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Ep. 96: In-studio helicopter flight; Halo: Reach goodies; and the latest in pseudoscience: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 96: In-studio helicopter flight; Halo: Reach goodies; and the latest in pseudoscience

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In what may be the craziest episode ever, Joey takes flight by piloting a model helicopter around the studio, using an iPhone app as a control pad. Virtual mayhem erupts when we take turns blasting each other in a alive Halo: Reach demo, and later, Scott describes his warm fuzzy feelings towards the NFL's handheld FanVision instant replay device.

Why can't I just knowing that -- -- early shot and my little shuttle. Welcome welcome to digital city I know it's been awhile since we've been here as you could see Scott that's a real -- isn't -- part I don't regret is that that it gets that excited we have Scott Stein Dan Ackerman Julie -- -- of Joseph Kaminsky bringing another exciting episode. A digital city taken away the game boy talked about and and today I'm so excited that I'm grinning and anticipate out of the wanted to challenge held it it is more -- -- than to have more thoughts -- pointless now. I'm you may be yet get the visual part of the podcasting don't use -- make this and make this video yeah WWW. Download the video and dom. -- you you may be disappointed there may not be much complaining in -- today. It's like smiles for everybody's happy yet I -- -- of alternate jets jets and and the other team. I can remember. Ravens and payments they get -- -- their. And they're gonna have a big event in Manhattan in midtown analytic all the best buy theater which is the Nokia here think. At 44 and Broadway from 8 PM to midnight begins a musician who's gonna play that you are using the -- bad trivia MySpace helmet but they found. -- -- -- some halo. I think we're gonna get that what's his name junior -- If you're -- him and and things that -- -- hill on this mundane. And the guy for costumes and you'd have like you know like Hulu. -- -- dolphins and all magical stuff that celebrate all that. We have a wide variety of halo goodies to show you because we started getting hosed -- of junk last week and to at the -- like -- that's -- Under the start off very quickly -- The -- Todd MacFarlane design statue that comes in the Hulu legendary. Hold up well. The -- if you spend a 150 bucks to get the legendary -- this is what you get in street academy are easy helmets. This has this treaty statute that your show besides it is still in the box that came into the pile FF FF yeah. You just the scariest things for us is my impressive but the for the legendary edition box and speak only capacity at this netstat human. -- again let's see a profit of portal occupant of the big deal with them portal Q of the camera. Oh there it is and you had cardboard and inside is basically just a big foam holder that's that you and a copy the game and that's actually about it -- with every killing four. 1150. 15. So if you're made a fan that's what you get in this additions. And I'm sure in that thing will be sold out -- -- -- right now species right now it is that there is that it into the middle additionally the that comes of that that statue in the -- I think or is it users helmet now just a statute. And then there's a really cool book which right -- the it diary -- -- -- really make your additional -- the sedition and negligent Gabriel's again in the collector's edition. The cool things -- crying and -- awful notes and then yeah Michael fake ID cards and my maps and other rental records and art it's it's and weird interesting stuff you're into that type of like fake artifact. And assuming you're not gonna find -- This is the Hulu -- press it. And this came in a metal briefcase these he -- halo on it. Yeah we -- active and I both agreed to become an -- Right like the nuclear football I like it daily press releases -- -- controller and books and than. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not as nice what's of the collector's edition -- Cool little blowing -- programs you get what Indiana -- movies in the eighties. Didn't in the background info and everybody remembers them even though I had a lot of programs who's the Star Wars history -- for the man. And in my favorite part of that -- -- -- this novel. This halo novel. So I apparently they're only gonna theory the times bestselling series based on the Xbox remark game. My friend Chris is read all of those who he's read every hill and how many are there and I I I'll have to give him -- Holler like I I -- -- on a bootleg version Daschle PC game. It has the homeland in the New York Times -- -- here. -- reach halo the flight for strike hit a -- of onyx. Halo contact harvest. Cole protocol and you'll evolution is -- an alien Illinois often refers to side thinks that at seven. Though they'll. But these kind of books and is who else -- beast is -- a book. Dragon Age had a book all the content deleted book things like opening them up for random page and getting a UGU -- -- -- -- -- -- Ace of clubs. The coveted frigates however lagged behind they turned didn't unison and their sides face the were -- -- preparing for a broad side. -- of red light appeared in swarmed towards the -- lateral lines building