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CNET UK Podcast: Google ordered to clear your history in CNET UK Podcast 389

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CNET UK Podcast: Google ordered to clear your history in CNET UK Podcast 389

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Google has been ordered by European lawmakers to erase links to online stuff you don't want anyone to see. Is this a triumph of the individual over the corporations, or assault on free speech?

[MUSIC]. Hello and welcome you're listening to CNET UK Podcast. This is episode 389 for Friday the 16th of May, 2014. Don't like what people are saying about you on the Internet? Well, get Google to delete that mess. That's the ruling of a European court this week, but is the right to be forgotten just another name for censorship. Plus, [UNKNOWN] warehouse become one, and a shop goes all Braveheart for bitcoins. I Rick [UNKNOWN] and joining me on [UNKNOWN] this week is Andy Hoyle. Hello. The [UNKNOWN] with talk. Hey [LAUGH] He's got a nose for news. I don't think I can [INAUDIBLE]. It's almost a fat a joke is that what you're doing? No it's because you were snuffling at the mic for a moment like that. I was snuffling at the truffle of truth and I found no truffle inside this rogue microphone. But, on to the next. On to the next. Onwards and Upwards. Yes. And [INAUDIBLE] who has a proboscis full of probing questions. Yes I do. It's prehensile. [LAUGH] So I look forward to seeing that later. thanks. [LAUGH] You will be able to see that if you are filming, if we are filming the podcast you'll be able to see that on the video at [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]. Seen it, see [INAUDIBLE] but in the meantime, Andy, why don't you hit us with some news? [MUSIC] First thing I've snuffled after I have been rummaging in the underground, trying to find a bag of truffle truth. Yap. Yap. Britons and Caffer warehouse they are doing their merger, [CROSSTALK] we talked about it last week as a bit of a rumor. Synergy. Synergy together. [INAUDIBLE]. And what they're doing. They become one. Yeah, it says courier's pc world and kaufen warehouse are coming together to form a big high street bam off of a megazord. Are they going to be called Dixon's car phone? [LAUGH] Stupid name. Dixons-Carphone, that's brilliant. [LAUGH] That is the worst. Oh, brilliant. That's so great. Hang on, but, but the names of the shops won't change, will they? Well, there's no kinda detail so far. Dixons-Carphone is the name of the parent company. And seeing as Dixon's Retail is the name of the parent company that own Carren's and PC Well, and Dixon's doesn't exist on the shop. Hm. th, they're, they're not strangers to having a different name for the parent company. Yeah. And so it could well be that we won't see them rebranded. The thing about Currys, and PC World, and Carphone Warehouse, is that, they're very very different. And, one of the reasons why, that, they that, that, the new, the, the new Dixons Carphone Group says that they aren't gonna, lose any stores, is because, staff in the White House store sell shops, sorry, cell phones. And currently, sell everything else Fridges, TVs, the rest of it. Yeah. There isn't much crossover, so it's not like they're going to find shops duplicated in the way that Orange and T-Mobile did when they merged. Oh, yeah. But they had to have, you know, Orange and T-Mobile shops then became everything shops. That would then facing each other on high streets [INAUDIBLE] sorry. I think they're a band. They are a band and I always get them mixed up, now they so no jobs going to be lost that's good news, well maybe some jobs lost. No shocks are going to be going the best ones are going to be kept. This merger is a 3.8 billion pounds. That's ideal. Hang on I don't understand who gets that money. Who's Paying for it. Well I think its going to be a 50, 50. So I think they give each other 3.8 billion son of a ****. Why don't we do that we would be rich. Let's you and I merge. [LAUGH] Okay. It'll be the biggest merger in history. We'll become Luke, Luke Shedholme. 