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Crave: Ep. 67: Elective bear mauling

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Crave: Ep. 67: Elective bear mauling

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Tablets are done. The future is tables. Unfortunately, it's the same future where giant teddy bears punch you in your sleep and adorable pugs are transformed into bloodthirsty monsters. This week, Bonnie Cha joins Donald and Eric to talk all about this topsy-turvy dystopia and provides the invaluable function of translating Eric's obscure '80s film references for the rest of us. In Geek News, Eric channels the dark heart of Bane.

All right it's Tuesday November 22. And you are experiencing. Phenomenal crave podcast I'm Donald bell and Eric Franklin. And we are joined finally. Bonnie Cha and -- And don't let it go -- with an ever -- a for the past couple weeks we've been telling everyone about how maniacal. -- evil -- line yeah. So don't. -- smack in the podcasts to keep money to add a little ugly that the whole cute and you're our very own who has Santana I hear you're back. So that the spirit that you got that yet and -- -- extra. Coding also going to be valuable. Is making parents feel better about -- that's your -- exactly pan -- that. Lets -- once this is called the chair as an ever present earlier exactly this is happy -- that idea. The body and evil charm is due to such let me -- just busy and happy to -- -- and and let me -- comfortable to sit down -- -- like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is you know I would feel the excitement look at it as a typical Tuesday from -- and it's it's -- -- -- die cast. With its. This is going dark on. All he has left this is obscure references -- please laugh at them. That future version of yourself okay mister -- Thanks for being exiting for having him make -- I'm glad you're back in -- in -- -- now. With your furnished apartment. As -- and happy. And now let's get into the stuff we actually are here to talk about. To add and other -- to the chat and caught. I didn't hurt penalties as the X a desk and the man be a descendant of the Microsoft surface. Table top. Tablet. Yes is there is coming and we're gonna see it CS 2012 already and we've got a demo here on video. It is. The next generation of Microsoft surface. It's a giant touch screen table as you'd expect is running Windows 7 didn't. With all -- kind of touch screen. Optimization. And in. This. -- in their department of future. -- here. The low base little of what kind of TP. -- The company and -- -- -- I think. Yeah. I mean -- -- -- and need to file as there is some it's they're built into something placing blame and that's so. -- -- It's a price that's in different surprise is that the good thing currently. 300 -- organizes that form like them. You know minor minority -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and you know I think it -- it because it's I think this is actually tied to Microsoft this is right this is another company's take around like Microsoft. It's kind of failed to deliberate display which is a accessible. Affordable. Version of its Shana -- at the same time Microsoft is taking orders for in 8400. Dollar version. Surface okay pain that this is -- have desks. Take on it cheaper cheaper. And with the wobble bass pro and -- -- he probably -- -- -- the way they can go in that bundle that in the it really well thought out -- -- the giant table top tablet. Of the future you need an awesome soundtrack. To make you feel like you're living in -- make you feel like you're not. Just sitting in your house every week and -- which -- desk. -- and -- literally -- there and it. Was wrong when Hollywood. -- it will use it for. Well I don't. Me like I could even see what he was used and for some life. I mean yeah like a giant -- harpsichord. And older is that within it was that like a FaceBook again and entertainers. Like Twitter feed it Italy public. Sure I guess it's the -- I think the only thing that's -- it's only gonna press people the -- -- hows that gonna. It all -- -- for you well when you invite people that. In all -- doing it and it. I I know that I can make a lucrative. Enid job at it and -- this technology in selling to people but when I can do is invest right now in like cleaning wipes. Because that's on the few -- gonna need. Like some kind of effective solution from meaning I'll be giant touch screen tables right just because because of the actual two daily general operations of -- -- and have you. That now. -- your -- -- you know these are meant to Kleenex. There's no indication -- Right where we already have that kind of thing missing is turned off I mean already when a tablet is turned off it looks like. Heart and yet it's pretty disgusting you have that magnified ties them. With the table unison and can be -- yes I think you're right I think you're there's a -- -- that we -- or something else. The only nation in one like -- if I can do that I know I. Death rate when it was as at the pretty easy. Linguine they -- know -- that out that's the -- -- -- such as saying god though. Different joke you know ideally. That is a reference I almost kind of yeah well sees bridging the gap here that's what's happening. Act so yes this is this is gonna be available and affordable -- -- suspect it's not gonna be as awesome as some. What Microsoft has cooked up -- there you know. Almost 9000 dollar version of yeah -- that -- Makes me think like mark -- -- -- something to do with their their version of the -- if they're going against -- thousand dollars more than what this is. -- needs you know as it -- a premium on it causes Microsoft or and it acts actually has something really cool and a cool -- how well this thing works this. Thirteen hundred -- Desk because of video Odyssey -- you know crafted to sell this -- what comparatively. Little I don't know this is. It looks like it looks like that like -- table top board game to me what is I think he's still using eighty -- trying to copy keyboard -- with a wireless keynote and again and -- Right you don't divert to which -- -- -- someone in the consummate deals that had a virtual keyboard and assuming -- -- I don't remember. Either way -- -- the way how is -- the future she Simon alone. Take actors -- gas and then -- move your keyboard around me. Now nearly or should just be dictating to the whole thing ranked uniting and typing anymore yeah it's just CD mind -- united speaking. Thank you just thinking is thinking I neared an actress hospital -- think -- and thinking your table yes that's the future -- future -- thinking. Do not get on. And that I don't -- can't do it could happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the future hopefully. Will involve less known yet if Japan. And then. Anyone wanna take this and now army under this chair now this is perfect for parents. And -- basically Japan has come up but this. -- out there do you that well -- gauger snowing. And if it seems a little -- it will typically you. And it's -- if you move your head was witness to. Write your -- out. Arcade that's that's and -- when. Newington. And with with the name of -- that there it's too. Sweet to listen to see. Who know -- to see a relatively idealist you know Spanish accent on attitude to look at it that is yet to -- to happen to think that. And the basically that there's a companion. -- that. -- around the -- and measuring template oxygen levels like the bears as we can up like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a little -- Tiny pet in your -- can actually measure it is it'll read your levels as -- -- and maybe I am sure sure just. Only had to wait and it will be and it's not with them -- -- Mac. -- -- So it's a -- those who doesn't like -- -- -- -- idea is that it will make you kind of move your head. Right to set aside and making stops -- case -- -- change of position yet just to make toys. It's like -- touching you. Easily and news that I think it's like your kids has sleep apnea or some rain that it makes -- make it. How -- -- something grown man it. And sleep on how to an illness -- -- -- cherish her so just stick your finger in this little limb here. While the bear Chris is your face and would like -- -- -- good. Let's hear from him don't mean that it makes a good point -- like how could anyone ever had sex with you if this is your pillow. -- yelling at this is the end of romance rather than ever cause your partner could only see the -- it's not you. I am well within the report -- associate with -- -- air act and with its name written it all are like. When you get rid of the -- she's like 100 different. Well I'm an Animal Planet -- -- -- to get rid of it yet is numbered if there's another thing I didn't contact the beefing. Up. Six and understand it and it really -- use an electronic bears and attachments in the veterans. Think it's their islands and -- -- -- regularly in the point -- for kids Amy. I mean I don't know lot of kids as snoring problems but an -- and instant. No one feet and -- and -- And then just -- in for a -- ability. No word yet. Is made adorable -- in this. -- capabilities. And if your Pug wasn't cute enough. You can dress it up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you probably can't teacher club to be this hammy. But -- -- very -- and these deadly ethnic. And back -- I would -- Drink did then make independent spirit one billion will be more than. -- -- work. I know. We can you back -- This part right now that I've been that the cutoff though before the -- jumps up and he's absolutely. Eviscerate its. As that word twice now. You know whoever is in the room and -- them -- in our feet -- ice Cave -- is exactly and then just. You -- celebrates and dances in the blood of its victims and onerous in the movie I think it was implied yes -- there's probably some blood via. And celebrating so. Sanchez as a you know I think it's pretty cute yeah -- -- -- -- -- it might be worth the administration. Justice he. You know that my house my -- -- -- in -- hey. Anything when he. -- They add that exists. That's a -- -- -- and it. -- influence in a segment. We like to call. -- Do you. Have to present bodies in any event or not I don't -- about a. -- -- She -- All digital sales this week other -- the Geeknews I'll follow the brave Pixar -- trailer came out of this week. Home. It's it's kind of like. Pixar has version of was -- was them and those how to -- dragon. And it's it was you know they've released is like art form -- a couple months ago and look really cool but analysts on the trailer. Really disappoint it's really the play the trailers even assigning worth to black. What is worth it is the 2016 -- which we are going to play. This is probably the best movie anyone's ever seeing themselves aren't that would make sure we -- that. Yes. -- -- almost. