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Hot iPhone tips: Apple Byte

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Apple Byte: Hot iPhone tips

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In this special edition of the Apple Byte, we're going to show you some of our favorite iPhone tips and tricks, including how to watch free TV shows, sharing purchased apps, and using your iPhone on Verizon.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:06 [ Background Music ] >> What's up? I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple Byte. I'm getting my tan on in Hawaii and I'm crossing my fingers that Apple won't release any new goodies because I told them to wait until I get back home. So, we're gonna show you a bunch of iPhone tips and tricks that might be helpful and if you're rolling your eyes, trust me, this is better than no show at all. So let's get to it. People can't get enough of the App Store, but what if you wanna share your apps with someone else? Well, you could do that with this tip. Now first thing you have to do is buy an App from the iTune Store. No surprise there. And then you'll see I have a whole bunch of apps and games here on my computer, but what if a friend or a family member sees a game like Rolando and says-- >> "Man! I wish I had that app." >> Just like a music track, you can drag and drop the app from iTunes and copy it on to your desktop. It would be a file with the extension .ipa. Now, send that specific app to the person who wants to use it on their iPhone or iPod. If it's small enough, you can email it or put it on a flash drive and copy it onto their computer's desktop. Now when they have the file, they can either drag it into iTunes and it will copy the app or double clicking the file should do the same thing. It should now show up as one of their apps in the iTunes collection. Next up, go to the menu bar in iTunes to store and select authorized computer. The person who gave you the app will need to enter in their iTunes' username and password and this will give your computer the ability to use media that they bought from the iTunes store. Once their computer is authorized, sync up their iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes and the new app or game will show up on their device and if it is a game, you can bet they'll be playing it. >> Dude, this is pretty cool men, blast. >> I told you it was a cool app. >> I like it. >> Hey, do you wanna go catch a click or something? >> Oh man, I'm really busy man but thanks for the app though. >> What. I'm Brian Tong from cnet.com and that's how you share purchased apps and games on iTunes, use it wisely. I don't understand why people just use me fro my mind. And as for my producer Ariel, I deleted him from my Facebook after that. Now, everyone has been asking about an iPhone on Verizon but Tom Merritt shows us a way you can use your iPhone with Verizon right now. >> My solution to spotty 3G data coverage, switch to Verizon. Here is how. The Verizon MiFi, it's a cigarette pack-sized portable access point. It takes the cellular data from Verizon's network and rebroadcast it as WiFi. Turn on the Verizon MiFi and make sure it's running. Go to your phone and connect to the WiFi access point. Now, you have Verizon's data network behind your phone and this means a couple of things. For one, I get much better data coverage in my area with Verizon. For instance, AT&T's 3G network craps out about halfway across the Bay Bridge cutting off my Pandora or Twitter or whatever else I'm using. The MiFi runs about 99 dollars with the data contract. The contract is either 40 dollars a month for 250 megabytes of data or 60 dollars a month for 5 gigabytes. For the 5-gigabyte plan, you pay 5 cents a megabyte over the limit and for the miniscule 250-megabyte plan, you pay 10 cents of megabyte over the limit. So this isn't a free work around by any stretch but you could cancel the data plan on your phone, saving a little bit of money there. Another move that could make more sense is using an iPod Touch with the Verizon service since the Touch has no monthly fees at all. You can make your calls on a VoIP app like Skype so those calls would be data and count against your 5-gigabyte monthly limit. Keep in mind the MiFi has a limit of five users at a time. It ain't cheap but it does get you around some restrictions and limitations. I'm Tom Merritt, cnet.com. >>Alright, that was a little misleading. I admit it was, but only slightly and you can direct your bad apples my way. Now, I received the question a while back and forgot who sent me this but they asked me, why do some of their friends show their picture in a little small icon on the corner when they call them while others fill out the entire screen. Now, a lot of you might have your phones sync to your computer and if you already set pictures in your Mac's address book, it will use them but will only display as that tiny little icon. So if you have a friend without a picture, you can add a photo to their contact info, directly on the phone, crop it the way you want it and now if you call someone or they call you, you'll know exactly who it is by their picture. ^M00:04:37 [ Music ] ^M00:04:42 [ Background Music ] >> Now, I can't tell you how many bad blurry pics I've seen taken with the iphone, so here's a quick tip. When you take a picture, don't tap the phone because it moves it all around and suddenly that picture you thought wasn't focused ends up being blurry. Instead, just rest your finger on the picture button and when your body is absolutely still, release it and it will take that picture the moment you let go. I guaranty, you'll take better pictures that way and you guys could thank me later. Okay, last tip of the day. We don't get the sling flare of work over 3G but there are ways to still watch your favorite TV shows for free on your iPhone, at least on the US. Now, one option is watching TV shows directly from the Safari browser on your device. For NBC content, check out their mobile site at m.nbc.com, it works over 3G or WiFi and you'll have access to full episodes of their latest shows and some past ones too. They'll be broken up into segments but it's by far the best streaming quality of the bunch. ABC's iPhone optimize site offers short clips from their shows but there's no full episodes and Fox, Fox gives us no video at all. It's gonna be flash only. Now our parent company, CBS, offers short clips from its mobile site but to get full episodes of CBS shows you wanna download the free tv.com app from the App Store. Another option is for all you TiVo owners. For PC users, you can download the TiVo desktop plus software, it's 24.95 and it's from TiVo, but this guy enables you to convert your recorded shows into an iPhone and iPod friendly format, sync it up with your device through iTunes and you have shows on the go. Now, for Mac users, you have to spend a lot more coin by purchasing Toast 10 from Roxio. It's 99 bucks and I know that's a fat chunk of change but they've worked with TiVo to give you the same exporting functionality. I'm Brian Tong for cnet.com and there are some of your options for watching TV shows on the go, use them wisely. Now that was a great tip and then I think I'm gonna give that guy a huge raise. Alright, that's gonna do up for this week's show. Remember, send us your emails to the applebyte@cnet.com. I'm Brian Tong I'll be back in the mainland next week. Thanks for watching and come back next time for another byte of the apple. [ Music ]

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