Loaded: Google makes you a better chef
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Loaded: Google makes you a better chef

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Disney purchases the Togetherville social network for kids, Angry Birds will land in Windows Phone 7 in April, and Google launches Recipe View to help you pare your ingredient lists.

It's Friday, February 25th, I'm Natali Morris, and it's time to get loaded. Google wants something called Recipe View that lets you search recipes in a very specific manner. For example, you might wanna make a lobster world that has no mayonnaise or you wanna make a dairy free chowder recipe. You can now narrow down your results, which is great because recipe's search sites are pretty bad in this regarding my experience. Recipes will now be an option in Google's results page or you can find out more at google.com/recipes. Google has also made a small change to its algorithm and hopes of blocking out content farm results. A content farm is a site that just compile the bunch of useless and unrelated information in 1 place and keep getting a lot of traffic. I'm sure you've seen them. They look like nonsense. Google does not want these in its search results for obvious reason. The new algorithm, they claim, will improve help through out by 11.8%. The Walt Disney Corporation has station that works for children called Togetherville. The site is meant for children ages 6 to 10. It allows them to interact with the children of their parent's friends on Facebook. They can play games, watch movies, and message each other and parents had heavy hand of approving all of that activity. Disney has created social features for children on its own pages report and no doubt they want higher integration of children's social networks with their products. The new MacBook Pro had Intel Thunderbolt Technology formerly known as Light Peak. The new MacBook launched on Thursday and Intel formally announced more details about Thunderbolt. It's a high speed PC connection technology that can transfer data 10G per second. That's a full length feature film in high definition in about 30 seconds, super fast. This means if you wanna transfer a RAM data from an external source, it will feel like that source is actually part of your machine. Angry birds will come to Windows Phone 7 in early April. The maker of the game, Rovio, is going to release Angry Birds in 5 other titles for the Microsoft phones on April 6th. Other titles coming to the phones includes Doodle Jump, Plants versus Zombies, and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 episode 1.

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