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Tech Culture: Ep. 91: Android surges; how to avoid eBay scams; and gamers fight back

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Tech Culture: Ep. 91: Android surges; how to avoid eBay scams; and gamers fight back

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This week, we examine the 800-plus percent surge in year-over-year Android phone sales (complete with another open-market versus walled garden debate); and also check out which new cities are getting WiMax. Dan recounts his harrowing experience trying to sell an old iPod Touch on eBay, and goes over the telltale signs you're about to get scammed. Then, we check out some amazing video footage of gamers at an Internet cafe fighting back against a gang of muggers -- those Warcraft guys sure can take a punch.

Yes definitely think of things I didn't mean to -- is there reason to think. I was saying it I would gladly pay people -- -- commission the company sells -- Well -- -- -- and that's the that's part of the and it is one of the many aesthetics -- -- we'll -- talking today. Because today is Monday being the week of what August 2 I can't believe -- -- disappearance got. Gonna August and so on this -- is gone -- equipped -- Q or for -- Chris was very. My my three year anniversary comes up on Thursday there was. My three year anniversaries -- not working lawyer Arthur -- and I'm marriage anniversary three and Harry and limiting factor and how many years later and you're so happy about and how -- was a kid that's -- very -- -- had. -- exactly and it gets pushed in the look. They can get me to an October look at yeah well they can as the name of his name is Alex come on and now jumps and respect that Alex -- Alexander's of that guy has been -- I mean long we -- we are actually refers to an executive Ackerman -- -- one and the emotional attachment to children because he does not want to -- because. He and self. Is it Peter Pan of CNET really. Either Peter Pan from hook it -- -- Who played over the program -- -- lawyers -- often is okay as I was like Peter -- time hanging out interest on -- in line. You're well aware that in a wealthy apparently hang it up. It's the Apple rim and everybody else because -- Android phones doing great at least that's what Joey tells me I do and what you know that. I know that involved in Q2 -- sales are up 886%. In the US and that's a beautiful thing. -- -- -- And there's no way I know marketing I know I'm I'm similarly responsible for my release to -- -- -- -- market hello how are probably gonna vial probably gonna -- probably gonna by the. Epic for Tunisia to support them in about what -- -- now which one is the epic. That's the that's the next -- -- for sprint with the physical keyboard is making Samsung okay with the super Amylin. -- -- Okay just to get Souter doesn't get too confusing the number of Android phones that are out there it is extremely confusing it's a little screen between the phones. The versions of Android right. It it is through carriers but that's it that's why people come to it's to outsource the analogy of injury to windows laptop seems very apt because you're the number of options some emigres a member confusing -- Better deals -- the great thing is that it gives you choices and it's it's really nice because you can have a phone familiar operating system. But you can get it with a physical keyboard physical keyboard. Smaller form factor or or my case through Ricans -- -- giant you know -- -- point three screen and and also if it's it's it's great because every carrier. Can have their own because Verizon -- also get the lack any compatibility between the phones in the absence doubt while I mean a lot of thing as a lot -- is also in the writing the apps are little more open I think. They just announced that you know there's him there have been a 100000 apps submitted -- for Android. -- if so that's a lot more open source so yeah you'll you'll get your fair share crap but I mean it just an industry that if you wanna know it's time with -- I guess now. Now let's put that 886%. Number in some context. It's basically you're gonna there were no Android phones pretty much and now there are buying so that's why that number so high it's not as if it was a regular you know phone operates is never had an -- -- -- 1000% more people had. -- continues eviscerate them are well that's that's impossible because you run out of the number of people exponentially on the planet. It well yeah one thing that let you well the thing is is the thing is that you know the with the with the with the content of the thing is also Google chemists use shorten the -- span. So you know -- have two point one tomorrow they release you know 2.2. For the Tivo and and you know gingerbread is later on. But I think after that they're -- just -- the upgrades as far as the -- annually and with the introduction -- the interface is -- hasn't changed but then you're gonna have to -- -- -- phone any carrier -- and you're getting the -- win you can get it which walking -- -- -- -- that and that's death because of with a year -- adoption -- the