into a solid straight up hellish illumination. The league. Illuminate me but he that was his idea -- car and I don't have that -- not -- -- off reading for lifetime and what. And about human -- -- I'm on the history and now -- -- -- I mean that's equivalent it can't be anywhere. -- three document -- And error we've all got our dark -- myself herbs that you get usually get a job reading. E-book -- in via audio blog every day and hacker. Ackerman now works for audible dot com your -- good for its got a very literate. Read a book it Dan Ackerman and Dan Ackerman series. And possibly hook -- let's voting and elegant writer thrillers Papa to an -- hard because I'm very special for -- Halo reach comes out on Tuesday which is really midnight tonight so obviously -- you're probably not at home playing it right now we however. If I may be so bold -- to switch over. We've got it set up right here we're gonna -- a little too player who wants first so we'll -- Yahoo! who take comfort. I out the eyepiece and act and that they had -- -- god and god thank you a little more -- -- -- original -- got 6 AM they're gonna do you Gannon and Scott you are the bottom. Active and loves to be on top comes. Yeah. Like out of it I'm throwing the yeah investment. I loser and Natalie yet you're controlling the speed you gotta back -- -- -- -- you don't in the games maybe they aren't I I am on top. Melissa -- Yeah so it's nothin' until the bottom -- other -- you know that we where the bottom I. Yes sir I'm gonna do that and -- will -- find him. The bottom the bottom and I don't think that I plug it right no I voted -- go. Any. African eighth yeah get a -- Scott of. And I'll get a -- -- it. Yeah. God. I was bottom okay. -- equitable. But what is back put what is. This. It under the gun found that he -- him although that does not decide to your -- Ackerman. -- -- -- Anybody out there and not have any advice for me but I'm not acting very appealing it no denying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Youth violence -- now. So it's an assassination. -- some -- -- to -- them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If it's anywhere right well it's not hard to figure out where he is good news of the look at it with why is it -- yeah. Yeah that actually do it differently. The lowest with the -- I can't object mine and it would you like that I -- -- camping around the corner let me go get some random salespeople and I don't. Like how we actually look at this what is real I noticed -- -- strange abstract and anyway now now the other. But for -- and then we noted that god has given the way because he's -- -- in terms of it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah my children are our apologies what's good for those who may be listening to the podcast is one of those by that -- -- a way to look at sportscast music. Adjust those and are you are right when you guys plan on right now plan -- Scott is on the lower screen he's. On this by the overpass by the little cold water could look at -- -- and make an Arabic -- look down if you are nice and yeah I'm gonna Ackerman is now down close the body of -- looking around for god it -- -- clouds -- Israeli. Israeli aggregates aggregated himself now he's in the bushes where there while there where there should be which is by Barack went off. That's that's what did you I don't know that's not my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come on -- narrate you can see what you're doing. I'm -- goes down at the beginning. And I -- unity you're -- got out already. -- killer marina. You wounded. Where -- ready to go -- -- registered of Scott has sacrament a lot of fire activities bomb -- while again no you didn't -- god. The -- Diablo you know both I don't know the department of gun in the water but it's but if not it's -- right now. You know there are your controls inverted or not inverted that. -- -- -- -- -- Yes people we are getting paid to sit in here and play halo. If that's it and fortunately I am earning -- -- -- because I am not a big first person shooter fans are gonna stop a -- that the announcement yet most women like could be most women like to be. I now I am I -- it. On top. The controller to control the managing. Certificates in your marriage you -- -- do you know the role I know the answer yes and in an accident that's commitment. Well that's the -- corpse was that. -- and some of the previous match here. -- -- The -- down was supposedly whose bottom and Jews on top of that on the bottom of the screen view it on the tools and Julie trying -- -- -- maneuvers running in an analyst the green. Who's going to get the surfers. They're both dodging and meeting trying -- feeling defensive. A lot of the a lot of a lot of a lot of dual looking trying to -- there him. Turn it in the arena our -- -- and -- -- is -- I am going back in. Warehouse like all what it and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the problem for the glow of a public Q and that enabled cell phones that don't work trying to meet each other. I was I was adherents of everybody knows actually pretty good it's -- like that analogy this. I was gonna have a good and I'm at that again you're at rates and now when I know it'll -- Start. I'd argue is that going -- boats circling. Commutes so wanted to use the reverse you'll find each