Smart Home: Ikea's got dirt cheap LEDs for sale
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Smart Home: Ikea's got dirt cheap LEDs for sale

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Can these low-cost bulbs compete with big names like Philips and Cree?

Hi I'm CNET's Ry Crist. IKEA's been selling LED lightbulbs for a while, but now they've got ones that cost less than five dollars each. Let's take a look. If you've been to an IKEA, you know that they sell a lot of lamps and lighting-related products, that only make sense if they would sell lightbulbs as well. And IKEA's a big proponent of LEDs. These two bulbs represent the current generation of IKEA's 60 watt replacement offering. They call it the Ledare. Now you get two options here, one with a frosted globe, and one with a clear globe. Both globes will put out the same amount of light using the same amount of power, 600 lumens from 10 watts. Now that's not great right, because a 60 watt incandescent bulb will put out something like, 880 lumens, so you really want 800 lumens from a 60 watt replacement. These call themselves a 60 watt replacement but only put out 600 lumens. I don't like that at all. The efficiency of these bulbs is also a little bit disappointing because it comes in at 60 Lumens/Watt. That's not as good as CRI, not as good as Phillips. Not as good as almost any other LED you'll find. Now, if the brightness and efficiency of these bulbs comes off as a bit disappointing. IKEA seems to be trying to make up for that with a focus on color rendering. These bulbs have a score of 87, which means that they do a much better job of letting colors look accurate and vivid. Than a standard LED would. Take a look at these comparison shots. We've got a nice great looking bowl of M&Ms there and if you adjust from a Philips 60 watt to the Ikea bulb, there's a noticeable uptake tin the color quality. That bowl looks a little more white, the colors pop a little more,it's not quite as good as what you'll see with a high CRI bulb like the Cree TW series or the GE reveal, here's a picture of that bulb's performance. But it's not far off. It's somewhere in the middle between the standard bulb and that high [UNKNOWN] bulb and that's a pretty good place to be for a bulb that costs a lot less than those standard competitors. All in all, I think these bulb stock are very good value at a price point of less than five dollars each. I don't love the down ticking brightness or efficiency but that focus on color rendering helps me feel inexpensive but not cheap. Christina, I'm Ryan Chris. [MUSIC]

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