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Tech Culture: Ep. 93: iPhone 4 lines still long; back-to-school tech picks; BioShock Infinite props

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Tech Culture: Ep. 93: iPhone 4 lines still long; back-to-school tech picks; BioShock Infinite props

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This week, Scott stands in a very long line at the Apple store for an iPhone 4; Dan previews NYC Taxi TV fixes; we reveal back-to-school tech picks; and check out some cool BioShock Infinite props.

-- -- -- Hello there it and and project I got it hydroelectric tighter edit the equipment at night -- -- thing. -- I wear that blue or red all day every day -- Tyson. Yeah. That there. I hate to be prices do a lot of exciting stuff going on in our little technological around this week -- we just jump right into it because we don't want whoever at a time. We're -- we're talking about this taxi TV -- -- like two weeks and -- this how horrible they aren't in you to the video just -- and how easy it is Panama and I you know they're they're so realistic executive -- -- still huge delay when you hit the -- you -- the -- -- of hitting the button on the -- -- been -- not -- it again and then it finally responded -- normal people get frustrated -- -- -- You know power yeah they are not normal -- -- and I'm saying you're looking normal people -- -- gaming the system to keep that video I'm just selecting here just anyway the New York Times just ran a pop -- what they call an op art piece which is not yet but art. Called truth in taxi TV talking about how terrible these tacky TV screens -- they say. -- video screens introduced by the New York City taxi and limousine commission in 2007. With the intention of providing useful information to writers. Have turned into -- loud and confusing visuals to -- advertisements entertainment. And the occasional -- bit of information. Which I've -- completely agree with -- they have some some screen shots of -- proposed changes. There actually make them more useful. I think the first one is. If you're kind of industry map here go down and -- the next one that goes like now. And if there's with a fair is the act -- them grapples that would be great he could fuel -- -- is on it. They have kind of the GPS thing but that doesn't really were to -- tell you where you line and then the next one down. Explain some of the third charges you run into while you're going through the city can't you go to the to from -- especially could get. You may have to pay for tolls and stuff and of course there's a fifty cent surcharge rate part of the game. A dollar surcharge in another part of the day and then finally if you -- -- to you can explain it. Why is that. Then finally a laugh when is this is a big scam some cameras -- pulling -- they would hit this button on the immediate that would turn on the out of town rate which playtime -- half. They do this for tourists who would know -- you're being charged a higher rate. Well here's a proposal to have a big red flashing screen to go -- anywhere factory at a -- -- if you're still in town. You know my own face up -- that moving again these are some ideas for -- These are great I should be decided taxicab update version two point wind development ultimate backseat the other problem is this so -- decently news clips from the weather and stuff and I guess that's kinda useful but. This fifty commercials first now it's like five commercials literally like two or three minutes of just commercials. -- -- -- -- -- It through three minutes more you know more commercials it's it's out of control it and ultimately -- any Clintonism -- then you become a simpler and I agree it's hard to find the volume button there are several I wish they'd shown their several different layouts and for the script CNET -- -- -- NBC -- -- on the relatives -- -- places. It's obvious by how frustrated Dan is how much time he actually spends and -- that's true. And voted and got a -- I'm trying -- -- You don't we -- drive or take mass transit Ackerman is actually an easy and that that's right that's regular that we can actually drive it can't have. A couple bucks on the side and -- -- -- you had backed the idea you gotta theorized take a phone call -- and eat the same time that's right ethic and an ideal people up Belinda yes. I agree completely the other problem is -- worth. They have this little pre roll now that explains like the rules of taxi driving -- with and we kind of flash animation and that like some like. Panic and you like -- like ethereal music but what you can't turn that off and you can't and the volume off and then you can turn the volume on the regular TV programming into that little intro video is done. So when used to get a candidate hit off right what you can do that now you get on the phone and -- and you can turn the volume off and they get wait a minute and then the real line -- in financial programming. A daily average and what -- finals -- -- about you with -- your biggest -- -- is all about me. If -- your biggest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Steve -- -- -- well