other I -- -- -- your. Well water. Is the confrontation -- greatest their own -- and it's it's takes Julie. Julianne and didn't know which way. There is a lecture at and taken out by another factor at every gives you control to that they already did right. Ackerman August that aggregate Baghdad -- of the game and quit. When he's old now I avoid unabridged confrontation and other Greensboro mrs. Rick machines into the pool of water. -- -- in Iraq and -- -- Usually invades the grenade. Baxter -- -- yeah and I hate to dives out attempt to desert. He's gonna do and yeah. Older. More grenades are being thrown at you know who it easements. He's trying the boulder technique yeah. Older. She's hiding behind -- -- yeah and she she -- And. I know that's the Julie went through I -- garnered adding. Honey. She will not die. Millions. Do you use the -- read -- All I gave which now -- We real as the -- seven of those divisions. And a lot of boulders. It consume you win the bolder vision treatment army and it's called -- -- finger -- They had assembled there and a trigger and I'm tired of his time as it is strange. Is determined that is they say -- city you've begun yet how did you and I had had my -- -- the true. -- a -- I ordered to jail with his role of boulders littered with -- Iraq -- that the floods though little -- me. They should happen next there's no role boulder. It and rate that was and I am -- out of anyone's ever really gone before line in the multiplayer that. -- -- I'm happy we were able to bring it I'm surprised that I killed and more times that he killed me mister mister Dave Syverson over the treatment -- -- actually yeah we think an alleged ties -- -- in his history there I was solar revisions history I was so happy that I shot -- -- -- little. Time to come down off that. While we're doing that and many of active -- -- Just is gonna set -- something in the corner that we're gonna demo in the meantime let's let's and curriculum that about that as did I wanted to. I don't wanna -- crazy small laptops this is the Toshiba libretto W 100 it is a limited edition. Device that Toshiba has released in honor their 25 anniversary of the mobile computing business. Looks like a UMPC will at least called old for mobile's PC yeah it's got a five it's got five or seven inch display on top of giant has -- yes. On the bottom. It's got a second screen like a giant intended DS and they're both touch screen to both of haptic feedback. And get rid of this Norton security reminders -- hand and then you press this little button right here and you get a virtual keyboard. There on the bonds in the get them there without without going there and they -- -- they got there's about six different headline and the different keyboard layout you can switch to feel like this one. As well -- that economic plan. They can get on with my work like that has left incidents indicate to me and then and -- of that without critical and that if you double tap. The button. Yeah touch -- and you can use as an attachment to the point. A virtual maturity and come of the combo where you want to agree on the touchpad you can -- Browser window on the top screen you predict one in the -- being -- to flop between screens. And you know what it was left leg he then pretty much any of the windows tablet style device we've tested Norton. Because I went in musing and that I am writing these is a low end pentium chip so the battery life it's actually pretty deadly two hours and humanity. But it's cool thing. Different just push it -- and it. Typically -- yeah yeah. -- events. And and and and that's kind of the keys but it's not really it's like a thousand bucks 11100 bucks it's a -- finally -- -- of these. And I think of it more as a cool sort of like executive -- -- proof of concept than an actual practical. Particle that -- would replace anything that you have in a real world with them they added -- That really -- that sense and it -- was a bigger. Science I think it -- over the weekend I thought somebody had a leaked picture of a demo prototype laptop a full fifteen inch flat out. That had the two screens with a keyboard on at the virtual keyboard on the bottom screen. -- -- -- Interesting idea definitely. He had done physical chemical bridge technology -- -- has something even more embarrassing yes this is it's. Speaking of -- a well. Data area that logo looks like it. It work in any direction it's -- Vaio. And we're seeing -- -- is a long time ago for the -- that's nice place is a new version. Very hot pink. And unfortunately very similar processor specs inside and a very similar priced -- 819. This thing you know that's larger right now and it is but it's about it's clutch size. And the problem with this is that sure it's it's actually nicely constructed and -- it it feels pretty sturdy. But. The dimensions of an awkward it's wider than it needs to be the screen is eight inches and it's actually very high resolution screen at least 16100. I and it. At 900 yeah so its its very high resolution unfortunately you're gonna kind of go blind trying to make all the neutral pixels on this. And there is no touchpad on the bottom of this there is a track point. And and the other one is an optical there's optical that's -- run it side. With buttons here that's meant to serve -- was -- an outside yet again that you