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Ep. 836: Where it's big, round, and shaped like a spaceship: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 836: Where it's big, round, and shaped like a spaceship

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We enjoyed yesterday's show with Joey Kaminski so much that we invited him back to sub-in for Jeff again today, where he weighs with us on Apple's new spaceship campus, Chinese prisoners mining MMO gold, Steve Jobs's freakiest Apple patents, and muffing the ball.

-- -- Everybody it's. June ninth Thursday 2011. It is hot or not it here -- it's cold. I'm glad that -- little cardigan on the in the studio now let's just have way too damn hot New York City than these new rules intend. Makes -- Joseph of -- -- and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where it's big round and shaped like a speech. Well that's what we're talking about. I have no idea. I'll show you there's enough money -- Rare thing. Download a bit like miso -- there recent I'll show you knowledge yeah. The anti theft. This is -- well we're not tell you my. Any sort of screens private parts it's a later date to four. Justin -- we are talking about -- new. Apple headquarters that is shaped this year -- that mysteriously. Pretty damn cool like these -- -- yeah that's right so two days ago Steve Jobs when in front of the Cupertino City Council Cupertino city California where the huge Apple campus is right now. Their main headquarters. And he's proposing a brand new. Each cute that's -- -- fifty acres. Wide. And the whole areas like a 10050. Acres threat -- but the coolest thing. Is that it's like a giant ring shape yet looks like -- spaceship landed -- hoping to bring this up on the screen. -- -- -- -- That's crazy I mean it in a John Falcone one of our coworkers with say in addition it has built this on top of the Pentagon and got -- -- combined intelligence. Lot of what's it like an Apple. Like yeah let's a lot of people said why not make it look like a giant Apple. -- that's a little -- you know. -- -- like this something unique that. Throughout history has been sort of like a exe should with the ring and thread select get everlasting you know what I can -- not had a couple years like it's. -- rings always exist yet you are also saying it be cool if they erected a dome on top of this circle. And I create a whole bio -- -- we -- all you anti Apple HQ if the years finally cracked up. -- You bull model that IB the first resident room -- move into specialty. I guess this is that Steve Jobs does a video of an online hopelessly -- -- -- blog but he went in front of the City Council and basically ask them to. To build this. Structure is gonna -- well -- yet in house 121000 employees in a lot of people have jobs. Yeah I don't know I'm looking at that picture and myself do it with so suck if you like. If you forgot something in your office and -- -- cholera. How are useless -- no we're in the building ago Hulu and how do you get around the building -- it's not built vertically he can't go by elevator. How lovely they haven't announced that but I I I just like -- imagining like a giant like. Magnetic monorail oh yeah it. Something futuristic I don't think it's can be bosses who can't -- ways for everywhere and not the best. That always seem like old technology -- and I feel like Apple would be. -- kind of. Apple went yeah -- So we know we always who were community -- -- like apparently even cafeteria. Houses 3000 people to see qualities. And at the I think what's really cool about -- -- What I think is really cool is that they sort of like it wanted to build all these like tree like plant trees and its rhetoric. Much more Forrest likes eating small blacks should and the way -- ended -- -- that was that the almost the entire underground is a giant parking lot there. Yet because like it for a lot of offices and -- -- most of the spaces just employee parking mean. So when you get there like you don't even see like a -- of cars drive underneath. And then make if you take your eyes -- -- you. You drive and officer at -- targeted tour. Does Apple -- the right now I know that if you're ghoul employee consigned to -- -- on tour beginning the food. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. Looking at the demonstration in the presentation to give. It looks like a really cool part yet you might -- like it if you told me was a museum or like a zoo inside it -- -- it. And I I don't know whether they don't let people to sort of stroll around or they're gonna be linked to Apple security guards threatening to kill anybody's personal campus security guards allowed to carry goods. I -- Maybe -- call myself a look at what disappointed me is that yet -- Steve Jobs went and asked the Cupertino City Council but. They just. They basically -- yet you -- a -- that right away. If Apple is Steve Jobs asking you for something you need is say okay yes but. Everybody Cupertino get. Everybody -- you know gets free Wi-Fi some kind of incentive it will. -- -- that's what one of the council let me just says yes right away well I get like they Steve doesn't need a really good point -- like look. If you don't let us build -- here and we're just gonna moved in Mountain View resident fish yeah. How many millions fidelity you know there is out of their staff Apple moved to non addictive yet pretty much didn't I that's good and some other stories. -- we we've -- a bunch of voicemails that we get to kansans to don't have to