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Mobile: Ep. 77: The Galaxy Nexus, still on track to be released "this year"

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Mobile: Ep. 77: The Galaxy Nexus, still on track to be released "this year"

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The Galaxy Nexus goes on sale in Australia while Verizon promises us it is still on track to go on sale in the U.S. this year. We have 2 weeks left and we're placing bets. We take a look at a $99 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet with a $60 shipping fee and we analyze which Android Apps are the most popular.

The nexus is on sale and 99 dollar ice cream sandwich tablet in all your emails this week on Android atlas weekly. For December 14 1211 I'm just -- those -- I attempt on doing what's up. As -- it's the go and all right -- This -- -- exciting news let's hear it. The cool nexus. Service called galaxy nexus -- is it's on sale if it yes in Australia. -- -- -- -- -- A -- is that they think the diet pattern at a speed test trillion they speak English down there -- there's -- -- -- -- -- -- Localism. Okay beats in the -- exist in that it. Well. I don't wanna go down out after years of wolf send all of our cost in skeptics in the -- ended they're good guys I've never meant. An Austrian he's not a good guy. -- liked it and no later noted gal analysts agree down again. Anyway they are really ecstatic -- they -- by the galaxy nexus now. For real. Is the -- has -- this article on you know I guess through the cloak Leo isms or whatever doesn't totally translate says trying to set a precedent says. The -- unlocked nexus sells for 789 with a two year warranty. In 799 with a twelve month warrant. To think their warranty and -- contract not -- Lindsay. So why would a twelve month warranty -- ten dollars more than a two year weren't. And a. An interest in -- -- -- Or did this articles -- missed. -- -- That does nothing for me Nevada. You know if Australian adventure said about this bucked. Com there are. If it seems almost pointless at this point to report this. But there are new reverse that the galaxy nexus will go on sales this week. Tomorrow in fact there was me. Little printout had obtained via engadget -- -- that. He'll go on sale at Costco tomorrow December 15 for 289. Dollars and 99 cents. Com. -- believe that's. This week. This week only it's harmless to me there's your brain. I now believe it simply this is so have you seen my favorite news site news as Verizon released a galaxy necks. Dot. -- -- that us yes exactly. So you go to site. Nam. -- -- -- I don't I don't -- their way I don't room and so minister actually say hello within -- and its flash on this yep there it is. Yet it also has a really stayed there. The keeping track -- them would leave these new members listeners straight at November 10 street that the thirteenth street that the 21 rate that on and on until. December 15 or it it. I think this time at 30. Man. And it's okay while this so -- you know -- I -- -- -- -- Treo I connected to the media and -- That I'm pretty shoes. I think it's -- here's one. Verizon confirmed. Just minutes ago. That here's -- statement from for a tomorrow's corporate PR the -- nexus is on track to launch this year. We will definitely send a press release announced availability feel free to visit Verizon Wireless dock on last -- in the senate for email -- being one of -- -- on track or release. This year means sometime in the next two weeks right. ECU saying do you think it's gonna be released December 31 at Atlanta limited exonerating him. You can't buy but -- we release -- here it's gonna open our stores mean here's the thing it's in stores people have accidentally bought. At this point area. -- love those stories about people actually bought it and one of the best buys that sold it called them up and city need to return that otherwise -- -- -- -- can be fired well. How would you respond and a news Buick at the iPhone I don't know expect. You can't hear somebody for -- -- can -- -- are so look for anything the person who sold its and he would -- -- result. -- I don't know. I don't know exit indeed at that point -- just asking and I'm trying to gauge your moral compass here Matt -- yes. We don't -- he would be fired so you're return phone. And a gallon for you. Or would you try to just -- the matter of acquiring -- and now he didn't want optima firing him. You know I'd be thrown president -- you don't really have legal grounds to -- it -- Even if I was meant to ensure they -- -- -- come and take video that firing with my new phone and occupied this by with the have a land. Aren't well my prediction is tomorrow. And while -- at this point WS here I mean its -- like to link in the year have a bit too little energy to be unique cited over. Over release date. Especially now that -- already -- played with -- GSM versions like I played with its own. It doesn't it and -- my life the cure for cancer is not in that touch screen. It's because -- out just like -- You're not desperately clawing your way to a new phone I'm not desperately clawed -- -- Well I -- do. Who wants and -- -- -- -- it's found the first non galaxy nexus phone or rather we can do stated -- second phone. Advertisements. Analysts. Nam is surprisingly. One from way way. And a part of that is that -- -- -- out and economical and wildly and I know you're wrong anyway -- way. Phones within us though does -- come out with a phone call the way way -- to the they suited. -- what is the stones and it's their way to really hear her hero honor honor -- we honor where we honor. They have released on their website yes and sandwich update. Seats in the F delayed download it yourself click. It's not like -- over the air update -- and on and stuff from the carrier that. -- Now -- gaming expert technical rhetoric. But I you know it. You have that phones and -- telephone in the us I'm aware of it right. Well if you have a phone somewhere then you can get an upgrade -- and -- and this was a bit express -- because. The group -- Samsung nexus S would be its first non. It the second from the says -- it amounts to -- and -- that distinguish otherwise. Update has been sandwich because it's you know the stock cool phone. Com so. Were impressed when -- -- -- -- -- color me impressed apparently impressed with the snacks during. 99 dollar as themed sandwich tablet. -- that is I think it's. About two shipper is shipping currently. From a company no those seven. -- seven inch tablet. Built in service company in China. Com. You can order now for delivery in the US. Did that -- that specs aren't bad spread. They're not impressive it's a Mitt commits -- burst one geared C -- it's generally -- that. About frontier camera's 3-D capability 1080. HDMI. At eight hours battery life while while -- Let you know it's 99 dollars the one caveat here is that. It has over -- ZDF discovered that. It actually -- -- sixty dollars shipping and. Handling. Well and over here in the -- if you've ever like ordered anything from overseas. That shouldn't even be a shock value added I ordered plus it -- -- and all the time and it's not. Two dollars the robot under relish for shipping blow -- Wednesday a hundred dollars but it's not uncommon for shipping to rival. The of the cost of the item. Clearly if you're ordered this from China area and it's -- it's like a it's an electronic device and accurate -- a little -- on it and it's gotta be you know pact could have been. I it straight and and route them and are obviously not surprised shipping. The ZD net -- Speculated they are actually trying to make money off of this have been handling so they sent all right this this is really cheap tablets. But the trying to make it up and -- Not. Interesting at an out me to be honest with you again one gigahertz CPU not impressive. REM. The recommended system requirements for for writing a PS. Out their requirements are that -- 99 dollars. Come but I'm just like my phone has -- a faster processor than that I mean by the only thing that my current own Netflix six months old at this point. Doesn't have is 3-D capability. Whatever that means every whoever -- he's tired playing capabilities. It just means that. There's some sort of way that we can possibly put 3-D on this at some point in the future and -- your project -- -- geography. Charter shades you know of which are left with active -- -- not the kind you -- -- machines like this. And it I don't know I mean you know. It's true it's 99 dollars -- AM definitely skeptical we haven't seen this played with -- heard really a whole lot of about it. But the build quality. Is not gonna be stellar in my estimation. Com but if you want to buy a tablet for your children. Maybe -- this is a good option. Maybe if not a good option in -- Until later by a -- children and you -- one could build quality aren't as they drop it and slow response cars but has a fifty dollar case to put around -- well meaning it now you've got a 200 dollar device. -- -- shipping in particular case but there retail value of two men and 200 bucks. It is refuting me at every turn here I just don't like -- thing -- -- -- it's -- that's. Well hopefully Donald though we'll get his hands on us and to review -- fluently. Com all right -- opponents show when we scare you. To mute some scary music there. -- a scary scary you're like Fox News Kerry reflected in Japan. Alert updates malicious watch exactly. Or -- -- apps double in six months. And it's. Yet so his story from our don't know -- -- little -- mills reporting that. Com. Security firm look at -- make sort of an anti malware anti virus -- for. Generated has seen. Malicious app does double in the last six