but the union delicate little sibling the errors which like. If you -- majority got the -- is free -- you had your your entry level I think what they wanted to a flood the market this we didn't get it. Span of people departs -- Some people. Want the -- for an iPod you're one of the iPhone allowing the market well without any thought toward future upgrade ability what they is that good for consumers it's not always good consumers but the -- you -- for free it's not -- I see what you've -- -- I mean they do have a lot of violence Julie for you ain't I I found on line it cost a 164. Dollars to manufacture. The HTC incredible how did you get for June -- that. So I mean there wasn't able to alienate myself that's not out that that album more probably get -- the but it took them services. That but that's the thing Verizon's services boring us you can memorize my cousin the reason why these funds can be less expensive is because. Google gives away that Android operating through -- for economic any money that's that's that's really great about the jewel he has a break I love the problem Verizon out of the incredible over the Jordan. That's a great phone for a great price and now. And how can I can you beat that -- Some people want people you get you performance and you get your price when I mean. Is now one of the reasons why people are so eager when their contracts up because they get that rebate with not only about having. The physical new technology it's also about saving couple -- -- Still as as somebody who who life getting down in the nitty gritty and taking apart computers and any new stuff and and and jail breaking stuff. I I totally agree with all that at the same time I think people want. That interoperability. They want that ease of -- they want that consistent. Platform and they like the fact that that app store from Apple. Is kind of a self regulating. Self self filtering -- it filters out all the -- I I -- -- consolidation because there are several sources on Android is your apps and yes well a little confusing what it it is confusing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah no one I mean but added there is an app update though there's redundancy -- that right there in there could be different companies are very. -- example here but -- For instance promised you an example well I forget that. Yeah of the people that's just the tip calculator -- a case that might want to cut it it could be good for one person and then another tip in acting to -- be really happy when it. Is this out of it and see out there but you know -- there are choices and it up as a fact that's that's. It's -- it's kind of good because some people -- the people don't want and -- That's symbolism -- joining us in the guy who -- defended tip calculator because as the only doesn't yet you're -- -- I'd have access to. Outlook for example in -- it hello. Well you'll see this is I think me as an example he is the only thing I don't want to nights at no I don't Friday -- they -- the typically they'll put on a collectors and -- walking and elect the usual my gas boom on an undemocratic article walk on the home -- back my -- I'm great -- -- love but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have to say Apple's done a really good job and having that nice clothes from -- but sometimes you just don't wanna have to like. The thing relative to look like plug into your computer all the time every did I mean antihistamine you don't understand get your iPhone -- the back of your -- and so forth. If everything with the iPhone is that okay that standing up -- -- will go -- -- picture of -- -- are debatable because in terms of like how how how. How great is the iPhone how much of the Smartphone is it. If it requires iTunes for backing up for up. Gates I mean yeah you can update and -- phone over the air -- under the giant to back up an -- phone over the air I can rip. Thanks to -- YouTube video right off for YouTube to my phone over the air right that I feel like it's actually the amount of it than iTunes is really being used for the for the iPhone at this point is really not that much but that's -- so -- -- so terrible I have to agree with -- is definitely here right backing up seeking managing your apps is a horrible horrible process. Even if you know images activating all my -- you have easy -- this error is will be no such -- and a lot of people. It don't -- that a -- -- -- if they don't like to pass right vendors and used to differences and you gotta reload and they had your own here we are writing that I just I wonder how far away really are from. Being able to sort of bypass iTunes a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean as many times you wanna plug your eye candy your iPhone or iPod Touch into the computer by the U wanna put the maps on -- that you don't currently have on -- that you downloaded for another. Apple device or something you when you get videos on there the got from iTunes. And you have to go through is back -- process if we can take hours that's -- it's it's art it's it's terrible I will say though. When you go when you jailbreak your iPhone -- you get