basically if you ignore everybody that's for the and others speaking of speaking of people ignoring things I thought -- I decided to ignore iPhone for hysteria it's got however the finally gave in didn't. A bit the bullet -- -- -- most embarrassing confessions of ever had to make in the tech world because I feel like. Saying I bought an iPhone for in this office again a -- really. -- really -- time mr. I just turn it and children world now and this six month cycle yes that the cycle in the office and -- say I mean they're like you will still buy iphones but I. I feel -- -- have an apology -- -- to hide -- a little shameful but I'll say enjoy it and got via. We're right there sans case Lenovo and we need remind you arrive at the Senate for your free bumper that's what I'm looking -- -- The bumpers gonna become -- Now was it just timing here and -- -- at it why does away now I know -- talked about okay. That's out of the bag so it's not gonna tune in and just upgrade the by the Clinton already I was supposed to have already meet and purchased before he got out of the bag didn't -- cat made the purchase and then it in and slide around a -- -- the country piano. Pennsylvania -- -- -- and the academic acumen does like I'm gonna view -- night game objects of pictures I need my new iPhone four through this exactly and for -- -- needs but also for the -- of course that's step after I you know the. Wise I I I also bought into the likeness and realized it was so hard to find it strangely sold out and then it and it that was available 1 -- called the morning. And they said we haven't site and -- and you know what I'm gonna go again. I went down there called nine and -- the store opened is that if you check your availability then and is that you better get down -- noses huge line. And -- -- how did everybody you're even online if they didn't know was gonna be available so I went down there on the upper west side. And the like was huge it was out the door around the block down to the next block a full block long it was like a launch -- -- -- until where you work. -- didn't -- -- -- the Etsy that are now. Available and I don't know where I mean. Or for so I wait I got on the end of the line and and it and it was crazy and ordered out of everybody you know now what's interesting is that. The line you know. Have to be cut off. They're like people trying to cut back in line and Apple had the black shirt in -- security team out there. There are pretty awesome -- -- gold chains and -- like like bouncers at this club. That they're they're pretty well behaved -- is a question of whether a lot of these. Phones are being bought by resellers. And and just you know snatched up and resettle elsewhere and other professional line standard's professional line stands -- it's very hard -- -- What I can say is that. A vast majority this morning's line. Seem to -- all part of the same group there'll -- each other on cellphones and and certainly talking -- and on the line. And to be as fair as possible as we don't know -- this -- it was a -- It seemed largely Chinese speaking. I'm it was a just say as the Asian those -- now that's fine he could tour group because there's a but an analyst at the Apple aside is is pretty homogenous and and not all that -- it was it was slightly anomalous for the upper west side. And who is also -- -- none of the people once you to be very excited to be online. The first US if you're waiting on line is let's talk about her new found no no conversations are happening it's not like -- a conversation with people online well nobody yes and and nobody really -- we have that went. I just strictly -- -- Maybe I'm -- here re creation conspired for those very bravery that person for me and I -- are excited to be gaining iPhone four and smiled night doing. Yes -- man in Asia -- an English you know saying so there's language very which riverbank conversation and I just -- -- what Jerry just got need to learn Chinese Internet. Yeah actually -- as a what mightily going again and they just turned -- -- around yeah. And and that was the end of the conversation I turned the guy behind me was like -- had my -- -- -- floppy. Justin Bieber -- -- be -- and down and -- and reading of that novel and I said. Okay so what which already in Afghanistan and and -- -- well as a really long line he said yeah. Which -- with the choice which one did you get I got a 32 because minus thirty maxed out at 32 before -- a lot of apps and also fear for the shooting of HD video and the deployment here here's the question now what -- you going to be three yes let's category if you are you you know agenda. Expedia a senior editor here that's the -- three do you want to a coma. