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The 404: Ep. 719: Where we made it out of clay

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The 404: Ep. 719: Where we made it out of clay

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Happy Hanukkah! Tonight is the first of the 8-day holiday, so tune in to the first half of the show as Wilson and I try our best to explain to Jeff what that means.

December 1. Welcome to a brand new month 404 episodes even though we'll only be here for half of this idea yet. Welcome to the show on Jeff Bakalar I'm Wilson tang and I'm Justin new -- -- -- the show where I can't inclusive fun. -- this is the show where we made it out of clay. If -- Those do. Name. Kind -- great -- And -- I knew when -- was play that song. That is a low blow viability senator. How -- I -- ago. Julia Leo that's and that's -- I need. Take. I know that -- also so. IE. Okay let me tell this story probably embarrassing for them talking. I have no idea what -- that he has would have and I walked into the studio now about ten minutes ago. Not just minutes ago -- a padlock and I'm like hey happy kinda guy. I think because tonight is the president of -- December 1 and granted it does change every year but the look on -- space. Hear her laptop -- I had no idea. I -- that's dedicated to the guy who has taken out every Jewish holiday and 2010 time I was just gonna say I'm not a real holiday well. I can't get you yeah and budget -- -- not gonna. It's not -- would -- oilman. And the lights you don't know anything but that doesn't I like it's I studied the I studied black simple -- -- -- the deal I. You've studied I know the history behind breath yet so it's a real holiday admitted that -- -- -- high energy Hotmail -- you in minor popular Kabila might not -- -- -- in the hierarchy of in Jewish holiday importance of geeks down there with like. You know. I don't know whom belong to say I want with media. The top of that it I think it's Russia -- younger -- -- young Kippur is the one where you you feel -- -- -- Are they all like that and knows though that's. After it happened with the -- bounces. -- so and then I guess like passover is like third we. So it. Holiday we you don't take a day off from work you don't recognize that now it's just it's HDs. It's -- and it's only it's really only become popular to come non combat but you can implies that it wise -- a good. More Jewish kids -- go. And Christmas -- -- in their house wouldn't be lit up yet you know -- They'd be sitting down and they get Sox yes exactly and I -- to compete with the modern way you know on incidents in mind that -- -- you know -- it was sensational invasion of holidays in America they're like you know a lot. It can do eight -- man right and that's exactly what happened -- they literally picked up holiday that was close to Christmas. So they Jewish kids. Wouldn't feel bad about. Their parents and friends getting gives you enjoy new wife it's really we've seen that but yet -- viewing your new life to accelerate wanna -- you to do so early to know we do you celebrate Christmas now. What -- simple and free. I mean most depressing household or. He is -- you know it's fun it's fun that everyone else in the world is losing their mind buying gifts during all this crap. We buy -- -- public Chanukah party -- -- who -- Sunday. -- -- -- that's this Sunday. Play really you don't know Asian guys -- never know more about how would you know what it is though that date. Changes all the time every year can't fit dual boot and that -- the party -- go to -- and -- -- just all of just -- -- the address you know when Chinese new years. February. That's arguably the most active Chinese still able to get that changes every year to exactly so don't blame him -- at least I know kind of what it it. The most important hey Mikey knows what it -- I hear it. Why should the new year be the most important. That you just isn't you and me granted. Due to use them it's for Shannon you're seeing third China -- -- And the spiritual cleansing -- -- a page out okay and you just title it's our wealth our good yet we'll put months since the year and and one more. And I are happy to hear that GDL right now I -- now. But. I didn't I forgot I knew it was early this year as early as like the day after Thanksgiving yet you know and as -- as you know into the new year it's never starts in January he can and -- and I don't know if I don't know why it's -- I desire to hold its well -- who can follow it like the stock market that god it's gonna just because down no one knows why. So yeah I don't know what to do I look at the moon and I know what data is the right. So happy Chanukah -- -- celebrated rock and roll like that manure and lighted up. Do -- -- but -- that Chanukah menorah hand over if you can have your neighborhood your leg have you and -- We -- we're just merely that be funny if there is -- -- north hat ultimately I got -- -- L Ron Allen -- idea yeah