16 billion dollars, 16 billion dollars, I'll, I'll owe you that and you owe me eight. Is this your technical way of just asking Rich out finally, after we've all been waiting for it for three years? Oh, no at last, finally [UNKNOWN] the sexual tension of this podcast. That's how business goes in the states, yeah exactly. But, what if it doesn't go well? Feel really awkward next week. Well, then you have to go in to liquidation. Be like, Rich, that intro was as cold as my starter. [LAUGH] And again, you refused to make fun of the waiter. You're waiter, Andy, in this situation. I'm glad I've been brought in to this odd life that you now have. Yes, it's just a it's going to be an interesting move. It's going to be interesting to see, what happens to all the shops on the high street. Hm. Hopefully, they don't stick with that name because, it is the stupidest name. It's a good name. It's not a good name it's the car phone bit. All without dated because nobody had a telephone. Yeah but you were like M.r Ovivo you wanted all of the names to change to meaningless rubbish. No, so if is and you have is digital, and warehouse so the least they could do would be like digital warehouse. Because that was. Digital that's what amazon is. Yeah but it would make more sense. I'm pretty sure there's a movie called that in the nineties. I think that's What about curry house? From a distant warehouse, is exactly what the problem is with all of these shops. Is sort of do it online. Hm. So I think they'll be trying to avoid allusions to digital ness. That's true, yeah they, there, they do already kind of have too many shops really. That's kind of why gadget shops aren't really lasting. It's like Comet didn't last, that's why Best Buy didn't stick around. That kind of thing, you know. Maybe, maybe they will start closing down shops later on. Maybe just for for now they're saying everything is cool, don't worry about it. That's actually where everything, everything everywhere did as well. They said if they want to close down the shops that's fine. And they realized that a bunch of shops that were ten feet away from each other. Yeah. Well okay we can close them down. Yeah that was funny. Yeah. Suppose not funny for people that lost their jobs but. No. I guess so, hopefully no one will be losing their jobs. Fingers crossed. If you can think of a better name than Dickson's Carphone. Which you can't. Because there isn't one. The Andrew [UNKNOWN] Technology Emporium. It just rolled off the tongue. It does. And in to the heart. It did occur to me actually. Speaking of names, is that PC World is also a name that's going a little bit out of date as well. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I mean you know, in a post tablet world. Has to be. Who even remembers what a Tandy is? [LAUGH] Yeah exactly. Yeah, it's been years since the mythical Rumbleo died out. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Speaking of shops. Speaking of shops. There is a shop. CEX. The Rumbleo is, the Rumbleo is not an animal. CEX. [INAUDIBLE] Technology,ah, buy your games and [INAUDIBLE] It's a pawn shop. It's a pawn shop, that's what it is. It's a pawn shop. P A W N. That is, not, not a sexy shop. Not that kind of porn. Yeah, Yeah, you pawn yourself > [INAUDIBLE] doesn't like their attitude, loosely dressed. [INAUDIBLE] DVD's. Anyway, they are going to be [CROSSTALK] Glasgow, I believe. That's right, Glasgow. Will no longer be accepting [INAUDIBLE] alongside [INAUDIBLE] What's happened is that they have completely cut up [INAUDIBLE] you can go in a trade in your DVD's or gadgets or whatever, as usual and you can buy your second hand DVD's at knock down prices. But they're not taking cash, they're not taking pounds. What they are doing is they will set and they will trade in bit coins. So if you hand in your gadgets they will give you bit coins back. Oh, thanks. I know, right. Thanks for that. Brilliant. If only you could do it in shiny buttons, or, something like that. Slightly less stable. [CROSSTALK] Something useful. Is this actually, as you've written, an experiment with an online currency, or is this something to do with Scottish independence. Well, the thing is, it's a big old [INAUDIBLE] done, right? [CROSSTALK] It's wrapped up in various different layers. I mean, I think, yeah, possibly they are trying out BitCoin. They are also possibly looking for a way of positively spinning the, the idea of getting rid of, of, of cash, because one of the things that they, that they do is when you trade in your stuff mm. They offer you some cash or they offer you a slightly bigger amount in CEX vouchers. And often they want you to take the CEX vouchers so that you'll come back And spend it with them. And keep spending and it keep the money in the store. Of course. So, you know, maybe this is a way of them trying out what happens, that, what, how people react when they get, get rid of the cash option. But you know, at the same time it's gotten loads of press. It's, it's all about bit quit. It's kind of interesting. One of the, the things that I've heard from David Gilson, long time former listener of the, long time listener of the podcast, who is now a-. Stick with us. