MobileCon 2013 (Fall CTIA): HTC Evo View 4G
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MobileCon 2013 (Fall CTIA): HTC Evo View 4G

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The HTC Flyer is coming to America as the HTC View for Sprint. At CTIA 2011, Kent German takes a look.

-Hi, I'm Kent German, Senior Editor, at CTIA 2011 here in Orlando, Florida. I wanna show you one of Sprint's new announcements. It's the HTC Evo View 4G. Now, this device might look a little familiar to you. This is because we saw it at Mobile World Congress. We saw another version of it, exactly, and that was the HTC Flyer. So, this is a tablet, of course, and it has a lot of what we saw on the Flyer. But of course, it is 4G for WiMAX-- for Sprint's WiMAX network. It has a 5-megapixel camera here on the back. Here on the side, there's a volume rocker. And then down below, we have a micro USB charger port. That's for PC syncing as well. Now, this is a prototype version. It is running Gingerbread. But Sprint says that when the device comes out this summer, it will be running whatever the latest version of Android is. That's all we know right now, but this is a Gingerbread. So, it will look familiar to anyone that used Gingerbread. It is running an HTC Sense, so other aspects will look familiar. Also, it has that tilting effect that we saw on the HTC Evo 3D. You can go to different-- different widgets. You can go to news readers. You can go to your Friend Stream, Calendar; so, very familiar just to anyone that's used Android before. Now, this does use HTC's Scribe feature, so you'll probably see this pen and you'll say, "God, isn't that, like, isn't that something from, like, many, many years ago?" In a sense it is, but I actually think this is pretty cool because what you can do is you can just write directly on the tablet. You could write. It's a great way for jotting notes down. It is great for using messages. Also, there are buttons on the pen, too, and by using them, you can interact with the tablet in a lot of ways. So, I think it's a pretty innovative feature. I certainly like it. Once you've tapped there, it will continue drawing, and then if you wanna get rid of it, you can press the-- the return button there. Here's the main keyboard. This is also very Android, so you could certainly use that if you like. You can actually draw on it as well. So, if you wanted to send some sort of drawing or just scribble text, you could do that. You can choose your pen sizes here by pressing that button. You can choose different colors, different pen types, like, you can use like a felt marker. Otherwise, this is gonna run all the Android apps you'd-- you'd expect. It's gonna have Google Maps. It's gonna have a media player. It's gonna have-- it can play music. It's gonna play video, organizer options, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; so, all of the things that we saw on the HTC Flyer. Just good news it is coming to the United States. It's coming Spring and that will be this summer, and it will run on Sprint's 4G WiMAX network. I'm Kent German at CTIA 2011 with the HTC Evo View 4G.

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