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Ep. 637: Where college is expensive: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 637: Where college is expensive

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On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu take a closer look at Blackberry's new Torch smartphone, Facebook's ethnicity trend study, regional gadget trends, and why it's never a good idea to sing John Denver at karaoke.

Utilities for throwing ten Jeff Bakalar. Time to get loaded. I mean -- -- it. With the floor we'll. I'm of the day dungeons and you this is the show where college is expensive. -- yeah. All are like left for present. It you know. People who who are in our chat room every day of the regulars they know we run a tight ship there. Yeah and you may what do we -- with 200. So. This can -- comes in this morning mean GeForce. And like a madman running into a bar he screams. Yeah pigs birds. And just gets booted happily got booted out because geology is all cab -- chat so he -- yet but I thought that breeze. Not only. Educational. And true image through the truth is brilliance we have used as -- -- -- you're argument that's apparently EP. Who dollar history education get -- to fifteen changes we'll do you usually it's an idea at that stage yeah I was really just acuity hair -- schools. I got the palate and I'm -- target but I like ITT tech. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it doesn't -- in it was really really cheap because -- it was a state school program from California through and ended up being. Forty bucks a year Andria pretty much of the -- five bucks per unit or credit. It'll go gators. Well my god it's the cheapest -- yeah yeah Danny Glover graduated from that alone can really do yeah I don't even know that -- So what's up everyone. -- there and how are you menu you did loaded again this morning did a man getting into the groove with fans thinking okay that's that's what -- like so you know it I produce living in the morning it when -- -- Tech coach and produce limited this is funny a talk digestive and I just look at and I go hey man cave where we're delivering the news you have a video grunt -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't look at -- yeah. -- -- -- I thought about that edit is live that I mean I I looked at it was like just saying Lichter dignified -- -- What do you need -- yeah like -- -- director directly back you know -- guys are you gonna do do do do anything and he's currently -- yeah -- -- -- that got me all. You know. -- -- -- I had a chance check -- yet this week but I'm wondering what you do with your hands when you're shooting it like I know that Natalie you -- them ahead -- their big as a producer what is the best way to do that OK so they to the couple things from you know being on camera. Copying like. Rats visitors and and copy your hands and you were asking them what it literally airlock says -- -- when you -- your hand and actually looked nervous you guys at a Grand Slam holders of so you know it's funny though is like. When you grasp your hands in the front. It's called the how IMAP like that now about it and we -- and we'll help you with the difference so in the fight if you if you don't want you to go behind your yet. So lot of a lot of guys you know you if you -- a lot of guys who like nervous about being on camera red if they. Grasping hands of behind you is generic style -- -- hair red meat on -- -- answer yeah. -- -- -- program for you clearly have no gravitas. Okay. You're doing a fine don't think you you know people told me that it's watchable. -- -- here. I update as a complement the US market switching off from we have we alternate weeks for the next couple months get excited people with the news -- -- shoved down your -- -- yeah. It's few so I guess we get. So we we talked a little bit about this is yet but the -- Blackberry torched him. We -- -- actually get to spend a little bit of time with he'd learned a bit of the details via and to be honest it really just reminds me of the Palm -- I was just gonna say yeah and it's just -- underpass. You know I talked a few people who've played around with the Blackberry torch. And apparently. It is this under powered sort of machine and in because heard is that it's like under parent it's a little sluggish and it's not as quick as it should be and can you know we were we told around a little bit with it just -- graffiti content Gregory now but. We played around with -- -- it just feels like it came out you -- too late. Yeah that's I feel like that's the big -- it's been like sitting on this thing or somethin' on on and around like it's it's just. And I've seen videos in -- watch people like touch the screen and in four seconds later. I really reflects the even a guy told me scratch and this is. -- noodle does is like very time travel 2003 and I feel like you know the supposed to -- like. Blackberries. Re emergence in the the smart