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Episode 32: Unboxing the hotly anticipated HTC One: Always On

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Always On: Episode 32: Unboxing the hotly anticipated HTC One

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Always On's Molly Wood and Jeff Cannata unbox one of the hottest smartphones on the market, the HTC One. Plus, we bring you the home of the future, and a GoPro DIY segment from our very own Sharon Vaknin.

-I don't wanna lose any mirror real estate, but I really want a TV in my walk-in closet. This week on Always On, we unbox the hotly anticipated and just plain hot HTC One. -Sharon Vaknin's back with a cool accessory that makes your GoPro go 360. -Plus inside the home of the future from touch-enabled kitchen panels to automated lighting and thermostats. -A wall of Rolexes, look at that. Always On is on. I love that-- on the wall. Welcome to Always On, I'm Molly Wood. -And Jeff Cannata. -And this is the show that takes a look at the tech that's part of your life- -and your future. -Okay, now, we've unboxed a lot of phones on this show, but it is very rare to come across the phone that one of our CNET editors calls the fastest, most beautiful that he has ever used. -That's right and right now, we get to unbox the latest from HTC, the One. -The One. -I am excited to see this phone and I'm sure other people are too because this has been delayed and then delayed again. -Yes, and it was delivered through the Matrix 'cause it's the one. -We had to get it totally. It's a [unk] to get it. We had to actually get this from our CNET editors in New York because it's so hard to get it in our hands and so it might not be-- and I tell you this because I know how you are about unboxings. It may not be the most original packaging ever, but whatever the phone is in there-- -This arrived moments ago. -I don't give it up. Yeah, this is maybe [unk] maybe. -Like I pulled the knife out of there and then you use it. -But that's good that you left it open so you could cut yourself. Woo! -Just to see one. -Hi. -Here we go. -Hello. -Ready. -Yup. -Oh. -Oh, look! See, I love this because they wrapped it all up for us. -Oh my good-- Oh, Oh. It's metal. -Oh, I see so it's been used, but-- -Oh, whatever. -Oh my gosh! -Oh, it's metal. Oh my God, feel it. It's so cold and nice. -It is. It's like the embrace of an Android. -Phone. -My one phone has had metal back. -Yeah, this is really cool thing. -Yeah. -It has beats audio on the back. -It has beats audio that previously like an HP only thing. -It's light. -It's light. This is so gorgeous. -Switching on. -Yeah, turn it on. -Oh my-- I actually-- I'm having hard time getting over how nice this phone feels in your hand like it is a pen, quietly brilliant. That's what it says. I don't know. -I thought you were just come up with that. I was like, huh, wow surely drinking the Kool Aid on this one. -Surely, marketing, the heck out of this phone. Oh, lots to say. It is sort of though this is a moonshot for HTC because they've been losing some its round to Samsung -Yeah. -in the Android market. Okay, let's see what else is in the box. International charger because we have the unlock condition. -International charge. -It looks the headphones are like beats audio red. -Interesting. -Oh, the power brick. -Power brick. -Okay, fine. -Branded and of course USB cable. -Yep, micro USB charging. -You know how I love that standards, yey, and then a kind of pretty-- This I would presume should sound a little better than usual since their-- -You hope so if the beats audio branding. -But you know, we're gonna-- we'll try that later. For now, it's all about what's on the inside of this phone. The HTC One has a 4.7-inch full HD that is 1080p LCD display at 468 pixels per inch. Thank you Apple for getting us interested in that spec. -It has a 1.7 gigahertz quad-core Snapdragon processor and it runs Android Jelly Bean. The base model comes with 32 gigs of internal storage or you can upgrade to a 64-gig version. There's 2 gigs around to power that quad-core processor. -It has a micro USB 2.0 port and a high-definition video link for USB or HDMI, although the HDMI requires a special cable. -The front-facing camera is a pretty impressive, 2.1 megapixels. The rear-facing camera is just 4 megapixels, but they're doubling down on the sensor. We know that megapixels aren't always the most important. And that camera is capable of 1080p, full HD video recording. -2 mobile AT&T and Sprints are all supported, but at launch at least Verizon isn't. -The 32-gig model will cost $199 with a new contract and the 64-gig model will be $299. Okay so everything about this phone is the hotness, the metal back. -It's beautiful. -It's totally nice like a-- performance seems super snappy, but I can't believe I'm gonna say this because the screen is 4.7 inches, but I'm just looking at it thinking, "I wish you were a little bigger." -That's amazing. I can't believe we've gotten into the