First Look: Hapifork, the Bluetooth vibrating health fork: hands-on with the oddest fitness gadget
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First Look: Hapifork, the Bluetooth vibrating health fork: hands-on with the oddest fitness gadget

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The long-awaited Hapifork is finally here. What does it do? Well, it times your bites for you...and tries to get you to slow down as you eat. We try one out.

Hi. I'm Scott Stein and this is a Bluetooth vibrating fork. It's called the HAPIfork. You may have heard about it because for over a year, it has been talked about in the news and we also talked about it at last year's CES and it's finally around via Brookstone and it cost $100. What does it do? Tries to get you healthy by timing your bites with Bluetooth and an accelerometer inside this fork. That's true. It pairs with your smartphone and you sit down on a meal and you take your fork with you and you time your bites. In a regular meal just swap out your regular fork and take your HAPIfork. This thing is dishwasher safe. It has a little pop out here. Make sure not to immerse this part of HAPIfork but you can put this part in a dishwasher and this part has the accelerometer and the battery and it connects with USB and you can plug it into your computer and sync HAPIfork for with the rest of your accounts so you can know how your HAPIfork progress is going. What you have to do is you have to use special HAPIfork actions to work with the accelerometer. You prefer a downward jab with your fork and then lift up to your mouth and you eat and you chew. And then if you take another bite within ten seconds, if like you're eating really fast, it vibrated because I'm eating too fast. I should slow down and not eat so fast. If you wait ten seconds, then HAPIfork is happy. And I stay in here for a while, chew my food and swallow it and go for another bit of whatever. You can eat it. Happy. HAPIfork doesn't care what you're eating. You could be eating steak or mac and cheese or giant forkfuls of a fat or vegetables or whatever. And it will still just be measuring your bites. Whatever you can fit on this fork counts as one HAPIfork, timing loop and when the fork makes contact with your mouth, it completes the circuit between metal and metal to tell you whether you made a bite. Or but it's really just a timing thing. Maybe you wanna sit down with a nutritionist and time your bites. You can maybe use this for a few minutes and no how long it takes for you to scoop up to your mouth. Do you want to carry one of these around all the time at the parties and have a strange fork in your pocket? I don't think so. But apparently, HAPIfork thinks it's an interesting solution. A hundred dollars is a lot to ask for what is a pretty gimmicky peace of health tech. HAPIfork is available now at Brookstone. It's an interesting idea when you think about using emotion to time your bites but putting all that into a fork and paying extra for it, this is where Wearable Tech has to take a stand unless you like Bluetooth forks.

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