this is yes for sure I mean even though they were number one yeah that they've definitely not been cool -- for awhile. And the new Blackberry sort of been my. He was a big let down I think the biggest thing was that it was on ETT yeah exclusively. Don't know the exact details for how long but it's in the exclusive -- AT&T for the next couple months and usually as with all Blackberry phones it's the sort of times exclusivity yet. Did you have it. You have on the actually try to go get it from Bonnie Cha I think it -- -- -- but she just told me that it's still under NBA. I -- nondisclosure agreement we're now allowed to show it on the air and the actual review on CNET isn't going up -- -- -- yeah. I've seen videos of this thing yeah engadget very hasn't embarked saying in his bonus cut them for its impression that -- official review. You're not allowed to the post to the. This is on the the other -- is rim is trying a little hard to be Apple as far as the -- is -- And -- -- earned that yet they've decided to have a press releases sponsor to affordable. Yeah they decided to have a press release I'd like a press conference yesterday. -- you know people to take pictures it could do reviews. Bear but then they could write a review or like publish it until today a I think it -- some somehow. There's several hours later in in today's sort of like instant news -- world. Doesn't work people even care enough about blackberries for them to have a conference for it. I if you if they could just announced that people would see how can we do though like I really think that this could have been the chance for -- ready come back -- -- that the biggest. Key for a lot of people's affected the screen is it all for -- ram is right -- big deal of his people wanna watch movies apparently. Yet on their phones. And you know they once the video and they want to -- -- photos all you I was looking at the screen earlier this morning -- -- -- -- hold it and not only the -- a little -- have you -- the screen looked -- illegal stoically at the same exact strain of the storms to if you use that -- nothing -- okay but but that's the thing you know it's like the 3GS -- good. Up until you start using the iPhone for I have 3GS looks like -- yeah yeah yeah it's like if you're used to using any sort of -- Hi Def screen that you and I mean it's just a completely different world -- your adjusting your phone so. I can't even think creatively -- and -- I wanna get I think you'll have. -- just looking at your -- competitor. It's -- -- stopwatch and 300 dollars it already that you're gonna extreme statement hello I'm I am I do have the worst phone in this room and I'll -- united -- by four iPhone reaching into the region yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll get back to more Blackberry talk hopefully you can of the phone on the writers and yet. More on that as it develops I wanna talk about this because I've always thought that FaceBook is races. Wow totally fed thinking this. It has its -- -- and it's true now because it's actually because of his. FaceBook now has a way that it's sort of predicting your ethnicity. And -- just because they post. Hockey stories doesn't mean I'm white gas. -- -- Asian or black. Don't ever elect of the devils -- grade it's like he goes sailing there's something like -- like you eat hamburgers and don't doubling that government will -- -- Stop assuming. Mr. -- wasn't a couple months ago there was a story about how. How FaceBook predict when that you were street -- -- right we countries that are for a great and is it's gonna and that's why this still knows everything about. I'm -- so they can tell the year Asian or your I mean I'm guessing by the number of friends. You might oh whoa whoa what fifth now that is all of you get things I guess though that story and is that FaceBook is collecting data on its users and shiny predict. What -- ethnicity is based on your last name. Though that's the others. It's and analyzed last name so hard and he's clearly Latina yet the example they gave here it is if -- last -- -- Mueller. And the shows that they did in 97% chance that you are -- -- by an angler would relax in his Washington apparently there's an 89 point 9% chance that you are African American I don't I didn't know whether it's FaceBook data on the streaming if your last name -- -- That would throw off the system -- Asian. Or. Caucasian them -- relentlessly it would screw everyone temperature cute and could be anything yeah. So I'm pretty sure though they probably get down like tang said yes -- -- is is -- sure bet you couldn't. Talk about -- a -- is going to -- Probably can't vote. They know it's amazing people like -- -- Back to answer it -- popular. I don't blame her back. -- Hello -- It's a -- lessening price. So then you second here -- uses your first name an -- you know against. Cross examined it is then if your first name it is -- -- anything about it. Yeah myself well along so -- -- totally