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Stick with us. He so David he's now become an expert in in, in cryptocurrencies, and virtual currencies and that kind of thing. And he said that one thing that's quite, that's quite interesting about this is that, it's the way of getting BitCoins easily. So, if you want to try it out, you can just go down to your shop, you can trade in your old games, consoles, [CROSSTALK] and get a BitCoin back. [CROSSTALK] I've got to trade something in that I want! [CROSSTALK] But no, no, actually - But compared to going into - Yeah. The furthest recesses of the internet, and mining BitCoins. Or whatever the hell you have to do to get BitCoins. I don't even understand how that works. It's a mathematical - It's quite an easier thing. It's a math, it's a math problem. You set a computer solving a math problem, and when it solves the problem, you get a BitCoin. Right. But every time a computer solves it, the puzzle gets harder, which increases the value of each BitCoin. I see, so that's why the value's gone, gone up so much. And there's a finite number of BitCoins right? Well there's, there's sort of a finite number in that there's like this kind of algorithm that mines them. Hm. It's a bit, it's a bit like real mining. It's like you can, it's very easy to harvest up all the gold, gold that's just under the soil. Okay. [LAUGH] If that's a thing, but then if you get further down into the crust of the Earth. Yeah. It's more expensive and labor intensive to get that gold. And it's kinda the same thing except it's, it's sort of giving the computers that are mining for BitCoins mathematical problems that will that so long and be so intensive and expensive to solve. Hm. That the, you know, it kind of balances the, that sounds ridiculous. Well the reason it's going up in so much in value is not just to do with that it's to do with the fact that there's a lot of interest in it and it's a very buzz worthy. Thing, and people hear- Yeah. And then, startups and VCs jump on it. Yeah. Yeah, and I, I thi, I think it's kind of, I mean CeX is doing quite well to get in there, and, And the, the, the reason why it's [INAUDIBLE] of Scotch independence is' cause this shop in Glasgow is getting rid of the pound, temporarily, to sort of, you know. As, as a sort of symbol of Britain. And, they're going all Braveheart, they'll never take our freedom, of, of BitCoins. And that kind of thing. Well let's try something else instead. I mean, you know, the possibility of a local currency, a local virtual currency, it's, it's, maybe [CROSSTALK] Yeah, we've discussed that before, with whole coin. Whole coin. Whole coin, how's that doing? Anyway. Moving on. ACC has a new phone. Mm-hm. It's the, called HTC1, mini 2. Basically it's a flagship 1M8, but scaled down. Drop the M8 name they say because it's not-. Cuz it's not M8. It's not our flagship phone, it's not, but it, it is. It looks identical but they have, it's basically an excuse, of why they have completely hobbled its specs. It's only got a 1.2 quadcom processor. Said that this, supercharged 2.3 gig beast. It doesn't have the same camera, doesn't have the same screen. What, hang on, what's the camera? Because the camera on the, on the 1M8's not that, like high flying is it? It's not, no. It's, it's, it's, yeah. So it's a four ultra ultra pixel one, and the pixels on the 1M8 are physically bigger. It's not just a marketing lie, that is, they are. They say because it's a lower megapixel count on the same size sensor. Yeah. So each megapixel gets a bit more space. So what's the, what is it on the It's a 13 megapixel. But regular megapixel. So it's very difficult to say without having spent time testing. [LAUGH] Probably [INAUDIBLE] Exactly how it compares. Well hopefully, cause I'm not that keen on the M8 camera. Hopefully this may even do a bit better but we'll see. Okay. It doesn't have the second lens depth sensor thing so that's. It's one thing. And you've tried it out, right? I've had, had tried it out. Yep. It looks, it's gorgeous. Hm. In terms of looks and design. It's the best designed phone smaller phone around. Ooh. In the specs it's been, yeah but in terms of specs it's basically along side the new 4G Motorola Moto G. And the thing is Moto G, you can pick up 140 quid, whereas a Leak we don't have official pricing yet, but a shop leaked price of 425 pounds for it, which is stupid, completely stupid, and if, so then, it is dead on arrival because that's. Ludicrous. Ouch. You just wouldn't pay that. That top end phone price but it's not a top end phone. Cool. All right well we have we have first takes and photos and videos and stuff of the womani two, and the moto g and the-. Yes. Moto e all