like I'm browsing it's a neat idea if you're standing up where Smartphones weren't invented we basically. The idea of using this to stand him rallies and where -- ever do that any Andrew iPhone experience to be superior for standing up the web browsing. Now I mean keyboard actually does feel nice as most -- do you buy. It's just an awkward shape and size format it as of this one has a 256. I'm gigabyte SSD. Of the bumps the price up to 1419. To ten netbook. Yeah and I mean that's that an atom processor and via an -- pads are -- and this is just I -- -- runs full windows and when a senate environment and you know others it's gotten a sluggish. No -- -- I mean it's it's added Adam Z 550 than we actually for -- favorite and is an -- but does run a little bit faster than your standard -- -- To its credit. By night. Substantially enough you -- it was anything other than that netbook so there you -- and it's a very premium netbook essentially it's disgusting. -- well this colored discolored yeah I'm sorry it was a close to true if it was supposed to -- -- if he now. Now now because it when it aside. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a useless size and -- and -- sent to cool but it's useless because -- into an artist that are real -- yes. It -- -- a large -- cargo pants of them that you need a eat a bag to carry this and ignited because somebody were thought because thought a clutch their -- basically right and here it. I think -- and other colors but it's Sony's fault for sending us the pink one. A new theory and -- and yeah. You know what idol we don't lowered the price apology I won it in black. It -- -- -- or whatever. Thank you it'll -- -- to lower the price on the stand and 840300. Dollars. And me be you'd be compelling to if you would even hundred dollars 25 gets up to 5% -- -- in yeah. -- save Apple they change in the put it towards that libretto why it took 4011100. -- -- Apple hasn't -- -- demo here. If this is called the now I -- this on on on Twitter this is the world's -- Podcast -- in studio helicopter flight 200 could end -- Spot the -- Armed beaten you can listen -- you how about this Mac it is litmus W we -- again that it's okay go tell us briefly what this is earth. We're taking a look at it it's -- parents you are wrong it is required to copter with two cameras one use the measure the distance from the ground levels while another Ford facing camera. Which gives you -- view. Long your iPod stuff so -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Yet -- view. The you're not talking to the micro right. Yeah. -- like that. The camera. And I don't not realize it actually looking at -- see what influences -- bodyguard. Once thickened about the advocate. Is wrong during the camera towards it -- that. Because -- this camera is that in black point yet black to white guys in black and -- go figure them it's cool that it talent like that. But I don't is elegant looking -- -- that camera. That's a pretty cool that. Again gonna that's -- it. -- It's okay -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's begins and ends the room. In studio time and yeah you'd hunter -- -- Me to play the video out of the terminator hunter and owner of the world gonna -- particularly -- a market earlier and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know big. -- -- -- Well and gradually it got the island. This -- with here it comes in microphone and -- both the and -- that. It. But in it would -- these things got the permanently. It is it is now -- and -- big -- It is it is a really cool device dominant this parrot AR drone. It's a really addictive device because -- -- that before it's something and now my lyzard it's gonna retail for 299. Is it out -- not it it is out it came out last week that it's available Brookstone and in the department -- website. It's got a lot in it though it's -- from it's got the parrot AR what is it the apparent on 92640. Point 26 emitter processor. 128 megs of GDR ran a 128 megabytes of law. Just regular ram memory and it's running a light form of Linux. So this thing's gotta lot in it it on the the did the bully the arms are -- -- like a carbon fiber. Obviously it's got a foam covering the outside and comes to the -- horses. Aren't able to might. This outer casing is for indoor flight. It removes very easily. And then. Outdoor. Our -- flight it is just like this. As the camera in the front right here know the camera underneath measures that you hear like like the camera measures. The -- so when you take off it automatically levels all by itself. It gets a little draft and it goes either way it's them to me about. In every few games coming out eventually -- you can have -- we are drones. And you can shoot lasers -- -- the virtually is being shouted needs drone went to grant them together or your criteria crashed into each other. They're actually augmented reality games reviewed shooter like virtual enemies as well yeah they're gonna be available only app store. Right now it works with the iPod Touch and the iPhone it works via the excellent monitor you -- -- -- Iran ordered -- the Ford back you can also view I. We wanted to try to -- and you can view what the what the drone sees through the actual screen of the -- device. Palm's pretty amazing we've actually editor and look at your you can look at yourself