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The idea. I'm not that she could happen it was estimated Linus along a lot of people are buying -- phones and of course whether or not the resellers. The employees and you know the security employees admitted you can't do anything because. Customers customer and the they eliminated the reservation system -- -- which was actually answer. -- data pick it up and now I can't anymore getting it right away and it's great if you can have hopeful they supply or give them their normal time but if you're not -- at that store -- -- at 7 am. Waiting for the possibility it might be there you'll get one and so. I think the -- if there's reselling it -- knowing that regard because it's -- opportunity to buy them up and well according to say that in lining up in Toronto as well as some might be an issue that people might just be really before -- -- customers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and I only antenna I get it on the island and I I find you know in most use a climate issue overblown. When I find under blah but -- what I what I find it's more of an issue with an XP now this re engineered design. -- you know the -- general reception is just the lateral move there's no movement -- reception. I find that to be unforgivable because you spend all this time putting into thank you expect. You'd expect better call -- Not qualities -- the quality -- -- better but the general reception. It's another Steve Jobs -- -- incident on this it does for some reason to annually it does drop in the office by it to your anger evident it on the -- but but all weekend. It worked -- we're gonna. The real question had done not -- not to -- off topic but death what are you gonna have to do to make up. But the fact he went out and and and it got did you get get some sort of plan is it didn't put it paint in the bathroom where you put some -- What's your what's your plan well. In exchange originally I was supposed to finish creative writing project of mine which I haven't done yet so -- -- -- and Q I was supposed to you. Finish. Hiding up our bedroom getting the apartment in order. And that hasn't happened yet so the very least. But just in time to get that -- -- to get you back where she gets OPEC to Nevada and definitely be got. Yes a cat and mouse has -- a birthday present so happy birthday to me don't necessarily August 31 stop but. Is that -- -- are you gonna jailbreak it. You know I am. A gallon because it's so easy shot -- yeah. You know. I haven't on the because you know I feel embarrassed that I haven't done like you said it's -- very easy and it's legal and I don't know who's doing what it when my freedom and intact and have always -- worried about working the phone. And there's no economic just restored you can register and it's. Pretty good two years now the guy you the other Apple news besides -- iPhone line -- was this Apple manager. Who apparently was charging companies who wanted to do business with Apple kickback money. In order to get some inside information that he could make better -- and their components. Getting -- in the mine. Yeah and -- was that was accused of accepting a million dollars in kickbacks and half a dozen agents suppliers iPhone and -- -- accessories. Apparently. He shared confidential Apple information with them and that help them. Page contract basically -- and I'm more favorable terms the action that would be charged with fifteen counts of wire fraud five counts of money laundering one count of wire fraud conspiracy and one count of monetary transactions. With criminally derive property according to court documents. -- -- -- That's too Apple executives and he. Leaving the company under odd circumstances that's a really that was -- criminal now but it's an unusually high amount of like. -- news I noticed that was really high and guide but then column these -- Apple manager who does that -- the -- you global supply manager do you think the -- exactly and it -- -- equivalent to that big was familiar to it was more -- the millions what they found at a -- because yeah -- -- if it doesn't matter how much you take advantage of a catch you. What Gibbons what an amateur level left for legal. I guess now I guess again in the Apple going to be pain is that -- -- it's it's back to school time. You guys are aware of -- affluent client plus thousand the -- to back to school and over here at this CNET world headquarters. They had everybody contribute their favorite back to school gadgets for be loosely put together an if and a tactical picture which their gadgets and stuff I hate that particulate if they stole it from individuals to -- old photos and -- and -- If they ever burial of the worst pictures -- put up I especially like personally I use that -- -- -- -- I mean look lyrics -- rich has my. My -- out the banks you've gotta hand look at caesar's idea and that it Katzmaier with that you seventeenth an -- there is that yeah you know he's got the county for a new England and read reviews so I was excited to see especially Julie -- contribute their ideas that idea -- -- a couple of back to school. -- that -- very good does it work. I got so surprised a lot of people is one -- about the school pics was the MacBook Pro am I did I did pick that because Apple has an incentive for students were qualified student ID. You you show it and they give you at least 100 dollars off and an iPod Touch which is the beautiful thing. As -- deal and if you wanted to pay the difference you can actually upgrade the iPod Touch through our capacity and that they've got a great deal I mean