deal with them. Sports questions for just moved to them at the other story. Judge -- exports fans you'll be able to tell -- if there are well I cast doubt that just blow a bubble but before we get to us some stories you said you insult I was five when your iPad -- and what are your observations of our. Oh man. It's really cool like the earlier -- -- cloud. And I queued up like fifty -- to download those probably the worst record of equip the sleep -- public for -- -- -- at 47. Forty that -- -- with. So that the old you know flip the Wi-Fi on and off even on those miles they offered at nighttime -- probably the best -- and -- -- did download all the songs right it seems a little buggy. Netflix is it working which really hurts me right now because. And Netflix on my evo and I have been in my. Is a Netflix like it only works on my. Five injury -- -- one of them with the evil is available for -- Suddenly and a new OS that data doesn't work anymore right. No -- I'm on a Netflix -- my I've had a benefits I don't -- evo like every. Well fortunately the new welcomes -- -- -- will be Netflix. Sun has you have to use an actual computer instead of a tablet or like your Smartphone -- -- one good -- my SlingPlayer works. Though the SlingPlayer works on both so well I mean it's it's not a huge -- not considering it is still beta software. -- the and they've already warned people to start testing your your apps and everything like that on the software so you don't expect everything -- in fact I'll say like I installed it on my iPad. Averted to restart it like two or three times and I've never had the iPad locked up. But my iPad is -- like that they won't do anything until it's hard reboot it. Really yet there is so you're is locked on mine mine does that have reviewed so. Enough level to support a rebuttal case -- -- I'm gonna be the battery -- has -- got stuck like a -- lupus of the -- plug it'd. And hold on -- problem -- on -- comes on -- execute resentment while you'll have. I don't know why -- you off. Well let's get into some of the story is now just some you -- anything about Chinese people were instances of -- now and the reasons that successor that's yellow and Hillary is a but we talk about Steve Jobs and Apple earlier so I -- talk about this you know with -- cloud coming out all these new services. Apple is infamous for registering at heartland of patents every time a new product comes -- And couple have come out recently that are kinda ridiculous. And you know Apple. Kind of makes sense because I guess last year they had that's a lawsuit happening with Samsung and over their -- -- galaxy yet that's any infringed on some of the packaging trademark yet and I believe they're suing them because the sense and galaxy looked. Especially the markets with low Jim almost just like an iPhone right even with the screen only coloring and stuff like that -- it's it's a very big legal precedents and it -- really aggressive lately with some of the patents they registered for. And let's run through some of them right now this is courtesy of the Atlantic. Joe if you wanna switch to my -- -- this is the most ridiculous when is the packaging on the iPhone. Contains. 265. Words any patented that rule. No other phone can have 265. On their box again ARA that's ridiculous to me. They also you also can't have an artist's rendering of half an Apple. Because that apparently is owned by Apple as well well assuming that's -- kind of makes sense but. In -- is very limited artist ray. I guess but what if you're just an arsenal to draw up an Apple if you're -- rootkit can you can see that I think it only applies -- certain things in fact if you look underneath they'll -- that category right by I guess you can't -- -- -- an Apple logo if you make music right. -- to forget about it. You also can't say there's an app for that. I'm -- -- out every time you. I and it's another thing is that cut and accidentally he can't have a retail store that's that's cleared shaped like a cube. I'm sorry that we -- I York. The V -- which I'm not even sure what that is. It's -- -- to which combination of two words for video and single. But they registered for way back in 2000. Five I don't take off -- -- a music video yet yeah -- -- yet did not come so podcasting needed but I tingle did -- produced only one video to a one hit wonder it's here Ingle. -- Legal Google Google started making me think -- mean we should start patenting words and phrases we see on the 44. Who write like we -- like high tech low -- IA's. Don't -- to deploy. -- -- Actually I was looking -- single end the it -- reminded me of something we're talking about yesterday. It will you know we're making fun of the view their name yet talked somebody in the -- missing that people certainly call it the PS -- I anything but just an and I sort of -- -- -- signaling you know -- and strangely like a venereal disease. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yes he got -- as being. Played with -- all night and I don't yet you know it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to create -- technology gift for Christmas my -- I -- that he has the I didn't really wrong wanted to go -- I'm not okay. We ended -- yeah. Yeah you know -- in its that is that the bottom. Who's this Joe -- the bottom of I thought I -- the -- is -- I couldn't homers. Out of cause a rubber that bottom -- -- those two. It appears he does dialogue. That I -- -- Nokia -- the -- that should be placed it. If you prefer to spend about a unmanned but its not as -- the single dad just as -- that dingle Bill Clinton. And anyway those are some of the more ridiculous. Apple patents. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Carpal tunnel so a thumbs sore thumb -- -- -- up. If she watery I yeah I palaces -- wallet mean. And -- majority QQ service for data connection -- Actually. Sorry -- -- people. -- are at -- you know it's crazy Apple patent -- aside and I do actually do when -- into this Chinese people's -- to you which led to his ridiculous right so everybody's heard of in a World of Warcraft. People spent. Hundreds of hours playing game now and I -- having got intimates opal I know that used just like earn experience points and Mike. Gold and blue I don't know rate. -- this whole. I don't act like you don't. We -- Achilles deputy get expert. But you -- you -- -- -- -- you can break rocks and you can harvest trees mine for gold and all that stuff is. Of good use to the characters in the game -- code different levels and make weapons. And you know they're actually still people sell these stuff online. Yeah like I I had friends who sold. But can they stop playing World of Warcraft as they realize they need to get a job right and they sell their county sold thousands of dollars for it. But apparently in China and now like they are forcing prisoners has this right. Prisoners to -- And play World of Warcraft all day but -- -- gold. -- -- this is within the GT labor camp. You know what I would do have developed as president and -- if elected -- Several of the -- a few bills on of -- jail what else you did -- -- But I think the point is at the guards make -- do this after a full twelve hour day of physically breaking rocks and and doing physical labor like that there when they get home when they get a hold from doing that they have to spend another five or six hours harvesting up 2000 dollars worth. Of digital gold. Which the guards will then sell online to make money. -- and -- Andy prisoners themselves are getting. But like you know just. It sounds -- But how is this any different than like forcing prisoners to go licked clean up the side of you know the road when and how -- I've easily like this is not going into the security guards pockets but like -- a that was part of the has. Reform prison structure. A certain point though how do you know that the -- is prisoners aren't actually having fun playing and I mean would your prison if that I'd be happy to. -- -- I mean I don't know bigger -- that's a privilege that some children don't even have like a utility you can order -- play World of Warcraft yeah. That's -- -- -- I didn't know this but according to an article you can make up 2000 dollars these prisoners can make a 2000 dollars day. They're just an upland game all -- -- -- -- mining for supplies. -- -- -- But these that this'll do that people duplicate the level characters well bright yet they've always had that because this problem of way -- -- in the -- these kids. Exactly. It looks like I have to get a new career now musicians play -- of the warcraft. You layers it was actually making more money doing that they have had been working at data and working at these ideas -- to -- negative. ICs of these people -- train men to get some really good stories and they make a look at them like the dollar two dollars a car yet -- twenty cars like half an hour. Pretty close and -- no benefits -- their tax free. They don't think that -- -- a lot of my high school friends and the dropping at a college in only working data of all they do is play poker online. Okay yeah my friends makes. A lot like thousands of dollars a month doing this -- pay rent and walking around -- he eats while the whole living off of online poker. Nice article couple weeks ago about how yet there are people like seventeen year olds who are literally millionaires right and aid they -- hundreds of thousands of dollars every time they play it yet this just for them like. Game statistics likely place so much that they know that if they do this again they'll earn a little bit -- he's have to -- bet. -- that's until two months ago I think win -- in April I think the FBI actually shut down three of the biggest top online poker. Web sites. Three this article a couple months -- how people were devastated because that was their main source of income -- Now -- good you know online gambling is still so far legal. We're take a little break right now on the other side we've got some voice -- to catch up to and some -- stories hopefully less about how Chinese people are playing world war. But you really don't need. We'll see as on the other -- -- -- -- The floor -- floor and her captors to show where we all -- Greg from the wallet and you're listening to -- -- more politically knows it's. Flying from that the pirate that is hardly. Got -- -- Yes it just does not hear any still -- LA we were on the phone with him yesterday. -- like -- five degrees here it's like you can't even step outside right now without coming back building linkages to cash out its. About normally -- that tells us the -- of the amendments to the devil's advocate and secret of success I out of Medicare and -- man might move. -- -- Told -- about that a dire right now it's over a hundred degrees with humidity in New York today it's got a decent record do you remember I think it was about three years ago. There was a giant storm like a tornado in Brooklyn. And we. These subway stopped. And we both had to walk like 42 street guests to the office and it both