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First Look: Ibiza Rhapsody

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First Look: Ibiza Rhapsody

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The Haier America Ibiza Rhapsody is a cutting-edge media player that puts its wireless capabilities to good use while still retaining an easy-to-use design and interface. If you're willing to shell out the dough for a massive feature list, give it conside

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hi, I'm Jasmine France, Senior Associate Editor for CNET.com and I'm here today with the Ibiza Rhapsody, which is made by appliance manufacturer Haier America. This player has 802.11b/g Wi-Fi capability and there's this antenna built into the back. Now, what that allows you to do as the name suggest is actually get on to the Rhapsody Music Service and stream music directly from the catalog or from Rhapsody Channels. Now that's definitely a cool extra to have on an MP3 player. You can also download songs on the fly from the Rhapsody Music Service. Of course you must have a subscription in order to do this. The other wireless feature that's build into this player is the stereo Bluetooth and it's the first time we've seen both stereo Bluetooth and wireless capability. In addition to that it has a built-in FM tuner. It does support video and photo playback. It also has some cool downloadable themes called Airskins, which you can change the background here. It also has a separate podcast support and you can download podcast also over Wi-Fi. Now a couple neat interface features I wanna point out. First of all, when dig down in the artist's album and songs you get a search field across the top here that makes it really easy to search for anything that you might be looking for. Also, when you get to the playback screen you get this cool effect where you can get an album or a thumbnail over this album art wallpaper in the backdrop. I think it's just a cool little extra. Now, as far as physical attributes go, you have the touchpad on the front, works very well, truly responsive. There are Track Shuttle keys, Play/Pause and the Back button. Now this is the hard drive player, it comes with 30 GB. The company will also be coming out with 4GB and 8GB flash players. This one comes in 5 different colors and it sells for $ 299, which is kind of a high price, but considering all the features that you get will not at all surprise me, I think it's a pretty good value. I'm Jasmine France and this is the Ibiza Rhapsody.

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