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Apple Byte: If you want the REAL iOS 6, get a new iPhone

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Apple Byte: If you want the REAL iOS 6, get a new iPhone

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In the aftermath of WWDC 2012, we go hands on with the new Retina Display MacBook Pro, Mountain Lion roars in July, and iOS 6 will be awesome, if you always buy new Apple products.

What's cracking -- -- here to welcome to the Apple -- it's all the good and bad. Inside the world of Apple and there's plenty to talk about in the aftermath of WW DC. They probably know the big news doubled over briefly and then dig -- because of all things the devil's in the details. I would start things off with the rocks are of the event and that would be all new MacBook Pro with the Retina Display. Think it is a hybrid like a Quad Core MacBook air with its great screen. Now I got to play with it and it's already earned cnet's editors' choice award so check this out from -- laptop guru. Dan Ackerman. I'm Dan Ackerman and we are here taking a very first look. At Apple's brand new MacBook Pro with Retina Display this is a variation on the pro. And available only for now in the fifteen inch size and of course is that Retina Display that makes it special. It's got a 2880 by 18100 resolution and is unheard of in laptops and kind of like on the latest iPhone and on the latest iPad. It makes text and images look very crisp on the screen. Every -- -- big screen on the other big deal about this new system is that it is much thinner and lighter than your typical MacBook Pro. It's got a lot of the DNA of a MacBook Air -- it and I really thought it was almost 5050 or 6040 but now they've got to see it up close and handle it. It differently and much more towards the pro side it's got these side speakers right here but you have on a MacBook pro -- squared off and slam -- that if tapered like a MacBook Air. It's actually just about -- overall as the air is on the thickest part of the back at the air -- -- that hair thicker it is however. Look at heavier than you would expect looking at it and looking at how thin it is it's about four and a half. Half pounds. Now a lot of things on your gonna -- familiar to get the same nine Apple keyboard that everybody -- -- with of course and of the -- glass touchpad I think the thing I'm most excited about besides the -- tool. USB three point oh ports and the dual thunderbolt ports is something I never thought I'd see on an Apple laptop that's HDMI I've been asking for this for years. It's finally here makes so much easier to just take this and plug this into being TV or projector or monitor. And now in order to get Auliffe. You gonna have to you got maybe save up a few pennies that may be treated year old MacBook because it starts to starts at 2199. That's pretty darn expensive for just a fifteen inch laptop bout with only 256. Gig solid state drive you can trade up. -- big one of course that's gonna cost even more. I'm Dan Ackerman and that is brand new Apple MacBook Pro residents. All right things stand now you guys the Retina Display is nice but it's more subtle than you think. And it's not a cheap machines right now at 21990. More than anything the fifteen inch is a lot heavier than it looks and trust me. I worked out. We also saw a revamp across the line with new MacBook pros thirteen inch. And fifteen inch and MacBook airs between ivy bridge processors. Thunderbolt USB three a slimmer MagSafe connector and seven -- facetime cameras which I'm excited about -- Personally it's -- an outline won't come preloaded on the machines and Apple says writing I've been 1999 and if you buy a machine now you'll get a free upgrade. Plus we didn't see any other Mac hardware we told you not to expect it but a lot of you were pressured about. No IMAX -- don't get too worked up about it we still expect repression this year and to release new -- a few weeks after a keynote in the past. On the other hand the Mac Pro probably received the most pathetic update. An Apple -- He didn't mention it in the keynote but they released it on Apple's online store with a new attack the only thing you about it with the speed bump. No new Intel processors no thunderbolt USB three data three -- after -- -- two years it's gotten. -- -- -- Now a couple days later Apple then remove that tag after the Internet ripped it apart and I -- -- desktops are not where you're making a lot of your money but all of sun's. That's bad out there. Now there's light at the end of this very long long tunnel after Apple reps pulled directly about the macros and Tim Cook publicly responded in an email with. Our pro customers are really important to us don't worry as we're working on something really great for later next year. Apple has never revealed product and the like -- and they almost had to hold me over until then. Kind of wishing Apple really did make that -- your toaster roadster after all. IOS six also took center stage and the big issue up new features and improvements. That will be available in the fall around the time we see the next in iPhone which may or may not. Look like this. Now the biggest. -- and highs came when Apple showed off their flyover feature in the maps app. Now our own CNET expert audio engineer confirmed there wasn't a single -- -- recognized during that segment. Now Apple's new maps will also include voice turn by turn directions -- future Android has had since day one series getting the ability to -- sports scores movies. Launching apps -- -- and social media blitz Apple and talk about how they would actually improve series recognition or the long wait for information and interpreted. FaceBook is finally going to be integrated -- IOS and based on calls will now be able to meet over a cellular connection in Iowa six. There's a whole bunch of other features but just an Apple says they're coming in -- six. Doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get to use them all. Check out this breakdown we have for you need to know IO SX works on the iPhone four and the three yes. You'll need a four S or higher to get turn by turn directions and fly over. You also won't get facetime over cellular connections with -- four or even an iPad two. And you still won't get theory on that same iPad two. -- will only work on a forests are higher and on a -- generation iPad. And if you're on a 3GS. Don't look to carefully because you'll cry from that chart. Now people are pissed off about this and you should be I'm -- buy it and it's more than worthy of -- -- But this is -- par for the course for Apple they did with multi media text messaging. They did it with -- and we've known this for years this is how Apple rolls. I'm not saying it's right but the reality is that there's plenty of other great phones out there like if you -- one -- or Samsung's galaxy S three that's coming to the US soon. You guys. You don't have to be 100%. Apple. Okay let's be honest a lot of you watching our. Now the workable products Apple now that you didn't hear about there's in the airport express has now shaped like an Apple TV with an ethernet -- and Lan port for 99 bucks. An Apple released their own Smart case for the iPad two. And I've -- three that covers the backside and still hasn't -- will cover up protects the front would you believe it. A new Apple product that works on older models. Alright guys now I know the Apple byters that it completely get what they wanted to see -- WW DC like an iPhone 5. Even if we told you was economy itself to make you feel better we're giving you guys something. It's -- is 99 dollar juice pack plus that's a rechargeable external battery case. For the iPhone four and four S and more than doubles the life of your phone. All you have to do is tweet me at -- underscored -- make me laugh or cry if you're really mean her to say hi if you spend your first and flashing. Against -- FaceBook and wall -- are winners next week plus both -- looking up the Apple -- nation with a 20% off coupon code. For any thing from the online store. That's -- through July 1. Are right it's gonna -- for this week's show. I'm brain tong. Email us at the applebyte@cnet.com. -- watching we'll catch you guys next time for another bite of the Apple.

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