on cnet so look out for that. Yeah have a good look at the m a as well. Why not? Yeah it's very exciting. Okay Google has added or will be adding a whole load of new information to maps about UK that's where we are right now. Right here. Woo. Yes us. Represent. Public transport data, around 17,000 routes in fact including buses, trains, ferry's, trams, subways. Excellent. And maybe walking and cycling as well. Who knows. Yeah, because I mean, we are in London so we're kind of used to having this, but it's good to have sort of national information. Yeah. if I want to get a bus from Buxton to Makersfield. Or from Michaelsfield to Sheffield, or basically any other places I go outside of London. [LAUGH] Hopefully, I can do that. Basically, you're allowed. Without going there. I'm not allowed anywhere else. So the hell will still happen, but he has to. Apparently. Just keep his hands in his pockets. [LAUGH] According to the Guardian, this is the companies, one of the company's biggest ever additions of public transport information. So its greatest. Oh, Wow. For the UK, so. Huray us. Yeah. Okay. I was on google today and every day obviously and there's a little button on the bottom that says going somewhere on public transport or something a bit snappier, and you can click it. It shows you a bus route for [INAUDIBLE] and [INAUDIBLE]. Waoh. So yeah its out there now. How long does that bus route take. I don't know lets have a look at it now. Let's find out. Matt Fox news, lets carry on talking about how cruel it is whilst I do the-. Okay what is it, there are other things happening Microsoft. [LAUGH]. What if instead we do something else. So you keep that up man you do some research, and we will talk about the fact that Microsoft has backtracked, flip flopped. Gasp, humiliating climb down. Okay. [LAUGH] okay. So, tell me more about this embarrassing new turn. So, when, when the XBox one first came along, it had the Kinect and that made it more expensive. I, I remember, Richard. Microsoft said that the XBox One was Kinect and that Exactly. it was inseparable from Kinect. Yeah. Impossible to imagine it being sold separately. Yeah. I imagine that's still the case. Good they seemed quite sure. They seemed 100 percent committed to that position. Well strangely they are now going to sell it without Kinect. They have disconnected Kinect if you will. Yeah so you can have that for cheap without Kinect as well, which is embarrassing if you will. A little bit and it's a bit hard to know what to make of this really, because on the one hand it's like yes it's a cheaper x box about that in almost connect brick thing. Right. You have to find a place for-. Yeah. Great cable place [LAUGH] track good for your living room. But on the other hand and then the BI that's watching, always watching. Always watching. But on the other hand now is there really anything that makes the x box one different to the PS4. You know how is cause now its the same price as the PS4 at least in the UK I think. 250 good. So maybe. I believe, that's what it says here. All right, okay good. It says here yeah. Fantastic. Well I mean I mean bu, but, but now it sort of in a different position entirely, because before it was like well yes. It's more expensive, but it's got this cooler extra thing, and no one really understood the value of Kinect, but people said it's worth nothing. [LAUGH] But, but you know, it, it was still kind of a cool thing. Yeah. And now it sort of doesn't have that. It's the same price. And the PS4 kind of has all th, there's all this stuff since both consoles have come out about the PS4 being a bit more powerful. Mm. And being able to run games at a higher resolution. Sure. And at a high frame rate, and stuff like that. So. And another thing is that the, the, the Xbox, [INAUDIBLE] the Xboxes TV features, and they don't really work over here, do they? Not really. [INAUDIBLE] I know it's kind of dialed into the TV watching experience found in America and in America the xbox one is designed kind of to be a set top box It does all this video stuff. Looks into you DVR and stuff. I think that they said that that's coming. But yeah its I mean, its a bit tricky really obviously guys consoles are really all about the games. but, I mean, Mark's still being a bit cagey, which may tell you a lot about, number of Xboxes, Xbox One's sold I think. And but, I think from what from analyst estimates I was reading, I think that the release of Titan four, which was the game where you hop in a robot and punch tiny people,. Yep. squash them like the ants they are. Yep [LAUGH]. That was good. I like this guy. Yeah right, if you want it for more. Yeah, it's great