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CES 2014: Frozen iPad Mini, boiled Samsung Active, another CES live torture test!

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CES 2014: Frozen iPad Mini, boiled Samsung Active, another CES live torture test!

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Brian Tong and Sharon Vaknin and TechRepublic's Bill Detwiler perform a series of torture tests live on and near the CNET stage, from freezing an iPad Mini in a block of ice to running over an Acer Chromebook with a bus. Plus, Jeff Bakalar visits the High Roller, the largest observation wheel in the world, to see if the iPhone 5S can withstand crushing force inside its drivetrain.

-What's up everybody? Welcome to CNET's second annual live torture test from CES 2014. I'm Brian Tong and here with me is Bill Detwiler, managing editor with CNET partner, TechRepublic. Bill, thanks for hanging out with us, buddy. -Hey, thanks for having me. I'm really excited to be here at CES and I can't wait to start torture testing some of the devices. -Now, if you guys haven't seen this before last year and this year, right, this is the second annual torture test. We like to put these products that we love so dearly, put 'em through different types of test. That may not be realistic, but also may be very fun. So, right here, you'll see a little bit of boiling water. You'll see a little bit of something under this. Can you-- Is-- Can anyone figure out what is this? I don't know. It looks like a big glass thing. All right. Also, we have our 12-foot ladder. We're gonna do a little drops. But before that, standing by outside to do yet another test as part of this is Sharon Vaknin somewhere in this spans of space, the Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot, with a CNET bus. -All right. Hey guys, I am just outside of Las Vegas Convention Center on the CNET bus. And you know what? We've got two more products we're gonna torture today. I've got the Chromebook by Acer and this fancy Nikon Coolpix camera. I'm also joined by Germa and Yari, two of our bus drivers, who are gonna help torture the heck out of these products, so stay tune for what's gonna happen. You never know. -All right, guys. So, later on again, if you love products, we're not here because we don't love our gadgets. We're not here to disrespect. But you know, at CES, we gotta have a little fun, all right. And later on, Jeff Bakalar, he's gonna show you a torture test with Las Vegas's newest attraction. This is the High Roller observation wheel where we can see if an iPhone 5S can withstand 5,000 pounds of force. That's right. I heard a woah. -I don't know about that. -It's a woah. But first, we have to have-- we have a heat tester to show you-- we're gonna take this. If you guys are familiar with the Samsung Ativ, this is a waterproof phone. It claims to be waterproof. -Yup. -We have boiling water here. You know a little bit about this phone, Bill. Tell me, you know, what can this bad boy handle. -Well, the Ativ is waterproof or Samsung says it is up to about a meter for 30 minutes. But they-- -30 minutes. -didn't really say anything about boiling water. So, the phone usually has a high temperature range of about 113 degrees. -Okay. -Well, if anybody remembers from their high school science class, the boiling water here is about 212 degrees. So, I'm not sure if this is gonna be able to take in and the phone is about $500. -$500. Guys, who wants this? You know what, we can just stop the torture test and just give this phone to someone in the audience right now. You wanna do that? -No. -No. -Wow, you are-- -Nobody wants to do that. -Okay. We're gonna play a little game. We're gonna play a little game. Whenever we do things, we have a similar way of saying like CE Yes or CE No. So, do you guys think is going to survive the boiling water torture test? -Yes? No? -CE-- -No. -They said-- -There it is. -I'm gonna-- You know what, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna go CE Yes. I have faith in Samsung. I believe everything they say, everything. All right. -Well, only time will tell. Let's see. -All right, I'm gonna put on my special [unk] This-- Just look. -A little bit of protection never hurts. -All right, here we go. We're gonna drop this in. We're gonna put the screen up so you guys can see what happens. This is kind tricky. Actually, I use these tongs. You know my last name is Tong? -Oh, there you go. -Tong on tong. Okay, here we