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CES 2012: Hands-on the 55-inch touch-screen Mondopad

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CES 2012: Hands-on the 55-inch touch-screen Mondopad

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Bridget Carey puts her hands all over the 55-inch Mondopad.

Hi. I'm Brigitte Carey at CNET and we're here at CES. Now, think back to all the business tools you use in a meeting. You might have web conferencing. You may have a laptop that has to be connected to the projector for web browser, maybe even easel for notes. How about having it all in one? This is the monitor pad, a 55-inch interactive screen, which does it all for your business needs or even educational needs. The whole thing is a touch screen. There are interactive instructions on how to use it. There are documents you could pull in to this. You can either e-mail your files to the given e-mail address for the monitor pad or give us the USB connection on the side to connect it and upload what you wanna open. So from here, you can open up a PDF, you could pull up annotations, so if you wanna mark anything you can... or underline something. You can go to a web browser and it has a full web browser because this is a Windows 7 system. There's a white board so you could take any sort of notes you want. It can also video conference because it's open up video conference in many ways whether it's Skype or going to meeting whatever you wanna use because once again this is a Windows 7 product. It comes with the web cam at 720p HD and audio is optimized for voice. There's also a speaker down here so everyone in the meeting can hear. it cost 5949 and is available now. The idea here is that this makes the office meeting a lot simpler when you have all in one tool like the monitor pad. For CNET, I'm Brigitte Carey here at CES 2012.

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