fun. I've played it. It's a fantastic game but I think it hasn't pushed the Xbox ahead, which was. Haven't been the [UNKNOWN] have it? Okay. Yes. All right. Okay. So go and tell us what you guys think. I mean, that's [UNKNOWN]. We say it's an embarrassing climb down, it's a bit of an embarrassing thing but we kind of said that, we kind of said that, just a minute ago in fact, we kind of, you know, we said at the time that it was a mistake and that it was actually a good thing they've done this, so well done Mike for actually listening to what people want. Yeah. Typical ungrateful press really that's like why didn't they do this and then they do it and they're like you idiots don't actually do it. We didn't mean it when we took those analysis pieces. What are you doing? What are they really playing at? But the good news is that you can buy a cheaper Xbox one so, that's something to be happy about. If you want Kinect, you can buy it separately. Breaking news, a day is how long it will take you on the bus to go from London to [INAUDIBLE]. No, be more specific. Okay, 24 hours, 23 hours 51 minutes actually from 4:29 pm will arrive at 4:20. [CROSSTALK] Land's End visitor center, on, [INAUDIBLE] take the, number one, number one bus. The number one? that's where the number one bus is. Then comes down to Paddington, then you go to Bristol temple Meads, then Bristol city center, and up to Birmingham, and Glasgow, and Inverness. And dunbeef no. You can't do it on one bus. No, it's not one bus that only that [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] I thought maybe there was like a special tram bus. I'm quite impressed that there's a special tram. [LAUGH] I'm quite impressed that it takes exactly a day. As if, it's almost as if Britain was deliberately measured out. Must be [UNKNOWN] Almost the [UNKNOWN] was designed. Yeah. By some mysterious [CROSSTALK] almost as if a [UNKNOWN] is the ancient overlord of the [UNKNOWN]. Actually let's talk more about Google in our feature. [MUSIC] Yes so big news this week coming out of the European Courts of Justice. They decided that if there is something on the internet that you don't like, that's about you that saying things about you, that's talking smack about you. You can go to Google and you can get that, that stuff taken down. Get rid of it. Wipe it out. Erased from the internet. Erase your history. It's not quite that that simple, though, is it? Because you have to go to Google and say, please remove this incriminating false information about me. Exactly. And then, if they refuse, you can then take it to this. Like bodies, is that, is that right. I believe they're gonna set up some kind of independent body. I'm not sure. Yeah. The, the exact details haven't been worked out. Take it to the relevent authorities. Hm. All they've really done so far is say that yes people in Europe should be able to. Hm. So the. Get this sort of thing now. So the system size this so, so the kind of the, the obvious example of how it could be a good thing is that it's gonna be good for the individual in that. If for example Andy was accused of a crime that he could not commit. I didn't do it I already told you. See but I hate to put these allegations, I know it's a stressful thing, but you're accused of stealing some doughnuts. oh no I did do that. Okay. Not just some doughnuts, you wouldn't believe how many. Stole all the doughnuts. So yes. All gone. So Andy was accused of a crime he didn't commit, and so there's reports of Andy's arrest and allegations, and different people speculating about it and all those sorts of [CROSSTALK] all happening online. Well there up there for ever now and they've acquitted of stealing not stealing the donuts of a. The charges. Unspecified he didn't get acquitted of that and those news stories are out there as well that you'd been acquitted, but that doesn't mean that the original reports and allegations are taken down. It could still harm Andy's employability. Can I ask for the best part now. It's not trashing your reputation. Yeah, can I ask for this broadcast to be taken down. You'd have to go to Google for that, I'm afraid. Yeah, right. What if I just stop it from getting published in the first place. Well, Andy right there has raised an interesting question. Why are people going to Google with this saying Google take this down when arguably they should be going. Directly to the to see that to see you get post cards in that situation or who ever has the information. Well that the argument that Google and Wikipedia and other people are making. That, why is that, why is that, [INAUDIBLE] Someone else do it. And making, making it Google's problem. I mean the thing is