don't get me wrong that that special works on all their products by. -- -- to the MacBook pro just because. I like the aluminum finish over the white finish so if a student is great for students and it's also great if you like to -- like I do alone that one device that can do everything windows on it and -- that's the point. What's what's one of their -- and you list. They don't really get I like VH TC -- What's -- evil incredible particular column I like if our Verizon's networks bit the difference between the two of -- -- screen size. The the incredible has more internal memory I won't elaborate too much on that because that's what Julie -- and that's -- -- best suited to discuss it. But I can talk about the evil -- within the sprint has some of the best -- and also affect the forgy will be coming soon. And I love this huge four point three inch screen come on people say it with me you size matters. You've -- to Nintendo Wii when I did pick the Nintendo -- surprise because I also think that's also great because it's it's of the affordable and in terms of like group gatherings there's no better console than -- than it point to point to it over -- -- -- picks her back to school. Ran. -- I got elected because it happened with Africa and Canada and but I wanted to with the program yes so one of -- outlet in. -- the. Yes they spray and Alienware M eleven acts via. Really like. Each feed him for our. Another good one thanks -- In -- in the MacBook and MacBook the white that the via the -- -- the people largest entities and view an Apple. Reducing their -- Apple products that does it mean that we think you know here now apparently in -- got what -- -- -- back -- -- for NASA or the a lot of overlap PR -- -- them. Is definitely some rural some overlap great minds. In the laptop category I like -- another M eleven X vote I think I got all voted for the PS3 yeah. And it is a newer M eleven -- as a core I seven you'll be we have a review on CNET. It's got ups and downs I -- actually think some of the balance for the price for the original -- the next might be the sweet spot for people went back to school there's that. -- EA. In our retail roundup in the 24. FM. And load up right now you we could sign out over that -- -- it's got you know what's nice -- -- three laptop it's also got Blu-ray and it's also an Intel wireless and it's like I 7997 and -- nine. And it's got a great keyboards it's really comfortable to write on. Which sometimes not all these laptops -- I know for a day people accuse me being too much of an Apple lover -- that that I you know you know I said the -- -- -- that's of the iPad for one reason. And you have one don't think it's a website -- -- I don't think it's a laptop replacement and you're the type the student. That brings -- desktop school. You figure you got it all one that's like your TV like a big iMac or something like that -- than an iPad is a great I travel device for you when you're going back for the holidays or anything else. Instead of buying a laptop as well recently -- -- like that back that's a great. That's not I I I definitely I definitely agree but what made me not want include -- in my list is the fact that we're so close to the announcement. For the next version of -- are we are doing -- we are now -- attack directed by Daniel -- as well and availability of camera -- -- disabled and August and October -- November it generated five months it had nobody in -- -- -- in the tech industry knowing what's going to be in the next edition kind of -- their current -- you might -- new generation reunited in October but I'm saying when you get it in here about the next and it. A law I've I've you know all that every now and wait six -- wait six I'm not good point good point yeah Aaron you know I -- -- -- iPhone. Or for one reason which is the video element if you're gonna be -- it it it's for the camera. As an alternative you can put as a flip camera if anybody was gonna -- -- and the -- don't have those settlements taking care of the flip cam medical and is almost not obsolete and opulent if phones that and theft. Yeah I also have -- for backpacks and one of the gigantic ones is that -- both flow. Which for you know I don't think there's a larger sturdier weekend backpack but it's also gigantic but if you are you -- taking the train back. For -- weekend or you wanna take some stuff to lab with you. That's a really nice on wind. And I I put the Gateway and the 5933 -- -- for cheap. It's really hard to -- 649. Core I three Blu-ray. You know very affordable laptop it's not the most comfortable one -- if you're looking for good price. Point I thought that was a pretty good one. Yeah that's what about what about dancing this got a -- one of my cardinal rules but -- mind. I I I I can't believe that you and act means you -- you are now you and I was amazingly. -- -- and -- and that's not even worse than that one I like where you said for cheap. Although he never did I when you rewind the tape back -- any real use said I don't think. -- any create let me I hear that. Read -- that's got a -- he had been an accident that I need I say if -- were -- it's always an