looked like -- dreads and so yes we 150 neglect. We we we walked from like fifty ninth street in responding at a camp you elect at thirty ninth -- -- not really close and our hearts -- -- the camera is that the -- was ready to -- that -- It was was -- That's bad it was out of NC stack up well iPhoto that -- act of -- of the yeah yeah I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let's go -- and voicemails we haven't done this in awhile. Wells because Jeff is the -- -- -- -- but we've got a bunch of columns especially about some sports questions we'll get to those who. After we get to the tech related to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Does that blow your mind the -- here that. It's a school practically we need you guys that we -- -- good to excellent visit our -- yet -- Horrible LA UR -- -- genie who mean that that low -- -- talent that's. -- -- -- -- digital city before that's the podcast you do on days that REM Monday Monday. When article on technical and a lot of things yeah cities in the digital video. You -- cities the agreed to let I nobody wants to show but the guy I did that during excellent. I love -- if they wanna catch it -- every Monday at 330 rate up through the o'clock Arnold doesn't -- in -- -- -- -- outlet -- -- -- self deprecating human. I didn't work for -- probably would even do -- -- recommend -- he spiked it and mean yeah at all. -- let's get into the some personals here this one it's actually about Sony's. Fall -- An. Actor your hearing in about a year who. Wake up. It will work on. A multiple Google or car will. Eight. -- Technical equipment. Well being -- is never a good thing they -- That was a big sort of like. Missing thing from the Sony press conference and they just wants -- in the fall. Connect it sort of competitor is the most successful. Electronics gadget in history. And nobody saw him at the PS move. I think when the biggest problem moves -- that. It looks a little -- -- a little global of the and excellent it doesn't look crazy looks pornographic and well -- really does let out a try to keep cleaner. City and thank you. But also look -- that would make the connects a -- as the fact that you don't need an actual controller. And you buy one and the move you -- you your you get one -- -- accord to get another -- to regulate the so -- excellent but it's a conflict. It's is too much stuff to -- That in the game I mean. But I do -- like do you know they did they mention it but there wasn't any huge titles now. No big announcement about it like it it looks like there's gonna drop it although like in all fairness -- Sony is dealing with a Democrat these days because the whole network thing -- people keep on hacking in fact yesterday -- you. It's our article I saw that Sony Pictures is being hacked now yeah I saw that and then also. Guys I think usable. Global -- hacking again looks a little say -- animals like the hacking guys that. Admitted to doing that the Sony PlayStation think Android is -- -- the most common -- where they found through the PS and network was signed failed. Why outlook the most common password -- and password no look into is where god money here and India there was that you commonly see it was selling album which is -- There's a record -- to between gamers. And that -- really I you know there's a cut what's strange is that there's this whole generation growing up was never seen Sonnenfeld. That's Sri Lanka's I mean it's it's really changed is we also like -- watching the reruns in the ninety's because they were the -- was some the funniest things ever. The -- created the account. And yes I I've done is this thing that they you'll never -- even. -- -- -- -- By let's get into some sports question -- got to a pretty Scott Stein and your password. It's got a -- Scott Stein who -- -- -- learns that he -- Let's. Let's get into some more voice -- this one is actually about sports -- if you've been listening -- last couple of weeks. We've been trying to stop Justin yeah with regards to sports questions. White guys are blaming me for this I'm actually when they just -- -- will you know nothing about I don't. Because you only -- ignorant about sports here well. -- -- to -- operatives yeah headphones printing at the sport. Hook up the lady kept at a site that's all -- or fishing you know so use that utilities are but please let's say -- Leo this is not -- I had to do with women -- it had. Well this one might be -- if -- -- And oh and oh he knew what it -- -- all. A -- and two mile a -- up and begin to care -- using Google a -- of all. -- Google violent data you haven't downloaded about that's a I'm gonna go ahead do you know the answers. -- in the units can hide itself. -- let -- assume it means. Someone is home offering what is the ball -- -- Obama. -- -- -- I think it means when you swing at a pitch and missed it in tired. Like an air ball and basketball but for. Is that is that right that -- -- anything even close to reduce -- says. What does it it's a skip oh when that you hit a ball bounces off the field. MM basketball. I -- so nobody I -- mean. -- Eric -- while you're leaving that one let's. Let's try this one and somebody was actually calling about how. Cricket. We were wondering where the hell -- -- why anybody plays cricket in the world. And apparently it actually baseball are American pastime comes from cricket. Basically from UC Irvine. -- into. Today's episode and just a component out. -- -- -- -- -- A weird European version. -- They workbook you realize. It