you can sort of, from a common sense point of view, you can sort of see that people can find the information through Google and if Google removes the link to something. But yeah, very few people are going to see it unless they look really, really hard for it. So I mean, how would you even find something if you couldn't Google it. This is the thing. Yeah? So I mean, you don't have to Bing it, obviously. So there you go, I mean, this does replace a lot of small search engines and other operators, so Facebook and Wikipedia and that kind of thing may be affected as well. Yeah. But yeah, it is kind of, it is seen as being sort of the government picking on. On these big big companies. And it's gonna cost a lot of money. Not fair. [CROSSTALK] yeah. Sucky. With their billions of profits. Expenses are difficult for Google. My heart bleeds. Yeah. I know. I have absolutely zero problem with that at all. But it's more of kind of a philosophical question of free speech. Yeah. Versus the right to. The thing. The right, we've forgotten, the idea of your past indiscretions, false accusations, can be removed. The problem is. That if you then have people you have made a genuine indiscretions or wrong doings Yeah. I'm not looking at you for any particular reason I'm just saying. No I'm sure you're not. Luke has genuinely actually. Yeah. Carried out some Genuine, he's a [INAUDIBLE]. He's a bad egg. A near do well. Never trusted him. A rotter. You can tell by the eyes, too close together, but um-. Dead behind the eyes like a shark, That's going to ruin the podcast, both of you have to talk. Andy, Andy Hoyle in the way Thank you. That would have been a good podcast, that would have been a real podcast. Yeah. I could carry it on my own actually, that would have been much better. Yeah mine, has a nice jinx to it yeah. okay, so give us some examples to test. Well so apparently I was reading bbc today that apparently already politician and a convicted pedophile and a doctor are convicted sorry accused of negligence. Have already contacted Google with a take-down notice. Bit previous, it only got planned the other day. But that's the kind of thing that people could possibly white wash their records when these things should be a matter of public record. If a doctor, who has had negative negative reviews or malpractice. Yeah. That kind of thing. People should know about that. Which is very different to a youthful indiscretion, or an incriminating photo, that sort of thing. It's a difficult one to weigh up, really. It's tricky. Because when I first heard about it, I thought of. The kind of people who have, you know, the kind of people the kind of website that lets you post pictures of your ex's. Revengeful. Yeah like revengeful like and I thought wouldn't that be great for that. You know because there are people that will go out with someone break up with them and then all of a sudden there like. Naked pictures of them that they intended to be private. Yeah. All across the internet. Yeah. And, you know. I'm not taking them down, no matter how much you beg. [LAUGH] They're out there now. They're not even pictures of me. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] Rich. No one wants to see that. [LAUGH] Anyway, so Your other half. You know what I mean. You know what just [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. You never said anything. But you know, you know in that situation where people genuinely have been wronged by someone else online this is perfect. Yeah, I believe that you should be able to have. You know, like me, terrified to do that once a month. This is going to be really difficult, cause of the Superbowl last year. And Beyonce performed, and there was a picture of her pulling what looked like a really, really weird expression. It wasn't a flashing picture at all. And immediately, that was all over the internet. There's loads of websites, and the Daily Mail printed it. [CROSSTALK] and her publicist. Apparently was, was going around madly, you know, trying to get everyone to remove this, and delete its existence from the Internet, which, at the time we're all saying well, that's ludicrous. Mm-hm, mm-hm. Sure. You can't just delete something from the Internet, it will get repeated, it just can't be done. Mm. And so it's going to be really interesting to see, like how exactly this. Yeah. Could possibly manifest itself like how's this is gonna work. Absolutely it's one of these problems that always seems to face the internet regulation and, and legislation is the fact that there's such a broad spectrum of possible things this could apply to. Hm. Yes. Because the internet's such a vast thing. So while you know on one