music ]

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