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The 404: Ep. 721: Where we get Black and Blue with Steve Guttenberg

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The 404: Ep. 721: Where we get Black and Blue with Steve Guttenberg

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CNET Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg joins us today to discuss the Back to the Future video game trailer, Steve's celebrity encounters, 3D surround sound, and more headphone advice for Wilson!

-- -- What's going on everybody it is December 3 -- the Friday. One -- ten. Its support for -- on cnet.com. I'm Jeff Bakalar I'm Wilson tang and I'm Justin yu and this is the show where we get black and blu. With Steve -- room. Okay -- making his last 2010 appearance -- -- Steve. -- -- And I would even -- -- Clothes but its mind -- Steve with the G and how are you men and then yeah you -- -- ready to partake in some of the fruits of sponsorship. -- -- -- -- If you guys in a retreat I guess they could hear really sort of psyched about what we got going on. -- lucky enough to have a giant walkers sponsored tour. December yeah yeah and that's pretty awesome Steve's Clapton because. Because of his shattered past. And -- The benefits of you know not only getting pay -- But -- one of the benefits of being sponsored by Johnny walker is that they -- over. Some free bottles of the -- itself could write down -- -- -- that matches the chiefs of the good sense of limits -- and we actually have a bottle of the black label which is excellent and then the very expensive blue -- My area so I mean it's Friday what do you say we track opened the blue Obama I know that we're calling -- -- -- -- -- that. Okay I know I've only had one other town might that I actually even held movies that they're pretty sensitive click what does it 300 dollars. I'm sorry about Verizon. And that's a nice give its packaging I think that's. Like an Apple product it's got like a a little like Boxee box -- your -- that -- Apple products are like this well. The Apple product of the of video liquor industry. Since she got its -- its own little bed. Lying -- take a little pillow. And everything and as Johnnie Walker is bust himself -- I -- -- a welcoming you so all we're gonna we're gonna crack this open and and and do little sip and we've got our short glasses here 09 engine that's officials sent a camera. A good idea Oly artist radio I think it's a good idea I think you probably shouldn't drink anything as you are a lightweight Syria he adds that works. Death of Justin you are never gonna happen is an hour and that's out there sooner -- be awesome view if you can do that. On -- we're gonna -- a little bit on Friday I think maybe you'll do this for the rest of the Fridays in in December again you know it's Friday let yourself -- a little bit -- -- -- I'm gonna be a little upset as I'm not gonna be here for the rest of the let's front -- not unfortunately. Am I there are some and the things gone on -- but I will actually be out of the country. Staggering -- that Johnnie Walker who had not cried a lot better. Absolute. Yeah and the -- -- think a man -- a couple that's of these I think they act is illegal. I'm not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is a very good gift to give it in fact but he was funny because you came in my office as -- -- even knew about a man -- before even knew about -- in your cave like -- -- thinking about getting her dad you know a bottle of this -- -- they well look behind me. I got actually read your mind also -- -- -- -- -- yesterday -- -- so pumped out of Johnnie -- sponsoring the show it immediately we've got this response. From rats -- -- this is not the only one he's like that's awesome guys well done I just bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker blue. -- -- but that's -- we provide here. Is that that's a lot you don't know about -- -- -- sponsorships working out well it okay anyway that your moving product. We are removing product. I don't let me point myself every time I'm scared of of the the the Asian porn. And up to the top and -- just like did you know maybe just maybe that's all it was kind of nervous to be doing it's just our day. -- -- -- Jesus -- well -- got a little birdie on you know I'm not gonna make a movie has openly. Once you help yourself yeah so there empire. And I -- -- and you are bad and then it goes down smooth when you take intensity -- Right about that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here is a long and a -- -- I am okay. I've done -- -- -- -- fantastic. Not look at -- -- barely being able to -- that. Really getting -- and that's actually varies -- see it. A little -- it's like a Bulger and right. Obviously. Is -- -- little smoky if you don't anyway here's what's enough of that policy is held this is always ends in the original paint it is well within Justin. Over its -- then chairman -- and -- just imagine just like solutions of the I can't get this dude is gonna -- me -- this thing that I just -- to straight