months to 1000. They say -- most of these are actually. Not obtained in the official entry -- market but in a third party markets. -- -- it and see in this story doesn't sort of specifically state what those markets are. Because it's still it is third party ones that are legitimate -- down. Tips error via app rain -- you back. And -- -- Nam but I guess you know. They're part Americans or just direct link state PK -- -- smoothly ha ha so I mean it's kind of scary but it dog cancer goes back to. The point you normally make which translate. Be careful what you do on the Internet -- But -- don't be an -- Terry doesn't legislate do just that -- hear it but then I could take listeners immediately known talking them. But it is yet to be talking to your dumb friends aren't. Okay. I really -- here but if -- now. -- -- just like -- you be careful acute. What you lecture. Which you're downloading pay attention to you know who signed the app as well as a developer state to marketplace is that you trust or third party developers. -- enthusiast sites that you trust. But it's not all third -- -- him in there has been in the past couple days various apps pulled from the -- market because. They were bad. So I think those are good things but it's certainly gonna bring up the -- trying to anti virus anti mower stuff should Google house. Stronger reviews of apps discussion. Which you know is also itself. Yeah the thing youth again and have and I mean perhaps perhaps perhaps. They do but what's gonna happen is as soon as they start saying we'll get like go reviews process for apps now and there's going to be a little bit slow down in May take too weak to -- -- trip in the market. The first thing is gonna happen is I'm -- out whatever happen and courageous being open it. Whatever happened to that Google. Does -- are over yeah well I mean if there's a catch 22 -- you know you did it meet people come to -- for the promise of openness. But then. You know the promise of openness and sometimes and exactly. Now I'm in line with that -- would mean I guess the general populations expectations. As of security. -- -- do you need this it's as slippery slope of openness verses there -- balancing -- that may be a better word yet. Yet the persist security. There it. -- -- I'm exhausted. And we're back from the app before we get into this ethnic threads -- really -- read the -- that is coming from the chat room. Currently get released on that we're trying to theme for separate cash and it's from enlist the chat rooms and injuries -- like windows if you download CD out. From a C -- place you should expect -- results. Considered better myself. They go like that. Album -- out before we left you digest and you promised as you're gonna tell us about the app that is the most popular. -- -- -- Says this is from -- -- C and Smartphone analytics. Report they looked at app usage. By age group over the last thirty days around. Presario over 38 period which I think is based -- September. 2011. Around their target eighteen to 24 -- -- -- 34 and 35 to 44. Com to number one most popular -- across all age groups. Android market. Really took the certificate to get excluded does seem like and a very insulin better than. And -- but then it's so -- it remains consistent the second most popular -- across all age groups is FaceBook. And then when we get to the third to Stewart it's kind of divergent yet Nam eighteen to 24. Its Google search and -- -- Gmail. And this is -- into distinct -- I don't know how you operate I never actually use the Google search app pages load in my browser. Well I do I mean if you just hit with their split. And from home theater that's loading the Google search. Yes view -- don't -- that you don't that is once the browser. So you launch the browser and -- and then do a search. But as the ads type to you can do a search in the address part -- seems like it. You hit search you type in the in the -- -- populated upended and it takes to use -- you wanna search also say and I have I think it's wrong -- seems -- -- that. IC to be fair I use a lot of -- search maybe there'll at a reform indicator. Anyway Nam. I can't really explain that difference -- -- search. It is I don't know why that would be more popular and maybe young people just don't email but then -- -- that -- -- people who. Well what's don't know anything even learn things they have they do want everything to eighteen to 24 generators did you will be them just -- me that -- blow -- in the -- there -- Definitely. Like its -- where I know I'm on the cusp of the generation two. Well if I wanna know something as Google -- Again I don't ever look at -- -- do you have a and that's and -- -- -- storage shouldn't be useless information in my head. But it come. To -- -- is that -- know something you Google it. Are necessarily at eighteen to 24 each group is doing have a