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The 404: Ep: 855: Where it's just malarkey

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The 404: Ep: 855: Where it's just malarkey

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Today's 404 Podcast includes stories about a guy that's amassed every single PS2 game released in North America, a user-submitted show title generator, and Facebook's underwhelming new video chat plugin. We also have a bunch of quality video voicemails to show!

It's Thursday July 7 -- 111. -- tuning into the Q this show on the Internet. It's 44 -- -- back to look I'm of the day and I'm Justin yu and this is the show way it's just Malarkey. It's novel idea all over the place and that's that's what we should have named the show initially LR -- Malarkey show the original. You know things are changing money at the rebrand -- -- -- and -- just be -- -- just -- -- straight up Malarkey. I play. And I was noted in the show wait is it dish cloth and nobody's highway in the code -- it is I got this from the random 404 show -- generator. That -- -- focus created Internet emailed to us if you go and Coke -- dot net. -- -- -- -- Slash show title. Every time we -- -- it'll give you already know how -- -- it on -- If you're old and if he's -- cash KO KE SH net dot com okay its ports last show title. Yeah and -- every time you refresh like it'll give you a new -- refresh rate here where honey squeeze nobody is pen a I got up around a PT. Well -- at a good. Are now I -- -- right now there's an accent on there not even your Oregon. -- -- Yeah it -- punctuation. It is amazing because it's so announced that its its -- it's nonsense and it's better for times like this morning when we had no idea what to use for the short title and now we can use the way dude read in picture for your -- matter with -- that's an important -- -- Now I'm I'm now this is a I'm curious Coke and say no he's in the chat -- -- -- answers right away yeah how'd you do this. And had to do it so oddly like yeah you to digital equivalent of opening up an encyclopedia. And just pointing out where can I don't think I have read them -- have -- -- To have some logic to because it's not just like a bunch of random mountains and -- -- right isn't right it doesn't just say like pineapple tuna fish access. Can be somewhat. You know this intact sickle cell and a sense and I noticed like Justin Jeff Wilson like those you know proper names appeared in the I guess -- the show title every now really yes so even Molly was in there I was surprised that the ones we just did didn't have one -- -- -- but anyway thanks Coca this year a year I guess a brilliant here but I don't you know you say that he used. Use sentenced models -- imported. Text dictionaries gripe -- -- he -- probably uploaded a bunch of that Hadley wrote a script she's -- beginner and one -- -- in involved to a point where he was. He generated a useful -- -- real titles. Rise yet like or media like culled from mica. But anyway you're the man -- -- and I know even though you stop following me during the Peter -- And I remember -- -- I know it does have lists are Feingold growing up don't you. I don't think I don't forget yeah because I got a -- -- yeah. Lol comment -- it. Is different about -- yeah so I got I got glances over the weekend. I've always worn -- glasses because -- -- to stigmatize them then and I didn't realize that if spyware then you know. For computer screens they really help a lot you know it's strange silly guy you wore those glasses maybe for the first time. While this week yet and I know these are brand new -- -- -- -- -- -- a couple of -- again on -- what concerns me is that you've -- a surround. Yeah and you're like well. That's I didn't know as well as well we know all the way to let any video application you had nothing new here I don't need these to drive only at -- and -- and and night. And -- -- night that yeah that's real -- -- know it's just disturbing conflict. I think you're like oh I know this is is that I'm not from us we'll know it's crazy to know what you don't get email and I'm glad I read my history but look I I wanted to China wants -- -- -- -- -- see if it helps -- and -- but I don't think I'm gonna wear them forever they look good on you you know I got -- Sarah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what I was going gore yes -- to delete look like young Seth Rogen. Like his exact. Oh yeah can you look like Seth wrote on an offense to -- -- -- three million Macs have just for. -- -- -- Except for the -- deaths have reviewed zipper jackets and half. I -- the -- yeah. That's a good character but initially tell it how. Unbelievable. It. Net based I -- I like Alter ego because I