up falls -- Steve -- announced today and Johnson who's who of us were hanging out it's Friday holiday season happy Chanukah achieved some anti UI just found out it was tonic and yeah I'm I don't know just I love life festival of -- And now they have prisons we get eight -- -- isn't that Jewish people but he Chinese. Know that's cause I. This is actually eat Chinese don't want customers -- just. Because I feel that we do three things yeah -- tradition it is -- New -- tradition the first thing you do with you have yourself a great Chinese dinner. Then I don't see a movie via the and then you go bowling. That would agree Christmas actually it's funny I just I have so many instances and in my childhood during -- -- of actually doing that. Where you know you go in and a bowl on Christmas secured you yeah it's. Open yeah I always loved the movie theater and Chinese restaurants because Chinese people always in sort of the -- -- still work in those steel pin. On Christmas well -- knowing I don't have the Chinese restaurant and all those wondering why he was open on Christmas but now I -- because it doesn't -- -- -- -- it you know and so is there anything reciprocal for the Chinese people elect New -- -- eat lots of -- -- -- -- Actually exactly what happened and they also been Israel yeah but Chinese -- -- -- they're ready and I. No lights funds that I have heard of that read and exploded -- I -- that's pretty awesome. Is a lot more of them are about and that's what I'm hearing is a security for them that I'm sure the month of business will boom. We're -- will be funny because I'll be in China. During the holidays and I I didn't you know in the in the motherland and around this time and it's so funny because. It's so commercialize their but at the same time you know you'll -- early Christmas carols and lot of them have they have religious themes Chinese people. Don't even realize that like they're seeing about -- explains he and then really thought of a store just blaring yet barely. Hesse so pleasing heavy enough that. The more you know the -- -- now. Says Stephen -- here you always have like. Unbelievable. Crap to tell either -- this again it out before we're gonna get to a video we have a trailer referring team that were sort of -- unwelcome exciting yet. But it's something that is brand new morning show that show and then you have a response that -- what do you have. Before that retirement John Lennon yes yes -- guns that -- -- -- birthday here and would have been on -- and what it is that Britain says speaking at that time in its thinking I'm and that non. You've got one -- John Lennon well himself tell the story is yeah -- good story. So I was working in a movie theater which still exists cinema -- and twelfth street in Dallas -- And it's 1973. Pretty sure that this is seven years before he was killed. And it's a single screen movie fairly tiny movie theater and -- in the -- on the movie and that and the cashier -- And Ahmanson's. Coming up it just Parkinson you know. And a yeah I would freak out again and would you do if you go -- -- does yes so I went down though there were only like five or six people in the theater and so was now on them. So and they -- it's a long skinny theater. And they were seated about third of the way. But -- -- from the screen -- with. Inside the BN. The row seats in a against the wall right senator -- chair so while so I couldn't sit right next that's human. And I'm freaking out I kind -- wanna say something film. And -- is sitting right next to him right only three people within its right. Okay I'll -- announced that -- -- now is this the -- of India have now all available. Okay cool if you're sitting -- to download manager. -- There -- only available during the -- and I didn't say okay but I'm looking at him. And I get this feeling like he's passed quickly. Or maybe it's like you kind of look like me yeah I think. -- wireless settlement laughed yeah capacity around the end though it's like it's an and he starts whispering -- in -- -- But to slog this -- right well let's not only that -- them to expand its market share has used it yet. So then he's just turns and -- like looking -- Just staring -- -- hoping that -- a picture as -- didn't work near total -- -- look in the face of Tyler yeah he's right if -- bring you like mobilized as you know a lot of people were stars such as you know. Yeah no you don't like three years after The Beatles broke up the this is huge years he is beyond fees beyond -- -- It when they were living in the -- yeah that's gonna do a Google branded digital among. Yeah so what happen. So I'm just sitting there yeah it's just like -- -- and like I should never gonna assume again I didn't. -- this is this is it I'm sitting next to my ultimate hero again. And kept looking at me and I kept looking back at him I didn't but -- layer again and then I just. Outside Japan but that is so nothing happens so you don't get treated -- you didn't say anything you know I is there anything I didn't -- thank you so all you don't have like a -- you're staring Compaq. I found out that. Oh yeah. I don't know how I can see why he is probably his stance during ruining the movie I was -- no really let's out of Syria and I'll. Our -- but it was really. It was really intense. And that is that is insane how -- I thought bad. -- unity and said actually not words no. I think I I would I didn't know I was SPI was literally speak -- -- -- file in any given a lot of celebrities yeah unless outright the only guests will be in this same theater. -- a few years later. Warren Beatty was making a ranch house and shooting reds and in the -- And I guess there was a lot of downtime and he and Diane Keaton whose girlfriend at that point we come to the theater regularly like every week -- -- there -- news business is a repertory -- meaning no -- -- different double features that we need -- there's always something so. So what what would -- is that exchange like. -- -- -- -- Said that there was -- there was with seniors and hearing none I was a with the -- and -- may still that is like 58. -- Does that -- now he's gotta be close to eighty again and yet. There's 35 years yet so -- don't -- if you need okay who's literally capture it is where you. So anyway so one of the guys that works at the theater had remembered that Diane Keaton was on the cover I'm alone -- before and sure -- -- -- He said to keep contacts and then have this rate it now. Said the movie's about and and they usually left before the movie was over -- So I anticipate. -- yet. Echoed down there I'm standing right in front of the -- basically blocking you're gonna galore creek warned media account wizard John Lennon experience once again well I try -- out on -- Collide the idea so the answer is there with that -- time magazine thank you -- and there walk -- and recognizes that -- says that the warm aids -- that the thing Keaton now and asking them armed undercover audits -- you hear lots of but it's -- In anticipation you coming back assure you -- -- from. If she was really nice that you some nice thought of it everything -- and -- -- meanwhile are based breaking. Yeah like five minutes -- really a valuable right behind it yet is I suspect in America if -- now he's so nice. Everything's. A basic question darn if you don't for the four. It's a great movie yet. So whether it's -- I have one other really short -- -- Sony and there is in the war on oh god yeah everybody likes sort of you. Think -- is an art history like -- don't. Of the book at least it's very light and ultra it's true you do I can't say anti war was everywhere yeah I mean you it was hard not the running program which was Steve's with a stolen all the time and -- actually -- -- he was very. Visible in his chair as he wasn't quite right it was like a -- then some and I would seem that art openings this stuff and -- I go to see a movie not in my own movie theater -- go to see a movie. If someone talking means solo in trailers are men say -- talked tong tong tong. And then the movie stars and he's still going -- no -- turned around I hope they say. Set that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These -- okay yeah I told him even after realizing you with him yes you're right. Even while keeping data and hey I got a -- that I don't I also downloading but I think the -- -- -- That's funny he did -- -- to -- and I am I scared what and 80000 anything back dvds these items are gonna take a. Don't it -- is an artist because I'm. His icon I'm just brilliant just brilliant I create a whole genre. Yeah it already is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For -- at all -- boss. When rumors. Late eighty to eighty pounds and 82 very good year so brilliantly around like the height of its popular -- via. And came to a -- -- network. And cancer does and he tells me -- things in here with. His finger -- and paddy and -- So I I never asked anybody -- -- and known and I was certainly not outlets and even restraints -- you have a brother in law -- was huge. So go down. -- and he's at the candy -- buying -- men and I walked up to -- was don't it was late in I was like 11 o'clock and that was hardly anyone else who wanted to -- said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He said not blocked he steered it -- -- what we can't -- our next ones here at any and I said. And I have to pay pretty good shape is because it involves please mister bond. And he wouldn't do it he just. And whipping west to east disputed me with you give you look history yet you look past had a MySpace. That's insane Vinny told the shut the crap out and chatted for this amazing well I mean you know he's from freehold which is the town right next to grow. -- -- that's cool that's we have always turn you know bruises like an ice. Mohamed -- was it bad mood and I you know Andy's sort of again I can't value cultural. I'm sure he's -- literally -- than a million times I just can't believe he's. I don't want and I just wanna just really has the -- -- -- he does run Hubble lined up. It is the biggest problem have been. Fine well