point where a 4.7-inch screen is tiny for you. -I'm just phablet fan, I guess. -Too small. -I mean, I don't think anybody else gonna feel that way. It's super light. It's super beautiful. The processor is amazing. -I like how it stands up from a crowd too. -Yes. -That back and just the design really says it's a unique phone. -Yeah, it looks like something special. And a little worried about scratching on the back, but we'll of course, you know, torture test it and see assuming that it ever comes out so that we and you can buy it. -Yes. -That's the biggest concern with this phone. --Well, that does help in order to get it. -That helps. When it does, I think they have a contender that we look out, Galaxy S IV. -Yeah. -I'm just saying it. -Impressive phone. -Okay, next of Sharon Vaknin is finally back with a great little howto tip on getting more out of your GoPro Hero 3. -Hey, Sharon. -Hey, Sharon. Time Ups videos are one of those things that look super difficult to create, but are actually really easy to accomplish. As you see, more and more of these videos show up online. You might be wondering how you too can join it on the fun. Well, I'm here at TechShop in San Francisco and I've been building my own time up contraption that will hope you make one of these videos for less than 10 box. Here's what you'll need. You'll need a GoPro camera or another camera that can a time-ups function, Krazy glue or Super glue, a windup kitchen timer, a quarter-inch knot, which have already attached to the timer with Super glue, some sticky putty or Blu-Tack and your tripod of choice. Now our task is to attach the camera to the kitchen timer and the kitchen timer to the tripod. If you have a GoPro mount, it makes things really easy. But if you don't, here's how you do it. I've already attached the 1/4-inch knot to the kitchen timer so the tripod fits in perfectly and this is a standard size. So, a 1/4 knot is probably what your tripod takes too. Now, you'll take some Blu-Tack or museum putty and will roll it up. This is what we'll use to attach the camera to the kitchen timer so that you don't render it completely useless. And if you wanna pick with that later on, you can. All right. On goes to putty and to that to GoPro, so make sure it's on, right? There you go. So the way it works is we'll wind it up and it will rotate taking your time ups video. And when it's on, you'll even get a ring. Okay, the next thing we need to do is set up the time ups on the GoPro. Also set it up to take one photo every 2 seconds. Now, in order for us to figure out how long this video will be, we have to do some Math. For taking one photo every 2 seconds, that's 30 photos per minute, 30 times 30 minutes that we're shooting is 900 photos. Now if one frame is one photo and there are 30 frames per second, we'll get a 30-second video. I just have a price for that. Okay, our time ups tripod is ready to go. Our camera is set and the last thing we need to do is make sure this thing is leveled. So, you can use a standard leveling tool or if you want to get geeky, download a leveling app. I've got one here on my iPhone and seem to bring it down a little bit, bring it up a little bit and it's perfectly leveled. Okay, let's take this into the streets of San Francisco and shoot our time ups video. All right, our GoPro run for 30 minutes and now it's time to make our time ups video. So, I uploaded all these photos on to my computer and as you can see, we've got a folder full of hundreds of photos. Now, there is lots of software that will let you make time ups video, but the easiest one and the fastest honestly is Quicktime Pro. So, open that up, go to file, open image sequence, we'll find my folder. There it is, open, and at this point, you can decide if you want 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. At 60 frames, it will be a lot smoother, but you only have half the length of the video. Let's take with 30. And you'll see that Quicktime has already done all of the work. It actually already put the video together, but let's just preview it to make sure it looks right. That looks good. It's a little rough, but once it renders and exports it will look a lot better. So, let's see that right now. We'll go to file, export, give it a name call it time ups and you have some options here. There are a lot of settings to choose from. You can really dig in here. But what if the Settings that you wanna pay attention to is compression type? Make sure you're exporting as a JPEG. One of the other things you might wanna tweak is the quality so the higher quality, the larger file will be. All go ahead and choose high. Not quite best, but it will look pretty good, okay? Okay. And it will export. All right, our video has exported and we've got a 30-second time ups with a 180-degree pan ready for uploading on YouTube or even Vimeo. And it's all things toward time ups accessory with our GoPro camera. All right, let's give this thing a look.
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