love it's methane if I look like Seth. Alexander says on them. That group. Very cool -- thanks everybody that -- now a lot of people would you have room all three of the girls via U or plus five Q -- -- asks you which going to sit on a total of five Q are you wanna try but I'll take -- can you know it ever happen. Gel actually making -- on the cute scale it's it is the first for me I'm excited yet. And and -- now. Where these glasses as long as it takes the news well -- instant stories and actually via the big announcement yesterday was from FaceBook they were gonna announce something awesome don't -- that is -- How does -- -- And the town hall meeting they had to announce it took so long it is -- very underwhelming -- it was underwhelming because. -- -- kind of think maybe they shouldn't have had the word awesome. I mean how often should have been in quotes visionary like awesome 1990 -- -- like -- like yeah I don't know that it everybody I talked about is like. Oh well we've had video conferencing for years now regret -- through. -- the instant message programs. And this just makes it a lot easier getting excited about is and you can view it at any of your FaceBook friends whereas with G -- you had to request their friendship and an -- -- -- Kennedy has but now if you go to someone's. If -- -- with FaceBook page. You can just go in chat with them directly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you have to have -- you you have to enable it. Yeah -- don't -- if you want it right now you can just go to blog that he's put that can't activate the next couple weeks people are gonna gradually their accounts can upgrade to that. Now that being said like we were talking about this obviously video conferencing is not the biggest thing ever. But there's two things are sort of stood out -- -- -- followed the I guess they need the legitimate thing is. Why didn't need to release six and sort of group chat like Google plus did. -- which is has allowed people excited over the last couple days and I A join Google's Google plus. I haven't used that you did -- do that formula as when it tried -- -- what was different about and I still haven't you really use it and apparently a lot of people using the hang out feature rich essentially group video chat. But the other thing that was a bit concerning. Was. How are any policing this like when it comes to minors now. Oh yeah yet it's almost seems like they took the best thing about chat roulette and combined to. Not like there's nothing bad Beckett ever come -- -- -- what they should do to minimize -- adult content for kids. Is used the -- a model where they had the sensor that could tell when he penis was on the studios and T nice sense yet that's what it's actually brought down chat -- right because -- these are introducing that these are taking you. Militants -- their genitalia on -- -- let any more efficient use that you're seeing penis read on how to try our product. Sizzling -- -- again and again there's face detection in the dispute shouldn't via an optional on protection but what it's like part of the arm is in the shot or something -- -- mistakes that for the system you're just you're the technology and audio. -- -- -- -- Our arms over -- did they haven't gotten out of you have a BB holding an. -- -- -- -- it really is illegitimate and certainly death. The figured out how many kids like to Ehrlich in their Tina cutting isn't looking any teen with an iPhone four are lowered G chat or what and why you think it'll just evolved into junk -- like -- -- easier giving. Well it's different chat roulette it's totally anonymous look everyone associates penis with generally it's the way it -- yet Kennedy had to nose with phone number and -- -- chabot is so the thing is with FaceBook it's people you know -- so I mean I'm not. Like all I haven't you might. And messenger yeah I haven't seen this -- -- high school here's my opinion is it like this you know why am I know your and who are. Now I'm gonna die unless there's like a barter system read that ignored that like reading trying to. -- still like there's -- there's apparently an epidemic across the country were teens. Our sexting each other sending videos and like nude photos of themselves and -- don't realize they're breaking the law. -- -- FaceBook is making video chatting so easy like guaranteed now I I I I can almost bet. With -- yesterday like some teenage kids. Got all and Mark Darcy Davis has already create FaceBook chat and photographer and I'm not I I'm pretty sure every part of the body has allegedly exposed criminal that's like actual child porn on your transmitting across his right but -- if -- Child to child. A probably kids doing it with -- each other I just don't