you could see it and it's really cool -- -- that is really addictive. If it if it at silent mode is like the perfect stalker -- Degree cube drawback and drawbacks drawbacks thus -- but you can't help it it is. It has like about maybe a 1250 minutes with -- flight time. And that's obviously because the way you can't you can't put a big pattern of that thing you've ever gotten I think it's important and it -- -- true. Believe -- not a bunch of the sales team and I we we we flew through flat aren't converts from there there you keep it in America you get all laid out -- you could fly -- back. But meeting with your -- -- it worked and the greatest thing about it it is it works via Wi-Fi generous on Wi-Fi connection. You connect to it feel like you would -- Wi-Fi hot spot and and once in you download this AR free flight app from the app store the Apple Store and you're good to go to go with -- recharge the -- I was about ninety minutes. So I was fortunate enough parent -- generous they gave me two batteries to use with this -- We have body to play with aim and everybody this is just as the most sought after -- -- via it was hit it it is really fun it is I I can't even Teoma. I wanna take my son see it but he's gonna wanna fly -- won't be anything left that he touches it. -- -- -- -- make it rates by Germans and it -- an office too does. Worrying UFO thing hovering earlier and you -- it's important to respond all of us the sales team wants the flight over the couple of sales managers want a flight over the -- that's right major resort in which is gonna point I mean -- -- go to -- mortality of -- Mayer publisher requirements -- you Richmond NFL game and they get arrested on access. Halo -- that's -- -- -- that stuff that's another might have guy on human yeah that's another that's another great thing about it as well. You don't have or offline at some point in having it die did you actually get the battery level on the screen and want to show it is urgently -- -- -- -- color screen. And I'll put the camera on some -- because the -- -- -- -- -- -- He's there now apparently did you receive the crazy -- the person holding the actual. So now that you're watching itself want -- want to itself into it so it's it's it's it's a really. Cool device I I I can't wait to see with the future generations bring because these this is like the final mock -- of -- a lot more designed. Oh don't know. -- yeah. I would I when I took my -- back I guess you yeah and as remains. I launched it without helicopters Bill Gates noted that intelligence it becomes -- -- the fiftieth minute effect -- -- unit at them. England it is -- political it is -- muffler and everybody. I -- -- -- medical device and and there are two flight mode Jackson mode that I have it on his beginner where it gives you one -- that you hold the music seller commoner and up down and turnarounds. As one mode where just one single button and you control everything it's more it's -- experts -- I'm not mess of an expert is there -- range limit. -- -- believe it's like what is -- 164 feet or something like that but something something something better to double check that but. I should impose going up the next airs those are complaining it explaining immunized I get I get Ackerman Scott edited so -- eyes in nineteen -- -- -- how -- -- to read my announced either read -- little my own stuff so. From the -- -- Richard political post that you -- take -- to an NFL game fine Iran does drizzly sky and got it Islamic and I always want. This guy that's got Segway. The stupid Scott take -- of course it is available only asked him -- -- -- I'm going to the Monday -- Football game tonight the new metal and stadium you know what Italy the halo management times you know what it sounds so tempting but I'm gonna have to wait till the next -- -- quick look at the wave of the neck pillow on -- kids. On the -- like I can't play. -- and Bob outfit you welcome to come along to the jets game in the future and and -- it could pick it -- -- -- and after Minnesota narrative from global. -- you I would love to see it actress -- and anything can. Pick. So yes this began there's a lot -- cool technology going on the -- metal and stadium including a lot of Wi-Fi networks they're installing. But there's one thing that that it's being available to give -- available at twelve different stadiums -- -- and that's called fan vision and I wrote about this week. It's it was and it's actually created by dolphins owner Stephen Ross and it was at any dolphins fans like -- -- -- -- -- -- last year because he was -- dolphins games last year but it's going. Live -- a whole bunch of others now vikings -- -- center. It's a little Smartphone I'd like -- -- little four point six inch screen. It's got six hours of battery life. And it's gonna UH Jeff local -- connection to be able to get -- for channels of video. And actually be able to store. I dangles a -- of a video replay. To get instant replay of a polite game action and also be able to see in division games apparently and the NFL -- -- channel on -- some. Media stuff now so that may ask why do you need this if you're going to -- game. -- -- watched the game itself but you know we've got some semi cheap seats for season tickets. It's hard to see all the game replays and get a big HDTV. Nothing gets you the action -- are kind of media can offer bit -- a hybrid experience. Plus you'll get smart for reception and stadiums it's pretty hard to be able to get -- three G signal or Wi-Fi so the smartly goes to UHF local. Broadcast and -- -- apparently were having a few issues that -- can be set up in time for the jets patriots game on Sunday this thing so I'm gonna go get a chance -- enzyme that he's. Human cloning your hands yet not yet tonight you know what's -- -- nuts next sentence and a Jesus picture of it I am again yeah yet again his picture and. Hard to see here but it you know it it looks like a clunky. You know sort of like an old school personal media player because the screens Wednesday just -- point of its four points it -- hand yeah inside four point three corporate interest. Yes so it's hand held. On it also works in the parking lots of soliciting your -- tailgate -- device. It's meant to be pastor and the idea is that you know. It's like those old watchman TVs and you know it's it's like a higher tech versions if you're sitting in this Ngo and wanna check out that replete and it's your friend. They can went out now is an insurance that accompanies it -- you know from people beer it's been a question they do not save it off so you price. It's 200 dollars and that gets you access for the entire year net and you -- at first you think 0200 dollars for everything that it costs of the game. Including its nine dollar Beers you know -- -- sound like a bad deal if you're paying -- that -- tickets but. You'll have taken account after this year there apparently gonna go which -- per game charge in five or ten dollars B -- the device and apparently works in east medium. That supports and -- -- out and show. Acting duo and articles humanity it's it's a it's a great idea for six hours and actually now they claim at six hours of of -- -- use as well would you be testing with it. That's more than enough time to regain and also smartly detailed -- drive around. It also gets well as -- -- in the parking -- get the of the radio broadcast. -- -- -- we can actually be nice if elected be nicer than a bit like you can recharge in the -- in the arm -- They could -- -- -- to the giving way to everybody who has club seats at the jets games. But those are 30000. Dollar PS now so with which we hear that we see now what that -- CBS before that peanut for the -- when it if you think you're gonna be relevant man yet. Been. It's a cool idea want to see you it's -- can sign and it seems and people would actually use but. My dad where's it brings headphones. And binoculars and all sorts of gears V that he -- -- with so. I -- it -- make it more useful device. And critical I mean it have been nice if animated app. That you can use like on your phone especially since now let the Verizon is in a -- with something like that did nobody wants to go to my desire. And -- -- go to. It is -- 1931. That it be nice if -- indignities and -- at work especially. With so many so many people elect. I mean let's be -- of -- -- majority of cell phones out -- iphones -- blackberries. And Andrew devices make something that works across those three pretty much cover now everyone and and then have a subscription. Through the and I felt that winning approach -- probably a lot more adopters you're. Totally right and in fact they supposed to -- something like that at the new metal and stadium. If they say they're gonna -- quote smart -- -- they haven't shown it yet. And there Cisco actually put up blanketed to -- you with Wi-Fi apparently one of the dances Wi-Fi. Coverage areas in the stadium ever. And they apparently going to enable that type of Smartphone use I don't know if it's if rises developing it I don't know if it's for Verizon phones only. Or it's a Wi-Fi up the works across all of them want to see my only concern is like you said. I think it's I think that's the way to go if it doesn't drain your battery and if the network even a Wi-Fi doesn't get too crowded nine that I -- -- be -- them. It's be really disappointed man you guys -- have the NFL mobile license now for the end zone and everything. I was impressed and that -- as the reds against the -- chemical you can actually sealed scoring drives currently aboard. You know you're at a time out here if it's it was a why would you do that when you're watching the game -- like between the -- eight. Well it looks. When they're not gonna let when he gets an NFL you wanna get closer to play -- and you -- wanna see your -- gonna do it in there and you really curious what you do when you're going that the patriots in it it's not the same time -- -- -- -- doing comes with that in that's the last time in an area Tuesday. I think that's what's exciting stuff today it's -- -- and up. That's next time personally. And I -- -- have one more frightening to me that. They got the money with the conflicted -- -- side. And that's science. He made it -- to -- for the pod -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- On on FaceBook heavily to the front of the so creating -- tonight that -- the conference happening of -- sixth 2000 and in South Bend, Indiana. They supposedly. Attended -- and put on -- actual scientists although you know who knows. It is called Galileo was wrong conference yeah. About how the earth is actually. The center of not only the solar system