go. Let's give it a go, right. Okay, we're gonna get you an inside-- -Oh, here it goes. Ooh, it's really bubbling now. -It's actually bubbling a little more if you can see inside that. -The screen is still on. It's okay, Jim, it won't bite. -It hasn't died yet. It's still-- -Uh-oh! -There is goes. Oh, the screen just went off. Oh, no. -Now, is the screen off because it's like powered off or did it actually go off because of the water? -Well, wait a minute, the screen's come back on. -It's alive! -It's alive there. -It's alive! -And we have a message. Maybe it's an error message. -All right, let's take this out. -See what happens. -We're gonna give this a chance and see what we got here. -Oh, here it comes. -Okay. Here we go. If you guys can see this message, it says, wait until it has cooled down before using your device. -Hey, all right. -I think-- I think that's an amazing tip from Samsung. This is amazing. But you know, guess what, guys? This is a CE Yeah! CE Yes. CE Yes. All right, guys, we're gonna go to another test. We've tested the element of heat. What do you think about this bad boy? This is an ice block with an iPad Mini. Why would you freeze an-- Have any of you frozen your iPad Mini before by accident? Yeah, Rob did that. All right, thanks to Ice Creations that hooked this up. I see you, Rob. Okay. So, what we're gonna do here is really just test out if this ice-covered iPad Mini-- -Will survive? -Will it even turn on? It's been frozen for, I dunno, probably a couple days. It's-- This is probably around 4 to 8 inches in that ice. What do you guys-- What do you guys think? Are we gonna get a CE Yes or a CE No? -CE No. -CE No, I heard. -CE No? -So, can you tell us about freezing a product here like-- -Yeah. -What are these things really able to take, Bill? -Well, usually down about 32 degrees Fahrenheit is what most manufacturers say. Maybe a little bit less than that. Anybody who is in the U.S. right now and are experiencing the really cold temperatures that we're having right now, so if you leave your phone in a car that gets down to about 0, that's not really good for the phone. -Really? -So, this is a little colder than that. So, we'll see what happens. I mean it's not really good-- Sometimes with these frozen devices, they will come back on if you allow them to warm up naturally. Sometimes they won't. Liquid crystal displays will actually freeze the CLFC lights depending on what type of device it is that light up the displays. They can freeze. They can come-- They can come back to life if you allow them to warm up. Just don't use a heat gun. Don't use a hairdryer. Don't use anything like that 'cause then you'll just wind up burning the device. -Yeah. Like you know when even-- when products get wet, they say don't use-- don't use a blow dryer. Just put it in a bag of rice. -Yup. -A lot of rice in my home if, you know-- You know why right? I like rice. Okay guys, so, here we go. This is the iPad Mini. We're gonna plug it in. The Samsung Ativ is still kinda warm. It still says that you should let it pull down. -It's like a heat palm. I'm gonna put it in my pants. It's cold here. All right, here we go. Let's plug in this iPad Mini. You guys at home are gonna be able to see if it powers on by looking at the screen, okay? Let's see. Let's give this a shot. -Oh. -There you go. Oh! -Here we come. Look at that. -Ice, ice, baby. Guys, CE Yes or CE No? -CE Yes. -You know what? My producer said, it's not quite on. It turned on. Let's see. -Let's go. -There goes the Apple logo. -This is powering up. -It's getting ready to boot up. -It's an iPad Mini. It's not an iPad Retina. It's a little slow. You know what I mean? Okay, let's see here. -Let's keep-- -Let's-- -There it goes. Come on. Oh, hello. -Hello. -There we go. -Hola. All right, there you guys-- -It survived. -See, I even guessed the right next one was Hola. I've been hanging out-- -Excellent. -with these devices too much. Okay, we're gonna-- we're gonna do a little bit more with these later, guys. -All right, next, I have Sharon Vaknin. We told you she is outside the convention center with a bus. Sharon, tell us what you're gonna do. Have a little fun out there? -All right, guys, it's time to do our first torture test with a Nikon Coolpix camera. And to help me out is Germa. Germa is usually a bus driver, but today he's a tourist in Vegas. Actually, Germa, how long have you lived in Las Vegas? -About 10 years. -10 years. So, what do you do around here? You like