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Gaming: Gaming preview: Mass Effect
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Gaming: Gaming preview: Mass Effect

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BioWare, creator of such classics as Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, and Knights of the Old Republic, brings its expertise to the Xbox 360 with Mass Effect, a sci-fi action RPG set to hit in 2007.

^M00:00:05 [ Music ] ^M00:00:26 >> In the first Mass Effect video, we took you to the Citadel. A vast space station populated with the most realistic digital characters we've ever created. We saw that its Commander Shepherd, an elite specter agent, you'll command a star ship called the Normandy that allows you to explore the far reaches of space. In this video we're going to show you an example of where those travels might take you. The universe holds a terrifying secret. Thousands of years ago a machine race cut a swath of destruction across the galaxy annihilating all civilization. They're about to return. The galaxy map is full of places to explore, like outlaw space stations, planets with harsh environments and derelict spacecraft, but we've received covert intel that may lead us closer to understanding scholactic threat. So we're going to go across the galaxy for a hostile planet called Kalastan [phonetic] in pursuit of this lead. Kalastan is a mining world that has been attacked by sentient machines called Gef [phonetic]. All contact with the colonists of this planet has been lost. [ Crashing sound. ] >> Looks like a clean drop, Commander. The Gef don't know we're here. >> They over ran a mining facility a couple clicks to the north. They're bunkered in. >> We got civilians trapped in the mines, one of the excavations teams couldn't make it out. >> Mass Effect is a truly next-gen experience. Rather than force you to read through piles of text, we want to put you in the moment. Now, this may look like a cut scene, but this entire sequence is actually real-time game playing. >> ... priority one, but keep an eye out for those miners. >> The mission objectives didn't say anything about civilians, Shepherd. >> You're just saying that because... >> Watch what I'm able to do when I lose patience with my squad member. >> ...You'd want to get them out. >> We can't endanger the mission for a bunch of... >> I'm in charge here, Garris, not you. I gave you an order and you damn well better follow it. >> Understood, Commander. >> We hit them hard and fast, catch them off guard. >> Move out. >> We got trouble ahead. [ Weapons firing ] >> In Mass Effect, you can fully customize your characters' abilities and equipment. I've upgraded my shotgun with a plasma mod to disintegrate enemies. I'm going to use it in combination with one of my biotitic powers. [ Weapon firing ] In this next battle I'll use an interface that allows you to control every movement and action of this squad, such as what position to take, who to attack, and what equipment, weapons or powers to use in the fight. This level of tactical control over your team will allow to you handle battles that would otherwise be overwhelming. >> Hoppers! [ Weapons firing ] >> First, I'll have the squad take cover. [ Weapons firing ] Now I'll use my tech specialist to take down the [unclear] shields. [ Weapons firing] >> There could be more inside the mine. The Gef wouldn't send an [unclear] to kill a few minors. There's something important down there. We're going to get to it. >> That was just a small part of one of planets in the Mass Effect universe, so with all these places to explore, the incredible deft of character interaction, and the level of control you'll have over your experience, you'll feel like you're living inside a classic science fiction movie. Your story will truly span the galaxy. ^M00:05:09 [ Music ]

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