question though. How come phone -- hand SMS is not here in New York. And excluding that somehow well let me all the phones not an -- Parameters it's well -- -- the phone app craps. I mean it's technically -- But it's also like court system you can't uninstall phone I think phone is as much -- -- as a grammar school you can uninstall the injury market. -- yeah it's possible. You can do it I have -- exit it. We are yet to have root access to decent payment you have a phone and you press do you think there are excluded those out -- these -- and I believe they rightly should be. There -- a top ones generally surrender market FaceBook team though Google Maps used -- Google search YouTube. Then -- like a series you know some drop off red when Angry Birds is pretty big. Unless -- late in the eighteen to 24 minutes pandora and -- Ray I don't know what's up with like eighteen -- for using advanced task killer freeway. That I don't know -- -- proven over and over again and it doesn't it work but it's actually are all real analysts among people crap. And Yahoo! mail. Well mean people used Hotmail. Apparently they do let me of course the. An Amazon App -- is actually on all realists as well -- is and always free apps. Com are at an event that pretty -- thing it'll be in the show notes -- -- weather channel leaked list it isn't what before the weather channel he. People want to know whether -- Whether or not they don't -- of the weather -- that don't I don't know whether the -- -- Of Clinton leaves and player and -- success there. Siri. People liked it -- -- -- actually. People are jealous on Android of Syria and then not an -- for any good reason. But their jokes as -- and a I'm businesses. Can you solve that problem for an -- world. No no. Well Google's working on solving a problem rate they have this project apparently is working feverishly to release it is. A competitor even though Andy Rubin came -- month. They -- to go incidents at lake. Smartphone shouldn't be your personal systems. Particularly to working on this thing do you have any pronouncements. Humans that's -- National medal of merit. Is named after the voice of the federation computer from start track. -- track. And is basically. Meant to be an evolution of the voice actions on. -- it already but. Will allow you to. Two more national worth -- -- instead of saying. Navigate to it and cnet's offices. You'll be it was just a memory used in its office or something like that some sort of -- natural languages and -- -- Andy Rubin god. And of the stuff like that -- opponents actually -- -- that's what people are necessary steps god. People always ask Syria that yet we wanted atop a major problem where tonight and there eight. -- you know -- a need to bury. The body. -- -- -- It's and you to bury it. Who would be -- being is like if you know -- -- that -- under completely notoriously suggesting creepy stuff. What -- -- just mean will this sort of like you know the national. Software or you may be Magellan and mean and and through reading emails appointments you've -- -- -- and would if it tried to jump in and finish a sentence for you. -- -- dislike number 82 DNA. To. Triple. -- but now known that the plug on -- is so well and actually one I want you eat people. -- -- people and -- hamburger. Com Iraq I think is cool I like voice commands. A lot and speak to. Acts when it works well and -- Google speech to text works really well now. So. There's not a specific release date. Vietnam. It says here is that. Senior year for every released imminently more realistic I mean of 20122014. And -- -- And it seems like pass area one as -- -- wouldn't really be something that. -- -- these are things you know with BitTorrent when Google does it mean these -- just opera. The Lego build a blog posts unlike the official Google long -- in states like hey we fixed voice pertinent negatives that. Yet while it could be the ridiculous is -- -- -- to dampen rumors and speculation -- All right I'm I'm I'm -- leave yet but for nothing else than like making voice more useful. I am happy event and I don't really need have a conversation iPhone at people for that. That would mean I would really rather be talking to real people who have -- but I mean just you know to be able to have not active -- repeat. Certain commands specific commands over and over -- public that -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's will really yet. Okay nobody. A cable system to the up app of the week the app of the week is meant to link in the -- -- But it's called Alfred. Google announced I believe late last night to be bought. This software called Alfred. Against named after -- -- Bruce Wayne's Butler. Powered by a software called clever science and basically it's a IR. Restaurants. -- recommendation that the -- rated restaurant. Recommendation apps so what happens -- you start