want like an adult. I mean I mean but ultimately can really it is okay I think it really makes it really easy for -- You see it's difficult you know we know them -- like -- -- -- we've -- like lots of people on FaceBook -- we don't really know right I think what this really does open up to even -- -- been around for average any one with half a brain can use it even G -- has -- -- -- -- -- -- opinion makes it's still remarkably easy yet but even you know even the twelve -- thirteen year old on FaceBook who never once you know dabbled -- in video chat. All they gotta do is -- click a -- Now I'm now a threat that's what's gonna happen that's going to be a lot of first timers it's it's using -- alliance like. It is can be public face acts like that's and militia units currently is something like that they don't sex I mean how I don't you're making a big thing clarity and -- -- I wanted to show that so they can take pictures with their fault they can -- all these other services. So much Dolan and start doing it because -- but now -- -- I'm just seem like I feel like it makes so much easier -- like there are some basic things that they make might be -- to do and with a service likes a you know like putting age restrictions -- -- something -- now I'm an already know that the court FaceBook officially -- was the youngest -- -- -- -- thirteen -- 113. It has and you have like performances. That connection. Mark Zuckerberg are good you BA's. Instilled these are -- referral from your argument is like maybe there should be a system about -- Oh if you're more than twenty years older than nineteen you're not allowed to link video test -- -- here click part of your family your dry our -- set. To get back to the press conference the -- It off I mean the -- conference was so painful lesions and unknown anti climactic yeah I mean it was like in -- home it was. It's really original and a hotel conference room like -- -- white area. Also people or blogging itself well while Zuckerberg was talking to look your. An eventful at all yet I'm sorry mark don't go around call and it also. It's cool it's it's it should have been like. You know. -- this is a necessary or right and I read that -- out timeout you know yesterday also that like spot five for sure is -- in the US. And that's gonna be but I'm not that's a good idea is right to use at least on the Leesburg -- -- -- -- wanna get back to the point you brought up earlier about is of video -- not being. Group friendly. So on I was reading -- blogs nearly and they are saying that Skype actually charges you for conference calls on its annual report speculating that by the end of this year. Maybe it'll be a premium service on FaceBook that you have to pay extra for -- Our group video I would love to have an hour conversation around that yeah. That's a billion and it -- -- residual refrigerant gas. Now I don't know like if we -- we're also. Video conferencing still and we don't the Amber's gonna truly take off because. You have to go when -- make sure you you'll presentable. Speaker yourself bro. Think a lot I don't look all. Great all the time you do a great all time that's the thing you don't have to worry about it but I mean in I don't know I mean that you are easier to set send an instant message sure rather than I can sit there elected position -- web can -- -- -- blades and gadgets. -- Well that's that that's the into the FaceBook talk on for a four -- we spent thirteen freaking minutes. If you wanna know more go to cnet.com we -- live coverage of it alive blogging video and all that junk then let's get. To a man. Who has every. Single solitary. Freaking PS2 game. In America this is pretty cool and I -- video gamer but just the amount that this guy has he has every single game that has ever been released in North America for the PS2 console how many games is that. -- -- doesn't say. Why the couple thousand I don't think it's a -- I was gonna say. I don't know I could -- sworn -- for some reason like eight -- 0800 yet that's exactly -- and I notice once you fertilizer discovered he was Apple -- -- my god help. None of these have been -- yet they're all brand new and -- first we -- all of that to -- why why this old. That's what he done it does on these trying to sell them but I mean I respect Helen of that though but hold. You know we're not gonna -- the late hours and why would you keep them in their original packaging. I guess they might be removed way to you know like a lot of people buy it only has that doubles and and he -- I -- opening the -- -- -- but still these collectors and look at its collection it's got. I -- how many bookshelves are required and does it say it really is insane it's a beautiful thing good -- -- -- real and it. Is