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Inside Scoop: Getting our hands on touch-enabled Windows 8

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Inside Scoop: Getting our hands on touch-enabled Windows 8

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CNET's Kara Tsuboi and Seth Rosenblatt discuss Microsoft's entry into the touch-enabled OS world with Windows 8 and what it means for the company moving forward.

-Hey everyone, welcome to the Inside Scoop. I??m Kara Tsuboi cnet.com joined by senior editor, Seth Rosenblatt, to tell us all that Microsoft??s brand new operating system of Windows 8. -Windows 8. -And this is the first operating system that is touch-enabled, right Seth? -First one from Microsoft absolutely and they??ve designed that to work on laptops, desktops, and tablets. -And these laptops, desktops, tablets don??t necessarily have to be touch-enabled to run the operating system. -Correct. Absolutely. So, they??ve priced an upgrade at $40 so if you want to upgrade your own Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP machine, you can do that and it??s fairly affordable. So, right now, you??re holding a touch-enabled laptop. -Yeah. -A Sony laptop? -Yup. -That??s running the new OS. Show us a little something. -So, you can see the swipe through tiles. You can jump into a tile. We are. -And then to get out of that. -And to get out of that, you can go to your start menu there. -So what do you think of the user interface so far? -I??ve been using it in various forms for about a year. -It??s fairly stable. It??s very fast, very fast to boot, very fast to wake from sleep. It??s also the most secure operating system that Microsoft??s ever put out and those are very good reasons to upgrade. One thing that may confuse some people is there is a desktop mode that looks a lot like Windows 7. -Sure. -Because it is, -Yeah. -or just mostly. So, you have this and you still have your charm??s bar there so you can jump back to your metro. And the desktop mode is what allows you run legacy programs. -Uh huh. And when can a public get their hands on the new alas? -Sure. -It??s available on October 26. -Great. And that do you think this really means for the company moving forward. -That??s the-- That??s a $64,000 question. For Microsoft, I think that this is really about making themselves relevant again. It??s a very aggressive move. It??s a huge change. They??re putting out all kinds of new hardware they??ve never had. Hardware was stretched on their manufactures this tight before, so there is a lot of that could go very well from Microsoft that could go wrong. -Okay, we will be staying tuned and if you??d like to get any tips, tricks and reviews of -Uh huh. -Windows 8, you can log on to cnet.com. Thank you so much. -Thank you Kara. -Seth Rosenblatt, I??m Kara Tsuboi you??ve been watching the Inside Scoop on cnet.com.

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