the app. And and -- present at the link right here for -- to give you -- Nvidia. But. You start the app up you and ask you a couple of questions like hey what are -- -- -- -- to eat. Okay so you like to go to Walt we're while -- -- -- double Decker -- and buffalo wings and it goes what will other places a neighborhood that. People who like double Decker are these places you like them and you just take these things off. And then. After you've kind of -- gotten a couple of recommendations in the app which you can view is. Hate. I'm hungry. Lastly just start up Alfred and you hit Indians. And artists. Will it'll ask you what you want -- you want quick picks coffee tea breakfast. Or lunch. I'll see if a lunchtime I want lunch -- based on my recommendation that things I should go to a top Korea Cancun. Because I like elf vote early -- breed of here in San Francisco and I and it's got sort of like. This sort of thing you can flip through a couple of recommendations if you don't like those things. If you're like me just never know where to go and maintenance and I'm hungry. I don't wanna go back to the same burger place that I go to every -- for lunch -- -- really cool app. I just recommendations and a lot of people are speculating that. Reason Google decided to buy a clever -- Alfred is on because they're gonna try to rule went into that -- competitor. Who talked about earlier in the show what we just minted system and -- -- they also but does Zagat. It and say it's not a couple months ago so I'm wondering if this is part of a larger -- you know local mobile strategy. I like this -- it's it's really pretty. It's like as a really simple clean interface and what I happen to like about. So many of the screen shots of maps and general users that they all have -- Cisco screen -- I'm pretty sure they elect have stated and developed around here -- -- You pay for me it's like. I'm the kind of person who don't like to spend thirty minutes only where you wanna eat I don't know -- do you want me about the feel something -- -- -- what's around. The kind of person -- someone says hey let's go each year ago Eric. I feel like I'm gonna get a lot of knowledge of the -- or the next couple weeks. AM Hungary where shouldn't Alfred tell me aren't report back I will report back. Yet it's getting to -- -- -- -- of reporting. One thing I think is increasing and I feel like last -- we -- a lot of complain. It tests -- -- -- -- and put it mildly in a bad -- could fill out by hand you reps and of the galaxy -- did you really wanted to and kind of at a leading to pretty much everything happen on the show but what's interesting to me that feel like people were more upset at the fact. That I dissed in -- Graham. Then defective BBC news patent issue patching the issue that that we happen injury so -- -- -- -- convince from Shah -- Well it's actually pretty polite email as the beginning his on -- side actually. -- -- -- He says -- -- -- please I think it's a good platform if not better. The history and because it's cross platform. He said that said -- degree and -- EPI hooks that allow you to do things with the service that at the moment you cannot do with it please. I used to website. If it's -- that -- is that triggers off of its program. The for example you can set up a recipes and every time you upload a photo -- diagram it tweets or posts -- -- that the picture of you post -- FaceBook you can have a copy. It is program. I also -- that shows and program previews. Instead of just given you -- -- for correctly they basically points -- there's an interesting thing. That is the -- -- there are some very cool things but you can do with its program. Maximum -- Woody's -- trying to say. Then you can with -- with it please -- -- -- when I recommended. Alex and be financed program. Animal that if it in the better part of what two years -- -- -- -- get an Internet. The year two years and forever too long to two law there the other tells us tuna -- -- on Blackberry OS. -- find someone who has the new touch screen device and play with it. We have councilman who's -- that his -- Yeah and what -- think. Levine -- a -- Donald bill running around telling people to go by the Blackberry Playbook. I the problem is there a playbook is in the new OS listens has -- virus. -- think that it's a phone out -- and longest I've played -- playbook yeah I think is. Our thoughts -- -- nothing nothing -- -- with that if I don't think -- heating on the hardware. And a -- with meeting on the performance. The problem is. Rim is a very confused company right now event like nine CEOs in what direction they're going hand through we start hitting on Blackberry OS doesn't have anything to do with. Product TC and has everything to do. With the fact that it. Well. People are and it don't really seem to know what -- doing the products. Will mean -- that was not