I I mean this is probably that's probably -- -- -- so what is this it's -- the story of -- you know what's -- is -- -- You know -- driving through my hometown over the weekend. And my -- There's like a lot of lights up for -- now just a group of blue lights a lot of Jewish people so there's like light -- menorah is might cross the street neighbors a plumber and he -- The bill that PVC -- -- That. Six feet -- I always think I got his -- is gonna fight a Christmas tree. But but -- you know people love it if you wanna. Put lights -- -- -- -- -- injury of any program code project tiger safari in after work run to the stores and buyers of Silberman our own home and I think we have one in house we just don't mind. I'm sorry for the person who might have bought us that. Even like tradition was -- just doing it just because. If I was home my parents would probably do but I that they don't even do -- like an electric one that the chief you have which never lets. If you put the window for all your friends seeing it turn the knob and Daniel little -- and I did not know that that -- -- -- Monica in the future yes. Yet you put up your Christmas lights in -- apartment if you do that with -- produced -- And as much as yearly especially with everything going on me in the around most the holidays it's as India rules you have to put up the Christmas legitimate windows which is really depressing -- evidence studio -- studio lights. Across from the magazine windows it guy but -- -- and -- quietly and -- crap for all the colors in the rainbow -- -- even a for Android G bid and evidence is royalty system. Detroit red orchestra yeah. Funny has -- I can -- -- you -- in New York. People keep the Christmas lights just for decoration -- dorm room -- we have lights in here last year not the keys this year we are non. Religious -- It's the holidays it's the holidays there's a lot of points that is in them all yeah those are pretty but are right we're done with. -- plenty of yuletide episodes. Because that's -- we should make them like tree it'll you'll find episodes. So that we may soon encompass every we don't -- non denominational and nondenominational. Get this winter -- So let's switch gears -- talk about Microsoft connect and really it's the most it's. Whenever -- it's the most popular electronic device year. That he's the iPad. Now apparently because it bought nearly a million people have blah million -- people -- but the connect I know it's sold that million in like nine days yet. Which is I guess and -- 150 dollars 150 books in a separate clash -- man -- admitted that mold and admitted to every effort. -- -- Father of a month except I didn't see any positive -- the fact okay yeah that's all the million laugh Jay silver they sold a million I think -- the -- thirty over two and a half really yet so they're doing really well and it's funny because move. Came out. And that and thirty days and -- move comes that many sold in the so but don't forget Microsoft really marketed this thing -- spent a lot like the the ads -- grade you know when you watch someone like you see the ads be put into people. -- -- there's potential there it's like it's cool. We would only 7% of the games are worth pulling -- now. They get -- out -- I think there's about thirty you know there's there's dozens of games and -- -- -- -- that the purpose of playing the connect word non standard. Sure type padded for a long time I gotta say like I I know I really think that people -- regret not 150 Daria well. I really do another -- and someone's gonna regret buying a -- I would say that a Wii gets so much more use in the connect well. So -- has just so just came out yet. I will fully endorsed connects us sports. Because those games -- great. They really are they work well essentially is great if essentially though like Wii Sports -- just yet there's no one's gonna deny that dance central. Is ridiculous that I'm not enjoy in their food way I can do is wait a week ago Wednesday -- at Thanksgiving eve I have like ten people at my place. People breaking out. And I've never played it I played it once or twice contracts show a little but it's a show it. Accurate like it really meant Annan and is that was -- president I think it's likely -- really love it is the dance moves are really like it's just it's cool it teaches you how to dance and it's like. It does a good job it telling you what to do -- I think it's a great you can more than two people play the same time. On commercially cat and quiet the only place other than other way -- save time and they can dance at the -- like you can it'll like switch -- -- -- really -- your -- jump in there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So yeah I mean it's really good connected ventures I think is good too. It and for me. Really connect I don't think that they'll -- rivals right now yeah. Papa. Joy ride is what we're talking about -- that is the racing game available for -- came out with launch and