it necessary no no it's not -- -- like and I'm looking at this and this is. Kind of cool but are -- in alphabetical order this to happen. Are so -- holds about fifty times 800. For like 40000. -- and that sounds -- -- 40000 dollars mean what. Better use of your money could you Wiki good -- don't Nordegren you buy a car yet you're gonna donated Dennis and are now. The babies -- -- every last single PS2. American PS2 game. Down the and he can work yeah and that account thanks -- -- when the PS3 came out. -- -- I know you are right after refitted they probably came -- -- question was how pisses the when it wasn't fully packed with. That's their own. Also granted you have to -- -- And it's hey I'm not really. -- on -- daddies have iTunes. They did not have been really good -- and they're used movement. We gotta take a break -- give back more with a 404. How many games do you own. Just venue for PlayStation 2 to -- you gave them both to me in their -- hit back at some point I tell them. -- more with a 44 right after this. This is the floor -- a floor and her captors to show where we all -- Now someone attempt to explain the whole -- from. -- Music movies video games and than those plugging the tubes it's -- -- and a good thing and just could do together. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. For Chris you're look -- oral or. What you'll think -- -- -- will be war games that I have the only thing better than banner day. Don't -- up -- -- -- better than spam is nothing agree with that. He's talking about like it's I am likes that -- land where almost. As -- -- our -- behind is that. Well that's the food -- Nokia employees on junk mail and -- Send them an important don't mean to I'm talking about that -- like -- -- no amount of recently used inside -- -- I've tasted it on as a reason he's good thing people won't need all this -- mission and its Malarkey yet. You had spanned all rights -- -- with an 8 PM off you know 8 PM is now all purpose meet. That's -- it's always in your earthquake hit a disaster yeah -- because it lists you know its its shell its half life is 4000 years and above Lake -- -- Bentley. He Frankie suspend all this time. -- you like to run into -- Spam and -- given us an -- I've never -- over angles on rights and don't do it would expand -- -- -- terrible. I'm sure I'm sure it's like 200% of your total daily amounts sodium -- some -- my guide. 171000. Milligrams sodium let you know the I think them. If I didn't have to look at because like it always reminds me of -- -- to human flesh no cathodic as -- comes in that -- weak little ten and when it comes out it's only July yea and it's kind of groups. Don't think about an Internet user Chinese and -- don't know -- yeah. It is -- about -- and I can't use -- Chinese Japanese -- Mom I let's get some calls from the public and time ZoneAlarm. -- and oil -- oil. -- -- So we got some calls from -- got a bunch. If you -- the -- millions -- good for you could they were all excellent and it's a good job you were less nearly -- happier person in the dollar. Here now know -- to call back. Because you did a good job do we actually block phone numbers -- you know that's a joke we stopped him from mom still a lot of people calling in about how much do they use in their cellphone plans. So let's get too few of those first. Not now when I guess we're not gonna do any that -- computer. Has frozen. Yes there is one thing we can do the issue video voice over cash okay great we can do that so why while you do that I'll restart this computer in them won't get. We got a really cool video voice mail from I believe his name means -- Dan. Last Saturday he hiked up a huge amount now -- this is awesome and that's just outside of lead bill Colorado and he actually recorded a video voicemail for a play on top of the war on top of the world -- -- -- crew members. And -- That. It. Currently standing up. You -- it is like. So it does have a little -- -- -- assumes -- credit much -- this and like. It must be freezing it is an -- teacher -- yet. He's both July and I know it well says in nineteen miles of both children. Apple -- whatever. It also here's my question how did he get down from here use. I just thought I had isn't -- I realize you put like a bean bag then you just -- further than -- ever climbed anywhere near and -- -- I'm I'm not mental dad now I climb the the great -- only once did a lot like what its its own you know these mountains and that a -- wants. Almost passed out -- by my client you met walk up the stairs and we've ever been to the great wall in these steps are lake two and half feet tall which is it true it's not that great. Isn't that what. I know so -- had someone tell me it's not angry old yet. -- -- -- -- -- And