accident when -- is that all day sedated and I and my heart to suck. Well -- -- too liberal and never got or cheap I I except that early and obviously that's. Sorry don't feel I negotiated mumbling -- I agree that's our -- stacks up against I don't know if you're gonna MacBook Pro all day every day blu get a lot of the overlap. I put in that tissue reported they are seven -- five which is a great kind of MacBook alternative for 799. I also -- -- -- -- harmony remote control on there because that's just to kill way to control all the stuff near dorm room or whatever we can have this -- background counts. And down I also said what -- -- -- -- the the MiFi. My clients you know if you wanna have a portable wireless connection goes with you everywhere and -- wanna -- USB keys I love the MiFi. -- -- -- -- The EPC 1018 July oh yeah okay -- -- -- -- someone of the cooler netbooks it's right no right price a little bit over 290 -- public 350 but he argued on fail on critical metal body and redesigned. All that stuff so these are some of the but not all just some of the back to school page you can find -- CNET. Back to school guide which is I'm -- promoted all over the site right now although I don't know when a short that you are open to it it's actually not until you get it is gonna you're gonna say it's easy time and of course the then separate from that here's -- back to school -- -- desktop. Retail. Laptop and desktop laptop and desktop retail review roundup -- that's -- thing is if that is the system -- -- and -- the reasons which is all kinds of store laptops and desktops you -- actually -- like best buy I think actually buy off the shelf. Laptops and desktops specifically for back to school that's a whole separate roundup that I think really got a lot of ways because it's alone on a favorite topics ought to get an and -- -- Because you can actually because a lot of things used to cover a book before sort of knew these roundups where. -- web web sold. Thousand best options really good and I you can actually go win. To a store like best buy them a couple of these models and for the people like that on in the store experience ago and they feel that they touch is they pick it up. There's a lot of was -- reviewed were much different this -- series went -- regret change was because that might have more ram a larger hard governor -- isn't much better Lawrence's there was is that oftentimes been oppressed because of the scale you get high very big story -- you get the Sunday sales circular. And you go what's the model -- -- dash. And that's -- store only miles -- and that our review pops up we need to I -- somebody's model numbers more. I want at all it knows what a few beside morsel that he's cited him pretty then laughed about it they've always -- and -- that's fascinating. And I core two duo. The -- exhibit a processor that even if any processor. And lower please try your cores and try Gentoo and the -- -- -- only horses Klein that's gonna make any sense I like the core I electric or use -- -- -- It's like a chorus of we're. Eight -- About the HP sensational. I don't Verizon and have it it's got to -- that he sensational fourteen thank program has additional fourteen that -- like Smartphones are just a very simple. I'm afraid yes it -- there -- lining -- the envy thirteen million before TV -- V fifty in the NB seventeen that makes sense you could bring out eventually just be the Asus sparkle -- 40945. Dash. -- -- -- Sparkles -- I'd like this to allow that would be called incredible. The incredible. Yeah you need only if you rotating joint drug company in -- seven Denny's and call me crazy guy I feel we are excited about Madden which just came out and its connection to we your favorite local team look at possibly one of my attitude that impressed what it what what what year to passively. I'm wearing your what is important they had then what what -- what is your favorite team. Redskins. Obviously like a green candy. Iran -- -- and I think. That yeah yeah some killed green candidate with the football season starting Madden kicking off and -- of the of the football program the phone thing. The retirement as -- the spent all the sprint they object is of data -- -- mobile we will all that's going on. Let's dedicate three minutes to take a break over here and you guys talk about the football up here and I'll be the -- it starts now seem happy that's almost. Much time I'll tell you I'm excited and the -- -- and that and a Saturday I love that game and a lot of people criticize the fact that you -- as much franchise functionality but the but the basic running game now is is really strong. And it's pretty easy to get into some. Yeah I haven't actually gotten to play it but I did dom I did go back and have a back and forth on our podcast for FaceBook vodka go to our FaceBook podcast -- -- -- He actually wrote in and -- I know I don't even begin to act to visit there were some really good notes on that -- Harry Harry was pretty detailed -- one -- -- he's he's a classic example of being upset of the franchise mode wasn't -- a little -- but that's for the football matters. Of which I'm one of them. If