the other Apple really an Android like app store again. Now those are cool but at the same time it shows you that they're not really -- cure rated because. Half the stuff doesn't work -- for the confusing it's just Willy -- and it's an issue began that walled garden it's like you're in your in the mad max. You're beyond the thundered down man that's that -- different is pretty much like every because he has jail broken plug in gotten. Tons -- -- On them I mean some of the work habits -- of them don't and a lot of them even the very few -- is. The courage to -- a bunch do you know Illinois in the that's that's the that's the price of freedom and then -- I thought I. That's because the price of greed TI Joe yeah yeah. You have to figure out that yes I would say that you have that that we you know where people buying your around you get all the phone numbers mute everybody -- -- -- and -- you have that -- -- unicorn like -- man -- instinct. That's that's what it's carried -- sir that's right now now and obviously it can get this the -- -- two point to a pay for your phone about right. -- -- -- -- Over the air the gain on the sixth -- audio of this. And you'll get it right away not latency for work that well we're gonna we're not waiting for -- -- the cases we're going to get -- annually. Okay and -- I think. This benighted question about over the Europe is on the wirelessly if you end -- having -- wireless failure and -- update. Does that. Crash your -- out you're having some serious problem there is a tab on your phone that says on. Opera eight. You expect I think that it is fully down for -- -- -- firmware now disaster. As if -- multitasking so you know tab in the background only demands that. Well I don't trust that as far as interns -- Well did you know what it's -- we'll know once -- once it starts Jackson -- that you can't use the phone everything else is -- and and -- -- elected the you know you of the -- status downloads it then again -- -- -- the only thing I would -- of anybody listening in -- doing I would just to just being my wall ballot if you -- -- you never know how -- -- me leave you oh yeah this is for it right now that uses WiMax right. Okay so yeah five -- -- three can use the actual 1 June as we do -- -- -- I pleases I have them here you have less drug that is Stockton California. Mendoza California. -- student Jacksonville. On human -- Jacksonville Florida. Wilmington Delaware and Grand Rapids, Michigan all of the major Metropolis is I'm very important cities in terms a -- of -- thing now it lists and it seems like every like third -- we have. Another update ID I'm -- Nervous in the -- Think what was it like three shows ago we talked about some of the city I mean -- -- like every third so we give like five more cities where it's coming here -- -- deal title plus Delaware Delaware having email phone hello and Delaware got Barbara Delaware is a quick drive. I'm great -- tried there are like blogger -- elements of crab cakes and right violence in. It's closer to go and ability China and -- I'm just saying their role is painfully slow it's on -- and you know what whichever phone again it will probably be whoever as WiMax for LTE or four G service security while it'll be it's it's empty mobile might. My Tivo Verizon says they're gonna get out and Verizon Verizon president and 95 days I think and move that -- -- name mean thanks for the the testing process and it's -- that -- But New York is probably gonna be left -- -- I know it's the last act. I love it anybody -- guys and everything on our eyes got real observers Julie now public. Because I'm always get a lawyer or an ultra maxi I'm not a good normally like what Julie and I look at each other big faces has -- -- and -- The big Q&A when you're under eighteen he says there where they should have it up and running in all the big markets by next by sometime next year probably just in time for the next iPhone announcement. That's -- -- -- amazing society. Can't -- at. Sterling updates in the forgy. That you wanna talk about I. Followed you guys are excited as anyone here tonight a mighty slow updates of -- networks although I dislike -- comment that you want to get an I didn't wanna comment on we have from their from the website that says literally sent chills running up my spine and so excited it's available in Modesto I can't believe it definitely. -- some people really exciting yeah I think a dream come true if you -- and finally. I've noticed that is and another reason why -- you tend to let people know about music -- me personally unless I read it I'm never turning off. -- -- I'm not I'm never turning forgy on even see if it's -- it's just takes a minute and I know larger that -- -- with no need to freedom is -- my battery for something that's not there. So I mean these now for go to Delaware -- I'm gonna flick at the -- of. I'm using -- especially my parents calling me fight and -- does everything that gap. I personally find -- updates on the it would what town their passing through on the way to clean -- all yeah. Call me when your in when where she is available nationwide are you recall what it I'll