content that you Vietnamese barriers and in the vein of sweet sweets hired me right. The of the editor. This story -- is. -- -- -- -- June Murrah -- yeah. I'm joking right that's okay so you can open -- Is -- a movie -- -- it doesn't does me fine -- and I. Have imagine that they would. A candy like realistically speaking via if you happen hat if the majority your friends happened BC all black granite. I would say that there's probably a high chance that -- you're. African American according to England -- May agree with you saying that yeah. They're saying that user -- more likely also to be in romantic relationships with people of the same ethnicity and and this is a little offensive and take -- -- -- there. This thing that Asian and Pacific islanders have the most activity on FaceBook so they put most messages. Comments page. Offensive. If that's true -- Time that FaceBook has the raw data ahead did you have the Roger thinking though is it probably is the fact -- -- -- it's an empirical fact but. I know you only have to Asian American friends on your -- but no -- Wilson -- I but I mean I can at least -- -- Sure I'm in I if I have a lot more would you it will what do you think -- mean -- -- you unlike me and I'm sorry would I. There are they thought -- right now we're not with an artist and an exaggeration your word. Well it makes sense Asians love taking pictures why wouldn't they wanna post them and they had a flat -- I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm a -- there actually like it just you know not put too much in dispute that but that's kind of it's the truth every time I go with my friends. Always have -- Pretty much gets on Twitter. Within seconds -- god forbid you had a karaoke bar. Talent and morning -- AT and it's is not exactly the best. Best time -- to decide what goes on FaceBook that you know when you're hammered out singing. You know. Some sort of Smith song in the middle and at 3 o'clock -- actually speaking of here I'm glad I. But it was a new form -- -- the island with a bunch of white people. And let me tell you -- -- I don't. Okay with light fuels -- wholly different experience particularly Asians the competition yet but -- mostly go it is and people will you know I have gone before it's always like Leo and I ninety's I'm he like Toni Braxton. -- mom he said the is that yesterday right the first song -- -- anything with it down. Summer of sixty and Bryan Adams I never even heard that's a lot of ha I way to got a hat at. Benji I think that you are so full -- and energy -- you've never heard the summer of sixty. Never heard a lot of bull of I wanna see that were so bad you're so full of it -- hit. Say okay yeah we're still full limit limit where you have never never isn't so yeah. You -- I've never heard about I don't know yeah let me tell her it's still loved. Really -- white people look -- some of you don't elsewhere thing. John Denver. Where's -- -- Carolina in my mind that this you have hit the businessmen aren't like them what am I text and this is from -- just mute them right. And the only to text messages that have from -- right now say. McDonald's. And due to white people -- thank Frank Sinatra John -- and -- I -- TN. There I think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I'm gonna get -- The day yeah. Does joining hands and then you need. We're I -- I. Really know lot of crazy not to thongs but apparently it and it got into the whole ninety's like eighties hair metal thing like -- dollars and roses I group and had. Here's a man so well so it would it would have. Have an -- comments -- they -- I'm never going to areas with mom and son. That movie -- with Harold -- thought three times didn't I I think like okay yeah about it. Anyway so okay well I learned something you don't -- looking with white people without windows there was edited on -- to think about what other really its only competition personal yet I think we're seeing Frank Sinatra. Don't think Frankie fewer if you can't -- that right you know you're -- -- disrespect me man you know the guy degree volunteers do is butchered the camera. Most likely -- and who that law. America's Got Talent I think -- -- David -- Susan -- Susan Boyle I think that Susan health advisory. I think the dream I dreamed a dream -- looks really really is really the person in mind -- did was really lame like. That's yeah we we years and urging that -- -- is incredibly depressing and hard to think. It's about like a little orphan but -- horrible child singing about -- and her mother wouldn't let them accurate that the you know why -- always you were from here -- anywhere from here born and raised born and raised the usual and Denver's John. In none of them go away into -- no I'm not joking how you look at that song could not Bryan Adams are you John Denver is the staple of American music. But -- Ryan Adams -- your -- maddening and I'll -- mind -- I am glad you Brian Brian I'm Brian Brian K run and so right in