subjective but anyway. It sucks for general purpose use the -- through an email. Thoughts mr. -- -- -- -- -- -- this is a great show and I learned a lot of these the last 1 that I am in the process of switching from iPhone Android started uploading my iTunes music Yahoo! Music. To -- in my outlook to Gmail. And I've been checking on -- from for the last three months I've decided to buy Samsung galaxy S two. Then I heard about ICS in the nexus than -- there's no mass storage and a reason for the change is primarily that drag and drop feature. I was also gonna buy Galaxy Tab two and outlined in the found out twit but you can't drag drop to that device either this is the main reason again from switched. I'm looking for injury tablet and phone that I can do drag and drop. And the tablet have to have a data plan do you have any suggestions. Keep up the good work Philip. Well -- -- pretty much any other phone. Media training will anyone that has an SD card any any phone has an SD card which is not. What is new carriers go into -- if he's getting galaxy S two that beat anybody. In the past but there are galaxy S two variants that have. Mr. SD cards and day internal storage. Pretty much every HTC phone has internal -- arena and external stories through the SD card and almost all phones yet -- And as far as tablets Asus transformer -- him. Yet I mean you -- -- the look at where you wanna do if you just wanna copy. -- videos over to it -- normally you know with windows. Worried and other OS's. You can drag and drop those using. The different protocol -- -- -- Asus transformer prime -- data plan. -- -- Am bulletins that -- via -- -- the next email all of almost a Eric thanks -- up for that. The -- so this next one is also about the nexus and this is actually -- brilliant team from marked as much as they'd like to point the finger at residents seems that Google might not be. Com promoting the open philosophy on a Google apps that fans once -- after all. It seems -- refusing to open API to this secure element and Verizon announced. To use it for -- if this is to musicals should be encouraging competition instead of pulling me -- like that so. Read this was a very widely reported but there is an article in computer world around us that says that -- Know exactly remark saying here. That Google won't allow Verizon to use these -- here NFC element. For their own payment service -- and the data is what's actually causing this conflict room and and that seems more reasonable rate. If Google's him like no you can't use it. And I feel -- it should the open ish -- where. Have two competing payment platforms on the phone that's you know fine with me -- user make the tourists. Com. I don't know the real story is and you know there's no confirmed reports groundless but it is certainly an interest in theory. All right so another galaxy nexus. Email this is from Tina in Omaha. I haven't heard so much whining in my life. I couldn't believe the amount of negativity coming -- the host of -- Alice weekly. Amy admittedly an 810 -- but I note that there cons and -- that come along with financing hundred. You'll either system -- lack of sport and -- of fragmentation. I don't mind hearing criticism about standard phones but say that because the galaxy nexus is delayed their for once does buy an iPhone. This kind of crazy when we say that I don't think we said that I -- -- -- that said. Due to a number of reasons. You know people could consider that on the -- And as they got -- recommend mom but it ends. -- misconstrued our words -- -- Tina. Com I just purchased my second Android phones dancing -- -- two -- table -- -- -- soon. Com. Maybe if I covered Andrea thank -- to you I'd be annoyed that -- they made a conscious decision not to -- take -- the Nexus -- a new phone. Before Christmas. That are -- on my budget Saddam blow -- -- -- show it's very informative and I hope. You guys to her and a better route next week we all have those to his right. -- I think that part of being in injury as slick and only. Sometimes you just as sit him down. In just. Given to third degree tellem how it is yeah. I mean if -- -- if if we as injuries and -- like every now and then take a moment and just -- hate the thing. Not the phones themselves -- like. Some of the the of the issues that we have around the phone been. -- were there were little more than Apple fan boys who just like a different phone. -- how unlike Apple flamboyant they would -- everything error that there's anything wrong with their platform -- their phone or their beloved company. -- Campbell wave like I mean it's just like. Like Star Wars fan boy like me -- I think they all secretly hate George Lucas. But they're Star Wars fan boys so lake in they have -- -- nitpick as they indicate they point out being effectively -- -- -- this year it's. It's like part of being late in