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The best part is the route didn't and being with no -- -- in my opinion but yes it. It's company's -- promo -- that trailer for a movie. I'm guessing from Africa and I did with with terminator aliens and babies get in -- And if people does a rambling blown up man -- And dodging scroll -- -- I think this has -- the hope for technology eldest time and I. Alvin and there -- is trickle down effect of all these high priced software suites and just make it easier and easier I'll learn. You know anyone to get into filmmaking and creates an amazing. Cinema here. I think that looks amazing. Yeah we actually tilt when he sixteen who didn't don't know -- outlook hopefully not. It's a multi nozzle that was that was the thing -- let's -- -- geek news this week. Odd even -- lot a lot more publicity for a Dark Knight rises as their release -- a -- like a -- of six minute trailer. Later this month with Mission Impossible was in critical but the -- more press -- -- some interviews they came out. Our -- I'm gonna read this excerpt from interview about bot Tom hardy -- his character from the movie. Dark Knight rises kept losing being -- betting he's the one in the comics he's he's a guy with the mask on big write it out dude who eventually broke bat man's back in the comic. Bomb but -- read this because this this -- got me. I wasn't excited about dark night. I look I mean this this item off the -- excited about it not just from this picture or read it -- Its multi party -- on -- He's brutal. Brutal. He's a big deal who's -- who's incredibly clinical in the fact that he has a result base in oriented fighting style. It's not about fighting -- -- carnage the stylus heavy handed heavy -- it's nasty. Anything from small joint manipulation to crushing skulls. -- you -- cages stepping on shins and knees and next and collar bones its mapping heads off into carried. -- -- checks written -- -- spinal columns. He's a terrorist mentality as well as brutal action. He thinks smashing machine a wrecking ball. If we're going to shoot somebody shoot the pretty woman first or the old waiting -- hours. Make sure everybody stands up he's a terrorist in the in his mentality as well as brutal actions. He's a horrible piece of work. I did it the and -- -- -- -- body alleges the idea. This if the trailer. It completely completed trailer over what we're seeing that it yeah yeah me catch you are you going complete I know. And -- -- -- -- -- We got a glimpse into the dark heart of Eric Franklin right there well there's -- anchoring its probably gonna -- unseat. Right now. But that doesn't that when -- hear what -- can have them. Like him -- as -- -- like that for me that that gets me pumped because I really wanna see. Home like that man Bruce -- that carrot that they can bill last two movies -- really taken to his limit and feel like that's -- -- habitat -- this -- so I am more excited over them smooth. They go. Oh -- the -- But it's it's just a teaser. But around this idea can't. Body and I won't -- anything as he better than Eric Franklin's rendition of the Atlanta plant now forget about it. This is is the teaser though this. They've released in the trailer and I ended -- -- the here. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you've got something. -- -- -- -- We wouldn't go. Some underhanded. -- retail -- just about everything I. That last shot -- that. Man looking so we ended and like you and me as being just -- block and that's when -- -- would have -- the biggest -- -- -- -- Adults in the bottle and -- I kind of want Adam West back now. I feel like I want the -- and you want to evaluate -- episode arc I guess minus their area. Original costume jumps seated -- to pop out. I'll take -- you -- cat -- and happening in Asia. Like it needs to be a boomerang effect cheered them up as dark as they're taken the baton and what -- me everywhere I go back. For the next. Trilogy making an average them. Pretty good. Recently soul -- surplus submarines. To them. Yeah. Well that goes final columns are being ripped out their definition go -- pretty well anybody and -- any danger. This neck and look at that car that's -- -- It can be anything. That the copter bat copter. -- Robin -- little. Chunks here. And stockings. And content of up there and we're just. Com. Yeah. I love though that ensues I was at a house -- into -- but that I I turn fourteen -- scrap. -- I read that the real Batman -- and that's -- she -- inappropriately. But does not mean. So we'll have separate you know the early days -- and it. -- the entire Jenkins TV series in you can get it speed all -- its final -- -- I doubt you'll actually see and -- origins are right well thanks for joining us for another week you can check out our crave blog. And it. This thing that's probably media underneath meat probably -- But it's -- -- back -- touchpad you can email her directly of course yes yet at -- -- music. Now you can -- they crave at cnet.com. And check in again next week we'll have more -- stuff away. The it.

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