but of the universe itself -- geo centrism. And obviously is complete opposite of -- in theory. Which which puts. The year just as you know part of the universe -- around there and solar system and everything goes around the sun. Well anyway there's an actual conference with people supposedly scientifically. -- this through the area very lengthy and -- How long -- with books. But you know what this -- like this month to book the a lot of you Republican with the and yeah -- -- -- arm galileo's wrong the conference. That it's dated November 6 and up to fifty dollars and and you get complimentary lunch complementary luncheon so that's a good deal. And the hotel rooms are pretty affordable so the book this is all based on it by two guys -- both. Ph.D.s but one of them -- to redraw and theology and religious studies. The other guy. As the doctorate in general relatively. But he from the Stevens Institute of Technology and with -- any physics instructor at Bergen community -- And yeah. Yeah I think. I -- -- is subject it is so goofy I can't even begin to delve into this but I thought that was then amusing enough. To bring up I'm -- -- out on the world's craziest episode. Because and it would be deposited into a waiting for the hollow worth press conference. I'm waiting for the they Nebraska are just a conference you attend a -- Jacqueline -- -- conference. Where -- they find scientific evidence of the mythical Jacqueline creature. They -- I don't know yeah AM. An adequate and a quick thanks despite for putting the digital city podcast linking -- -- transplant that's not gonna I thought I was going over the line I'm going for the quarter and at the top this next week and out -- I believe I think you should bring your basically topless. I don't need to know where that. I was surprised I'm not an iPod -- I would not it's not enough not to wrap up the 200 days I don't know. Yeah about it I am. Yeah it's definitely a place is -- is that he's moved into that sounds good. Who -- break it here I'll talk about hands on with bandage on actually probably have the device although who work here in the podcast you that we can take a look at it. Alright alright so it always everywhere -- -- vibrator last -- -- background I shouldn't we should review sectional threatened to the extent that we should I think. Sending emails through. Yeah. Okay creative video -- What if any. And jewels. In the -- -- Bellic I could plug it doesn't yeah those are Flexilis what I care about -- plug them. I'm becoming -- -- to get my here right here blitzer let's record a capacity as he did it got mad. This -- guys made. And that's on FaceBook. Because -- -- -- -- all of Mike with a ligament that -- relatively -- at CNET dot. Writer -- -- certificates and other things they'll -- Oracle on -- -- and got mine pointed get a bootleggers a bootleg copy from Michael he has actual palm already have a and I would like to follow football team recommend objects and -- 31 movies 33 touchdowns and actually make things well not pretending they seem to. Couldn't you couldn't watch the -- was busy watching fighting the -- quarters -- -- found my son but you know it's about the bottom. Obama and I have yet -- and we're here we'll. -- season after being there at the top was playing is basically do a quick get out there. Put it immediately know share your -- Yeah showed off -- -- The next time.

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The WD Elements portable drive is a great deal
2:23 April 17, 2015
CNET editor Dong Ngo sort of explains the difference between bravery and courage using the high-capacity low-cost WD Elements portable...
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Forget maps and let leg electrodes guide you there, Ep. 200
4:54 April 17, 2015
Crave celebrates its 200th episode with a human cruise control system that's, well, pretty shocking. We check out a bicycle that claims...
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Send Frigidaire's Professional Fridge back to the minors
2:24 April 17, 2015
The Frigidaire FPBC2277RF is priced in the big leagues, but fails to perform up to expectations.
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Star Wars droid BB-8 is real, powered by Sphero
2:40 April 17, 2015
Get ready for rolling BB-8 toys. The droid in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a real robot, based on the technology in Sphero's toy...
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CNET Top 5 - Crazy looking smartphones
3:36 April 17, 2015
Round, curvy and two-faced: five phones that broke the mold and dared to be different.
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Faster Roku 2 masters the streaming universe
1:45 April 17, 2015
A nearly perfect mix of speed, features, price and ecosystem make the Roku 2 our favorite streaming device yet.
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The Garmin Vivoactive is an ultra-slim smartwatch with a few hiccups
2:15 April 17, 2015
CNET's Dan Graziano gives you a first look at Garmin's first smartwatch
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Is the iPad dead?
7:47 April 17, 2015
CNET's Luke Westaway and Rich Trenholm debate whether Apple's iconic tablet is headed for the scrapheap, or has a long and happy future...
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