that's an interesting stuff before -- the break I wanna get to a year debut trailer oh yes -- this is really just this is interesting I didn't know what to think of it and we're gonna get Steve's reaction to because he has a certain feeling. We're talking -- the back to the future video game series. The relations was apparently shopped out and telltale games is releasing a five episode version. Of the back to the future video game. So is it a continuation of the stories -- -- retelling of the trailer sort of discloses some of that and it's got a different sort of cartoon art style it sounds like they got Michael. We don't know he in human being the condition Dallas necessarily given his condition but I won't -- Anything that's definitely Christopher Lloyd you can just tell because he sounds older -- let's watch the debut trailer. That's like the I mean can you see this as a general rise actually begun for a few months and I happen to know -- million better than on Tucson with the bank -- -- within its rights to sell off his stuff. Back where are you. While away. Apparently -- -- There's always the possibility of life and says John Christopher -- to -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- reboot again Friday -- -- that December February march April and you know what the finale episode. So -- it looks like it's coming out on iPad okay the Mac and PC. PlayStation 3 network. And that looks about it you know Xbox or Xbox really looks like it's going to be a downloadable game only own that's strange it like if I -- you know I'm not that the intimacy and this is but if I would've. Gotten the license for back to if you have been made available on Blackberry yet -- I like it available everywhere -- doss yeah I don't know I at first when I heard I heard a while ago that -- -- was going to have a cartoon you look. On another watching that got me treatment it will -- notoriety -- that I think about it it's the nothing new Star Wars clone wars the animation -- exactly what it looks like it's much really the angular looking feast here is. Touch aren't saying that was not Michael J. Fox -- the god -- it was -- through definitely tell it's good to hear his -- that out again he Israelis and they'll announce to his old man impression oh yes it is this seventies -- looks so cute and -- -- -- herbal -- and about Christopher -- is like he'd like you know unfortunately as -- -- earlier this week he's those people -- Always looked. Oh yes -- I feel like -- usually given in like taxi yet. Terrible -- The attack ends like -- in his mid thirties -- -- yet yet it's insane so Steve. We're all psyched about back to the future you come in in you tell me you don't like back to the future. I was during. I hate that we are drinking heavily relies on the market you did it break -- matter so serious mood in 1985. We still projecting. So I just don't need so you're showing -- latest travel -- -- -- and what what what it about arguably the most. -- -- on our childhood history this is where the famous than star alliance I think MS. As well resulted. There's no -- as. It's not for our talented and don't -- any other consoles are -- India sourcing and until you know it and in the eighties -- yet. So back to -- 8584. And so so would about it what don't you like about you -- -- -- better known until a few months of my. Other what is so you -- side by genre -- them -- them would you like blade runner. I do so ward got that I can't are eager learners really are sure to get them back to did you. Steve I usually at the -- -- lot of crap and you coming in union -- back to become a good trilogy and also at the stake in the heart. Nobody knew what wines you like -- -- -- -- to also. -- -- -- There's got Johnny walker thank -- -- got extra glass I mean I can't you you can lead. Critical of the honestly I would though don't you like about is that Michael J. Fox is of the concept -- -- going on. -- -- So what I Brit I'd just went to a -- for the next segment we can't talk about rocket science I. Get a straight got a rocket scientists in prince in nature all you're gonna trenches. I you rocket scientist in Princeton, New Jersey after the break we'll be right back there's a lot more for four and for this this is. And the floor mobile phone or their captors to show where we all -- -- Vacuum the earlier movie. Satellite go what to think about you period in whatever Major League not a right welcome back to -- Okay here's a look back and they do they -- -- that's sort of -- -- The -- room for -- -- on doing. We're back here Steve before the break was talking about Iraq. What you wrote something better rocket scientist I -- in Princeton what is -- rockets and is doing in New Jersey is an island. -- song. Was -- in you know this city. So basically university he designed this is name -- professor. At Booker the theory and and he designs plasma rocket link on what does that mean. Well you actually works with electricity. Of silica Reid's threats without earning. -- opportunity but it's like and has nothing to do with