to party? -Sometimes. -Sometimes! -Not all the time. -He's a conservative partier. Okay. -Yeah. -What about camera? What kind of camera do you have? -I have a Sony. -Okay. You like to take photos? -I like to take photo. -Yeah. Scenery? Lots of bright lights in Vegas. -Yeah, the bright lights in Vegas. Beautiful Vegas. -Okay. So, Germa is an experienced photographer let's say. And he's on vacation on his bus taking photos outside the window. You know what? He's just gonna risk it. He's going to hang outside of the window while he's taking photos because the scenery is just so beautiful. And you know what? He's living on the edge. He's living on the-- Oh my god! Okay. Okay. Well, one thing's for sure, we don't have batteries in here anymore. And I don't know-- Wow. Oh my gosh, you guys look at this. First, I want you to remark and see how there are really no-- not much physical damage here. The camera's pretty much intact. You know, let's see what would happen if I collected these poor lost batteries and put them in here, okay. This is like a little-- a little tricky right now. Where the heck is-- Okay. Oh my gosh, I don't even know if it would turn on. I don't even know if I put them in the right way. You know what? I totally did it. Okay. Did I? No. Wait for it. Wait for it. I got to see because, you know, we took photos on this camera. Come on now. Ooh, is this broken? I think right back-- Oh, good. Okay, we took photos on this camera and let's see. Plus. Guys, help me out here. Minus. Plus. I think it's been a long time since I put batteries in a camera. Okay. So that still works. Oh, the camera is not turning on. You guys watched me put it in, right? Oh man. Okay, this camera-- You know, I bet with a little bit of rewiring it might work. But for now, we totally killed it. I would look nice in a museum though, don't you think? Maybe on the shelf. Okay. Stay tuned because when we come back we are crushing that Chromebook with 7 tons of bus and then stay tuned for Jeff Bakalar's High Roller torture test. Stay tuned. -I need a plan on unlimited talk and text for as low as $45 a month? -$45 a month. -Wow. No annual contract? -No annual contract. -No long-term agreement? -No long-term agreement. -Really? -Really. -Okay. So what's the catch? -There is no catch. -Okay. I'm obviously getting nowhere with you. I'm gonna need to speak with a supervisor. -I am the supervisor. -Oh, finally, someone I can talk to. -It's not complicated. New smartphone plan starting at $45 a month with no annual contract only from AT&T. -The fastest, the biggest, and the brightest gadgets in town. -Barbie has quite the high-tech dress on. -It's big. [unk] shipping containers. Nobody outside Google really knows what it is. -So, how to be smart about Black Friday? -You need to plan ahead. Don't assume that what you see on the circular is a good deal. -Welcome to CNET's The Fix. -The show about DIY tech and how to. -My absolute favorite bit of this car will be the noise. -This is going to change your life. -That's right. Talking to you. -Okay. So, our camera isn't turning on. But you know what? We still have lots more to torture. In fact, we have a brand new Acer Chromebook and the torture is only getting more severe because, you know what, guys, you never know when you're going to leave your brand new Chromebook that, by the way, still has stickers on it, underneath a 7-ton bus. Oh, did I put it backwards. And, you know what, did I mention? I'm not taking any prisoners today, okay? So, we're gonna put this guy right behind a nice little row of gadgets that will have a nice little time underneath the pressure of 7 tons of CNET bus, okay. Oh gosh, I wish you guys good luck. It was nice knowing you. I love you! Oh! Oh! Oh my god. Do I smell something? Oh my gosh. Okay. There is a lot going on here, guys. I could-- I dunno if we can even roll out a camera anymore. This Chromebook is just a pancake. There is a lot to pick up here. So, you know what I think I'm gonna do? I'm gonna gather all of this, bring it in hand to the CNET stage so we can take a really close look at the damage. I'll meet you guys there. This is nuts. -That hurts. -That's bad. I don't think that's one going back together. -Yeah. I mean, I leave my laptop under a car all the time. All right. Now, it's time for our big test. Jeff Bakalar visited the High Roller, which is the largest or which will be the largest observation wheel in the world when it opens some time in March. That's 110 