go oh that's great we don't notice and no we don't know and honestly a little city -- don't know is listening and in Jacksonville don't want to we now and I'm always talking about Grand Rapids -- are you are ever -- hub Scott you can tell you -- my own selfish -- -- -- would come you know virus our Linux guy -- I would do it on air but I don't feel like having each from alma well. We'll go from the camera -- like that I cut back. You want to discuss their reaction I get started I got very quickly this'll -- into this because when you find new phone with wondering when do we do -- ready world phone right. We've -- -- -- selling a world iPhone enter an iPod or whatever. But then if you wanna right but if you -- their resale value and -- -- take -- -- -- that to subsidize you -- purchased the tell you -- It's like we talked about places you can go -- -- public is balanced out in the give -- you know if that should be changed but you can also use Craigslist you don't that you eating who make more money that way. I thought -- that's -- thing. I got an old first gen iPod Touch. I'm not using our minds we'll get rid of it and get a look at -- used towards -- your phone whenever I you know finally get the find the right -- yet whether that the iPhone four or something else. Something else thought so I thought it looked on his own stuff in the order offered -- -- 43 dollars for it mint condition first and sixty gig. Toilets on eBay -- 12015. You know -- all built -- to be right in that range which seems high but actually isn't because if you look on the Apple Store. The cheapest iPod Touch right now it's an eight gig for 199. The sixteen -- 140 or fifty is pretty an -- 32 it is. I -- seven so I went and and an input my negative degrees that I -- point. You can put. Go with me okay. Okay and then yeah. Fans are building on the end -- -- -- who's got almost everything really matter with you you've got. Go ahead and perhaps a little I had that and and he clean record that I mean everyone comments -- -- it keep going keep talking -- -- I'm. I'm basically trying to create a they have good retail value -- -- everything I went and put my iPod Touch on. And I put like minimum price like 99 bucks on it and -- buy it now like 150 something like that. But that they -- for week. Only got that one did and then the last day as happens sunny day while got a lot of bits you know and people run in the last minute to win them 110 and 120 and thirty with forty. Finally after twelve bid to closed off -- one and 4750. Click OK I'm pretty pleased with that. Yeah and you know like PayPal message the guy who when the options -- little invoice in South Africa and I think I'm pretty happy with the entire situation at. Then things started to go a little we here. So I'm at a bar after work check my email to detect the status of the you know payment -- the transaction. I get an email from the -- refusal weird I do little Google research right from my iPhone. And I basically come up with -- thing. Going on about this transaction in a -- acquaintance that may be very suspicious and you don't -- -- there -- anything right. It is little item number one. The guy responded from a different but similar email address to the one actually listed on eBay account when I think of the PayPal that needs -- -- back. That that's -- business thing number one. Number two he offered in exorbitant unsolicited shipping fee is an author and sixty dollars for shipping even though my options have all of it free shipping. That's where the downside here hundred right now -- and it's something that's -- -- number three the actual name on the ship to address provided did not match the name. That was -- either of the -- supposedly email addresses his name was in the email address but the name on the -- -- was a totally different -- different mean different name. And number four. As witness out of the two email addresses connected -- -- -- one of them didn't come up January Google. The other one had a single returned from a Nigerian message sports the and if you're gonna already -- scams that's obviously a red flag of some parts of putting all these clues together. I decided that I'm gonna cancel the -- because that just seems of those four things again one -- I can understand maybe two all for those warning signs right you guys think. Other area you've got your emails on your right to notice a very -- different name actively visit us here in -- -- -- in Nigeria have as well because I've -- but different aliases. So I I put all the clues the -- tonight that that I -- -- -- canceling the thought that I got home my time -- on the already email from each day waiting for me think that they'd cancel the auction. Andrew by listing -- that if from eBay and I worked at the same speed. And came to the thing inclusion if you gave police are active on -- they were very attractive I'll -- -- very briefly an excerpt of the email they sent me -- -- -- -- book and going down. We recently learned that someone was using an account to bid on items without the account -- permission -- recently canceled all bids on your lifting. Which is -- identity can