arsenic and -- I can -- your real but that's. I thought about everything that's why California is better than New York is because we have African aliens are gonna go well let's let's -- but the right I am I -- That -- leave your -- scientists -- plasma it designs these rocket engines and basically they're not into is that like pushed. Spacecraft. -- really fast -- maneuvers you know makes it changed the angle on its direction right. But he is an audience I was there -- being I would imagine like being a rocket that you would lose your hearing is that. I'm gonna give us loud and it's based okay this is based on -- -- -- -- -- can breathe Adrienne although he showed me in his Lan they actually have a chambers a but -- acumen in start up a rocket science alone has beaten metal thing if the -- active it is big metal so -- his audio files and he's ordered out. And he designed a way that you take. Almost any stereo recording unique three -- down versions carrier so like pro logic on you know steroids yet. Really and it's really amazing so how does it work and did you sample. This I did it say how does it work -- -- works it's if he actually took a very simple idea nibbled on a long time. If you're listening to speakers your your left here these hearings -- coming left and rights feature writers him and if there was a way that you can listen through speakers and your left here only heard the left speaker -- your right here -- -- -- there again you weed here and an amazingly three dimensional. Okay so they know could this mean because he did so help so he and which have been a vacuum. Who had historic. Election is a picture of that hate us and -- in -- it's an event. -- further work is like I I know I remember back. Like the nineties and early 2000. It was like a lot of like 3-D audio stuff I don't work for this kind of felt like was behind you now this actually still -- like -- was in your head. It this was -- line. Real absolutely -- can -- -- was it varied from one recording to the -- than the ones that he made himself yet so that's his his listening. Oh my god does -- have to be green. -- -- -- -- And I look better in the matrix understaffed there candidates and speakers have to be close to -- -- And actually has another room and read -- they're like shotgun speakers ammonia and a that's -- and it's basically a processing algorithms then it. Treats it in a way that you can't you left -- only -- the left speaker -- your office so this looks expensive. It's not even real and the senate actual product here it's just right now this is just prove itself to being. Wow that's really -- thing I would imagine being very expensive. -- -- -- That's of the licensing thing so -- Do you see that other companies speaker company's audio companies embracing in the you know we can see -- iPod he's gonna try. Good for him I mean are I would buy something you get an excellent data recording of like somebody steps that sniffing around your -- -- beginning here. And other yet and it like a virtual here cat in a brilliant but he played over speakers -- a speaker. Ten feet away for -- and the sound literally went around you must -- freaking out. It was -- may use I -- I can just imagine soon we need like practical jokes that somebody. Actually wanted to bring this up so we talked about this earlier this week last Black Friday I got. Some new monster turbine that I want to -- yesterday -- and I apparently had the smallest years in the world for years smallest ear canal idea. It hurts a lot so you don't she spoke to Justin knew about some ear tips. And Daniel I forgot to bring them obsessed than I actually yeah I have a few so you have a monster turbines right US show those so I have the monster turbines here you've been using the flange. Your -- threat because I've been told that like -- sort of it's which -- to see if you have small ears varieties won't slip out yeah they're like little -- as they go further anti but I think you should try these. Called -- super tips on the -- picture on the screen we have the website operator there's sold separately from monster that 25 dollars for pack. Which is a lot but. For me the ear tips actually work better because they give you foam and -- -- -- and jelly attempts and so if you went and looked at it. That's a really nice a variety of tips get initiate a different cable as opposed to the ones you have these are little more -- Okay I think they might be ignored tiny ear canal lists. -- -- personal -- you -- your previously small. Appear abnormally small but -- exceeded -- needle point hit your vote yes to check it -- for it is the is that jail on -- I'll try these on an Intel and in the meantime. It -- it isn't you're actually I'm putting them in wrong rate. Worked out yet that's what we're talking yesterday rate you have to pull the top of gear up before you insert it into that can you stretch your -- like or down and and that's how you -- -- -- -- -- it like this right. You know put down hundreds of lotions and like that amplify about life here. Give look at it