plain background and anyway the point is. Only go karaoke and occasionally Bolivia yeah I can't believe you never then that's blowing my mind I guess I gotta processes during the break we'll be back -- -- in programs this is the floor -- full. Moon enters the show where we policy. Yeah. Hello I'm -- show altering your -- sending to the -- 404. On the Internet. Where. Great conversation. And use it blend together in an amazing blend of great music and conversation the (%expletive). Up. -- speak to my film a you have to -- -- a -- if it's me because this. That'll promotions slash interactive -- future going on right now and it involves Blackberry messenger. Odds are he's so bad -- that the so what we were trying to do is -- trying to get people to contact us. Through. Blackburn messenger which is an exclusive application. Only on Blackberry phones people chat to each other and and send photos and there's no constraints is -- like character limits like regular text and -- -- so what we want you to do -- if you do have a Blackberry. At -- on your contact list here is our pin number thing. For for those that do 248. QF as in frank for five Q -- Q at 248. QF 452. Easy enough so -- that and we'll start chatting with you -- just gonna you know let's see what we got on the old Blackberry. Right -- me. You know what. Seven. Some people say things that aren't very nice. But we got some some good so this guy. Guide he calls himself tennis fan one -- they can't believe. You think oh he's writing right now you guys need to put us in conference and we can see who's seeing -- Not sure I think we're doing that right and what you -- think of these phones command and being exclusive to one cares if it's an -- in question. Well I mean it's just the business thing supposedly I'm positive eighteen TP like a ton of money -- that. That's about it yeah insights about what it's really well I think it's possible CA patch your exes. And for a four drops of more -- -- yellow. Along drop and it Aaliyah -- -- really pounding on Twitter I drop I'm gonna start trying job on every day weekend dozens of emails last yet. From people writing rhymes -- terribly yeah we've -- movement here we have a pretty good -- things are things are blown up. This is funny they asked me Jeff did you sterilize the Blackberry -- -- got his hands yeah. I'm using that -- on the John Leo now I regret -- This is from -- -- he says my girlfriend's birthday is next week she's twenty she has a tube television. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But he can we have a girl with. Did you grow with them where they're flying in right now that comprehensive phone numbers then they are crazy ones like it yet. Thanks -- -- and pictures of our. Let me tell people of the -- it's pretty grungy. Could and that does Kristen says thanks for an -- pockets highlight of my working day that's awesome June -- listened to every episode since we hijacked below speed now that's a -- -- 500 episodes finished. Well I have you with them -- I'm not keep them coming in yes you know -- Short through Lauren about through into words process and what that number again. That number 248 Q yeah. 452 yes -- we're talking about terabyte -- and apparently he's got fans. But Jeff people have been sending in their own nerd courtly if I heard this genre of music and -- -- yes apparently it's actually a thing and there's a documentary called nerd or rising. -- actually watch last night on Nat and saw it yet on Netflix watch instantly checking out their core rising it's all about. The popularity of late basically it's white kids at rap about tech right that's the rule. Is only remembered that I got -- after -- yeah so so regular reads them yet -- area is this gym -- we can either read or wrap them. -- -- a certain way I'm not a terabyte you only right close to Leo so now I'll just take a little from our buddy Patrick here that says got my MacBook in back got my evil in front of you got gigs in fact. Android in front and -- that terabyte BB everything Kosher. Terabyte BV. -- all over the really yeah yeah Steve Jobs white MacBook Pro soldier him how many -- so now I got you Bose yeah. Did I know I guess they do did you I was in the tech game before world poker poker you don't know -- -- sprint folks no mean my old pros tell me to go back to the Palm Pre Palm Pre K guys act like a gold piece he dope rhymes for breakfast player let's -- let's -- I I had not agrees and they all did indeed now all of them you both have love for me you recommend if you gotta -- hundred get out of Dawson pilot comes in at Def jam crowning boom best. And I don't -- yeah. Yeah. -- -- Leo anything that it like a pattern yeah I don't you -- -- Israel in my it's funny how the only NC that can kill you electronics. Better watch out there's not drop in people might find that Jack yeah and -- it is Albanians tell you become an active through the MP3 ethnic. Who what you -- who had never heard well you need to check