be hacked them via of the count all this heated fees and credit your account. Were working with the count on it to prevent. Additional -- authorized to commute underneath on -- just password. And that you could -- -- listing if you want to sorry for any inconvenience thank you for your patience and cooperation sincerely even a customer support. So you know kudos to them for they definitely deserve praise for spotting this as quickly as I did and acting on it. At the same time. Really really disappointing experience there trying to -- -- -- any day. And you know then to get it up again I would have to really the entire thing redo the entire Canadian stated they didn't make it a draft or anything everything -- gone. And I couldn't contact the next high -- or anything because they wiped out everything. -- is welcomed and I yeah really the though so that's my take away either either. Credit for stopping to transactions. But for -- -- the -- rebuild the listened to scratch the same data published happen again that one bot. So this argument that that I mean are -- felony mammals to buy -- pretty good ride them like 100% idle and how it's about it. I don't want it to -- -- they have the same problem they would list as this probably happens more tech stuff than anything else bank. But people's that they would with the -- -- five times that have this problem every single time. Of listening I -- gadget or -- -- pie door or MP3 player out now you Blair -- did you do PayPal only or did you yeah okay. And this is again this is all going through PayPal which is a -- Anyway I needed we're talking about that they need to clean that -- -- -- to PayPal you know I'll I'll only in need some updating there assailant. EBay with the analyst at the findings add it it's like at any top of the web one point -- it is the most frustrating and -- experience. I've ever had trying to set up this PayPal thing. -- its -- like they don't even care if it's like you would refer to the Internet is like an ante with eBay's conflict. It is yeah that's as -- now we're gonna slice of it's like Jurassic. It is the -- did you need to clean -- in play -- via PayPal for anything anybody. He's an iPhone I didn't. Just -- -- my -- didn't realize the hard stuff you are gonna receive payments through -- no I've never frame -- classes because for some reason Ericsson critic -- -- -- that you meet payment yeah granting you have now tigers now came back and the problem right there. Only from my friend and and I know him and I can find and they want to chew on 01 that you and -- recommend -- little transactional and on balance the little -- in this swipe your card is iphones didn't mean is that you the cards -- tested them amateurs some Rainier has -- station in Africa I presented the amount of elements and and we as it would mean that's something about the event it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We know -- resistant organism actually what am -- staying away designer -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But if -- services to take -- Franklin put all the -- can vote the West Coast muscle in the east goes -- I don't that was my story about them almost getting -- many days of the the some mornings on the watch out for thank you used to listening to my public service announcement that he knew him very quick. Very quick sales -- with the help of yes that that front with the help of our own John -- who he said I would put him on Amazon. Though -- he apparently -- by Amazon to -- and you have an imminent but not filled right away. It's not not quite my -- but what I was gonna and they took you know it's a ten dollar commission report. And while it's not bad not now then I would almost pay the commission and page on welcome an additional amount if he could sell something of -- that tests and those -- -- That would that -- -- got half a billion billion. -- I -- A there's like about crime in technology. I I -- -- crazy video. Of some -- trying to rob a gaming wouldn't political with places like gaming cafe where people them that warcraft in step two was -- regular we can see -- -- -- -- that they act and and they have a computer now I technological meltdown here at CNET at city. -- you can't you Lugosi figures -- -- password. Around. Yeah exactly and does it and send lots of emails asking for iPod touches -- go hit play on this video scroll down but he down right now. -- there it Nvidia fanatic so apparently in Hawaii there's this. Video game you know look at -- symbol of the please people don't have computers that up he -- computer -- by the hour whatever. And this is the newscaster wanting right now from that's what a lie and it's Catholics like the guys that part of the ocean wearing a tropical the for the is that while this is like yeah. There's a -- do the introduction but there's a -- -- the security camera footage. From the from the Internet cafe were people playing like I I'm assuming warcraft the media against you and -- -- -- -- here yeah. Aloha boom boom boom you're the guy explaining what happened -- And -- here. Little reunite them hello hello and I think -- idea of it and they