ill. It works I've played it works put a gentleman on YouTube uploaded a video of him playing an entire race let's follow that up now and we -- talk over it. What's happening here this guy. The video on him break and then there's a screen shot of the -- -- he -- to play the game. Going through the motions -- sitting there he puts up his hands. And this keeps them there -- -- the steering -- yet so heat doesn't. Now watch race starts. And my buddy over here. He's not movement. He doesn't do -- think and open the park Florida yeah. I literally no immediate and and making a really funny like sort of a when he is crashing it's crashing and he's especially when he in turn but he inadvertently finds that the seeker -- I'm not. And poet -- -- in third place so so here fast forward a little so we get to the advocate dumbfounded expression -- -- -- look halfway -- there is still like Sony's maintaining a third place position he's getting power -- he's getting all you know he's -- there will be the first place now and still in the nine and three position has not moved. Now let's fast forward to the -- the -- see where he finishes third place dancer he did not move at all he played the game didn't. Once and he got third place does this happen every time I guarantee you know it doesn't you have to play the game and there's boosts -- -- Put the point being made is that. May be connect you know. Will hold your hand a little bit for surely there's a lot even in the weeds is a lot of -- -- -- -- -- could really -- this sort that game is sort of a game for kids though to. You know. We on I think hardcore gamers from running out to by joy ride him well but yeah I mean stale like the whole point is the whether it's moving and Latin but I I I feel and this is the same way with a lot of Wii games there is a bit of sort and holding a lot of Wii games to make sure that hey. Use either -- the enemy when you're shooting things like that now is it helps. They in this particular case -- theme theme it went a little too far can. I disagree. With losing yet because he knew he didn't move clearly is like crashing left and right here -- going into everything because -- found a hidden area. And it kept working out that way because I guess if you ride that rail. It shortages direction and then yeah they begin immediately the Carson's turn you don't even need it's not completely. -- -- But it's pretty funny is there a way that you can adjust the sensitivity on the connect. Or an ocean calibrated but I don't think you can adjust -- -- meaning you can maybe certain games you can put. Right now you know I -- I had a feeling connect was gonna do really well because they had a great marketing campaign and and it's different -- definitely different and you know what I'm sorry you play that volleyball game you play the boxing game for half hour swept. Remove it it can't the reason I like connect. It's because you can't cheat with -- The work -- games about stuff we just sort of you know it's a -- -- put at -- you know. Can't cheat like that when you're playing ping pop can't be like -- you know you got a really move your -- so it. Forces you to move I think that you can't -- now that there's a lot of potential for -- to -- amazing. But the first sort of set -- games. Just -- from like the intentional that I I -- daily have to be drawn in to you I mean you -- she has been playing this game that every night I feel like -- 1 o'clock in the morning. Your injured -- my life. I'm sorry downstairs neighbors but. That's really happening it probably what's she's hammered for a little like the last her. Playing us -- -- this is that and Q anything. I'll be on the drive period of something really good at it games like college -- five stars and everyone else's you know doesn't. Get up there was it's she's great as she loves it. Of that is one game move -- I'm definitely -- surge looks beautiful yes -- And the funniest thing is that there's there's sections in the game. -- records video you know so like when you know -- happenings like does like crazy moves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't know if that's -- I mean nobody we haven't seen anybody -- right definitely -- but now that he can actually see where you are now. It's an immediate comparisons prospective -- games -- -- -- I mean there's lots of stuff they can happen. Then a lot of other people have been wondering like whether Microsoft incorporate this. Insulate their windows phones -- the next generation of windows right to actually control you know I'll like minority report and the computer memory -- Minority report that between -- and are up and I've. Doesn't I love -- -- just half. Yes so. The future is probably pretty bright as with any new technology got to give developers a couple years play with it if anything's for sure if anything's for sure. -- -- -- They're definitely. Extending. The life time before we don't take. Break on his -- is one thing there is a