end there's the kind of good thing of. Of, of getting things I can down that, that are wrong or incorrect or damaging. And on the other hand there's the kind of, the frivolous stuff, and then there's the people who could, you know, who could be misusing it and abusing it. And it's just, it's just, it's really hard to, it almost seems like a reason for the courts to stay out of this kind of thing. Just because it's too big for, people need to really legislate. Yeah, and it's you know, it's probably fine to, to. Put these sort of, clamps on, on, on big companies and publications. But now when you're talking about, individuals sharing a picture on, on Twitter. And social networks and things, it's so difficult to, to do. I mean, to an example, in, in, in what we do, in publishing, and stuff - Yeah. There are some things that. And you know, you couldn't just make up, we adhere to guidelines and things that we wouldn't just, morals. That we wouldnt' just mak up a story and say, oh, the iPhone seven has just been announced and here's a picture of it. And try to push that as being true, but that doesn't mean that other, other people, I don't know, maybe even just like kids messing around wanting to put something on their own Tumblr page. Won't do the same, and have that go around. It's difficult to, [CROSSTALK] to control that kind of thing. Also, it, it is a fine line because, kinda, my gut says, like, yes you should be able to ask Google to, to remove things, but if I think like, should people be allowed to ask the BBC, to, kinda take things off their website then, then my gut says kinda, maybe, maybe not, it's a bit more difficult. Cuz then I'm thinking situations like, you know, often legally, individuals and corporations are treated, are treated similarly. What if Apple was life, hey, there's a leaked picture of our next iPhone, let's this issue [INAUDIBLE] down. I think it would have to be all about whether something is factually incorrect something that's embarrassing shouldn't be included. But something that is factually incorrect or inaccurate, such as someone who has been accused. Yeah, it would be the same with us, when there have been occasions when we've written a bad review, and my company has been quit upset about that and said we want to take it down. This isn't incorrect this all completely true. You know, you know its truly terrible. [CROSSTALK] Yeah the product isn't really good that's not a problem its a problem for you. If we written something incorrect then its obviously you know, first thing we do is make sure that that's, that's corrected. Yeah. It's then, it's Yeah, it's, it's, it is [UNKNOWN] It's quite interesting that, that the court has actually tried to nail down who's responsible for what's on the internet, because there are so many people potentially responsible, for who's, for what is on the internet, that's it's kind of I think that they kind of Google reckons I've got it wrong but I never would say that. I and I think a lot of big companies say that. I notice there's been an interesting split in the comments as well. I think what some of our European readers are a bit like we'll I can sort of see what this is about. While American readers are a lot more down on it. They seem to be saying. This is against free speech. Yeah, freedom. And surveillance in Europe is,is kind of an issue that's come up a few times. Yeah, Yeah. But tell us what you think. Do you think it's a good idea? Do you think the European courts are right to try and nail down who's responsible for what's out there? Where do you think the line should be? Should embarrassing things be, taken off there or just things that are inaccurate? like, do you think this is open to abuse? And this is going to spread around the world, what kind of implications do you think this is going to have? But yeah we will actually be following this. We'll find out more about the specifics of how it works. We'll find out if uh,other countries follow suit, and we'll see how it's applied in around, around Europe and we'll keep following this story. So yeah, stick, stick with us, and that's how we think. Speaking of which time for the feedback. [MUSIC]. Andrew Rumer says, do you know where my wife is? She was due home ages ago. I saw her get on a bus to a London actually, she'll be back in exactly 24 hours, no, exactly 48 hours, depending on where you are in the Yeah, please be precise. John Nielsen says. I'm getting an Xbone tomorrow. [LAUGH] I believe that is, internet parlance, for the Xbox one. I'm getting an Xbox one tomorrow whoohoo. What's your recommendation for games. I know there aren't too available at the minute, but at 50 pounds a pop I need