I was gonna say that I blocked you know to them in the top of one of the guard towers were a must pass discuss what the air was so the angle and the -- built so not Susan solely at the -- I've ever yet but I use. I climbed up half dome in Yosemite. Half -- yet giant half semi circle did you -- -- California it all I remember when -- only 4800 couple years ago while only a mile auto compare to this guy. Nothing I wanna know how long it takes someone to do that again. -- calls back and let us know. The end of the trip. This does some emails long loading up these voicemails. -- -- in the rundown and you -- or you read one or two. -- -- so the first ones from Toronto from Emily. Says hey guys -- wanted to clear summing up regarding July 1 in Canada a new moving gate -- so in Quebec they have moving -- but in the rest of candidates just plain old candidate days. Celebration holiday there's parent there's parodies. I don't know thirty disparities -- parades. And -- -- -- like the fourth of July 8 US however at the nationalist holiday makes sense that quebecers would want to spend it doing something else. Love the show drawn from yeah apparently I ever think this is sort. A common now -- just like beef between French commitment Canada and they tried to exceed from Canada yet several times Friday. -- that they have you know I don't know what they're really got where they got the call not the west -- these scanners around them. -- -- -- voicemails hopefully they work we're talking about people calling in. Saying how much data they use and. -- -- They were for me. Yet depend. Menace computer users post editing about a computer just -- -- -- other email. -- moon. Only trying to. Kill -- So what is -- -- that -- Why do you keep on doing that and that it would now like a case that such -- -- you don't always see this the -- Justin has -- -- where he used past -- screw this up. At the beginning of the show by -- -- -- a little off tests and nevertheless -- that's I don't ever every time you started doing these shell that you certainly do that we get my hands lake. Okay ready I. Ours are gonna -- these voice -- again we're talking about people using data on their cell phones. He will for the Islamic. The biographer. All that tell you how much speed I use or authorize an incorrect phone -- -- cycle started. June 26 looks like. And at the end of July 5 I used over two gigabyte blu though. Syria. Two gigabytes that's not too bad I mean that's -- that's around what I imagine but. You know. Hulu plus only recently arrived on Android -- them and I think Netflix works and execs of -- something. What are you doing action really and -- what are you doing on an Android phone. -- eats up so much and here's the answer. Or there. You got its network of -- it is that people. Download or use. Or data on their phones then. Two or fight it and I have an answer for you on sprint -- she. Use upward there acute heart walk and it -- a lot of that because I download a lot of shows. All -- -- in my pocket. Apple. Though let you use a lot of data. Well my -- my computer. Or. Sent -- to share my Wi-Fi. Don't forget a lot of people do the tethering pain and a lot of people download our show which to audio clocks in around twenty megabytes yeah. The video on even know it's gotta be over a hundred. I'm sure are not only I can tell you like -- 105 if you do our show every day Hugh we will -- -- -- -- -- -- only if you listen to our show where Allen -- -- obviously it's vital -- do a you have. Or not only show that matters so there you have it it's our -- -- how the costs. So I'm like -- -- -- the audio and and -- like shut up it's because of you guys that number that's awesome I do you know like I would even can. -- money AT&T yet so we consider downloading with the video right podcast you are that. Places the I don't wanna wait three yeah yeah now it's it's crazy aren't so now we known there enough sorry everybody so. And you pay for extra data we appreciate it I was really make money and -- -- -- wondering how can we get people to pay for the full well are included as well if it's at a cellular network. We've got we got to trust show some I gotta figure anyway he we have another call. Guy's got a lot to say a couple questions here and there. Or is it -- Pretty quick thing for all the ever apologize for and so they'll barks there -- people the yet as it's got to October 2 bottles filled up -- or -- -- to direct about eight well you'll hear. That artwork that poker poker -- they -- Not just. So watching the our thoughts are that -- -- -- on the force it -- Google science technology. He. -- profit -- out that way. But later the fact. This comic from experience well they'll look -- Oracle's -- bitter