potential for connect sex having sex using -- -- control center. -- -- military -- of cnet.com wrote -- very informative article on it yesterday actually. So I put it cnet.com and to talk about -- who knows he's saying he's excited about using motion control as ethics committee of the headline is very sort of he he seems -- that there's nothing yet -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yet yeah I but I potentially thing I -- -- there believe me I I really don't believe that matters of skin you know let that one's alive and -- game although you know they don't itself. I you know it could be a triple Xbox. To stream and there's something called motion -- in it is the first came out even if we could switch the screen. It's which actually and and and there. I thought. I'll just combine this that I chat roulette yeah what -- -- pick this up. I think we'll figure that out during our break stick around we've got a lot more for four coming your way. Boy voicemails very exciting stuff stick around will be read back. This month for four -- -- is sponsored by Johnny walker. Hollywood and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift giver as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact when -- Send us an email right now holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right price. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22. At cnet.com slash life. -- or early or or the most out. There it. Is it. Others particularly if you go via -- advocate and organizer what do you -- that smarter -- we -- Well the book sells timeout as -- -- -- -- the pre integrate the world's on the radio. But they'll forget about it. Eden and after Johnny walker yeah I Agile and monitor market humidity samples of in which coming but we drank at the wedding and -- -- I've about had it. -- Ideas it is the latest as the bar was. Literally and right next to -- cable yes and watching Justin go up in you know orders Shirley Temple every single pass it with pride kids -- one surely. It will please let me get and the -- than any serious -- I thought well -- To Heathrow in two tickets to -- as well. Com man. It's not that good are you vision or her friends here's my idea I actually have to like love doing -- -- seen -- -- -- yet. I'm just being not so much yelling and and never ship a -- like then I like hedge against them. The exact act McEnroe. United -- -- I'm separately -- -- of the -- logo can and he inadequate. But they made it longer we can upgrade now aren't yet out due to c'mon it's huge upgrade do we -- Cincinnati related. Or that I -- -- so they're gonna give us some some samples -- It shouldn't -- too early to drink whisky -- he never for -- offer yeah. Everything's all the time that doesn't -- -- Wilson's office at like 10 o'clock in the morning when I get in these -- -- -- -- -- -- open a beer -- but the -- when you're working on your sixth Bloomington and -- well that's that's gonna have to deal -- call. Alcoholism. And my problem. You know there are a dozen steps you can today can. -- hope you open the bottle. All we have to -- Miguel because in the public today it's been a couple days to that lets you begin. -- -- -- -- CNET world oil. -- RI -- locking in longer lines and -- momentum and they are now. Allegedly drunk calls and public and all -- the good sense and not a good I know we had before and and it sounds like a fun idea and generally most of its. You and I really love your -- Obviously -- home soon. We got -- calls from live listeners complaining about look the feed the live feed and work out we're working on it's a new -- super. People who watch the show -- you're gonna have to bear with us. I mean c'mon has anything really changed. The first call from the public good question. It for organizes my comfortably. -- the question you get early you know get in movie and music you didn't think -- -- but I never really get to meet the Egyptian. EA a jury in our knowledge there sure is that -- create a book. -- thinking now. Anything and everything are now. Okay so bomb that's good question. How to think what I'm ordinary -- Internet. I just don't read -- if you read but the book that I'm reading right now you guys might find really I'm not joking this is the book that I'm reading right now -- your face. And rise of leading god god by Maureen -- -- -- rise because she's nine Denver. Not -- and poker faces the name of earth. All of you that flew right over and fugitive. Anyway this is a very -- unofficial biography of the pop superstars and as you guys know and love it's too early for -- Lady Gaga biography -- People wanna know about her life and -- actually -- -- -- -- brown eyes which talks about -- walker. And nice little tiny nobleman in my own -- what about you Wilson. Like that hosts is always that disapproving -- Another -- this is the look at your father gives -- If and really doing a podcast and how about I could not and it's a 100000. Dollars to use Internet radio. I've