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CES 2012: Exclusive: Behind the scenes at the Sony booth

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CES 2012: Exclusive: Behind the scenes at the Sony booth

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At CES 2012, Brian Tong takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Sony booth and gives us hints at what the company might be unveiling.

Hey, guys. (??) here back on the show for CES 2012. Now, we'd like to give you a little behind the scene sneak peek of an actual booth in action so our good friends, that's Tony here to help us out also. You got to dig this new (mike flag?). It's kind of sexy. Okay, so let's go in to the booth. Right now, we're gonna start here with Sony, you see always kind of a standard affair here CES 2012, boxes covered with blankets. Who knows what's in there, right? All right now we're gonna keep on walking through here and Sony has always been really impressive, a variety of cameras, television sets, Blu ray players. They pretty much have everything under the sun so over here they're showing off some of their Xperia headphones, digital media players, where there... everything is still being set up as we speak. So we know this isn't the final product of what we're gonna see but again everyone behind this is working. There's interviews happening all around. Okay, also oh look see I can walk backwards and avoid things while doing that. This is more of Sony's kind of really showing off their music, unlimited service and some of the devices, tablets that are integrated in it. Again, Sony's always really to pitch like this lifestyle of their devices being connected with each other. So they continue to push that forward. We're gonna walk this way and we're gonna have... head over more to the gaming. We know that gaming is a big deal with Sony. The PS Vita is out internationally but it's not here in the United States. It will be coming out sometime in about February of 2012. So we have here is a huge array of this PS Vita. I think it's a hot product but really the question is in the mobile gaming space, are people willing to buy another 200, 300 dollar device in addition to their phone and their laptops specifically for gaming so far. The response over in Japan has been really lukewarm with sales so we'll see if that changes once they hit the U.S. shores. Now, when you keep on walking through here, Sony is also known for a lot of their gaming. So what we have here. If you're here at CES, you get a lot of like demos that you'll never be able to get anywhere else. This game is one of their new ones, star hack. You're gonna be able to get that one play it for free here on the show floor. Also, twisted metal is another super hot tile. This is where cars like destroy each other. You'll be able to check those out in the booth. I think that's honestly one of the highlights for me, other than the (cool tech?) is just kind of playing some of the new games that are at least 6 months to a year away. Now, as the extension over here (??) look, we see the ladders being stacked up. We see the (4 clips?). Everyone is still... this is the central hall, really more towards the end of the central hall. Everyone is still (??) up but this is my favorite section of the Sony booth. This is the future technology booth. So whenever you see the word future, you wanna come in and show you what they've got. So over here on my right side, this is a demo. You won't be able to really see it at home. This is the 3D glasses less television set. Now, over at Sony and other companies we're seeing a lot of demos like this. The unique part of these demos, specifically is most of them are been, displaying them with cameras that track your eyes. There are no real cameras here in these demos and one thing that sticks out is when you walk side to side. You can almost see the 3D image changed on a plane. There's like this... the subtle move that tells you that you're looking at it from a different plane. The viewing angle is pretty impressive so you know, we're gonna be seeing a lot more glass less 3D televisions down the line. Now, we're gonna (??) over here, you'll see really quickly one more glass less 3D TV. This is a 46 inch er. They're getting bigger and better. But from here it looks really impressive to me. You got a little seafood, a little crab going on over there and a lot of Nemos. So this is one of things here at CES, you always get to see some of these first hand. I think that from seeing a lot of these 3D glass less demos already, the technology is getting more and more impressive specifically when you talk about being able to move different angles on the TV set and being able to deal with that and you know still having a pretty nice quality image. Now, over here we're gonna... we're gonna come over here this way and we have more demos from the Sony with their 3D glasses. We've seen these for a while so there's nothing new and fresh. This is really more of their future technology but what we really wanted to show you and we kind of do it from a distance and we won't walk up to it too close is over here on this side. Over here on this side, yeah , we have here Sony's demo of the Crystal LED TV this way. All right, so if you look over here on my shoulder, this i s kind of their technology that they're showcasing. This is way ahead of the curve. The difference in what makes this TV set unique with the Crystal LED TV display is that there's a back light, an LED for all colors red, green and blue which really makes it super unique. There's a comparison. It will be, might be a little hard to tell which one looks more vibrant, clear and sharper. But on the left side you'll see not only is the image able to be reproduced a lot quicker, the colors pop out of the screen and you know everyone is talking about all LED TVs, everyone's talking about (4K?) televisions but really this is the type of technology that hopefully will be more affordable and bring it forward so. The crystal LED display well worth looking at. I was talking to one of the guys who works actually in Sony's (4K?) booth and he says theoretical resolution of this TV set is 6K. So 6000 lines of resolution which will make it even a more clear picture. This is really impressive. Let's go over here really quick. One of the things that Sony's also (??) because they are not only a consumer electronics company but a media brand. They're showcasing off kind of the pipe line or the production line of a 4K camera we have over there. That's a (??) alta of 65 cameras specifically geared for 4K content and then across the board, obviously Sony is gonna pimp, you know, how we have the mixing, the receiver, the editing software and the platform to really bring 4K forward. We saw how Sony puts Blu ray really hard in. The end result is that you're really gonna need a (C4K?) reach the consumer in the home. So let's just come over here really quickly and check this guy out. This is their Sony home theater 4k projector. Now, if you wanna know the retail price on this bad boy, could you take a guess? Somewhere around 25 but that's not 2500. That's $25,000 for a (4K?) projector, the internal code name for it and (??) information scoop was called the (??) so you know it's some hot stuff. All right, let's just go over here really finally one last peek over at Sony's booth. They have a lot of amazing stuff. But up here this is the 4K home theater now we can't go inside. I must reiterate that I like to peek through those curtains and (I was?) shoved out but they're showing a demo on a 200-inch screen of 4K content, not in 3D that... it does support 3D but it's 4K content like a scene from some of their movies. This is amazing stuff. So I would say definitely come out to the Sony 4K booth. Just check out some of the cool choice they have. We're just kind of take one more look over all floor to give you a bigger sense of what's happening in the Central hall. Over here, behind me Polaroid we know that last year Lady Gaga made her debut promoting the Polaroid brand. We're starting to see more celebrities come out here kind of associating with companies whether their brand names from the past or smaller names (??) recognized. Justin Beiber is here with potentially a Beiber bat. Yeah, you'll find out more about that later. But again this is just the entire set up here it's the 2012. We're still one day away before we finished up with the final (??) of 4 but just really give you an over all sense of how massive this undertaking is and there's all the boxes, people, cables, wires and lights, and television sets that it takes to put together CES. So there you have it another kind of insider look on the CES 4. We'll be back with more live coverage so just stick with us and we'll show you continuing shots and more coverage from press conferences and everything else you can find out here on the (??).

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