enthusiast and really caring about -- news you know being honest about it I recognized in the content. And I think bringing them to light so that something actually happens. Something actually changes at some point in that you know that we that we let people know let me let. Verizon Wireless know that we're not operate with -- releasing -- nexus phone calling to nexus phone and then basically neutering one of the the major. You know core functionalities. And it. These are things that need to be said -- this week I think -- -- -- opposite that we are both been pretty crappy needs. And then im pretty sure that there was like a perfect storm of like -- all. Now we'll get on lists -- is known about it now but I don't really feel like we're. Actually. Fit into that we were just on its -- -- will -- -- -- I'd give an answer for -- -- when it from the prime. I haven't seen thing on and the private data from Regina they -- and it's like coming. Unlocked and then -- ninth in the chat room basically said that is that Samsung galaxy -- to -- and does do drag and drop. Asked -- which when he has. And I don't -- your response to the end of things since -- says. Are all gone to -- -- -- let us know you sign up this one's from mark hi guys great show I totally agree with Justin. About indirect have -- PR problem but I don't know if I agree and it's totally Google's fault. -- lest you think it's the fault of the US mobile carriers we all know most carriers have to tweak -- -- or any other handwritten version before they release it. This is usually to bundle some type of revenue generating content I would like to know more about Google's leveraged with US carriers. Seems like it's been nonexistent but it was -- the carriers are dragging their feet for some internal -- -- -- All that aside even in the Merck 300 tablet for months now they're leaning towards the -- has Quad Core. With -- any idea when a Quad -- as his tablet will be available marked as soon as soon. -- on the PR front yet. That. -- do you think it's cool fall Google's fault because. The carriers are gonna act in the carrier's best interest. Just to you know and that normally ends up -- them sort of messing with the phone and -- is that the user would necessarily warrant you so I think it's schools' job to. You know keeps them in line and do what's best for the entire intricate ecosystem. As well as Google and the users you now they write to Jim Morris have -- the Quad Core O assistant. They're coming I mean we've already get a review idea. Asus -- -- and reviewed it maybe a week ago at this point that I think the actual release date may have been delayed a bit. But -- and that's par for the course at this point in the yelling about belief. Is that it Lanka reeling at a brick wall. Legitimate they're coming who registered in news were already certain distinctive -- in the market and I think that yet. The good defeated tablet to be looking at every report that voters about the device has been part. -- are recognized into income as you go right he says I just in house life. -- your plans for Christmas. Life is good. But plans for Christmas and -- -- business. -- -- -- You know Gannett -- of the even if you where you're gonna be like you -- the presence. If -- gonna send presents -- send them to 2352. Street San Francisco California in ninth or one of -- you rock in around the Christmas tree. You never know of an audience to grant some pictures and -- that if and a good -- on my galaxy nexus. Crap I. As fugitives and now one more for -- rom and a -- injuries and boy -- There's -- -- another -- next question for you said in when the episodes of the young nexus will write a. Number right and I -- that's what happens -- to a room. That's why you can't have nice things. You sit on a previous episodes of the galaxy like a galaxy nexus will all right -- red and blue every. Is disappointing is in the least. Will that mean that the galaxy nexus will have to wait in the future for Verizon pushed out feature Android versions. It is my understanding that previous nexus models received Internet lists such as gingerbread over the air from Google without any -- -- from T-Mobile. I really want the nexus but it for -- cripples the best feature of an active -- I eat receiving over the year updates -- straight from Google. That I may not get it sadly enough and honestly I may try -- of the platform a little Windows Phone 7. Answer some listeners would disagree with a choice but watching this won't get pushed back for no apparent reason caused me to lose -- more -- in Google. And want to go somewhere else the entire all the headaches and disappointment signed -- -- drift and -- And he -- does point out. One of the interesting things can you know league team we've been. He reminded me of the reason why and excited -- one -- -- Nexus One in the first place through way to