had -- -- a cat yeah. What about you well. I actually don't real life. Fiction if I do read -- yeah it's you sound really sort that you battery a lot of on screenplays and -- up so I aria like actually if -- free time and I'm reading fiction -- go back and read a lot of great sort of screenplays because that's that's how they translate on the -- -- -- -- to -- like I've read this six cents a screenplay and and that's a very interesting. Want to read just because of the twist the tourists and -- and it's interesting because you don't even seem that you find so iconic and films and on paper sometimes they don't work at all. But things that you think would work great on paper just don't translate well on screen yes so do you just go get a much script and read that. Are you having a lot of graphic novels lately I've been reading all man I didn't even consider that a book been reading walking to I'm deep in walking their -- issue thirty years something. And I've been reading X McKean and which is an unbelievable graphic novel series that just ended but I'm. Very early in. -- and I'm reading. A book by Greg Grafton and now the lead singer Bad Religion you wrote a book he has a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology really brilliant man teaches at UCLA. Reading his new book that. Very. Interestingly equates the growing up in the contracts -- you biological evolution. We'll hosting world really like that means euros so yes so that's a great book -- for what it's called something like I think it's -- anarchy evolution. So yeah that's what I recommend if you're if you're have you read a lot of action like -- -- you -- -- I'm saying I I really you know a lot of books area I like reading essays. -- I'd like readings social commentary. I like reading nutritional fact. On the back of my maternal on the back of -- three pound bag of bacon -- -- did you read you know beyond the biographies you rely on nonfiction. I read a lot of biographies I read the Harry Houdini biography by police. Yeah I like to read a lot of -- electorate a lot of tech writing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I actually you know author -- Steven Levitt the economist yeah I really love his books he's good he's you -- need to. He did undercover economists who did. The woman Conant who movie etc. -- -- -- movie. Ergonomically announces mom. Next call bull switch gears here. It therefore of poor who can't concluded that they'll -- about reaping the -- -- -- can get if Jeff Burris thing is that. With the securities -- in that you recommend okay the gremlin will then what -- what I couldn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- this program out there you know I've been looking for a bit -- -- -- -- commit actions and -- from the -- to recommend per. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So no orientation -- action to get to it on the multitask bar. Short and sweet scariest PC game amnesia and other yet the -- and a can't we aren't easy helped actually ran -- that she no we actually build things Dorsey that PC or Mac. Mom all right let's get to our final call. -- this is funny remember this recent news. He got it South Carolina. -- to resurrect an old segment only -- one ship the outward Justin explains a hockey. Call the pivotal to talk about a week ago which will often first -- yet been -- -- Some redneck IKEA in South Carolina. -- pick up making a call -- -- -- like -- to explain and I don't think you're refers to the women that are out nightly. Adding even -- what. What -- -- was talking about hooking locally had no I do believe that -- united. -- is looking. -- that when you who hold someone with a stick but when -- it's like a version of high sticking. It's if it's -- my gosh I feel like I'm not someone -- dealers. It's a version. Sticking. Just slap someone didn't really know you're right it's looking like when you -- on Wednesday again. But he wanted I think he wanted you to -- -- the whole prostitute who accuses them to do with a yeah not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We didn't. And varying. Like that sounds like every impression of a man and a woman does -- every -- an amendment from a woman go to boot move the yeah. Smooth. And I've noticed that empty that a couple months ago I noticed every woman has in mind fashionable and impersonating -- there is no impression that a woman does -- again and all Hispanic audience originally was always boot. It would roku loses he guerrillas there -- have moved. -- to improve boot and you never have the ordinary person either of -- yeah. Audience and that's exactly happened -- -- -- prison if. We gotta get that here 186644. -- number to call or you can email us the 44 at CNET -- com. We'll see you tomorrow. Steve Guttenberg Friday. Keep that he's on pace 44 high tech low gravel -- I'm Jeff Bakalar almost dead and Justin -- have to do on guys see him --

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