well originally came forum. Cricket. Actually -- did that is the second most popular or the world. Is because. British. Colorado little or car colonies book that you are. Oh the Irish settlers and -- more of the British settlers have developed their own version. Of cricket that. Change it initially became bit off. Well for the better it's good to know Jack is like when I watch cricket. No idea what's going on no clue what you when we mean when you watch cricket I mean I can occasionally you'll see it like on you know ESPN at 3 o'clock in the morning we're never okay but if it's just huge -- light sport it's just second behind soccer. Which even if you don't not you know play the game you're not good at. It's still exciting sport to watch there cricket -- though it's gonna notice you're going to schools malls around red giant mallet. Let's get to know that that gave way to more exciting sports like baseball and to get back to mounting a ball -- put -- Google. -- is the SFW. Yet visited -- original tell -- at the -- everybody to neighbors and after the show. The official definition is I was now have -- It's about catching a ball and actually it means to -- play like when you drop the ball and flying it orders them -- you. Pitch and you drop it. Basically means you. After up. What has left me. I looked -- and maybe I'll tell you that. -- Yeah we gotta teach you a lot of our routers. What else we got Wilson we get some more sports questions but -- spread them out over the next couple of days. Let's get back in some more stories -- -- -- some time if you've got time for just one more. So -- -- you just knew anything in particular you wanna talk about on to Vienna. Walt let's talk about this because I wanna give people a heads up for tomorrow's reporters' roundtable. That's a weekly show on CNET and this week they're going to be talking about. Yeah they're gonna dominant iTunes. ULA's. -- you know what EU LA. So that's the thing that you might actually whenever you sign into iTunes for the first time you have to hit agree it's like 67 pages long and nobody ever actually region. Yeah and -- allegedly end user license agreement that -- It's not get any -- I get a lot of questions of -- the Tribune guys yes -- were surprised some by by. And again -- that after. So this week that the reporters -- -- -- on how confusing those and user license agreements are and their pages and pages long nobody ever reads them. The most confusing things in the world. And two -- playoff that they had Richard Dreyfuss who apparently I had no idea is big fan of cnet.com really is the web -- a lot. They got master thespian Richard drag things to do a dramatic -- -- Of Apple's. EU LA agreement for iTunes -- a richer and they have previews that I kinda wanna play right now will let him sodomy audience up on my computer. Let's see we can do this discussion an episode of South Park with -- with the iPad he would use -- agreed like in the last. Haven't seen the human center iPad yes Larry episode yet allow artists I don't just the name itself is Larry yeah distributor required actually cable. Rights and -- It is Richard. Edit it. Out at and -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Don't expect that. -- -- is owed you the home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- actually that's a couple previews of the average direct recording or if you listen to live on the reporters' roundtable tomorrow on CNET. Friday June 10 at noon Pacific -- some nice that I'm gonna waste several hours. Listened that. I think it's gonna do it for a what is America yes and it's I don't know if he got Richard -- to read the whole damn thing that's that might be a little mud and although I might pay money to go success. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- she does -- -- place for everybody spit them and that -- forty minutes or whatever it is. For some people that those thirty -- shows and yet somehow it turns -- -- about hookers and didn't tell -- I know -- hasn't died yet -- I agreed only that the allows but he's a law until. I thought I go to the bike of the general Richard drivers might be listening right now and -- atheist -- love to have you before before -- Columbia. I saw jaws at a theater might dating myself yeah dad down Assange doesn't he -- that I -- -- it's the out too little bit -- that's impressive and edit it and be going to -- for quite some time yeah yeah and compete with Google videos and with -- -- -- about it. Well Joey thank you for coming on the show -- for Jeff -- -- it's it's it's been too happy around here because humans who have years. Yellow shirt on that black -- sucking the life out of the room I'm sorry don't forget to buy my album -- -- -- -- -- If the revival how pop -- Now -- it -- -- I opt -- hopefully Ackerman does not -- this -- and all that trouble I'm too busy here hat. Or it what we we get no crap and we do this again what if all goes well until the end of the show and that's when. Everything in its defense of God's -- -- -- -- and yet again. -- loved being on the -- so much and you know unlike yes but don't do this in every single hand but -- still amazed that he can do it. With only two hands like I'm I'm -- it's only like three different computers and that's that's gonna -- -- -- -- I'm Wilson -- -- -- Just a -- sorry and I just didn't didn't. I. I that's gonna do for us thanks soliciting. We've got more -- comparisons but it's been so take your guys. A.
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