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CNET Update: Google Wallet: Pick a card, any card
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CNET Update: Google Wallet: Pick a card, any card

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Google Wallet offers more credit card choices, the TSA is ordered to bare all on nude scanners, and the IntoNow app puts a silly spin on watching Olympics.

Thanks to Yahoo!'s Olympics content efforts I'm Bridget Carey and this -- -- -- update. While it Vista requires a Citibank MasterCard or Google prepaid card on how Google has hurt the system and the cloud. And it's allowing users daily and major debit or credit card and is cool -- that sounds east I have one of the few sprint devices with an NFC chip. That's because their -- an eighteen TT mobile. Don't want you using Google wallet they want to use the competing system that -- -- -- crisis which has been under development for more than two years and there's no clear launch date. The Transportation Security Administration has been ordered to address comments and concerns from the public about it airport body scanners is meant to say start using body scanners in 2009. -- lot required and ninety day public comment period because it can affect the rights of air passengers. But TSA never did it they broke the law they -- told a year ago to do it may still have. Now port says they better respond by the end of August there's also a White House petition to forced it to the foul line but it's enough signatures the president asked to respond. Critics say that radiation used to see through clothing is a health hazard and threatens privacy summit hosted videos on YouTube about how they just don't work. And this -- period -- -- me an opportunity to respond to these critics. Here's some news that may be hard to swallow the FDA has approved pills -- digital sensors that report to a doctor. When you're -- a pill as well as details about your health. The sensor is not the -- into the grain of sand. And is powered by stomach -- it lives -- you for seven days and collects data on your heart rate temperature body position. -- sense at all to your mobile phone -- We've come across fake accounts on -- that put the site has seen in a public filing. That doing accounts are duplicates that's -- eight point 7% of total users while you're waiting for the Mars rover to land on Sunday you can zoom in on NASA's Kennedy Space Center Florida to get -- -- and close up. At the complex in the images were added in parts of the space -- an expert. Wanna add some fun to watch and Olympics on tape delay it got it tried that he -- -- -- instant now is on my Yahoo! and it just gotten addicted new feature it's like she is and where it has what you're watching just like listening to -- on T. But after you check and it provided endless stream of still -- in the show. -- -- Had a funny caption. And set -- on FaceBook and Twitter to go viral you'll find yourself refresh in the -- all night laughing at what happens to come up with during the games. That's a technique that -- -- stories mentioned sedation head on over to slash updates -- -- at a colony on Twitter. From our studios in New York Cambridge -- here. --
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