a couple of months ago when we heard there was going to be new nexus phone. -- stated that. I would only by nexus phones from now on because I didn't want to be sitting around waiting for three or four months for the carrier to get around to optimizing. A bit cord injury bird you know for their particular whatever or -- -- -- -- you know figure out how to work since into it. I could -- just tell you he points out that. You know who. The injury experience I is good bit yet perhaps the best feature of any phone that carried in the -- -- it does point is that. With the most current as far as OS goes. You'll often see even like you know a point point a version updates on nexus phones. That are like beyond what anybody else have so while there were nose is running like you know two dot three dot five. A nexus phone could be will be off the time these like small fixes for. Issues but like a three diet and into -- read at five -- and then there's something. -- Yemen I think we don't have an answer to this we do you know based on the people who bought the phone from best buy and other places early. The Verizon warned that it does come with I think to Verizon apps on my resident. Something else. And -- the the only one to be in the name I think we've known in the Booth -- we're going to be on -- so I don't know that that a -- means that they will market the updates from Google. Will mean that the whole -- of Google wallet you know exits. -- I think if it's gonna be a problem. But people still to disable that on their side of the I feel like -- answers we still don't know but there are signs that are not so. Positive. Parents. When. Asked if silica -- house went there and -- you do -- Our I -- a question for you went from Stewart if -- -- my phone. Which is an HTC sensation and put on a custom rom is a possible to go back to the sense from a -- not -- the custom rom. Yes I don't think -- The answer is yes you can Richard from. You can keep your stock rom and be rooted and be happy or you get -- thrown in you can put on a custom send from. And be happy. Or you get richer phone and put on and on since wrong morally. -- have thrown -- But the nonsense the -- is nonsense mean often times they are but you could put on around that have had stripped us and stripped out or a modified version of sense. And be happy or if you don't like -- you can always go back to either of the previous. Options there's not much. It's you can really do that's needed they if you do correctly if you're reversible. Means -- anytime he's certainly -- -- running news. Minor. -- in -- possibility of working your own but I mean the -- processes. Usually pretty straightforward. And once you've -- root access flashing roms is usually pretty straight forward. So if you get -- you don't like things you can always go back. -- that remarkably easy to do such a thing. So yes. Yes you can has a long way to say yes a listed yet to the beginning though and I reaffirm area -- An explained. And is like basic essay. Remove your thesis statement -- had -- like to retrieve a paragraph explaining it in the and the inclusion -- and then you get in a and you graduate -- seventh -- awesome. I give -- an -- Minus for the big shift in this -- -- to keep. Be humble try -- next and that's our show for today. But don't fret we have one more show left -- this year. And it is our annual predictions ago. And this year. Because we've been around for over a year now you'll not only keep you predictions for 220 we will review -- predictions room. 42011. And we will see whose predictions reign supreme. When it for the money and be mean and asking your -- -- think something about -- and they -- a toaster -- We also adjacent house predictions which meet and greet him with app directly here and so will make sure he loses. -- But that have -- make ourselves -- -- DARPA. That'll be next Wednesday 10 AM Pacific to enough -- At cnet.com -- line. And you can also in the interim get more injury tips tricks stories cnet.com slash injury -- atlas. All lower case. I don't try to capitalize -- -- that will -- -- the -- sensitivity of the Euro. A you can also must confess up. Emails to Android atlas at cnet.com that's likely not -- confident. You can follow show at and relentless on Twitter follow me and -- group. And you can follow and -- -- and you can follow just -- -- at not my real name and when we're no spaces and we also new voice -- so -- you. I don't feel attacked announcer -- can I pick up your Android phone give call 866344. CNET. 866344263. Can -- -- a call from an iPhone -- landline. It's a good topic for your emails phone calls. And tweets or whatever next week could be your predictions for 2012 and we can read the best of those on. There yet. That's our show for this week. And we'll see you next week CL --
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