to be picking the best, cheers. John, that is absolutely right you, should only be getting the very, very best when games cost that much. Only the best for our listeners and readers. Exactly. So, we talked about Titanfall earlier. That is a great game. If you don't want to pay 50 pounds, a great game you might want to check out is Trials Fusion, which is the, if you've ever played one of the Trials games, it's kind of very arcade-y, so it's a motocross thing. It's very frustrating, but very addictive and, it's kinda fun. [CROSSTALK] That looks like the most. Awfully boring game I've ever seen. I've seen you guys play it a few times. It's so much fun. [CROSSTALK] It's just like a bike just kind of goes and falls bouncing. But it's not about that; it's about you gotta keep the, gotta keep the power right on the back wheel, and then the front wheel. Yeah, we get it. Your leaning, and you do a flip, and then a man flies off and it looks like his spine shatters, and everyone goes hooray. The trials fusion. You can also check out Forzer five, Assassins Creed four Black Flag. Duckfalls two is also an XBox game, a good one. Do old XBox games work on the XBox one? No. So, you can't buy second hand XBox games? No, you can buy second hand XBox one games, but there probably wouldn't be any. Why do people still care about phones? Good question. No, it's all about watches now. Yeah. And forget that, it's all about thermostats, smart appliances. Good question, phones are brilliant. [LAUGH] Phones are everything. I think the reason people care about phones, is because everyone sort of needs one. And you want to get a good one. Yeah, no one cares about anything else, think about lap tops. I mean, when was the last time anyone. Cared about laptops. I think phones are becoming a bit like laptops I think, like there was a time when everyone sort of needed a laptop, or one could get a laptop. and they want to get a good one, so people kind of cared about it enough to sort of want to get the best one. They have opinions about which are the best, but I feel like some of the heat has gone out to the phone world. So it's fast paced and exciting. And every month it was like but this one doesn't have a projector in it. This one does 3D. Yeah. Considering the next ones coming out next week. So what do we do? Yeah, oh no! And it was all moving so quickly. And we sort of figured out what smart phones should be like. So we'd hit peak phone. Yeah. Peak phone there we are. [CROSSTALK] [INAUDIBLE] Billy Calendar says, amazing name. says, where can I find your podcasts to view them? Good question, Billy. Well Billy Cavender, you can view our podcasts all year round at the, [LAUGH], Oh, you didn't actually have the information [LAUGH]? Yeah, soberly. So, I can't so iTunes is one port of call. Yep. YouTube.com/cnet and we have our own CNET UK playlist, you can go and watch us in action, you can go and see all the podcasts there. That we filmed on your podcast, App of Choice. Yep, that's right. Yeah. Awesome. And Ian McCloud says, how come Arnold Rimmer's H isn't holographic if he's a hologram? That's a good question. Why isn't he see-through? Cuz it's, cuz it's hard light in some of them. In some of them, he's hard light, yeah. Yeah. It goes to a really good quality projection. So you can pass through them. High resolution. Yeah, Just really, really - Some say [UNKNOWN] beam technology, that's what it is - Extremely strong light. Just a great, great hologram. If you're a Red Dwarf fan, look out for if you're a fan of cars, then look out for XCar. It's currently filming with the man himself, Robert Doelen. Got him from Red Dwarf, so there's gonna be a new series of uh-. Right in your seat belts? [LAUGH] I like it, nice. So look out for that one, XCar, it's coming some time in the future. Cool, alright thank you everyone. Titan, yeah titan. I thought. I'm thinking faster than what? It was nice of you to kind of nod along to that, I mean you got rid of the Titan the seatbelt do you, so it likes itself. No, we do spend a lot of time nodding along. Clash of the Tritons, let's go along with that. [LAUGH] Thank you everyone for the feedback. Coming up, facebook.com/cnet, or tweet us @CNET, so email us at podcast cnet.com.uk. And if you like it, why not leave a comment or thumbs up on YouTube. And why not Tweet it or Facebook it or share it on Google +. [LAUGH] No seriously [CROSSTALK]. Well, thank you very much. Cheers, cheers yes thank you. Thank you thank you Rich. Thank you to our producer Mark who you'll never see. Right we're off to ask you to delete those photos from the Christmas party Bye. [MUSIC]

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