you're someone who's afraid of Madden -- -- -- the Street Fighter of sports games too many buttons the new version auto -- plays for you. I'm game -- -- is dive right -- And the running is just about moving this to analog sticks around like NHL -- so it's -- it's not so bad. -- I mean I I haven't played men want I think one of the reasons why stop playing -- is just like first person shooters if you don't have the time the continually play it. You just gonna get discouraged I went online. And you know -- -- defense on this guy I held them. And of course for the fourth down came in. In typical man facts in dispute went for -- he got -- down. Eventually scored army then onside kick recovered the ball a -- -- so mean I was like any -- that of the you know look at these I don't know what that. What -- -- Ackerman ankle over there yeah. Hurting himself -- look -- that aren't they aren't but you -- it was actually features a new version for defense we can hold down a button and it automatically it's animals and -- -- -- -- -- -- It automatically controls the defensive player for you -- you cannot -- together usually -- the multiplayer. It'll well it does -- three on Israel immediately you can place the linebackers -- all the quarterbacks. With animals are going to be jets team at the -- I know you -- music genome science and that's and that's why it's due march that's -- I need it alternates as -- a metal and stadium in Atlanta green or blue depending on -- -- difference -- -- And there -- a report that there's a Smartphone -- I don't mean that it's probably a website and all -- the stadium. That they claim there's a Smartphone -- in the -- -- gives you concession. Life -- and also possibly -- channel information. -- -- Now if it's apparently rumored to be right and you know that I hope the variety of Verizon Verizon -- that does of the content from Netflix movies when things went head to -- their whole mobile and its network access and access college that now as well it's really you want to -- -- games owns. And listen to like him I imagine to be like if -- -- -- ago. You know on your web browser media on -- load that -- As a web app -- I mean you could probably just download that the -- for the phone anyways this is a felon but I'm not yet and if ESPN should be obvious you know the ones there's -- crappy -- why isn't that what Apple I think it's got tab and reduce service and football stadiums. Have Ackerman -- -- I know well anyway that's -- we are ready for some football that's a great way -- -- melting in half and half are you ready to hear a lot of football act. Are you ready for the -- well let's close -- -- -- even near here which is Bioshock. Ultimate. Which is which Scott and I it's like very briefly last week and it. Infinite and one key thing ultimate I don't whose ultimate I don't like it package that actually seemed in a man that's like you gave her cellphone you -- off right now he's on my contacts in reference we all a bunch of us went down to the Plaza Hotel request into -- -- it was not this -- well who's very was retirement. Yeah and I thought it. Accurate. And I. It liquors historian and you'll understand that -- had a top secret event at the Plaza Hotel that's the historical home of -- And in -- -- 39 is the Charles Rangel congressional birthday dinner celebration they -- protested outside. And we didn't know what game was because that was immediately the top secret -- -- come down here at 7 o'clock sharp. And this guy Ken Levine who's been a -- gains including the original one of god is gonna and it doesn't mean we're not gonna tell you what it is three -- room together its docket on the European -- It's gonna -- here yeah they're like yeah. I. Well we're gonna we're gonna we're going to college Saturday night into -- a a lately well -- the -- I didn't. It is a great -- like an effective game and it's not something new is -- actually but basically Firefox three I've shot incident. Which -- we think cloud city oddly enough with a product that looked really good obviously we -- we analog video it has got to find the video Alamo well you know I'm gonna find -- props on the video while talking and I'll hold -- on our -- you get the -- upon the video. The threat. That is an affront to see you finally do it in the day that'll take may have -- -- -- that they did -- -- talk about the game that takes place kind of the early nineteen -- and it is very much the same as you were devised a Connecticut that there's a -- city but this one's floating on hot air -- up in the clouds -- you have to go there. And find a missing person and it's like plants and -- and kind of versions of Baghdad that the looked really cool. But they gave us some cool props from the games and stories -- very mysterious. But I feel the soliciting for -- from looking at these props which Scott and I did. And the one problem -- right now is this. It is a bottle that you -- have some sort of tonic like trinket you would then take the top off and drink it that -- full of liquid in and around it. You can hear it it's called murder of crows in in the game between them with what -- would. Would usually in