give this guy this guy take off. -- -- -- All I don't know. What our apologies to those who cannot -- the -- I don't know if you are flying animals and don't tell -- yeah it. -- -- is they originally a joystick of -- trying to shake down the guys there and eventually the guys in the gaming a place gang up on the and we used to do humans even don't mind doesn't seem like the best tactic when you're there you'll place among these -- these kids home behind your computer. And and and a little dirty Harry they'll go yeah this is it Street Fighter this is not -- -- -- -- And everything gonna open -- player to start. Yes but -- and I you actually get an out of order and then -- it out. Name other things out of England out here into the integral miners actually. Or get them to him yes that's right after. Well -- that's what happened they they got picked up by the constant -- look at this -- pulling him yeah yeah oh. I traveling round you need some of the criminals were actually brings along the way -- down left this. -- caution that -- that idea Diego. That when -- guy -- a digital cities Salem yeah. Thrilled again fifty -- hit it big as a little odd that that was highly satisfying gamers like that. You gotta put -- video -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah if that we'll put that up. I mean I mean the face movement is gonna put their -- I thought I FaceBook for the Pentagon that about you gotta put up their little wants that is great a look at it meant that you did that's the -- Diego. Which is really it was reenact that in here in fact. I was important and -- what's the monitor it with. Well it came -- swinging stuff would've gotten over the keyboard on the outskirts it gets tough as the -- that's our -- play. Oh I never played StarCraft the four by sort of things are crafted kind of fun out of smack them down the keyboard yeah I feel like what you -- -- -- I never played the original but the -- -- that the right it's obviously don't -- -- -- in terms of its game play style and without even playing these kinds of games -- you can like rotate the camera rounder anything. Button -- -- kind of fun to make these big that you make these big walking robot guys -- -- with Arnold Schwarzenegger act then I. Ready -- off it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And RTS is not -- -- thought I was either I was impressed with what given that box -- was -- click -- -- and that was that was pretty crazy W jewels. -- Time thin man that -- -- that civilization them yet and yet. Fiasco to get Catholic opinion totally unsupported with a capital right here we have pictures instead picked so get away now -- it so it doesn't exposing Jensen has the collectors -- from the yes. There's big -- comes in. -- it has what was it opens up like I call this like an H org eager style bio mechanical design. And in -- eldest and it's packed with lots of job. But again three look at it'll stuff laid out if you can see that -- what -- and hardcover book of the -- -- the soundtrack CD. They -- they -- yeah they're cool coffee table book with all the art and it if the great USB key that lights up. And looks like a space marine dog tag -- on the soundtrack CD lets us soundtrack CD I knew you'd be sad about that already things to -- rip it. And that's -- that -- very graphic comic book that soundtrack. And -- those. And there's also they have that gives the CD this is publicly due to -- -- higher retail product incident downloading it. Because obviously you know people still -- retail store sales. And and to make our dvd instead I've ever I prefer the physical -- -- public -- seeking to use these though annoying because all the DRM meet revenue downloaded all tell you. Blizzard does it right -- -- aircraft -- -- -- what do you look. But of the what does it was a case of was it doesn't let up at school that god -- can change Dante it -- it -- -- it has the original StarCraft built in on the -- He departed as Expedia -- -- -- -- man that's pretty cool. Anyway. Let it does it right I'll tell you why because when you get the game to game -- in the box is just to gain distance and DR ram moderating you can just on anywhere. Everything is tied in -- I guess what battle dot net account. So you can just sign in you to sign in with that input in your your key code that you got when you buy when you bought the game with -- in the -- or online that the matter digging with the same way. All the disk in the game box that is what you would -- -- after the downloading decline. So it -- has no you don't want to keep the disk in the drive it doesn't it doesn't. Having DRM built in on it it doesn't. You can install a multiple machines all all that matters is like steam you log into your account. I'm now cool so anyway I think -- the right would. That is off a yeah amendment to spread it out and then when they log in so deep inside and out and then membership in the right that's a mind to go -- you can just down the kind of paper right on your website or you can get it is that this but it does make a difference either way. I will say. What does make a difference is entering one of our exciting fun