that's only and move -- -- in and only go -- to -- that hurts the other doesn't -- you're touching your brain in her. -- -- -- -- -- It's underwater art lesson as it herders it is it just -- conflict as you don't like your its. Like you're gonna hit your -- is that your fear. -- I feel like. Deep inside of my ears numbers canceling. I've treasurer pressure I think he's not used to it it feels they are underwater right now yet feels like -- -- -- but the you know the other ear -- like actually kind of hurt -- like -- still fueling the the -- portion enhancement and minor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's an anonymous caller on the subject of Steve helping troubleshoot people we have a call directed specifically at him let's here with this person has to -- Question for Steve here. -- for -- Jack from Pennsylvania and a question for Steve Guttenberg -- underserved a look at our headphones and I wanna know what difference between. Studio or monitor that phone. And just regular headphones and which is better revenues. Good question well my first reaction is just BS. I mean different. So I -- bull crap is the difference so that no differences. Well just when someone says it's a studio had power monitor -- found that this. Okay morally bankrupt these indicates you that you won't -- -- -- that we showed a yes on the for an oral I had been using it I love you got headphones is Mario and it is. It's less generous yet huge difference that is -- -- a -- -- clunky and they had these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nearly eight months it has matters and not but you know the thing is that may be -- -- referring to is that some headphones are CEO. Okay thing right you can hear the room around you as much that would make more and -- are open but primarily it's it's. And -- studios heroines are almost always sealed. -- -- -- -- What about the -- -- what -- -- speakers now because I've heard that like. Actual professional speakers are referred to as speakers but -- referred to as monitors sound -- Our daily negro model -- -- okay so many people are looking at the thousands of dollars per speaker not like a confidant this like little tiny ones that are campus here. Dampen the chat -- in -- studio headphones are different because they come with a three quarter inch Jack. I only. This fat Jack -- that's fun actually this is comes from our Mac. I wanna move along we we're going a little late today that's fine it's Friday it's Wilson's last day of 2010. I'll be here on Monday and well being among them okay sorry but that put you know we -- we're sending you off the right way. -- -- -- -- Monday it though it -- birthday is on Monday. Jeannie. Well moderator in the Jeremy when is it today no -- on Monday. Area -- so big aggregated gene and -- all do the show without your -- and -- -- -- in these guys they they do so much for her for moderating the chat rooms and helping -- show there really isn't a community with them then at the at this team also I -- -- -- -- people know that genie and actually this is not Sunita Williams candidacy -- that they do that on their own time so things like to let them meant -- -- -- it's very -- yet -- -- -- -- love to -- you know there are important to -- -- you don't really John -- Wow I think gets it I think business I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- I hear it's just. This deadpan stare at still appear to movie theater and -- -- yeah. I'm just gonna stand down for an hour and half make them feel weird and -- break up the biggest been in the world. Not just than we have a voice now or you. Brown. Misuse. More dialogue here please get a series -- a -- -- us -- let's hear this open public. Paint and then this is. -- mom again my god don't hear how -- you. Hey -- -- and in members -- are doing a few key in the -- and I and he now. He used several -- asking you what you Christmas that is not a terrible but you have not responded by -- -- that key here. I thought maybe -- hear how did -- -- the karaoke. I -- yeah he is not going to Kerio yeah yeah -- and -- that home menu continue about the content. -- -- and -- from the unit -- -- I know not my expertise. Kind upon about. You can -- So maybe. I -- I did that cat. -- -- -- and that none of the time now -- Is -- -- my mom does not want -- yeah well. There is nothing more very good and -- really love what I'm saying I. -- do you really. You could I yeah you're about not having a candidate Steve. -- -- demand. This and then form -- -- little floating. I hit myself over the head would have thought that is very funny many -- this you just be in my hand -- you -- -- the chairman him. I think it's still don't have a girlfriend. I. I -- I do appreciate that -- I will send your Christmas list but it karaoke machine the you know finding a dollar and never leave the house. I do not go to the karaoke bars you have again and again night every now you've never seen in addition it can do is. -- narrator wrap things. My mom that yeah. Well. I miss you -- incredible yeah -- calling out your own stuff. I don't show she's the only woman in my life it's true however what to do ever and it's nice to look -- it has -- -- yeah. Do you think they'll give you at Wilson the time to stop. It's amazing how much of the lightweight you line -- in this -- any under words of with -- yeah there's a little -- -- as -- -- Special thing this weekend -- blah okay what's that one is called. Why analog sounds better than digital. This -- until we got two minutes -- I'll highlight why digital sounds better than only got so I hard country to both sides of the of the art and -- -- -- honest consensus about. Here's the thing I think analyze this is is not as perfect does digital these movies that is technically Wayne wordperfect sure channeling is that analog is just more fun to listen. No I understand that -- you yeah and it's -- thing that I keep -- this from is that people. Have gotten to the habit of not actually listening to music of course me we really put it on they do something out right now happens much less when you listen to. Are there any just pulls you in more you know what I find I find. I go to a lot whenever go to a bar and -- -- -- and I only go to bars based on the music they play. So that's coming up very few bars that I have time I started walker of course and I thought I looked you know I've heard this -- -- -- -- -- -- and if you've been there and -- with good music that I like. I always wonder. Will lake who designs these sort of stereo arrangement at these places because -- -- sounds better than any other bar. You can't really judge bar music and artists of the U wanna write about enough -- -- hardly think what bark sounds that. That's -- music quality. It almost two days ago the music itself does the actual content dvd blues and technicality I would think it kind it would look like the podcast use he would be like foam insulation you can't hear them but they have to make -- -- It's just something to ponder some benefit to -- -- can you wanna do some in the hey I just throw out there to go to the wall that sticks. Yeah good and my other Wiki it's been you know being on the for a for -- My Twitter followers are or -- -- Lot of them from parents unfortunately we do that for people. But that's also make enough follow me -- how can we -- audio -- act. Man I you know the deal will put that in the blog post gazette may be a spelling issue. There is up on the screen or will heterogeneous and it's not a thousand followers I had I -- -- you know I don't know how we can work to -- -- more people's lists. -- you pay off all the age old question yeah wireless antenna confused but I do wanna say I think you guys for listening and this is gonna be my signal a show for the year thank you for being fans and listen to the show and so much appreciated thank you for Johnnie Walker for -- -- yet -- he hammered before 1 o'clock. Yeah that's never have moved. On that point and her hand and it's never happened. Victims and a trash can over with a bottle. Well we'll see -- it is yeah. Then you are bright and attractive enough this is actually -- -- they didn't. Pop up at all ciskei average -- -- -- weekend edition of the blog the audio feeling jackets on cnet.com. Check it out and obviously linked to it. In the show notes today just don't do that everyone have an awesome weekend we will be back on Monday with a -- -- -- -- shows. Have an awesome awesome -- we can't stress that definitely right see you guys and I'm Jeff Bakalar I'm Wilson tang. I'm Justin. Like 86644. -- I've never seen him like this. 8644. CNET or you can call email us -- for four at cnet.com again have a great weekend with a 44 high tech low brow. -- --

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Samsung Galaxy S6's missing features, split-personality problem
2:55 March 2, 2015
Is Samsung afraid to commit to one Galaxy S6? The two new models are the same, except for the screen -- and both remove features fans...
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Top 5: Car tech game-changers
3:05 March 2, 2015
Brian Cooley lists the top five ways electronics have made your car better.
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Blackphone+ is an encrypted tablet
1:25 March 2, 2015
We get to grips with Silent Circle's Blackphone+, a tablet built to foil hackers and spies.
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Blackphone security-conscious smartphone gets a sequel
1:17 March 2, 2015
Silent Circle is showing off its 5.5-inch Blackphone 2, which offers encrypted texts and video calls.
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Huawei's MediaPad X2 is a vast phablet
0:54 March 2, 2015
A 7-inch display and octa-core processor lurk in this huge, beautiful tablet. Or is it a phone? It's both!
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Ford has built two electric bikes
1:29 March 2, 2015
Two wheels good? Car-maker Ford is experimenting with electric bicycles you control with your smartphone. Hit play now.
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