feet taller than the London Eye and we did a pretty amazing, crazy test like I don't know the results of it, but let's check it out and see what he did. -Hey everyone, I'm Jeff Bakalar here at the High Roller Observation Wheel at the Link. We're gonna see if this poor, innocent, never did anything wrong to me iPhone 5S can withstand the force of this monstrosity behind me. It's the biggest observation wheel in the world. The High Roller Observation Wheel is right behind us right here. To explain a little bit and more about the High Roller, Mr. Eric Eberhart is here. He's the general manager. Eric, this is quite the impressive observation. Tell us a little bit about it. -Well, we're very pleased and proud of it. It's 550 feet tall. It's the largest observation wheel in the world as you said. -Right. -We have 28 cabins. Each cabin has a capability of having 40 guests onboard at a single time. These little pods are pretty big. They lay about 44,000 pounds and actually have 8 tons of air-conditioning. -So, how long does it take for the entire wheel to go around 1 revolution? -It's a 30-minute circle. -Wow. -So, it moves just under 1 foot per second. -Okay. -And we're really looking forward to having all the guest join us. -Right on. So, this is opening in March, correct? -Late March. -Okay. So, tell us exactly how we're gonna torture test this iPhone 5S. -We're gonna tape this iPhone to the drive rail and then drive it under one of the traction motors that actually propels the wheel around. -So that's the sort of gutter that the wheels pass through to make this-- -Correct. -whole thing turn around. -Yeah. And these tires are held down with about 5,000 pounds of force. -iPhone 5S. It's pretty delicate. -Yup. -My money's on it will be fine. -My money is on my 5,000 pounds of pressure on the tire. -You know, you'd be surprised what Foxconn can put together, okay. -I believe you. -All right, we're gonna go check this out and I kinda feel bad for this phone already. Let's see what happens. Here's the handoff, Eric. Bye. Sorry. -Thank you. -The time is now. Let's hit it, boys. Okay, here it comes. Got a good feeling. Oh man, look-- just listen. Just listen. Ooh, ooh. I think it's gonna be okay. I think it's all right. All right. Thank you, sir. All right, we're gonna bring this back to the stage. All right, back to you guys on the CNET stage. -All right. So, we have the box, this iPhone 5. You guys think this thing survived or what? No-- -I really think-- -Let's see. -I don't know. Let's see what happens. -Let's open it up. This is the magic box. I heard cracking. It's sounding-- -Everything is in here. I see tape and I see iPhone 5S. -Wow, look at that. -Look at that? -What do you think of the screen? -Look at that. -Look at that. -The only thing that you can see here, guys, is if you turn to the screen off and on here, there's a few-- there's a couple artifacts right there. You guys saw that? That's about it. -Wow. -So, I'm gonna hold on to this. -And Sharon is back with our Chromebook-- -All right. -and our camera. -All right. So, Sharon, you were outside there, right. I mean, we saw what happened. So, let's just-- tell us about-- -Okay. -what we got inside this box and hold it up. -Ouch! -You got a broken heart because that was really hard to watch. So, this is what's left of our camera. I think I smelled something burning. -Yeah. This-- -In fact-- -This stuff too. -Do you guys hear that? -This stuff too. -Something's making a crazy noise right now. -This is my camera. -So, this is what's left. Our poor camera. -Yeah, hold on, hold on. -You can have it if you want. -Guys, guys, guys, hold on. -Yeah! -Oh yeah. -That works. -Okay. And then this is kind of warm. I'm a little afraid, but this is what's left of our Chromebook, okay. We put it backwards so the wheels roll this way, if you remember, and there was a huge cracking sound. So, oh my, the screen though-- I want you guys to see this. The screen is still on. I don't know-- I don't know if it would work. You guys wanna give it a try? -Sure. -Let's see what happens. Ooh, I dunno about that. -Yeah. -The camera-- -Okay. -The camera just got-- -Oh no! The mouse totally works. It still works. It's still connected. If anyone wants a Chromebook, you have the fanciest one in town. -Slightly damaged. -Slightly damaged. Slightly damaged. So, the Chromebook survived. Remember guys, that bus was 7 tons. 7 tons. But that camera-- -It's definitely not going back together. -I don't-- I don't