contest. Odd -- them that we we just gave away these super super super sweet mafia to gun lamp last week. This a lot of entries of a very excited about that the over in the process that and -- I didn't win -- -- now we're in the process of of of getting the winner his I've gotta get in contact info right now correct. Yes excellent -- contest for this week. It is it over to a PlayStation. Event where they were making custom teacher and they may be a T -- And his right into the actually because the Julie cam. -- purely the act if they get you get there this. If there it is right and you'd have to do about it -- -- insured but we got a custom printed it if you take district in Philly on the back. It says. You -- Oh. On the back of the chaired. Diego. It proved that except you'll wanna -- a custom Sony PlayStation. Digital city generation what size it is the large. Not forget the ubiquity signs and you don't -- -- -- -- -- -- were out of it and read it right. He's a large arm and its America you go to war FaceBook fan page and you just say hey enemies -- to enter that the -- that interview to win these. -- they should -- -- and of course you -- allies have -- -- to do so you have what we can do so before Dan comes and and pick the winner. Makes me pick the winner her vote Rolla -- -- -- look at a guy I. And we didn't get it -- I can't I. Patagonia final -- -- -- FaceBook page right on our digital city dot cnet.com we won't know spike is supposed to put the link of these bouton is Paramount logo spike do your job man and I definitely. -- dedicated -- It's like you've been relieved. The knobs bug and any of -- -- -- -- and it's got that was very excited can be spotted him in the taxi TVs in the back -- you can't wait a minute -- and I've -- no -- truly -- is -- -- -- I thought there's -- applicable to the improvements out as a couple things you want to show you I -- -- another one time pads finally. It. Now again we we a lot of stuff today but I did bring in its weekly -- this -- we do the show we got in Tuesday. Is the Apple magic that's right I was very excited about it yeah you know what it's actually is really comfortable it's it's expensive. At seventy dollars duplicates -- is. The expense of Ford by they seriousness of a lot of different applications. This can be really pretty diverse and -- lot better -- -- house. Could be that -- -- do all the -- touch gestures as a MacBook yes exactly it's basically a MacBook Pro touch and 80% larger. Put -- king Alexander thank you -- -- -- western united I was I was making that happen to a minute video recommend this week 80% larger and if this is disembodied one Bluetooth. Accepts double A batteries -- just like it even does the four finger sweep -- workers would love got to click built into it little -- it uses a kind of remote if you had a -- many things can TV. That actually seems that one of the coolest ways to use this. And fortune has an Apple media support -- it hasn't been able to play videos. Easily on any can't get a just -- to -- -- writing clicking plays so hopefully -- operate for about invited to the future it is definitely missing -- has. You said earlier the mouse was dead and you actually. It doesn't happen when it doesn't -- -- if you keep talking about that -- an -- my a full review our country and right now written I've got yes and hands and apparently that in the the much older and larger. We come bamboo it's also important and -- -- and support. Other -- we don't need having a big anymore right exactly mean as -- and it's going to be US be wired and have a smaller version of this but still nothing is malls this. So. Absolutely the feminine -- -- and in the chat room is not every time you bring up the eight it changes the contract. Rio because the camera because the light -- -- when our Honda and and the dollars and I was watching this feeling a special is this -- -- people live here -- know and jobs -- bugged man this is exactly. That's. Holidays viewers -- critical real quick we think out of the cab is reason and I -- to Missouri court of with a video. Three turning off -- you media turning it on. -- Gentlemen -- -- on life. All of a thing you could look it up and -- a liar and a happy I got off. I look at -- -- Yeah. After does not last love those about how you give turn off the get it back to TV look -- different results and annoying medicinal differently placed it is such a dreary bed you do is really know what they're all different. And telling it. Like five different they're not like there's three different knobs -- They don't have I think I grew up and they provide solid all the complaints is the -- and it's and it's it's a noise visual windows back from a vet yeah and -- They're only when it one and then -- respond right away and that you frustrating he did again it would break what I think happened to them I think during commercials you can't showed off. Maybe uncertainties -- advertising that's the worse the -- that's not -- that that would be more and there's -- watching listening him and tolerating guys to see you next week. -- -- -- -- -- --

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