about all these weird though. There can't -- or well just mute take or Joey chestnut. Although it got it on the islands are still well or it's -- -- USA USA I would love that you can do. You don't want dude yeah -- put you up against anybody went immediately connect corporate sponsor nandrolone boom they who owns Nathan. Cummings -- going to be just must. Discuss. -- about that until there's. About Tom -- of it is due to every after eating I've got heated I think Dave -- you don't win or your disqualified -- -- you can't watch -- eating goes hot dogs. They eat one in two or three bytes yeah -- -- that same way you do it. Well I -- I. I just you know hey it makes sense that you would would have been chatting happily we've got to turn into this segment -- sponsored area he said -- you. You know world hot dog to -- slash Dieter -- has. California but we didn't bring this up -- this morning we were talking about the FaceBook announcement but apparently brief. It's from CNET -- human yes -- Mark Zuckerberg when he mile high -- -- -- present residents watching the. I'm lucky FaceBook -- now. And your co worker for -- new. Covered with a question. About. -- -- media -- who work with. Mobile applications and I got today. You would think that you thought. -- -- -- Everything -- no access to their feet. Not so you're talking about this yesterday human after all yeah FaceBook app doesn't support video chat right now. -- -- like that was that. A lot of everybody with a Smartphone has like a front facing camera like if you purchase -- last year to you think you would seem obvious that FaceBook mobile with support. Some sort of feel confident -- -- in making an announcement. No it's actually the Alec. I was surprised him that surprising that they didn't address that during the thing and the fact that it. Mark Zuckerberg didn't even know it all is are you -- they're looking behind him do it do it doesn't work yet. They reflect troll in the Baghdad gets those ideas not taking it anyway from -- that's a pretty awesome is it will stump mark Tucker -- than that does not that adds -- I there's a funny little joke here you we should play. Davis's computer -- Charlie I'm just curious that the Asian journal that approach. Let -- be published by doctor -- Model. That's pretty has definitely I liked it. We're talking about the Asian journal of hydrology. You ratio between your briefing here in your pointy fingers. The -- -- -- king of the ratio dictated the -- how big years. Get it right. And I -- it only seems appropriate yeah yet. Takes want to know what the settings the photos of your god I'll see exactly lowered the wave we have some data when you want them you that's -- by. We got a call about a guy who has been using -- Nook Color -- and I'm. A breeding this -- -- time. He says he -- he's running Android 23 theory and it's awesome so there is one person whose -- is is it actually costs them even -- -- -- -- but he said. Reserves your chest again and -- just yeah yeah. Yeah yeah he also says that. He's been able to play plans for zombies. That's an accomplishment. And lets -- -- -- we have time for one more call this is as do from Idaho. Who's talking about the slacker generation. Or four -- provide. Are about is power station about. People. Young -- not rooting out or any children their own the nothing. Loss of friends that they -- without. Because drop. There ain't no actual -- -- are themselves or with summary what are. -- -- -- -- -- -- A very insightful speaking of ticking on to -- Very insightful stuff I guess we didn't even mention this -- -- we should give you know slackers of the worlds and critically that recess is that. -- -- -- Hurt everybody particularly people who our current graduates -- you know people -- released into the line. It's tough to find a job I remember in over four when I graduated around like. You'll find a job for another decade -- like your probably right. How old man so tournament as -- -- then she was on that not people you see yeah older people are taking jobs that young people wouldn't. You take pay cuts. -- home. Cherishing. -- -- -- pottery blind pure want to think in the mall manager -- inside the egg hunt and honesty. The iron in them and that's -- to -- -- to make it it's the thought -- right Leila was such a whole thing. Please call 866404. CNET or you can email us at 44 at cnet.com. Thanks everyone who left voice -- again you guys rock they were all excellent this is the first as a -- I seriously you guys when you -- thousand awesome. Will be back finishing up the week. Tomorrow. These -- don't do to get do you see then -- Bakalar Wilson tang and I'm Justin new it's 44 high tech Loeb well. --
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