general you want academic is the giveaway at I. I don't. You can aspire brand and those in the game you print this and gives you with the power to -- -- -- flock of crows for example I'm here -- we actually have the -- -- have the video here. Okay let me look at them biologically and talk about it and they've done that with those existing I mean this guy Ken Levine can work against it generally. Have a lot of historical references a lot of literary references. Think of any data reference -- and -- it began -- or you think your under water just like if Bioshock. And then surprise. You can actually tell by now with having the means ongoing coming on is going on. There's a reference to the 1893 Chicago world's fair and the -- that -- was -- -- -- And as the -- over the game's not actually in game footage but Scott ever thought about this. It's it's funny -- graphics -- comes -- a long way where you don't really questioned in game footage versus a cut scene anymore because they pretty much of really emerged as one that some games like god yeah or you don't even make the cut scenes -- -- Metheny game engine this is this world. -- messing with its -- jewels -- -- steam -- you know it takes place in 190 in 1912. And it's it's it's more or turn of the century Americana sort of a feel. And this lighting call on Monday actions that gonna set themselves apart from the rest of the country because -- That they believe in genetic purity you know these -- the scary things and they have advanced technology to back themselves up. And we thought it is kind of a who's got a buffer and a little doubt that I said. The story representing what if scenario. Of America empire building and isolationism at the turn of the century. -- reference Alexis de Tocqueville who talked about America's you know kind of -- without limits and this is kind of a version of that we're technology runs out of control and you get. And you get the people with they would be late nineteenth century version of American empire building and -- get really advanced almost. Further than we have now technology to what -- they do -- that. And that's a lot of interesting. Who iconography in the -- lot of as kind of kick -- against foreign influences. Which we actually have a lot of the real in the country if you ever seen would be a piece of George Washington in the -- worked -- -- And of course that got pointed out that a lot of via a lot of the stuff we've seen in the game hints of eugenics. And and there's overlap and and we actually had any and America have -- well there was one of the pioneers in eugenics and you know it it would be associated with Nazi Germany but there's -- Sheffield eugenics. Research -- happen across the world and in 1907 around that time. They were -- American institutions. You know that we're actually sterilizing people in the US. Because based on the mental health. So this because it ties into the game like that the prices like in immigration tech from the city of Columbia. That ask you lift you know -- ethnic type and whether or not your imagine yourself -- mental acuity and and measurement of your radio in Seattle for knowledge you there you that -- deliberately meant to provoke but it's it's pretty fascinating world -- reminds me of like a bit of the enemy worlds of things like -- moving castle. Those are -- -- elegantly -- century steam -- for those are into that. It it it definitely is that but it seems very heavily researched and as fascinating historical detail -- very quickly the posters that some cool world were to influence posters. That's a box of mysterious these are things that -- cocoa restorative which some box of chocolates and -- Does that these are all take off the reelect World War I posters -- done to tell the story of Columbia. And because that when daddy what did you do during the siege of Columbia which take up for the fans posted -- what did you do during the war. Which is a British -- ruined recruiting poster -- -- it's a million normally spend on like video game like it's really amazing unbelievable is how is it and it is how we can get lost in kind of analyzing every little bit of it and come up of these kind -- ridiculous but but somehow stretching I took to -- -- of the Tocqueville and -- -- would distract but I I find it put me. That's what makes writing and thinking about games enjoyable finding those connections. And funny games and it's like any good -- that has like a -- -- story in the world through that there aren't that many games but that much -- researchers think there's a certain rarity. Pattinson that is true and that's why we like so -- art we don't we're talking about by -- infinite should come out maybe. Holiday next year Dan -- clock watcher Ackerman. Then. Doesn't that you really know that he was this music go ahead -- -- on that thank. -- -- -- Are you ready for. I'll be -- out yeah -- -- the metal and stadium tonight my candidate and if you happen to be out there. -- not widely what about fifty. -- -- section 334 or thereabouts. Repetitive camera Bluetooth there any give me a Holler. Good -- good luck yeah.

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