think so, but the lens-- -What you're talking about-- -But the lens-- -is definitely-- -But the lens-- What? I honestly-- My number one bet was that this would just be glass shards, completely gone. The lens was totally intact, okay, totally intact. I love this thing. -I don't think you're gonna be able to say this. -There you go. There's the camera. -That's your new necklace. -All right guys. So, we have our ladder still, right. We have our 12-foot ladder. We still have a few products that are, you know, semi working and everything. So, what do you guys think? Do you guys want to drop a few more things? Do you want to try-- -Come on, what do you think? -and drop this bad boy? This is heavy. -Drop the block of ice. -I've been working out all week just so I could pick this thing up. We're gonna-- We're gonna try and drop it, but now the iPad I could-- -Sure. -turn on when you're out-- when you're out there. -What?! -Yeah, the iPad. So, we froze it and we turned it on, but we're gonna make an attempt here-- -That's incredible. -Let's go down the stage. -We could pick-- We could pick this ice out or we could drop it. -Let's drop it. Come on. -Okay. -Let's go. -This requires a little mojo. Let's see if I can do this, guys, okay? Oh my. Okay. Let me put on my gloves. -Can you get that? -Yeah. I told you I work out, man. Here we go. Hold on, my butt. No, we're good, we're good, we're good. All right. -There we go. -Watch your face. This is-- -This is an iPad Mini frozen in a block of ice. -iPad Mini. Oh, thanks for holding the ladder so I don't fall off. Okay. -There he goes. -I'll be careful. -Oh, there goes the charger. -Well, it's 500 pounds, not 500 bucks. -All the way at the top-- -Higher. -like climbing Mount Everest. Come on, what do you guys think? Let's go. Let's go. All the anticipation is killing me. Come on. -That's what those squats were, okay. -All right, guys, back up a little bit here. We don't anybody-- -Back up a little bit. -to get hurt if we drop this. Aim for the target there. -I don't wanna drop. -Aim for the logo. -Hold on. -It's slippery. Here we go. There we go. -Dude, I just like torn my abs. Okay. Here we go. -All right, we could do it. -Heads up. I'll be-- -Come on, let's do a countdown here. -Oh, my abs-- -Three-- I literally tore my abs. -Come on. Two. One. Come on, let's drop it. -Drop it! -Here we go. Here we go. -Two, one. Here it goes! Ooh, the ice block is in pieces. Let's see if the iPad still works. Come on. -The iPad has got to work, dude. -Come on. -It's got to work. -Well, no, no. Nothing. Nothing. It's dead. -Is it really dead? -Let's see. Let's see. -Nothing? -Wait a minute, wait a minute! There we go. What do you guys think? Hello? -I mean it wasn't gonna drop in ice. Let's just drop it again here. Throw it up here. -Another one? All right, here we go. -Yeah, yeah, come on. Wooh! Let's keep going. -One hand. Again, another skill that-- -Great, great-- Great catch. -I keep on hearing the words be careful in my ear. -Yeah. -All right, here we go. -Let's go, come on, guys. -Flat or corner? -Flat or on the corner? What do you guys think? Countdown. All right, let's go. Three-- -Here we go, give me a countdown. Three, two,-- -Two. -One. -One. Come on, let's go. Here we go. Oh! We still didn't break it. -Again? All right, one more. -No. All right, here we go. -Here we go. -Oh! Bad-- Oh! -That's how you do it. -That might have done it. Oh, that did it. -That's a torture test right there. -It's cracked. -It cracked it up? Okay guys. -Well, the digitizer is cracked, but the screen still works. Slightly used iPad Mini anybody? -Okay guys. So, here we go. All right guys, so there you have it. Bill, thanks for coming out. Sharon, thanks for being a part of this torture test again. This is not very scientific, but we're just having some fun with this. We'll be back here, you know, next year. Maybe a little more or some, some. You might see us here, but we just wanna thank everyone here and the CNET stage and the crew for putting this all together. We'll be back live with The 404 and Jeff Bakalar with special guest, Pebble cofounder, Eric Migicovsky. -Migicovsky. -Migicovsky. The prompter cut it up. -I couldn't see it. -All right. -Stay tuned. -And guys, again, don't try this at home. We'll see you guys next year. And again, all our continuing coverage, check it out at ces.cnet.com. We'll be here for the rest of the show. We'll see you guys.

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