RSS feed them. I'm Steve Jobs did -- that game. I've got next to no -- -- how. But when you finally get to listen to me you're getting cup needs a new headphones to check blue moon. Tyler Patrick you guys are -- the -- -- thank you so much for thinness and I -- -- lot. Has been rewarded this is supposed to be on. It is or can I. And you know if you guys can. Yeah records itself because that's a hard hard thing reading the lyrics we -- don't know would be you know. It's almost funny when Jeff region are kind of for if you have a rap. Stand yeah -- that's. Send it to the floor for at CNET -- Brian yeah you can call in and out yourself if you want the phone number to call as 1866404. CNET leave a voicemail and please do your best new core -- for a few you can -- Jeff thank -- -- some people calling -- them -- lire. But we we don't plan to put it this is real economic. This is why don't go here yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- up karaoke thing. Home that would -- would never work. I'm never where he I know -- -- at least we have -- -- drive yet I would just be there drinking. How how how graphic -- -- help -- -- like Bob back and we'll monitors and filled the tanks there. -- Get back into the stories today -- we finish up our episode and we'll talk about this and this is I find very interest in retirement gadget trends. Differing by region so basically wherever you are geographically. And sort of dictates the type of gadgets that population. -- -- without looking at the story right now yeah what do you think regionally New Yorkers have the most electronic. I -- what I don't try prides. What load that iphones -- you've got we've actually don't know and a what you set coming out that's actually I head. Now we'll -- -- that is the most populated gadget in New York City according to this article is just true. New York State beats the US average by 52%. For only two with the actual number the beat them -- 52% with the actual number the difference is that say here but it makes sense be utilized because having people take public transportation a lot more and in New York than any other -- -- -- of bad. This is weird -- readers Massachusetts residents are 49% more likely. To own a dedicated digital reader why. It's because it's got like they're saying it's got many prestigious institute. -- heard -- the granddaddy the expense. That's and then on the opposite -- spectrum he got Maryland. They have the most HDTV -- mean they're just sent home and being late Leo. But yeah they -- it the most replicate Apple. I. We -- mix and it's I remember being amenable to about like the other -- that's right what Colorado for example is that really we have Adam on distress this but Colorado residents are 13% more likely to have a portable laptop computer than anybody else in -- real. Yeah -- that hot is that altitude -- -- And then Michigan as on time for point and shoot digital camera. Maybe next -- scenic in his lot to take pictures of well apparently California just does not make the list -- you I mean actually I noted that California be damaged essential that the California and you're able to -- home to all the popular headquarters like Apple is located. -- my -- that don't forget. Somehow this makes USA today that count but the only sampled 7500. People -- which is like no -- -- zone across the US that's found on -- is Californians aren't represented because there's so busy dealing. Thing. What is your I think. That's right stuff legal I don't I -- and then oddly enough folks in Phoenix don't mind that their old tube TVs and VCRs they love those things progress but apparently. 7500 people. Dictate the risk population of a second -- -- -- this article this -- California -- 47%. More likely to have recycled electronics. That I think it hit me. The thing California offers. Thank you get -- yet confident doing -- thinking California etiquette you never get an app of I'll think in the November what is New Jersey represented with. Would technology line I have and it's probably if you don't go -- like the most GPA has been the most densely populated that GPS units of high you -- and -- -- -- driving in New Jersey is that you're viewing -- -- in -- -- town. Can't tell -- -- like that gives us. -- -- -- -- -- -- There you'll find out there this guy yeah plant and equipment you know -- again -- -- -- Kingston yeah. It had -- with a -- that I'm I'm I'm I'm you want. We gotta get a year. One thank you so much for watching and listening to the fourth podcast via this a phone call the awesome winning the fix for forcing it or you when he -- go for -- for -- -- them now please wrap. And I'm gonna put it through a period that we -- we need -- due -- it's. Bombastic yeah yeah. That's it boom I do moved back quickly. Did Democrats. We gotta get -- here guys we'll see you tomorrow under that I am Wilson tang and I'm Justin youth for -- high -- it's low brow. -- --

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